Can you hear that? I think that’s the sound of hungry tarantulas Didn’t even realize that last video is actually first one in this new year And it was really a sad one and not the good way to start new year so today tarantula feeding video I will fit all the tarantulas and Only my biggest tarantulas hopefully most of them will eat And we also have two fan packages we will open them and I have some things There is some of you that wrote a bunch of subtitles for bunch of my videos on all sorts of languages and also Translated the description so future out of you that are doing that I really appreciate it in to everyone else I will probably be the last one to say this to you, but Happy New Year and also special Thanks to all of my patrons I’m really surprised and amazed how many of you? Decided to support me there this channel got really awesome community And the patreon shows because I’ve seen a lot of bigger youtubers not having as much success on the patreon platform And I really thank you for that I have a bunch of announcements that I will reveal in the near future moving all the animals into a special place just for animals Is just one of those announcements? Exciting times let’s open the boxes this first one I believe I know what’s inside But just to be sure I will check it first it says fragile. Do not bend I hope the people at post office didn’t bend anything DVD case, oh, there’s there is a letter inside it says Petco. That would be me The appeared firstly before I say anything thank you for everything that you do next hopefully this card can serve as a type of Memorial for Diablo, there is a drawing of Diablo on the cover really amazing work I have been a strange creature all of my life and as I can tell so have you Indeed I am. I have included a very special deck of cards in your package I personally head through every single card in the deck that I have given to you And I hope that this unique item will stay with you for a long time hand-drawn cards Awesome he sent me the pictures on the email and we spoke briefly the cards are really awesome. I will show you now oh My Stefan this is really also work. It looks even better in person All sorts of creepy crawlers will spider raha Palmas smithy amore Jumping spider all the good stuff I don’t know if you do But you should definitely sell these this puts me in the mood for round of poker These are the cards for poker right I believe he said that they are I don’t really know about that stuff To be honest it continues I would love if you wanted to look at more of my work on my Instagram and Potentially share it with anyone who you think it would benefit your far away friends the fun Well, I guess all of you that are watching these videos. I’m sharing this now with you I’ll write you his Instagram and I will also link it in the description So make sure to check it out and sense the fun some love and it’s a fun really. Thank you I need to make some paper books so I can keep it inside Let’s now see what the other package is all about if you want to send me some fan mail There is a address in the description But there’s always no live animals just letters or packages with stuff that you want to send oh So many soda cans oh yes, yeah, I collect some of the kids also beer cans, but I prefer soda cans I Have some really strange hobbies. I know let’s see who is it from it says hi Petco I’m following you since a while and there is to subscribe to YouTube page I recently got to spiderlings cereal cosmos Perez Milesi in the local area species, Colombia Metallica And one juvenile green battle blue. They are super cool. Webbing a lot especially requiring doing battle bloom Yeah, rim battle blue are awesome terrain choice. Hopefully you will appreciate the Canes Yeah, yeah, I will they are mainly from London breweries I work in a restaurant so the pizza in walls world hamster London is where I took them from so I Appreciate it best wishes pepper. It’s a nickname. I’m Italian Thank You pepper for all the cans They will special place in the new animal room now. Let’s finally get to the feeding Which one should we take first I came to school again colada yeah That way I am certain that we will start with good feeding clip This is her molt and just so we know I ordered the glass for Four new enclosures is the one I did for predatory beetles one will be for her the other one will be for next to Rancho That I will show you one for spiny assistant guys and one for the other assassin guys. Let’s see if she’s hungry Okay, you can let go now No no no you can let go now Come on. Thank you I Know it will jump, but I always like Against the just reflux Next one is Grandma saw up with her Pez and she is the one that will get new enclosure For some reason I have noticed that she doesn’t really doesn’t really want to eat big roaches so that’s why I will drop her smaller lateralis I Don’t know why she’s like that That was quick shooter, I let it walk around a bit before she grabs it I will give her another one It is under her It is under abut Roach that is really really not the safest place to hide you know Got it no it is still under her Okay if you don’t want to take that one I know someone who probably will I know I said, I will only feed my biggest or inches, but this is one exception Here I have mail gram estoppel help s mail and once he matures we all breed them There we go so easy and quick I Can also feed the brachypelma bellossom mail the old guy As I said in my full collection tour he really can’t catch a roach by himself He’s getting too old and too slow, so I need to offer him roach Almost pretty on the roach in front of him Don’t go out I guess next time The throat area soup Oscar still in her temporal enclosure again down there in its core bark But I guess we can throw one Dubya inside Not sure how much you’ve been able to see down there the lighting is really not good But it took it like a champ Okay that is one two three four out of five successful feeding clips Let’s try to fit Formosa the female that I try to pair it few videos ago. Not really successful The female is outside, please don’t run don’t run don’t run Yeah about that, but I think we can still get a decent clip Yeah boy, I mean girl five out of six, let’s see who is next Oh Top you know Hennis the alot sells although she just ran in hopefully we can still get nice clip oh Right The colors are crazy crazy good look at that Now tell me these aren’t some awesome colors Yeah, see you later. That is six out of seven right, right This man didn’t take less time There’s actually a male brachypelma, Amelia male, and it is inside of its cork Maybe we can get some sweet out of the tunnel action Yeah, yeah, you haven’t seen that flawlessly, but you saw just enough and look now. He is coming outside Hello What is up man? Thank you for your cooperation. It is mostly appreciated He looks a bit confused. Why is shining all that light? Can’t you just leave me alone to eat my roach what the hell man stupid hoe, man moving on any brachypelma callosum female I’m looking forward to the day when I will be able to record a feeding video on the external shelves Not needing to move all the enclosures because in new space. I won’t be having a Sofa in front of the shelves. It’ll be awesome. Any can I get your cooperation? Also? What do you say? Oh, no no she’s throwing hairs. Please don’t tell me you are in the promote That is seven out of nine it was good while it lasts Pizza theory or data now this if you don’t know don’t go inside I Forbid you like forbid. I forbid it as I said in multiple videos this is my oh This is my biggest tarantula, and now I can only show you the Biggest core bark in my enclosures, and it isn’t even the biggest corn bark Maybe we can lure her you know what since she is the biggest arranger She really deserves the name what we say right your suggestion in the comments. I will pick Five that I like Make a pool and then all of you will decide which one will be the name for this bait so Terry are not up Currently her name is I’m not really here I can just throw the roach inside and she will get it, but I want her to come outside Let’s try to lure her with the roach You can see her leg her front leg Well now her name is I’m actually here. Let’s do this I Really need to stop twitching. I mean I can’t help it I read so many comments from people who had their tarantula climbing their tweezers And I don’t want that to happen to me There we go, I’m satisfied that would be Eight out of them right now. Where is that roach that second roach? Come here Now my other big tarantulas to abraha Swahili female you can easily get a good clip yeah, let’s do that quickly Oh the roach meant under the under the webbing yep, you need to dig him out oh Yeah, she found him I Always get a nice clip with her at least in last few videos Now here is the remote permit IANA Bob Estes Female I can try to feed her, but she is not really feasted oh She actually Got oh, no What was that? She was act so weird but look at that blue on her legs so awesome oh Yes, thank God I am satisfied I have left I have pet soft area hollow modulus Umi car, but she’s Not really would either have pets at area with Tata. She’s also way down inside Not good for recording yo bra his species Vietnam blue. Also way down in her tunnel and that’s about it all my bigger Females, but I think we had a lot of really nice clips, yeah And also one news we have another female in collection one of my own propel my viola tapas molted And I’ve been able to sex it And it is a female so now I have one female one male and one that I don’t really know the gender There you can’t really miss it now It is super clear and currently keeping the these enclosures So they will now surely need a real house into something like a CDA closure I need to make bunch of bigger enclosures So I hope you enjoyed this video if you did Thumbs it up and and something if you want to support this channel even more There is a patreon page if you’re new to this channel make sure to subscribe also if you aren’t new But you just aren’t subscribed subscribe I upload every Monday on Friday to see you again soon Hi


