How to Clean an Oven — by Home Repair Tutor

How to Clean an Oven — by Home Repair Tutor

Do you know how to clean an oven because I
didn’t know how to clean an oven until just recently. And after doing a ton of research,
I found a lot of awesome tips that I wanted to share with you today. For example, did
you know that you don’t want to use sodium hydroxide on your stainless steel? Didn’t
know that. Okay, maybe you can call me a dummy, but hey, you might not know the same thing.
So I’ve got a ton of great tips for you today. Let’s get to it. And I think you’re
really going to enjoy this tutorial. Always follow the cleaning directions for
your specific oven. In this case, I’m doing a little bit of a test though. I mixed together
some baking soda with water into a paste and put it on the door, the window, and on the
inside of the oven. Now, this is a self-cleaning oven, and I wanted to see how well the baking
soda and water mixture will work before I self-clean. And sure enough, on the inside,
it worked out really well. You can see it cleaned off a lot of the grease. Now let it
sit there for about 10 minutes. So on the window, though, it didn’t work
out all that well. It did not remove the grease on the window. As you can see here on the
door, it did do a pretty good job. And so I would recommend the baking soda and water
mixture—again, consistency of Elmer’s glue.
The other thing that my directions said to do was put dishwashing liquid onto the glass,
and let it sit there for about 10 or 15 minutes. And then the directions said scrape it off
with a straight razor. And then what I did was absorb the rest of the soap using a paper
towel. And as you’ll see, there’s a section in the corner there where I’d let it sit
for about 15 minutes, and it worked really, really well.
If you do have a self-cleaning oven, and you’re going to self-clean it, you should remove
the racks. Now sometimes you don’t have to do this, but I decided to do it anyway.
You’ll also have to clean the frame of the oven. I just used a sponge and water because
it wasn’t all that dirty—not inside the oven; you’re going to expose the food stuffs.
But you’ll have to clean that frame. And don’t touch this wire mesh insulation strip
because if you abrade it, you’ll ruin it. So just leave it the way that it is, and then
clean off the frame of the oven door. You want to create a really good seal between
your door and the oven because it’s going to get up to about 500° Celsius. So you’ll
have to remove any food stuffs that have fallen on the inside of the oven, too. Remove those
with a sponge and/or a paper towel, whichever is going to be best for you.
Close the oven door; make sure it seals well. Turn on your vent hood to the highest setting
possible or open up a window if you don’t have a vent hood because it’s going to get
hot. Press the self-cleaning button. So just press it. Typically, self-cleaning lasts between
3 and 5 hours. And when you press the start button, it will lock all the doors as a safety
precaution. And in this case, my oven ran for about 4 hours.
Mix together ¼ cup of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid into both sides of your kitchen sink.
And what you’re going to do is soak the grates from the oven in this mixture. Put
a towel underneath the grate, on top of the counter top so you protect the counter top
from being damaged. What you’ll do is you’ll take your sponge,
remove any excess grit or food stuffs from the top. You can use that Dawn dishwashing
liquid mixture to do this. Take off any of the burner tops, and soak
them into the kitchen sink mixture. Again, if you have any kind of really bad staining,
what you can do here is you can use ammonia. Now I only recommend doing this if you really
have to. Use ¼ cup of ammonia in a plastic container, and soak that burner top. Now I’m
doing this per the directions again of my oven, and leave it there for a few hours.
Okay, I got to say that ammonia is not my favorite chemical to use, and I only recommend
this if it’s your last resort. And be really careful with using ammonia around chlorinated
products. As a matter of fact, do not mix ammonia with any chlorinated product because
it’s super dangerous, and they can hurt you. So stay away from that.
Take off any of the other items from the top of your oven. Put them into that Dawn dishwashing
liquid mixture. Now in this case, I wanted to show you something. I was going to use
Super Clean to de-grease the top, but I couldn’t because it has sodium hydroxide in it. And
that’s a no-no for stainless steel because it will ruin it. In this case, you’ll notice
that the burner top has a lot of grease on it. And one of the things that I wanted to
do is, again, try the baking soda and water mixture. So I mixed it up to that Elmer’s
glue consistency. And I put it on top and let it sit there for a good 10 minutes to
absorb any of that grease. Then I use the soft side of the sponge, not the Scotch-Brite
side, to clean that off. And mind you, I’m doing all this while the oven is self-cleaning,
so it’s a little bit hot and just be careful not to burn your fingers.
Then what you can do is wipe the top off really good using a microfiber cloth and then move
on to these Weiman stainless steel wipes. Move in the direction of the stainless steel
grain, and then clean off any of the excess moisture using that microfiber cloth that
works really, really well. Any scratches that you see here are not from this process. They
were from prior cleaning processes. So again, once your grates are soaking, clean
them with a sponge either Scotch-Brite or regular side. Now here’s the deal. You can
use Steel Wool to clean the oven racks. You can first approach it with a sponge, then
you can go and use the steel wool to clean off the rest. Take the burner tops out of
that ammonia container. Soak them and then rinse them in that same warm soapy water.
And then clean off all the burner tops as best you can.
The burner grates look really good after that 15-minute soaking and scrubbing off of the
sponge. The burner caps look good, too, after the ammonia and soaking. The burner heads,
not too shabby. I put everything back together as it was. You may want to take a picture
of your setup if it’s complicated so you know how to put it back together.
But what’s the inside of the oven look like after the 4-hour cleaning? The door window,
it’s okay. I’ll get into that in a second. The inside will have a residue on it that
you’ll have to clean off using a sponge with just water. Around the frame, it looks
pretty greasy still. So I’m going to have to use the water and baking soda mixture there.
The inside looks good, again, except for around the frame, but the self-cleaning worked really,
really well. Now the door window. I really think that what
I’ll have to do here is again put some Dawn dishwashing liquid on it because there’s
still a fair amount of grease on the top except where I used the Dawn dishwashing liquid.
Now the oven racks look sparkling clean. I think the steel wool worked really, really
well. And here’s what the top looks like. Again, any scratches are from prior cleaning.
But overall, I’m really happy with this process. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But
does it have to be perfect? I mean, we’re just going to be using it in an hour or two
after this cleaning, right? Well that’s how you do it. That’s how
you clean an oven and get it to look awesome. And if you’ve got your own tips, please
add them to the comments section below because, guess what, I don’t have all the answers.
I’m not an oven-cleaning guru, right? So you might have some really awesome ideas that
you want to share with the world, and don’t be afraid to do that.
Thanks for watching the video. I really appreciate it. If you think that this video can help
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All right. Thanks again. Have a great day. I’ll see you in the next video.

