How to Smoke Pork Belly Recipe | Cajun Preaux Charcoal Grill |

How to Smoke Pork Belly Recipe | Cajun Preaux Charcoal Grill |

Hey folks, I’m Randy with We are out here cooking on the Cajun Preaux Charcoal Grill, and today I’m going to show you how I do my Cherry Wood smoked, rosemary & garlic infused pork belly. Let’s get to it. Ok, I was able to pick up a nice slab of pork belly
at the local butcher shop. To help the fat render & all of that good
smokey flavor soak in, I’ll start off by scoring the skin… about every quarter to
half inch. The skin can be tough, so make sure you are
using a sharp blade. Now you don’t want to cut down into the
meat, just low enough that the strips are separated from each other. Another reason for scoring is that it will
make it easier for slicing in between the cuts. For the brine…. I’ll lay the pork belly, skin side down
in this pan, where I have a few sprigs of rosemary and cloves of garlic. For the brine liquid, I’m using apple juice.. The acidity helps to round out the natural
saltiness of pork. We’ll brine this for about an hour.. I like to top off the liquid once I get the
pan in the fridge.. so I don’t make too much of a mess on the way. Ok, let’s get the grill ready. I’ll get a solid batch of coals going on
one side of the grill. I’m shooting for an ambient grill temp of
around 450F.. because for this cook we are going to start off high and finish low. While we wait for the coals to get hot, I’ll
pull the pork from the brine & pat it dry. Spread a generous amount of salt.. and a enough
oil to coat the skin. Massage that in well, to make sure it reaches
into the cuts… and on the meat side.. sprinkle a little cracked pepper. So our pork belly isn’t roasting in it’s
own juices.. I’ll lay it on this rack, skin side up. Because this grill has multi level capabilities,
I’ll set the charcoal basket on the top notch, so it’s closer to the meat.. for
the initial roast. I’ll pour some of my leftover apple juice
into the roasting pan, to help the pork stay moist during the cook. For smoking , I find cherrywood works great
with pork. I have the vent under the pork set halfway
open, and the right one all the way open to make sure we get plenty of airflow for good
heat. To force the smoke to roll over to the belly
side, I’ll shut the lid vent on the opposite side from where I’m roasting. Alright.. It’s been roasting for about an hour.. look’n
good! It’s getting some nice color, so I’ll
go ahead and rotate it, just to make sure we get some evenness in our smoking process. If you want to get a little extra crispyness
on the skin.. A blowtorch is a good option to have.. and
it’s pretty fun to use. Now this is a good time to top off the smoking
wood & work towards lowering the temp. For the rest of the cook, I’ll shoot for
a grill temp of around 220F. Alright, we’re 2 hours in.. the fat looks
like it’s rendering well… I’ll give it one last turn and for a big
cut like this, I am thinking about 3 hours will have it where I want it. let’s let this bad boy cruise a little longer. Man, this is smelling like a big slab of slow
roasted bacon! I’ll go ahead and give it a good feel for
tenderness. We are about at the 3 hour mark.. The skin is sounding nice and crispy.. Let’s get it off the grill & let it rest
about 10-20 minutes. Let’s see what we got… nice.. I’m happy with how this came out. If you find yourself with leftovers.. slices
come out great pan fried and coated with your favorite barbecue sauce. I’m ready to try this. All that fat cooking down and soaking into
the meat should make for a mouth watering bite… let’s check it out! The pork belly came out great! Super juicy and smokey & that garlic and rosemary
really came through. Make sure to subscribe, and remember.. at we smoke the competition.

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  1. That’s a nice Japanese knife you’re using. We have the same one. Perfect for scoring that pork belly!!!!!!! Looks delicious!!!!!!

  2. Heavenly !! . 👀
    Looks Delicious,Will Definitely try it on my Charcoal BBQ. Txs for Sharing,and Tips on Cherrywood.

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