  1. Ariadne sounds good I got that from a English kids program call nightmare it was where children used to go on the show and go through a virtual reality game and have to come out the other end alive and they had a big massive grey looking spider she was called Ariadne so if she's a girl and rather large like you say Ariadne I think sounds quite cute

  2. My avicularia just molted. She has a red almost double diamond marking on her abdomen. Pink toes and a little blue sheen to her new skin. The store sold her as just a pink toe tarantula. Does anyone have a better clue what species she is? I can't find the markings anywhere.

  3. Its so strange, watching your videos I've come to love spiders generally. But the common house spider still freaks me out a lot….and its not even dangerous! urgh

  4. I love your videos. I've just started getting interested so I have much to learn. You are an amazing person love watching you. Also love your accent. It makes me giggle.

  5. After bingewatching your channel for about 3 weeks now, I am considering a Caribena Versicolor. It appears to be a beginner T, and I both love it being arboreal, and its colors. is out of stock too. Any suggestions?

  6. I have been clinically scared of spiders all my life. But after watching a handful of your videos, I am actually thinking of buying a tarantula. Thanks for curing my phobia. Keep up your great work, I think you are having a very positive impact on people. (:

  7. Bro, can i ask want specific tarantula can be eaten? Because i've watched few videos people eating tarantulas 😆

  8. oh wow the first 3 species in this video are the 3 I got on sunday :)) I searched their names to watch vids about them and this came up lol

  9. " Why are you shining all that light". Idk why, but the combination of that line and looking at the spiders eyes it just made me crack up.

  10. Shame this is an old video I would've suggested "Lady Arachnay" as a name, she was the Spider witch in Soul Eater and the name of my giant Spider on Ark survival

  11. I just tried to send Stefan some love. That user name is not on instagram… (Your link is broken too) Anyway, Nice work Stefan! I hope everything is OK

  12. I had the same issue with my Grammostola Pulchripes, she likes to dig deep on the terrarium and also don’t takes big animals as food.

  13. Why are tarantula males generally far more lethargic than females? (8:35) I have a male Lasiodora (I have not accurately identified the species yet) and it behaves exactly like this one in the video. One time I tried to feed it and I thought it was dead! It had not eaten for more than 15 days, and only after much insistence it accepted the food.

  14. A couple of name possibilities:

    Anat: sister of the storm god
    Anat’s revenge against a man who slighted her in no uncertain terms: "Anat seized Mot, the divine son,/ With a sickle she cut him,/ with a winnow she winnows him,/ with fire she scorches him,/ with a mill she crushes him,/ she scatters his flesh in the field to be eaten by birds."

    Pandora: heard of her box, have you?

    Cassandra: the most beautiful princess of Troy. Cursed to utter true prophesies which no one believed.

  15. I hate you when you doesn’t let go of the tweezers. Why cant you just give the feeders and let the tarantula be. My god

  16. Petko: There's a letter inside. It says Petko…. that would be me
    Me: oh i thought the letter was for my mom😂😂❤

  17. I am a new macro photographer, photographing spiders like yours is my dream… then I realize; your spiders are so large you don't need macro lenses to "fill" the photograph with your beautiful pets. Every one made me jump when it struck the roaches, perhaps you set that trend when you jump, out of my skin in delicious surprise… though each strike is expected, terrific.

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