60 thoughts on “How to Clean an Oven — by Home Repair Tutor

  1. i use Soft Scrub and it takes off alot of the Grease, Baking soda mixed with vinegar works too.  My oven needs a good scrubbing, im dreading it lol

  2. I learned this trick for cleaning dirty oven racks: get big 30gal garbage bag, make sure no are holes in, then put the racks in and add one cup of ammonia, and seal the end with a twist tie or clip. Do this outside or in garage since ammonia fumes are strong. Manipulate to slosh ammonia over the racks inside bag–I tip back and forth then turn over the bag with racks, and repeat. Leave for an hour or more, turn again once or twice, then remove racks and the baked on gunk will easily come off with a scrubber sponge.

  3. Dean Riley below mentioned cleaning dirty oven racks by placing the racks into a 30gal garbage bag (no holes) with ammonia.  I've been using this trick on my stainless steel racks for years & it works GREAT.  But instead of using 1 cup & leaving the racks for an hour (where they'll still need to be scrubbed) → Put both racks into the bag & add the entire bottle of ammonia ($1 at the Dollar Store) & leave outside overnight.  The next day just wash with dish soap, rinse them off & they'll be shiny new. ツ

  4. Dear guy i would like to know how do i clean the inside of the burner top where you open it up i would like to know what can i use to clean it with thank you yours angelica

  5. I love the way you cleaned it. the glass door I usually use the husky dispenser blade, which turned out really cleaned in the original color. where did you get your blade?. I want to have that.

