House Dem on why he’s voting against Pelosi’s war powers bill

House Dem on why he’s voting against Pelosi’s war powers bill

100 thoughts on “House Dem on why he’s voting against Pelosi’s war powers bill

  1. Just what Iran needs a Pelosi bill in Washington to give them protection so they can do whatever they want and nobody can stop them. Trump 20/20🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. God Bless You. Sir.
    His Name is Jesus. Trust Him.
    Dumb Report; This Man Puts American lives First.
    The Media And Pelosi's Democrats Always Side With Any Enemie Against America.
    Keep It Up You Will Get Your Babylon. Sad.
    Read : JOB Chapter 42.
    Thank You For Serving.Your Country.
    We Know One Thing And One Thing Well. President Trump Will Protect American.


  4. Just look at these rascals , hypocrites they in utter arrogance assisinate a genral of a sovereign (UN) state unto Justifying their actions, when high end murderors like Clinton/Bush/Obama committed to genocides walk about Scot free even glorifying themselves ignorant that their path to hell has no glory .

  5. I don't care how she looks. I only care about her breaking the law of the constitution on a daily basis and her constant violation of the Logan act.

  6. Please explain how she can be a congresswoman of CA when she doesn't even live there? I can list a few dozen of the leftie congress creeps who run for districts they do not live in. They get a P.O. box at max. Anyone know how they get away with this?
    It's Poopie Pelosi and not President Pelosi. WRITE IT DOWN NANCY.

  7. Any member of the military present and past that calls themselves a democrat in 2020 is a filthy rat bastard communist!

  8. Dictator Nancy and the DNC threatened to withhold campaign funds to those would not vote to impeach. Rather than cave, Drew left the Communist Democrat Party.

  9. Pelosi is actually helping Trump making America Great Again. These fools keep taking the bait over and over again. I love it! The swamp is draining itself, Trump is just moving Chess pieces.😀👍👌🇺🇸

  10. Pelosi always and I mean always looks and acts very inebriated, intoxicated and somewhat deranged…I don't say that to be rude, but I expect our congress people to have a modem of respect and decorum due their office of trust. I am appalled at this. I do NOT believe for one moment that Pelosi is competent to be a congresswoman let alone Speaker of the House…she should step down already and let someone younger and more competent take her place. She does NOT serve but works against We The People.

  11. Even though he is a hundred percent correct. Nancy will be doing all she can do to get him reprogrammed he must be careful.

  12. Every one that does not vote against her on it will be job hunting it's a slap in the face to or men and weman in the military and the President.

  13. people who actually respect and love our troops wouldn't force them to fight in pointless wars on the other side of the globe.
    Trump and the republicans supporting the strike are in love with killing US troops.

  14. Went against Pelosi, obviously this man is racist, islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic and against women's rights. Obviously

  15. How do you know when someone is thinking straight? They say 'the killing' rather than 'the assassination'.
    Targeted killing is what is used in the fight against terrorism not assassination as that is illegal here.

  16. WE NEED MORE DEMOCRATS LIKE Mr Max Rose. I Applaud & respect Mr Rose for taking his stance & having strength to call out his party when THEY ARE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING. MAGA/KAG 2020 🙂

  17. This is what USA needs someone impartial for the greater good of the country, people who value dedicated service and see soldiers as not the scum of the earth who has no value and did not fit in other career paths. This Congress man knows soldiers' pains because he served. Americans rally around those who will not use the country for selfish reasons.

  18. He's a true Dem. He's deflecting and believed and still does that he should impeach President Trump. He didn' answer why he voted for impeachment.

  19. The problem is is this Democrat leader doesn't realize or won't admit that his party in Congress are leakers and traitors to the United States of America. Ilhan Omar Rashida Tlaib Adam Schiff. Just to name a few. And of course we know their poop media ABC CNN MSNBC CBS are also enemies to the United States of America.

  20. Pelosi is mourning for Soleimani dead as she lost a husband and boy friend. Defending the enemy. Or she’s mourning because she lost her trade with Iran. Lol what a joke…. so does Shiff, Schumer and their goons. Cut the craps.

  21. Obama bombed a lot of targets, there were things I didn’t like about his presidency…..that wasn’t one of them.

  22. CNN where are you? Report on this you sorry fake news bastards. More signs that the Democratic caucus is United right.

  23. Democrat Max Rose he is a real democrat not a liberal a unicorn …
    Well' Max is something I haven't seen in a long time a democrat that will stand up and say what is right and what is wrong. Max Rose you are a man and a politician to be respected and please stand strong for the united sates of america and the defending of our constitution what protects us all.
    And Nancy Pelosi is a Scumbag criminal that needs to be impeached.

  24. I like this Democrat. He sounds like a Republican, or at least a moderate-conservative Democrat since he actually understands common sense.

  25. This congressman expressing some sense.Soleimani was killed and the tensions are very high.This not the the time to tie his hand.The problem is the Trump’s success and Democratic Party doesn’t like Trump scoring points.The success create electability and the impeachment trial will fissile out.The tide is favouring the president. Now the set back for the Iranian’s is the drowning of the Ukraine plane,entire public opinion is against them.For the time being sanity will prevail.but restricting president’s power at this critical situation is not a sensible idea.

  26. The demacraps tell us no one should have that much power while pushing impeachment through the house with no bipartisan , they take money from the Ukraine , look the other way while Trump is being spied on , what's next . Trump 🙏2020 , the Trump/pence will be heard again.

  27. well a thinking man he is looking at everything something the dems do not do they just follow pelosi go down with the ship only thing is she remains in congress and new puppets come in this needs to change put responsible people in congress that will move this vountry forward trump 2020 with house and senate to get thngs done

  28. Democratic Max Rose voted AGAINST THE WAR POWERS BILL, you are a GREAT AMERICAN! Those Republicans who voted against Presidents having power to protect the people were on the wrong side of history!

  29. It’s great to know there is still a rational and reasonable democrat. He may be the only one. I’m a registered Democrat; though I can’t vote for one currently. I don’t trust there motivations, and the fact they’ve been infiltrated by radical socialist. The Democratic Party must be reformed and free of the far left socialist prior to me casting another vote for them.


  31. Hurray! Cong Max Rose…'re a real hero for standing up just for d right n truth. We need more people like you notjust siding for your party but for what is right n righteous n truthful …..Godbless you n ur family I pray that God will bless you more n protect you n that no weapon of harm formed against you shall prosper in d name of JESJS

  32. These lying democrats that bear false witness against the innocent will see justice in this life or the next God is angry with the wicked every day

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