How to Change the Oil on a Honda Generator

How to Change the Oil on a Honda Generator

Today I will be showing you how to change oil
on your Honda EU 2000 I. Tools needed will be a flathead
screwdriver, oil drain pan, a quart of Honda’s 10w-30. When getting ready to drain the oil in your
Honda generator you always want to make sure before you tip it you turn the fuel valve up
on top of the fuel cap, to off, that way prevents any spelling a leakage
or any fire as the machines spills. When doing the oil change on your Honda generator you want to make sure that you run it to an
operating temperature in order to ensure that it everything drains properly and you get a
faster drain when you’re draining the oil. To access into the oil use a flathead
screwdriver remove the access panel on the side right here in
the bottom left hand corner the acts as an oil dipstick, oil fill, and oil drain. You’ll notice that they give your actual drain access it when you pour it
out pours it out into a drain pan or
whatever your dumping it into. So in order to drain the oil, remove the cap simply tip the machine on it’s side and let the oil flow out. Once it’s done draining tip the machine back on top, use a rag and wipe up any excess oil that spilled on
the housing. When refilling your Honda generator want to use a Honda 10w 30, they
recommend 13.5 ounces to fill the machine or up to the very
top level up the threads. And once you fill it to
the proper level again you want to make sure that at the
very top of the threads inside the hole or this also comes with
the dipstick you can measure they don’t recommend you screw it in just
push it in until it’s at the threads then pull it back out. You’ll see with the level is
on the stick. Once you got the right level screw the cap back into the threads. Again make sure any excess oil is kind
of a generator before you put the access cover back on Turn the generator on choke all the way to
the on position and turn the fuel valve back on give it a
pull let it warm up for 10 to 15 seconds and take the choke off. You’ll notice on the front generator this the green light show that is making
voltage also equipped with a low oil alert to if you ever run the machine low on oil it will shut itself down to save the engine also there is a light on for the
generator that shows you why it’s shutdown and if it
is low oil it will give you a red light, to indicate
that is low on oil. Weingartz, Weingartz, Everything From Lawn To Snow

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  1. It seems like it left off the hard part, the reason why I watched this video. You can't see the level of the oil as your pouring it in. How do you get it to the fill point without overflowing and spilling? Tips or tricks for that was what I was looking for.

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