  6. Mine worked. Thanks for these ideas though. To clean the glass I used any dish soap and a scraper. Keep the scraper soapy at all times. If you do this, it prevents the scratches on your glass. For the metal I tried Stainless Steel polishing liquid. Did not work. Then I tried copper polishing liquid i had in a bottle. Wiped right off, not kidding you. To finish off, I did use vinegar plus water to clean the whole area of any residue. I cleaned this about ten times using a clean cloth each time. Better safe than sorry!

  7. Thanks! how does one clean under the burners – where food drops-I guess one has to remove the entire top? mine is a gas stove so don't want to mess with it but lots of crumbs/food droppings have gone down those holes over the years. Thanks and love the ginger cat making an appearance!

  8. I don't use the self cleaning feature on my oven. The smell bothers me and I have an open floor plan so it smells every where. I make a paste of baking soda dawn dish liquid and vinegar and rub it on the inside of the oven. Let sit a few hours if possible. I go back and wipe it out. The dawn is awesome at loosening and the vinegar and baking soda bubble creating a loosening agent as well as cutting the grease. A tip I learned also for comfort only: fold a blanket (old one) and use while down on the floor to save your knees. A nonskid rug underneath will keep it from sliding. I'm fifty something so this is a great trick for older folks who still desire a clean oven. athanks for your video and great job! God bless!

  9. i only have 1 kitchen sink what will i do ? and no dawn dish washing liquid – i had amonia once i went to hospita; i didnt know it came in a bottle ? i dont have any burner s i just have glass

  10. I'm pretty sure that the self cleaning oven is more like 500F not 500C like he said. That's just way to hot for any oven of this nature.

  11. get a "presto" chemical
    10 percent chemical rest hot water and spray the range hood or stve top even the oven glass leave it for a mint and scrub it ONLY WITH SOFT STEALWOOL SOFT ONE PLEASE and there you go its clean
    and spray steal shiner you have a new stove top

  12. How much baking soda & water did you use to give it that elmer glue consistency? Thank you for the video. 🙂

  13. I used a product from Dollar Tree called Totally Awesome Cleaner ($1) & it worked great. I don't have a self-cleaner oven & the same product worked on it as well. The only other things needed were sponge & elbow grease. Worked GREAT.

  14. Does anyone know how to clean the INSIDES OF THE OVEN?? I recently had some glass break while in the oven and pieces of it and the food I was cooking got in the SIDE HOLES of the oven. Now the oven smokes when I try to cook something because there is still food and glass still in the holes. Does Any know how to clean those holes ??? Please help

  15. A fish stick has fell through the oven, those four little oval? type slots at the bottom of my oven how can I reach it ? It's burning and smelling up the house please help.

  16. Self-cleaning feature uses a ton of electricity…used it once…ruined the plastic on the dials and digital display…highly recommend NOT using self-cleaning feature. Not impressed with video…sorry!

  17. Getting a cooker professionally cleaned will bring it back to showroom condition and is cheaper than buying a new one.

  18. one thing I would do is after you clean your oven, it clean your hood as well wile your at it (you don't have to) but I think its a good idea to clean it after it has ran for 5 to 6 hours Just to get rid of any build up that came from the oven cleaning cycle (fumes and whatever else) hope this helps 🙂 also as a health precaution always run you hood when cleaning your oven or if you cook with a gas stove to reduce carbon monoxide poisoning and asthma problems!

  19. When I get a call go prep a property for a realtor, the filth level is much worse than this, typically 1/8" of grease. Will ruin a pack of sponges doing one range. The hood filters are typically dripping grease.

  20. How do you clean the top of you oven .how do you get the burnt on grease off. All theses videos show is how to clean the bottom of the oven door and sides.

  21. I was cleaning my gas oven and some of the stuff went through those big holes and I can’t get to it to clean it. Any suggestions?

  22. Thank you! Good tip on the inside stove vs. the window – appreciate you showing how both areas clean differently! Thank you! 🙂

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