How to quickstart your Bosch Induction Hob

How to quickstart your Bosch Induction Hob

Congratulation on owning a Bosch Induction Hob! in this video, find out how you can quickstart your culinary experience in just 3 simple steps. Step 1. Switch on the hob: Touch the power button until the display light up Step 2. Set the power level: Select the desired cooking zone Step 2. Select the power level: Set the desired power level between 1 to 9 Step 3. Switch off the hob: If the cooking zone is still hot, the residual heat indicator will remain lit in red Step 3. Switch off the hob: When the surface has cooled down safely, the indicator changes to a small letter ‘h’ Step 3. Switch off the hob: The hob switches off the automatically if all cooking zones are set to 0 for more than 20 seconds Here you go, 2 simple steps to quickstart your culinary experience. In the next video, learn how to enhance your cooking experience with Bosch accessories.

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  1. We have one of these.. I love it for the way it cooks, easy to clean as well. But the operation, as described here, is tedious. No comparison with having a knob you can turn in the fraction of a second. I'm not saying that a knob is ideal, one that sticks out through the ceramic hob is particularly annoying, and our last (non-induction) job died from ingress of liquid through the knob seal. Also the knobs are in the way. But I would prefer touch controls that are much more responsive so I can get on with cooking when things get fast and furious in the kitchen. Does anyone know better options?

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