How To Get Waves With Sportin’ Waves Pomade: Wave Grease Hair Tutorial

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey yo, what it do? It’s your boy, J Lew. You guys are just in time
for a brand new video. In this video, what
I’m going to be doing is showing you guys how
to use the Sportin’ Waves pomade, the gold
can version of it. Before I jump that off,
one thing I want to say is, I haven’t used Sportin’ Waves
since I was in middle school. I used to try to get waves
back when I was a little kid. And as a kid, the only
thing I knew about was going to Walmart,
looking to see what they had when it came to getting waves. And at that time,
the thing that caught my eye that was on the market
was the Sportin’ Waves. Now, back in the day,
I used the black can. The black can has like
this gel, “gelatrol” or whatever that’s in it and
it has a lot more chemicals inside of it. And I really didn’t want
to go down that route. I figured I’d just
stick with the gold can. But I’m going to
get into this video, and show you guys how I would
use Sportin’ Waves pomade. So let’s not waste any time. Let’s just jump
straight into the video. Now, the only thing I don’t
like about Sportin’ Waves is on the front of it they say
maximum wave-making formula, goes on easy. I have to give a
disclaimer for everybody that’s watching right now. There is no product
that will give you waves, unless it’s a brush. So this product doesn’t give
you wave but this is a pomade. And this will help
lay your hair down. I’m six weeks
wolfing so we about to see if this bad boy is going
to lay this [? wolf ?] down. All right, now, I know a lot of
people may be wondering, J Lew, are you really about to
put this Sportin’ Waves stuff in your hair, after
all this time about using natural hair products? The one thing I want
to say, and I always try to make a mention
of in my videos is, I encourage the use
of natural hair products and stuff like that. But at the end of
the day, I understand there are some
people, especially, there are a lot of kids
that watch my channel. They can’t afford or they don’t
have credit cards or things like that. So the only thing
they can do is go to the store like I once did as
a kid, cop some Sportin’ Waves or something like that,
and put it in their hair. But I’m going to show
you guys the best way to put it in your hair. As you read the
back of the can, it says, “Dampen clean hair
with hot towel to soften. Rub a silver-dollar sized
amount of Sportin’ Waves pomade in hands until even layer forms. Work into hair in direction
of desired wave pattern. Brush into desired style. For best results, cover
hair with Sportin’ Waves cap for a minimum of 30
minutes or overnight. Remove cap and finish styling.” With the with the
directions– when it says, “Dampen clean
hair,” a lot of people tend to overlook that. The reason why my
hair looks like this is because I just
finished washing my hair, because your hair
has to be clean. Now, I have a video that I
linked right above of how I usually shampoo and clean my
hair and things of that nature. If you want to check that out. But that’s the first thing
you need to keep in mind. Your hair has to be clean and,
before you use this product your hair has to be damp. Now, moving forward, another
thing I want to point out is I don’t always use a
silver dollar size amount. Depending on the
length of your hair, you want to use
a certain amount. When you start off with
[? four weeks ?] what you want to try to do is
use a dime size amount, and then, depending on
the length of your hair, and how much you
feel you need, you can move up to the silver
dollar size amount. I’m not about to
waste any more time, I’m going to just show
you all what I do. All right, so after the
wash, my hair is pretty wet. You want to get your hair in a
damp state, and use a hot rag. So before I do that,
what I’m going to do is comb my hair to
ensure that I don’t have a lot of water in my hair. Because when you’re wolfing
and you have a lot of water still in your scalp
and in your hair it can lead to over-curling. So what I’m going to do is
use a wide-tooth comb and comb through my hair
to make sure I get any water and things like this. So let’s get into it. All right, now while
I was combing my hair, you probably noticed I have a
lot of water still in my hair. So what I tend to do to try to
get my hair in the right state, making sure that it’s
damp in not too wet, i take a shirt like this. I got this from Walmart. And then what I
simply do is just put it over my head like this. And pat dry it. All right, now the reason
why you want to pat dry is because you
don’t want the shirt to absorb all the
moisture out of your hair. Now, if you’re doing
that what I try to do is go back into the comb routine
and see if my hair is still too wet or whatever. And then, once I find that
right amount of moisture that is still left in my hair,
