[Identity V] Experience : New species of birds on sky”

[Identity V] Experience : New species of birds on sky”

Voning : Today is a good day my friend Voning : Today the hunter is kind and does not hurt us! Mos : YESSS!!! Mos : It was a really good day, friend!! Mos : Goat! Now the decoder Only one machine left! Mos : Let’s spend the rest of the time watching the stars! Voning : It is a good idea!! Voning : If so, then let us rest and watch the stars !! Voning : And in the meantime, wait for the final decoder !! Voning : Is that a seagull !? WOW! Voning : I never seen the seagull in this place before!? Mos : Map of an abandoned village like this, still has some birds Really amazing !! Mos : I just saw it for the first time !! Voning : Look at that mos !! Voning : Those birds fly between the Milky Way too !! Mos : WOW!! It’s so beautiful! Mos : It’s so cool. I can’t imagine that these horrible places are still beautiful !! Mos : Hm!? Mos : What’s that ?! Mos : Made it so big? Mos : What bird is that?! Voning : Yes! Yes!
I see the same way for you too !! Voning : Its body is very large!
And larger than other birds! Voning : that!! It’s coming again !! Mos : It is very fast!! Mos : OH! OH! OH! Very fast!!! Mos : SEE!! SEE!!
I can not see what it is?
It’s very fast !! Mos : that!! It’s coming again !! Voning / Mos : COOL! It’s very fast !!
It flies back and forth !! Mos : Too fast!! *Excited* Voning : see!! see!!
It’s coming this way !! Voning : It’s coming!! Mos : WOW!! SO BIG!! Mos : It is coming to us !! Voning : It’s coming!!!!!!!!!=w=d OwO

15 thoughts on “[Identity V] Experience : New species of birds on sky”

  1. あの鳥早いぞ!!しかもでけぇ!!

  2. イライッッッッッツツ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 뭔말하는지 모르겟는데 너무 귀여워서 못알아먹는 영어자막 켜놓고 어떻게는 볼ㄹ려고 발악중ㅇ ㅠㅠㅠ
    귀엽ㅂ엉ㅇ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ♡♡♡

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