How Sony will screw up their next Spider-Man movie without Marvel

How Sony will screw up their next Spider-Man movie without Marvel

100 thoughts on “How Sony will screw up their next Spider-Man movie without Marvel

  1. Spiderman 1 : Homecoming
    Spiderman 2 : Far From Home
    Spiderman 3 : Broken Home
    Spiderman 4 : Homeless
    Spiderman 5 : Where's My Home?
    Spiderman 6 : Bring Back My Home!
    Spiderman 7 : Home Alone

  2. Next day: "In other news Marvel is killing off Spider-Man and everything Spider-Family related in the comics."


  3. The thing about this situation is Sony does the huge lion's share of the funding and work, Disney's MAIN contribution is creative input on the Marvel links and executive production. Not going to minimize those people's roles at all, but to imply that Disney deserves 50% based on their (relative) tiny contribution to the films is fucking ludicrous.

  4. I think Sony leaked this news so we all watch the re release of far from home with 4 new minutes of footage. I think like 2 weeks from now Spider-Man will be back in the mcu

  5. I’m all for a Spidey focused Spidey film, but having the entire MCU amputated from his world is just awful. I seriously see no way to continue the story without at least name dropping elements of the MCU. And I have no faith in Sony making that story work. So yeah, ridiculous as it is I have no qualms being that kind of fan boy that straight refuses to give Sony another dime until this gets resolved properly. Tom Holland is a great guy, but I won’t be paying to see a Spider-Man film with him in it without the MCU. Sorry Sony, but it really is too late to back out of this situation you got your only profitable character into. It’s MCU or bust now.

  6. The games will be great from Sony! (Honestly I could give a fuck for the movies, super hero movies are so wash, rinse, repeat now)

  7. Sony sucks. If Disney got greedy that doesn't change the fact that Sony sucks.

    We are only expecting of Disney to be the bigger man here, working through this crazy deal just for the fans.
    Go ask Sony too you losers.
    This is all under the pretence that Marvel should do all the work and Sony can just sit on their ass getting the profits of a great, respectful and heartfelt portrayal of the franchise they "own".

    I've said it before, but Sony it's just the entity that bought the rights of something they don't care or understand, when marvel was going bankrupt.
    You should be hating the business, that allows this important piece of a healthy thriving cinematic universe, to be in the hands of the most incompetent people. Snatching it away from his family.

    I guess Marvel could take the bullet for the universe they are making, to preserve the integrity of this creation I assume they love.
    Take the bullet for the fans?
    Nah. I don't recommend that, as you can see they don't value any of this and they will side with the studio that has done actual damage to the Spider-Man name at the first opportunity, and it's actually doing it again and now convincing the people they are the poor little studio on this one.

    Fuck Sony.

  8. I was really upset about this last week. But thinking about it more, if they do get the same director and writers back, and pull it off without MCU but tells us how Spider-Man will deal with the fallout of this identity being shown to the world then I can dig that. But I am sure they will try to rush and do a Venom crossover or a Sinister Six thing. I hope Sony wouldn't.

  9. Disney should've just took the original deal instead of being selfish and wanting more. Disney have enough money.

  10. Honestly, they are both at fault, but it should be noted that Disney makes money on literally everything else Marvel.
    They don't need 50% on Spider-Man movies. It's their fault.

  11. In all honestly, I think the split between Sony and Marvel reflects where the next movie should go. In 'Homecoming,' Peter was all "I wanna be an Avenger, not a kid!' and in 'Far From Home,' he was all "i wanna be a kid and spend time with my friends and get a girlfriend, not work for SHIELD and be an Avenger!". So now that Disney is out, Sony can focus on Peter wanting to be who he wants to be without the pressures of SHIELD or anything.

    But that all depends on if Sony can pull off a good story with a good creative team. Which if they're able to get the same writers and Watts back and not try to meddle in the creative, they have the opportunity to pull off a perfect trilogy. Time will tell.

  12. Considering how bad the current Spider-Man is (Tom Holland is doing his best) I'm very excited for Sony to get him back. With Marvel now running the leftist agenda thanks to being owned by Disney, I'm super excited to see what Sony does next!

  13. I'm probably the only one who doesn't like the new Spiderman moives, too much Tony Stark and everyone is the comic relief. You can't just switch Tony love interest with Happy it is just bad/lazy writing. I think the one thing keeping the new SP moives from being good is the MCU eg Nick furry Tonny Starks ghost too many balls in the air with no clear way forward.

  14. Feige and Disney are not what they used to be concerning the MCU, they've virtually shaT all over Spider-Man as a character and his supporting cast, Captain Marvel was SJW propaganda at its core… just imagine an MCU with Spidey more close to actually the proper Spider-Man character and not everything handed to him, hellz he didn't even make or design his own Spider-Man suit, fricking Stark did!? Imagine an MCU with the rich history of the original Captain Marvel and Brie first as Ms Marvel turning then into Captain Marvel, no sex swap crap of having the original Captain Marvel as an old chic, Imagine a MCU where Nick Fury lost his eye in battle, not by some stupid sh1T for giggles alien cat…. I used to love the MCU but I'm not blind and there's probably more of this weak BS to come…. really looking forward to what Sony does with Spidey in the Spider-Venom-verse they have… best MCU Spidey fnas can do is hope and pray they actually keep Holland on because I have my doubts about that.

  15. so what? sony is supposed to let Disney walk all over them and take what they rightfully own. im glad someone finally stood up to Disney, who also abused stan lee. besides, sony is responsible for the best spiderman films of all time

  16. Will : "Sony has shown they don't know how to make a good Spider-Man movie on their own."
    Sam Raimi: "Am I a joke to you?"