what I’ll do is take a hot rag and put it on my scalp. Now, when it comes
to the hot rag, as a kid, what I used to do,
and I thought I had to do, was take the rag run it
underneath some hot water and then throw it
into the microwave. But, one thing that can
happen when you do that is it can get to the point
where it will get too hot, and you put it on your scalp
it’ll burn your forehead and everything like this. You really don’t
have to do that. What you can do
is take the water and turn it all the way to the
hottest that you can stand. And let the rag run
underneath there for about 5 to 10 minutes. You really don’t have to
do it for a very long time. You want to make sure
you do it to the point to where the rag is hot. As you guys can
probably see, there’s steam coming off the of this. So you want to put the
hot rag on your head and basically just pat it down. And this is where the original
hot rag method originated from. I’ve been doing this
ever since, like I said, I was in middle school. Just because this
was the direction that I received on the
back of the Sportin’ Waves. So you want to do this at
least one or two times. The reason why you want to
do it at least two times is because this little small rag
will not cover all of my head. So what I’m going to do is
put it underneath the water once again, let it get
hot, and then put it to the back of my hair. All right, now that
that step is over, one thing I want to
insert right here is people tend to give a bad
rep to products like these because they use
petroleum in it. But petroleum is a
very great sealant. So that’s the reason
why you really have to follow directions,
because if you don’t what will happen is if you
go out of those steps you will put this on your hair
and it will coat your hair, and coat your scalp
when your hair doesn’t have moisture in it. If you follow those
steps that are listed on the back of the
can, what it will do is it will help ensure
that you use it the way it was intended to be used. So that’s what I’m
I’m about to do. I’m about to get into next
step of styling my hair. As you all can see, this
is a brand new canister. I haven’t used this. This is the first time I’ve used
it and everything like that. So what I’m going
to do, I’m going to take about a
dime-size amount. About this much. And put this into my hair. All right now the directions
say put it into your hands, rub it into even layer. All right, now with pomade,
what you want to do with pomade is you want to just lightly tap
it in the flow your pattern. Now, for me, I try to start
from my crown and go out, but I don’t go to
my edges with this. So what that means is I’m
going to take my hands and apply it like this. Now, the reason why I do
that is most people that’s watching most likely
have 360s, so you’re going to be brushing
your hair to the front. You don’t want to get
those products all the way on the edge of your
hairline because it can tend to lead to getting
these bumps on your head and things like that. Now with that said, that doesn’t
mean that only unnatural hair products give you
that line of bumps on your forehead, because
these bumps on my forehead actually came from
using a natural product. So at the end of
the day I’ll have a video in the future about
how I get rid of that. Moving forward,
what I’m going to do is also take a little bit
more and apply it to my crown so I can do the crown method
and everything like this. So let’s get into it. I’m going to take
about that much more. And then just tap it in
the flow of– on my crown. Always wash hands before
you grab your brush. And before I start brushing,
one thing I want to point out is, man, when I first opened
this can I smelled this product and it brought back memories. Like back in the
day, when we tried to get waves and
things like that, and they didn’t have
all the products they have on the market. They didn’t have have all these
brushes and stuff like that. Only thing I really knew
was the Sportin’ Waves. So when you open a can and
smell that same fragrance from back in the day,
it brings back memories, and stuff like that, when you
were a kid trying to get waves. But it’s 2017, and I’m
going to show you all why this stuff is
still on the shelves, and how you can
get waves with it. So let’s get this
brush session in, and I’m going to show you
all what that brush do. All right, today, I’m going to
be using the Wave Enforcer 544. Because I’m using
Sportin’ Waves I figured I’d use a brush that you
can also find at Walmart. Now, because my hair is
freshly washed and still damp, it may take a little bit longer
for me to lay my hair down. But at this point I’m
going to brush my hair ’till it’s drier just because
I have products in my hair now. It typically takes my hair
about 15 to 30 minutes to dry, while I’m brushing it. So that’s about the
right amount of time that you need every single
