How to sew elastic (2 techniques) | Sewing Tutorial with Angela Wolf

How to sew elastic (2 techniques) | Sewing Tutorial with Angela Wolf

Sewing elastic into a waistband or cuff is
fast and easy. I’ll show you how simple it is in this quick video.
Hi, I’m Angela Wolf! I’m going to show you two ways to sew elastic into a garment.
One technique uses an elastic casing and in the other you sew the elastic directly
to the fabric. This is a skirt with a waistband casing; it
has a a folded edge stitched in place with an opening where the elastic will be inserted.
First you’ll need to mark your elasticfor your waistline. I’ve already done that . Once
I finish inserting the elastic these two markings must meet.
An easy way to insert the elastic is with a large safety pin since we all have one of
those laying around the house! Insert the safety pin into the 2 inch slot,
and glide the pin as far as you can into the casing.
With the pin right here with my left hand I’m going to ease out the fabric. Slide the
safety pin and a little bit further, and keep easing out the fabric. I’m going to do this
all the way around the skirt. The only thing you need to be careful of is that you don’t
lose the other side of the elastic within the casing or you have to start all over!
Continue to slide the safety pin past the seams – and stretch the fabric back out, you
just don’t want too much fabric gathering or the elastic can twist
Once I get to the back to the 2 inch opening, pull the elastic out enough that you’ll
be able to run this to the sewing machine. Match up the fitting marks and pin
Double check the casing on the skirt, that the elastic is not twisted.
To secure the elastic, use a zigzag stitch and stitch back and forth a couple of times.
Trim the excess elastic away. Even out the elastic within the casing, and
the final step is to stitch the opening closed: start with a back stitch, stitch closed, and
back stitch And your elastic casing waistband is complete!
“Another way to apply elastic is by attaching it right to the fabric for a flatter look.
If you have a serger this is a really fast technique – but I’ll show you on a sewing
machine – this time on a pair of pants. ”
On your measured and zigzagged elastic mark the half points and quarter points..
Line the elastic up along the wrong side of the fabric, matching up the center front seam
with the center front marking on the elastic and the center back marking with the center
back of the pants. Stretch the elastic and add a few pins – this
will help to ease the elastic in evenly all the way around the waist
Stitch the elastic to the fabric with a zigzag stitch of 1.4 length and 3.5 wide. As you
do this, make sure to stretch the elastic to match the length of the fabric.
Finish your edge and then turn under the elastic toward the wrong side of the fabric. Pin at
the center back seam and the center front – and lets just add one pin to each of the
side seams Line up the edge of the presser foot with
the edge of the elastic and topstitch the bottom edge of the elastic to the fabric with
a slightly bigger zigzag of 1.8 long and 4.5 wide. Make sure the elasitc butts up to the
fold and stretch the elastic to match the length of the fabric.
Stitch over the first stitch just a little and backstitch – and the waist is finished.
Now you know two techniques to sew elastic into a waistband! The same techniques work
for cuffs too! Thanks for watching! Get expert sewing instruction,
free resources, and supplies for your next project by clicking the “i” in the top right
corner of this video.

71 thoughts on “How to sew elastic (2 techniques) | Sewing Tutorial with Angela Wolf

  1. Gosh, never sewed the second method. Must do it for the skirts for the grandchild for next summer , so easy!

  2. Why has a serger become so popular? I'm a beginner so all this is new to me. Love your tutorials!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Thank you for your quick tutorial. I also recommend sewing in the seam ditch of all seams, in the first demonstration, to prevent elastic from twisting in the casing when washing.

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  6. Question from a beginner: will this still work if I use a non-stretch fabric? I've tried making a circle skirt before but sewn the elastic right on to the skirt. Because I measured it right to my waist the fabric wouldn't stretch past my hips (when I tried putting it on) even though I sewd it to an elastic. Does this make sense? Any ideas to help me?

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  10. is the elastic stretched to your waist size or is waist size without the stretch? Always confused by this simple application

  11. Thank you for an eloquent lesson on elastic:) btw: your voice rings of a happy and youthful exuberance…. I learned something new and you made me smile…best wishes!

  12. I couldnt sew the elastic onto the fabric. Its too hard and annoying me. My machine keeps on jamming. I just sew a band and make a tunnel, put my elastic through the band tunnel and sew to connect and keep in place. Yeah….i went the easier way. XD i hate sewing stretchy stuff. Y It so hard!!??? 😒

  13. I have a question, if I make the elastic smaller than it was, will shorts fit me? cause originally the elastic was long and the shorts fell down. the only thing I did was seam rip it and fit the elastic to my waist and cut it.

  14. Why do all these guides use zigzag stitches, but shop bought clothes never have a visible zigzag stitch on elasticated edges? Is it a limitation of domestic sewing machines?

  15. I never cared for the overlapped joining elastic. I just butt the edges together and zigzag it to join the edged. I've never had a client tell me that the elastic failed. I created a video on how to do this on a domestic machine here:

  16. Put a safety pin at both ends when starting the first version, then if you pull the end through you can get it back out quite quickly… no need to start all over

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