  17. I wouldn't expect the MCU supporting cast actors. One reason, they were cast was so if Sony and Disney went there separate ways, Sony could use the traditional comic versions of these characters: old woman Aunt May, red head MJ, etc. I would expect yet another reboot/retcon. Maybe even the suggestion that MCU Spider-Man was a dream or alternate reality story.

  18. The only way I see them turning this into a positive is if they go live action Spider-Verse. You get rid of the plot line without having to mention it much or using the multiple Spider-Men as a write off and then you can bring back Maguire and Garfield and please all of the fans. Aside from this, every other attempt will feel half assed

  19. I don't think Sony can use "MJ", Young Aunt May or Ned, they came up with unique iterations of those characters so that Sony could keep the rights to the more comic book accurate ones.

  20. I mean there are so many good characters not being used. Silver Sable or Kraven. I don’t think Sony can do it by themselves. I want Disney to own the characters already.

  21. I want a true sequel to Far From Home with Marvel's involvement, but if they aren't going to do that, they may as well give us a live action Spider-verse movie with Holland, Mcguire, and Garfield.

  22. Sony made into the spider verse , the best Spider-Man movie honestly. Have u venom and the best villain’s backstory with sandman. I have to laugh :/

  23. I would love to see a live action spider verse with Toby and Andrew as their old spider roles. What an awesome F you to Disney that would be. Also, great guitar playing!

  24. There is hope, we need more a adult spider-man, one that can solve big problems on his own. Disney is simply not gonna give us that

  25. I don't get the hate for Spiderman 3, its my favorite out of the 3 films. remember watching back when I was in middle school, and I also remember it being the #1 film in America, but suddenly yrs later the movie sucks, don't get it.

  26. I think they should go crazy and open up the spider verse. They could bring back Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spidermen from different universes. Then they could drag out some of the iconic bad guys from the different spider-verses to create the Sinister Six! I figure why not.

  27. I just dont know why Sony won't lease Peter parker to the mcu and kick start miles Morales in the spider verse since technically the 2 dont exist in the same universe problem solved. Ijs

  28. The only good Spiderman movies aren't made by Disney and Marvel,they're made by Sony and Marvel, so they (Sony) can't realistically screw anything up.

  29. Disney already screwed up spiderman its a vanilla sugerless mass of a story. I say thank god finially a spiderman with a story yay

  30. I bet Sony does a great job and people question the quality of the MCU when they don’t have another copy of Guardians.

  31. ultimately, I'm content with Spider-Man being a true solo film. I personally didn't like that he was going to to be at the forefront of the new marvel line up. He's still to young of a character (still figuring out how to be Spider-Man) to be leading the "new avengers" he's great when he helps out but I've always felt that Spider-Man works best on his own. At least in my opinion.

  32. I don’t think Disney would buy Sony since they sell products along with movies. Would be a not great payoff for Disney.

  33. My idea for spiderman 3 is simple. Peter is on the run and Silver Sable is hired to track down and capture or kill Peter. She releases Vulture and Scorpion from prison and they give them new suits. Peter on the run has to use his wits to try and survive until he clears his name.

  34. Speaking of the PS5, I’m hoping the Spider-Man sequel goes to the PS4 because I don’t buy Sony consoles at launch (too expensive). I didn’t even get my PS4 until 2017 when the 1TB Slim was down to $250.

  35. But this Spiderman thing is entirely Disney’s fault because they saw that far from home did amazing and got greedy

  36. I'm in minority but I thought the Marvel Spidey movies were not very good and they didn't do much with Peter Parker.

    Maybe you guys have a short memory but Spiderman 1, 2 and Spiderverse are some of the best comic book adaptations and imo are better films than the Home series.

  37. he could be kidnapped and thrown in an island to be prey on a big hunt, so it can be unrelated to anything that happened before

  38. I'll trust Sony if the principal cast return, but also if Tom Rothman steps down from Sony.He is a cancer to the super hero genre.

  39. I dream of an age when people no longer give so much shit about their incomes and simply make good movies because they want to make good movies

  40. I really hate when pleople blame sony, disney wants to change the contract with sony and obviusly sony will not accept because affects his company. So dont blame sony, blame disney because if you dont do things his way its not going to happen

  41. Honestly, Im relieved that happened. I don’t really feel like signing on Disney+ and i thought this last movie was a little weak (just my opinion)

  42. Im not subscribing to Disney plus I already pay discord, sony, Nintendo, and my wifi bill ontop of rent no thanks. The new MCU spiderman is just a ironman JR who personality wise acts more like a side kick <_< trying to gain respect from his super hero peers. It's to much like the silly cartoons

  43. I can see them using the breakup of happy and may as a allegory for the break up of marvel and Sony lol. Even if they can’t use his name, they can nod at him somehow and when they make a deal, they can come back to it.

  44. No, lol Disney is SOLELY to blame for this it’s all their fault lmao. Also Sony made the 3 GREATEST Spidey movies without Disney/Marvel.

  45. I know Disney is the one that started this but the proposal wasn’t that outlandish. Yes Disney asked for 50%, but they also offered to pay for 50% of the production cost.

  46. I do like that we could get a solo Spider-Man movie that just focuses on him but I don’t think that will be the case. The ceo of Sony pictures said “Spider-Man was fine before the event movies, did better with the event movies, and now that we have our own universe, he will play off the other characters as well. I think we’re pretty capable of doing what we have to do here.” One I don’t have any faith that they’re capable, and two I don’t care about their characters. They make one venom movie that made money but wasn’t critically very good and they think they have a universe.

  47. You mean they will make ANOTHER mediocre Spider-man movie, exactly like Marvel did with the last two of them? The rights for making mediocre Spider-Man movies are so disputed!

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