day to be able to get waves. So what I’m about to do is just
finish off this little brush session and then
rag up, and show you guys how I ragged up
with it when I have products like this in my hair. So as you all can see,
Sportin’ Waves– my hair is drying so the definition is
coming back a little bit more the more I brush. And that’s kind of what
you want to look for. When you’re wolfing, your hair
is going to be sticking up, it’s going to be poofy and
things like that, especially after a wash. But whenever I apply a pomade or
anything like that in my hair, it’s always good
to do it this way just because it locks in
the moisture from the wash, and it also helps
seal in that moisture. And at the same
time, I can actually see the areas on my hair– on my head that I need to
brush a little bit more to bring back the
definition because, typically, if I
don’t see definition it’s mainly because my
hair isn’t fully dry or I haven’t brushed
enough in that area. So just finish off this
little brush session. Plastic bag and then rag up. All right, now one
thing that’s not on the directions but something
I highly encourage that you do, is take like a plastic bag
with or Ziploc bag or whatever and then just rub your hair
in the flow of your pattern to be able to help
lay your waves down a lot better,
especially if you’re in a longer wolf like myself. All right now once you’ve
dumped the plastic bag, before I put my do-rag
on, especially once I put products into my
hair, what I typically do is take a paper
towel like this and then run it underneath
some hot, warm water. And then once I
have it like that, all I do is simply
rub my forehead to make sure that I don’t
have any products that will be on my forehead. This is something
I’ve been doing to try to avoid getting
those bumps right there. And then today, I’m going to
be using a WaveBuilder do-rag. Now, I’m going to use this
because this is another product you can find at Walmart. It’s very cheap and inexpensive. I believe this is
the seamless one. When I put my do-rag
on– you don’t want to drag it from
the crown all the way to the front of the head. What I do typically
is put it right there, I just lay it on top of my head. Because if you drag it from
the crown to the front, what you’re doing is
you’re pulling the products from your hair all the way out
to your scalp and everything like that. And that will lead you
to getting more bumps on your forehead. So once I’m done
with that, I’m going to also take a
stocking cap, this is a Boo Boo cap, put
this on my head like that. And then from there, what
you do is take your hand, and put it on your crown,
and then pull it down to make it snug and tight. Once that’s done,
pull the stocking cap down to where you want it. Take the do-rag and make
sure that the flaps are flat. You don’t want them
looking like this, you want to make sure
you take the flaps and spread them out
to make sure that they don’t dig into your skin. Now that that’s done,
what you want to do is leave the do-rag on
for at least 30 minutes. For me, I’m going
to try to leave it on for the rest
of the day and I’m going to un-rag in the
morning and show you guys what the results look like. That’s it for right now. What I’m going to do is go work
out and everything like that. And then I’m going to
un-rag tomorrow morning and show you guys the results. All right so it’s the
next day, and one thing I want to say before I
jump start this video is, I appreciate you guys
just for trusting me. Because something that you guys
may not take into consideration is the fact that once
this camera goes off, or once I start editing the
videos, there’s a lot of things I can do on or off camera to
try to make my waves look good. But for me, I try to keep it
as real and as honest with you guys as possible. So I say all of that to
say, when I first woke up I was in a rush to get to work. So I wasn’t able to shoot
the video un-ragging to show my progress,
but once I got to work and I got to a point
where I could take a break and took these
pictures, and I’m going to show you all right now. So as you take a look
at these pictures, one thing that you will
notice is my hair looks laid, but at the same
time it looks fuzzy, and it looks kind of matted
and things like that. One thing I want
to point out is you have to keep in mind that I had
just freshly washed my hair, and whenever you have
water in your hair it makes it a lot more elastic. And what that
means is you simply lose the definition
of your waves. So that’s where the term
bouncing back comes from, and you have the let
your waves bounce back. So that’s how my hair
looked fresh out of the rag and everything like that. Now, when I first woke up
and took my do-rag off, my hair was very laid down. But I’m not going
to lie, I did not like the way that
my waves looked because they looked matted,
and they kind of look smushed. But as time went on, as my hair
