Hunter Shkolnik on Fox News

Hunter Shkolnik  on Fox News

now the FBI announcing the
first-ever terrorism charges against a law enforcement officer the suspect
Nicholas Young appearing in court right now. Police say Young was a 12-year
veteran of the washington DC transit police force he allegedly traveled to
Libya in 2011 and planned to travel overseas to join Isis to help Isis operatives
find more ways to communicate in secret but authorities say he posed no threat
to the DC metro system let’s bring in Hunter Shkolnik, trial
attorney and Jonna Spilbor, former prosecutor and defense attorney. Alright Jonna, afternoon yeah good to see you both but no threat
to the DC metro system? as somebody who rides all the time, not especially
reassuring because it looks like they had this guy under surveillance or
interested in him for at least six years that we know of yes and is that that’s why this is so
scary because it involves a defendant who is somebody who’s supposed to
protect and serve us and instead he may be protecting and serving Isis with
access to the metro system I mean look anybody can go into any metro system i
suppose we have these lone wolf attacks that can happen at any time but he’s the
guy who’s supposed to be making sure they don’t have. He’s a trained police
officer. I mean Hunter, what do you make of it I think you have to look at it is also
positive to the story it’s unfortunate to say there is a positive but the FBI
has been following this man for six years they didn’t just quickly arrest
him and stop him they wanted to see where this went so
it’s unfortunate that it is a police officer the first police officer to be
involved but we have the FBI doing their job and actively pursuing these leads
well Jonna of course we always have this issue about civil liberties and
balancing that and as you mention hunter I mean taking six years to track him they’ve interviewed him before they knew
about his movements whether he understood that he was under
surveillance or not certainly not but there is that balance between being able
to track in the FBI says they’ve got investigations in all 50 states and find the ones who will actually
act or do something see I think we’re casting a very wide
net which I see as a good thing the statute itself supporting terrorism
especially in this case there’s no state minimum amount in other words this guy
was picked up because he helped he sent a gift card whatever for 250 bucks that not a lot of money but where will the
net end? in other words if this guy’s grandmother sent him a birthday card
with fifty dollars in it could she come within the statute we’re going to be
arresting those kinds of people to maybe we have to maybe we have to and then
ferret out because like i said we can’t have police officers not doing their job
and instead causing harm so I say the wider than that the better and Hunter I
mean there are all kinds of things he could face if convicted of course
innocent until proven guilty, I mean he has been charged so we’ll watch this play
out but how much do you think that the good law enforcement was prosecuting
this case will want to make an example of this guy and send a message to others
who may be other law enforcement agencies local state federal whatever it
is across the country contemplating or doing the same things i think i think
they’re going to use this as a very good example of what has to be done they are
going to make an example of this young man and it’s important they were watching
him for six years whether it’s a 250 dollar card that one 250 dollar card may
have been the link in that iphone or in that phone that connected this this
group to a terrorist act in the subway system so i think they did a very good
job here and they’re going to enforce this and apparently this guy an officer
for 12 to 13 years so you have to wonder as we discussed at what point he went to
the dark side yeah maybe we’ll find out in the course of
this trial Jonna and Hunter great to see both good see you thank you

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