House passes bill to undo gray wolf protection

House passes bill to undo gray wolf protection

The U.S. House of
Representatives passed a bill Friday that would remove
protections for the gray wolf in the lower 48. The Manage Our
Wolves Act passed mainly along party lines. If it becomes law,
it would undo endangered species protection for gray wolves and
prevent legal review of the issue. Proponents of the bill
argue that wolves have recovered enough to be taken off the list.
They also say states can do a better job managing the wolves
while balancing the needs of farmers and ranchers. But
opponents say the wolves still need protection and they worry
the bill could help undermine the Endangered Species Act. This
isn’t the first time the federal government has aimed to de-list
the gray wolf. Most recently the Obama administration removed the
wolves, but in 2014 a court overturned that decision.
According to the Bureau of Land Management, as of April 2017
there were under 6,000 gray wolves living in the lower 48.
And the Center for Biological Diversity says the wolves occupy
less than 10 percent of their historic range.

7 thoughts on “House passes bill to undo gray wolf protection

  1. Okay so wait. There are under 6,000 wolves living in the wild right now, and that is the number that they feel is sufficient to go off of the endangered species list? WTF

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