If the crown fits….[OCs]

If the crown fits….[OCs]

I will hurt you for this The day will come when you think you are safe and happy and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth And you will know the debt is paid That’s what he said to me Help me…. It’s not just a double murder…. It’s a coup The day will come when you think you are safe and happy And you joy will turn to ashes in your mouth They both have to die I will write history You talk of a true republic Of a government voted for in honest and free elections Accountable to the people Throwing off the dead hand of the past and changing things Noo! But that dead hand belongs to you To your family! You asked too much He killed him What is this really about? He told me he would Find him! You have gone against me! If we could speak alone You’re only a minister, you have no authority! Your father made an orphan of me with the stroke of his quill! It ends here

7 thoughts on “If the crown fits….[OCs]

  1. First of all, having to remind yourself that your attractive villains are evil is a massive mood , I definitely relate.
    Second of all, I adore the whole vibe of this video. It's so gritty, and dark. I just love how atmospheric it is (and that fact that you've managed that without adding any aesthetic clips is incredible). It's so twisted, and brutal, and I'm obsessed with it, and these characters, just FYI.


    HONESTLY. WHERE IS MY TV SHOW?? MOVIE?? I need it because to see all these beautiful people on the screen and this story play out before me would allow me to die happily!!

  3. All hail, all hail, this queen of Ocs…
    Wow this is fricking glorious! I was captivated from start to finish. This story is so ALIVE you know? I can feel it in my bones. The angst, the drama. Everything feels so real and I love it.
    Your oc videos give me such life… please never stop making them. It would be a damned, damned shame and unfair on us mere mortals
    Ughhhh okay, done rambling now. Going to cry in a corner at the epicness that is this video 💕

    that’s all I have so say right now and I need to catch my breath after watching this masterpiece so I’ll just come back in a few minutes to comment properly

  5. Q, this is matherpiece they really are magical and lowly ✨I'm so exited to saw about them more. the scenes fit amazingly, this is the kind of things where I wonder if this is real or not even if I know thoses fandoms already snif

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