How to Use Bear Spray – Banff National Park

Script [TEXT TITLE] How do I use bear spray? Anytime you’re in bear country, you should have bear spray with you Whether you’re trail running, biking or hiking… whether it’s a short hour long hike or a multi-day backpacking hike, you should always have it readily available. [Text] Dan Rafla – Resource Management Officer – Banff National Park Don’t have it in your backpack. Have it on your belt or on the loop of you backpack. If you’re mountain biking, you could put it in your water bottle holder. Two really important things to look at is the expiry date. If they are expired or close to expiring, do not use them. Make sure that it does say, “Bear repellant or deterrent”. It doesn’t repel the bear if we spray it on our clothing or tent; it will attract the bear. You only use it if a bear is approaching you and at close distance. Make sure also that the wind is in the right direction. If a strong wind is blowing in your eyes, chances are, the bear spray will work on you. In the event that the bear is getting very close, you want to make sure your bear spray is out. The effective range is five metres. Let it know of you presence. “Hey Bear! Hey Bear” Flip off the safety and simply press the trigger. And give short little bursts. Two seconds. Directly in the face of the bear. It’s very effective. In, I think, over 90 per cent of the cases, the bear spray has deterred an attack. More effective than any other deterrent. So there you go! [TEXT] After a bear encounter, leave the area as calmly as possible. [TEXT] Please report all bear, cougar and wolf encounters and sightings to: Banff National Park Dispatch 403-762-1470

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