How Spiders Infest from the Basement

How Spiders Infest from the Basement

So we are inside the basement and this is where most spider infestations
up in the house begin as you can see here there’s some nesting
back here in this corner this is a hunting spider nest as you see she sets her lair up to hide in there that’s where she lays her
eggs and nests she has babies and they run out and spread throughout the house as other types of spiders like this one
here a daddy long legs sets up camp She’ll also lay legs she’s not gonna go upstairs but when her eggs hatch the babies have to spread out they
end up moving in other parts that house her eggs well here’s an example of one of her egg sacs we looked at this but they just attach them to the wall you know anywhere from eight hundred to
two hundred baby egg sacs inside of one large sac that will hatch some time in the spring when they hatch then they spread further
out you wanna know what they’re eating just look at with underneath the cobwebs looks like there’s a healthy crop of millipedes in this basement and I also have found some roaches and some pill bugs as these hatch they tend to move-up off
the floor they usually enter the building through the siding and move up off the floor and migrate to the subfloor for the first floor and you
can see cobwebs all along this area numerous sacs in through here probably a hundred egg sacs two to eight hundred babies in each sac just along this one wall of the basement
here this is the reason why the homeowners
seeing little baby spiders pop up in the corners every week in between cleanings cause when those egg sacs hatch the little tiny babies penetrate through the sub floor ended up setting up camp in your kitchen
in your bathrooms and you’re living rooms just little tiny webs with little tiny
baby spiders on them and you see them when you vacuum them up with the vacuum.

4 thoughts on “How Spiders Infest from the Basement

  1. Actually daddy long leg spiders aren't a bad thing to have. Their fangs can't pierce human skin and they eat alot of pesky bugs that walk around. If you just discard the egg sacs in their webs there won't be any to hatch and they never leave their webs.

  2. Pest specialist? 0:36 is not a daddy long legs. The Daddylonglegs is actually not even a spider as it produces no silk and has no abdomen. You are referring to a common Cellar spider. Known for its cylindrical abdomen, non aggression, location, and the way it dances in it's web to ward off predators. Fun fact, Cellar spiders have been recorded to live to 40 years old. Not much study has been put in to them however.

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