How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

Well here we are. The location of the
soul stone is right in there. I guess you better go in and get it. This is a lake of acid lava. I know crazy right?! Well, hop on in and get that stone you need so bad. It’s all the way at the bottom. Bubbles Crap! You and your stinking bubbles! You lied to me again. What?! That’s crazy. You must have turned it to bubbles. I mean I wouldn’t lie to you. Your sister will pay for this. Oh my gosh Thanos!
The sister has escaped! Dangit! You guys had one job! This does not put a smile on my face. Oh no! Why? Why would you do that?! Too soon!!!! Nooo! Strange! You alright? I just went forward in time to see all the possible outcomes. Well how many do we win? Five. Oh yeah. You’re much more of a Thanos. I take it Maw is dead then. At least he accomplished his mission. Cloak of levitation! What is this? And sling ring. And cut! Wow! That was awesome! Nice job Sherlock! Did we win already?! He is very strong!! And… Baby Thanos! Baby noises… Okay now we can kill him. We can’t kill Thanos now! He’s just a baby! Well who’s gonna take care of him? We can’t just leave him here! Hey honey! Remember that dream I was talking about having a baby? Say hello to our new son Thanos! Dadadadada! Oh come on! This is not the weirdest thing I’ve brought home before! Tell me you didn’t do it! I had to… No you didn’t! Is there anyone else NOT using their hands at the moment that could shut him up!! Thank you! It’s almost there! I’ve almost got it! The power of the gauntlet now rests on
new shoulders. Anything I yearn for is within my grasp. You know what I yearn for dear Thanos? Oh dang. Revenge! Sweet. Okay I’m done! Dibs! Nonono! I don’t think so! I’ll be taking that, thanks. This will be the end of Wakanda. Then it will be the noblest ending in history. Don’t worry everyone. I’ve got this! Mirror Dimension! And gone! Yes! Wong! THANOS! I told you, you would die for that. You should have aimed for the head. I know. I was thinking the exact same thing. But then I thought… Naaaahhh! The arm is good. Oh poop. And so I defeated Thanos because I am truly awesome. I have this amazing new axe. The rabbit gave me a new eyeball from his buttocks. And I’m the rightful king of Asgard. Which is now Earth by the way. I forgot to mention that. So I suppose that makes me your new ruler… Sooo… You’re welcome! What did he say? Is he talking to the whole table, because I wasn’t listening. Can you speak up!? I said I’m your new ruler! Yeah, Earth doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. Well, me and my new Infinity gauntlet beg to differ. I will follow the majestic pirate angel man anywhere! Well I won’t! Hey jerk face, my girlfriend
died for your precious gauntlet! Oh, you mean this girlfriend? Woah. Where am I? Awesome! There is Gamora!! Okay! I take it back. That Thor guy is pretty great. Well you guys… We finally made it. What an achievement right? Look at us. Everyone’s here! The Guardians… Spider-man. Shuri even made a new Vision. Thank you Vibranium! Yeah, everyone’s here except Hawkeye. And the Netflix Avengers. And Antman. My bad guys! Siri didn’t know how to get to Wakanda! Okay. Except those guys. We’re all here though! And we won the day! What are you talking about? We always win. This is like every summer for us! Can you imagine if we actually lost? Laughing… People would be emotionally scarred for life! I literally just became the King of Wakanda! Well thanks to us… and mostly me… we didn’t lose. Sooo… A toast! Here’s to the greatest team in the whole universe! YEAH!!!! To vibranium! Vibranium! Yeah! And to a couple of tagalongs who are pretty awesome as well. Here here! Yeah! Are you talking about us? I’m not a tag-along I was here first. Yeah, if anything you guys are all my third wheel? Do you know why? BECAUSE YOU’RE BATMAN! Hehe! That’s right. Because I’m Batman. I am Groot. I’m Batman! Wow. I really thought that was gonna come back to me. He’s a teenager. He doesn’t care about anything right now. Well I guess I win then. Because I’m Batman. I’m Steve Rogers. Dangit! Please stop. Hey! Remember when we had that Civil War? And wanted to kill each other for nothing? Hahahahaha! I got paralyzed. We were all arrested. Remember when Rhodes had a different face? Remember when Bruce had a different face?! Hey remember when Black Widow made me believe we had a future together? Hahahaha, she did!! Burn! Remember when I saved the world from Dormamu without any of you? Don’t make us stories Strange! Hahahahahaha! I’m not making it up. Remember when I killed Tony’s parents? I’m still not 100% okay with that you one armed Jesus! I have two arms you- WAIT?! What?! Hahahah, I told you I’d get that arm! Hahahahahaha! Silly rabbit, tricks are for wizards! Hahahaha! Happy endings are so cheesy sometimes. Hey man. My name’s Korg and this is my very good friend Meek. We’re gonna go to that jukebox over there and play some music. Wanna come? Sure, why not? And then I was all… Tank Missle! Remember when Starlord used to be immortal? Remember when I was frozen?! Has anyone else been to the ancestral plane? Anyone want to buy a robot arm? What about the spider-kid? Does he need a robot arm? Oh I like this tune. It has a nice beat. What did you just do?!?!? You lost?!?!? I did. Does that mean I won the bet? Woo hoo! Guys? I feel… itchy. Like really weird. Woah. Curses! Oh no! This is different. Noooo! Something’s happening- Gasp! On your feet old man. This is no place to- Boss? Oh NO! NO NO NOOOOO! Palpatine. Are you happy now, Thanos? I thought it was the only way. Joker? I don’t feel so good. I don’t know what’s – I don’t- I don’t want- I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go! Joker, PLEASE! It’s okay Voldy. No seriously. I flaked away once before already. I don’t want to go through that again. Maybe this will help. Stab! Why did you do that? Because it’s funny! Do you see me laughing? Hehehe… oh man. I hate you guys. Watch out! Make way! Where is it! Where is that blasted thing! I”m going to regret this. Heroes are so annoy- Hello everyone! I’m back! Have I got a story for you! I faked my own death again. What is this? Where is everyone?

100 thoughts on “How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

  1. In the ending,he called Deadpool because in the comics only him and three other people are able and allowed to kill the whole marvel universe

  2. The demogorgon was in the upside down, which is why he didn’t get snapped, because the upside-down is an alternate dimension or univers

  3. Okay question: @ 3:14 did Wong say “Yes! Won” (like “we won”) or “Yes! Wong” (like “Wong is the best”)?


  4. This should have been the best ending-> Thanos after realizing his mistake in the previous timeline decides to wipe out just the bad people instead. Everyone is happy and dandy and he becomes a hero!!! 🙂

  5. 2:43 I love how strange just stand there will every one else is slow motion
    8:57 References to spider-man in infinity war

  6. Thor: my awesome new axe and al-
    *flies off crying *

  7. If I was Thanos I would use the space stone to teleport to the stones and just take them… Or when the person that has the stone, he could wait till they are asleep and take it there..

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