How to Pick Fruit high up on Trees

How to Pick Fruit high up on Trees

Hello and a warm welcome back to HuwsNursery, and today we are here again in the orchard, and one of the problems that we used to have was that with the apple trees, the apples were too high to either reach to pick them or we couldn’t even get a ladder up, so then we brought one of these. And if you’re interested in getting one I’ve got the links to the websites in the video description. The aim of this is like an extendable picking tool and its got a twist and lock motion but I’ll go into more detail a bit later on. The idea of this is when you see and apple up high you place it on the apple and gently tug it and then it will fall into the net and we can put it in a cardboard box or wherever you want to store it. So let’s see this in action! Here is one of the apples which is too high, just go and pull it. Like that. Right so I can see a few apples up here, and lets just get one. Right so I’m going to give you a bit more of a detailed demonstration of this. First off when you are going to go looking for the apples, and you find it higher than this all you need to do is twist it at the top and then it releases it and you twist again to lock it into place and it will give you and extra 2 to 3 meters of height to harvest your apples. Now when you do get to the apple you wanna catch the stem in between one of the teeth so when you pull against it the apple can’t go anywhere and it is gonna pull off from the tree. Like that! And then it just drops into the bag and put this into one of our boxes. So how do you actually know and apple tree is ready to harvest? It is quite simple, all you need to do is to select all the apple, maybe this one here and if you just give it 2 twists and it breaks off, it shows the tree is ready for harvesting but this doesn’t mean that every apple is Ready for harvesting, this for example I twist but it isn’t ready to come off so I’ll leave that for a couple more days. This ensures that you have got the most sugars and nutrients in your apples and that they’re really ripe, and obviously they are going to taste better when you eat them. So, by making sure your apple trees are ready for picking just use the 2-twist method to see and then if it is you can then go in and harvest most of the tree. Sometimes it is a bit difficult when you’re trying to reach up with the long pole to pull of the apples which you can see they are sometimes hard to pull off, if you aren’t going to come back to the tree you might as well pick it off, but if you are going to come back it is best to actually leave it on for a couple more days so you don’t by accident break or tear-away any of the branches. So thank you very much for watching! I hope you found this video really interesting I quite enjoyed it, I’ve got a lot of apples to eat now and probably make a crumble or something so thanks again for watching! And I’ll see you again soon in another video, goodbye 🙂

44 thoughts on “How to Pick Fruit high up on Trees

  1. That is a great tool my friend!  This year I ended up in some very odd positions trying to get the apples lol.

  2. Great video. You know what Ray (praxxus55712) just did a video of apple picking. 🙂 anyway what is a nice stick 🙂 I love apples. Is it true that the apples at the top taste better than the ones at the bottom?

  3. Huw, did you know that some market apples may be nearly a year old when stored?  They use controlled temperatures, low humidity, or a gaseous compound???  I was shocked when I read this article:

  4. Would be great to use something like that with the mangoes.. Might bruise them a bit but they'll still taste the same 😉 
    At the moment we use a tree lopper with a container screwed to the handle just below the cutting head.. 
    Cheers Huw.. 

  5. Hello mate, nice fruit picker product you have got there, do you mind sharing the specification of the tool and the materials used? much appreciated!

  6. Will this work for soft fruit like Figs? I cannot find anyway to pick them without ripping them in the process.

  7. So this is the reason we are now paying a dollar for an orange, pear, avocados. Actually the grower gets paid the least, it is the brokers, shippers, stores that rake in the bucks! Next year it will be a $1.25 but theres no inflation the government said so, but my stomach does not believe the government anymore, in anything! Best advice, buy land and plant your own foods as much as possible. I give this video a thumbs up!

  8. wow you really it is a easy tool to pick fruits and nuts no need to explain how to ,Is not a video for dumb people lol Or maybe you are idiot

  9. ripe apple is easy to tell. Just look at they apple wax ( it look like little white hair or fur). If the wax is completely gone from the apple. Then is ready to pick. That how I tell my way. But your way is good too.

  10. around 2.5 $ with free shipping from china.
    Bought 2 for my father a couple of years ago and bought another 2 recently

  11. I think you need to know how to do fruit bagging on tall trees too. And I think you need to see this video.

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