dried out a little bit more, the definition of
my waves came back, and I was able to make
a better decision. Now, with all of
that being said, I just got back home
from work and everything, and as you guys can see, my hair
is still laid after a long day. It’s a six week wolf. I’m going to comb my
hair a little bit later, but I wanted to
show you guys how my waves looked after a long
day at work and everything. All right, so as you guys
see, definition came back, and my waves normally
look like this. You guys can go back and
check my videos just to see. But for the most part,
this is how my waves look. Now, I haven’t been brushing
as much as possible, simply because I was at
work, and when I’m at work, I try not to brush. But with that
being said, my hair is still laid down and
with a six week wolf. Let me show you the length
that my hair is at right now. Let me just start from this
side right here and comb up. All right, so take
a look at my wolf. As you guys can see, my hair
is pretty thick and long. So when it comes to
judging this product, one thing that I can
say is this product does have maximum hold on it. It was able to lay my hair down
all the way through until I got off work and things like that. And it’s still laid. And a lot of people tend to bash
pomades and stuff like that, especially the unnatural ones. Well, one thing I can say
is, once my hair bounced back from the wash and
everything like that, the definition of
my waves came back and I don’t really have
anything negative to say about this pomade. Now, with that being
said, I’m going to brush my hair
back down, because I ain’t trying to look like Mister
T for the rest of the video. Just give me a second. All right, so I’m back. As you all can see, my waves are
laid back down and everything. So for my final assessment, like
I was saying, a lot of people tend to bash pomades,
especially unnatural pomades and everything. But I just showed you
guys the results that– how my waves will look
by using this product. Now, the feedback
that I have about it is, you have to keep in
mind that this is a pomade, and because it’s a pomade
it has petroleum in it. Nowhere on this can does it say
it will make your hair shiny. The main reason for pomade is
to help hold your hair in place. So if you don’t have
trained waves to lay down, this will help aid
in that process, but is not going to lay your
hair or your waves down. Because my waves are
trained to lay down, this product simply
holds my hair in place. And as you guys can see, it’s
the summertime as of right now. Normally when I just only
have oils and butters, my hair tends to poof
out a little bit more because oils and butters don’t
have the same hold as pomade. So, for me, personally, if I
was trying to push a product, or if I have my own
product, anything like that, one thing that
I would be trying to do is tell you guys, no you
shouldn’t be using stuff like this, you should only
be using natural products. You should only be
using my product. But that’s only if I was trying
to push something and get over on people. Now, the reason why I
wanted to make this video is because there’s a lot
of people that come to me and they ask me questions
about, hey, J Lew, can you do a review
of some products that are more affordable? Can you do a review
of Sportin’ Waves? Can you do a review on
WaveBuilder pomades? So, for me, personally, I’m not
one of those elite wavers that tend to think that I’m going
to only use natural products and stuff like that. It is just hair. Your hair is not
going to get messed up from one application of
using this type of stuff. And the funny thing is, a
lot of people don’t know, but I still use WaveBuilder’s
Cocoa and Shea pomade. Now, I don’t want to deviate
too much on that whole natural versus unnatural thing. To wrap this video up, the
last thing I want to say is, when it comes to the
Sportin’ Waves gold can edition. This is a really great
product for how much it costs. When I went to the store
it was about $2.50. Plus tax, and stuff like that. But at the end of
the day, it does what it says that it will
do and that is give you the maximum hold for your waves. If it was the winter time my
hair would be a lot more laid down, so it the fact
that its summer time and I’m able to still hold my
wolf down or lay my hair down, that shows me that this
product is worth it. Now, if there is another
product that you guys want me to review that comes
[INAUDIBLE] something affordable, or something
that’s easily accessible, make sure you leave it down
in the comments section below. To my side are
some videos that I made for you guys
to help you all out and everything like that. But it’s your boy J Lew. I appreciate you guys
for watching this video. At the end of the day, I hope
you guys have a great week. Salute.

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