Ice Cream Sandwiches & Tikka Naan: Chef’s Night Out with the Badmaash Brothers

Ice Cream Sandwiches & Tikka Naan: Chef’s Night Out with the Badmaash Brothers

100 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwiches & Tikka Naan: Chef’s Night Out with the Badmaash Brothers

  1. Repping Torontooooooo! I don't know about that butter chicken sauce poutine, but if you're drunk and down for whatever, which is pretty much what Torontonians are at 3am, could be good.  But ain't nothing like shawarma though!  God this makes me miss home (Toronto that is)

  2. @Abraham Kohler @Abraham Kohler dude, if it wascreated in an indian restaurant in the uk then to me…ITS A DISH FROM INDIA.

  3. Samosa is not Punjabi. They clearly have no concept of other Indian states because once they said Indian food, all they could mention was food found in North India. Bengal and South India have food that are pretty complex and absolutely delicious but requires more skills than Punjabi cooking.

  4. ugh…their dad may know how to soak a chicken for 2 days, but these two need to be held under water for at least a week.

  5. WHO THE FUCK HAS BUTTERCHICKEN WITH RICE. You fucking heathens. Get some fucking naan or rumali roti or something hai bhagwan bhangi log.

  6. ive tried many types of food in my life n indian food hands down is the stinkiest nastyiest food in my opinion

  7. Parle-G dude!! This is too damn Indian. Nice to see Indians in LA offering closure to Indians in India.

  8. Great episode… no hipster doofus LA cooks that you would rather punch in the face rather than go drink with, let alone eat at their eatery

  9. you are not serving indian cusine bro, you are serving new age punjabi indian cuisine. india is the combination of perhaps 50 distinct cuisines, there is no indian cuisine

  10. I had the opportunity to meet Nakul and he is one of the chillest guys I ever met. I told him I was a fan and he brought a bottle of liquor and we took 4 shots back to back. Now you tell me what owner does stuff like that? This dude is dope asf food was amazing as well.

  11. I wouldn't visit Badmaash because it means "bad ass" in Hindu. If the joint were to be situated in Sin City (Las Vegas, NV), the cuisine would've been hard-fuckin' bad ass! Wow! Fuck that place!

  12. Chicken Tikka Masala is not Punjabi you two twats!!! It’s from Britain. It’s a british throw together that originated in Northern England curry houses!!!

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