Honest Trailers – The Amazing Spider-Man

Honest Trailers – The Amazing Spider-Man

This summer, witness yet another Spiderman origin story… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Just so SONY can retain the rights to the character… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Peter Parker was just an attractive… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Intelligent… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Well-dressed… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Teenaged loser. NARRATOR (CONT’D)
But when he easily walks into a high security lab, one radio-active spider bite will give NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Peter the ability to… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Twitch like a crackhead… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Break everything… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Get every father figure in his life murdered… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Act like a complete jerk every chance he gets. PETER
“I just did eighty percent of you your job… Huh!?” AUNT MAY
“Who does this to you?” PETER
“Please, please go to sleep!” NARRATOR
And studder worse than Shia Labuef in Transformers. PETER
“Uhm so uh you want to uh, I don’t know uhm.” PETER (CONT’D)
“I don’t know.” PETER (CONT’D)
“Just uh.” PETER (CONT’D)
“Uhm, I don’t know” PETER (CONT’D)
“I was, I was, dah.” PETER (CONT’D)
“Yea, yea.” PETER (CONT’D)
“No, no, no, no, no.” GWEN STACY
“I don’t want to talk about that.” PETER
“Don’t, don’t, no, no, OK no, OK?” PETER (CONT’D)
“I gotta tell you this one thing. I gotta tell you this one thing.” PETER (CONT’D)
“Ike , I wish I could just…” NARRATOR
Embark on a romantic journey… where the hottest girl in school falls for
this creep stalker UNCLE BEN
“He’s got you on his computer.” PETER
“Pfeheh.” NARRATOR
Proving that love always prevails, even when you have gaping wounds that require NARRATOR (CONT’D)
immediate medical attention… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Immerse yourself in the epic battle, between a hero who refuses to fight with his mask
And a villain, with the most cliche origin story imaginable… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Who is conveniently connected to the most important people in Peter’s life. UNCLE BEN
“Curt Conners, that’s the name of the guy in the picture with your dad.” CAPTAIN STACY
“Dr. Curtis Conners, was also my daughters mentor, is that who your talking about?” PETER PARKER
“That’s the one.” NARRATOR
Experience the re-retold story… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
…of an uncle who strives to find yet another way of saying “With great power, comes great
responsibility. UNCLE BEN
“That if you could do good things for other people, you would have a moral obligation
to do those things. UNCLE BEN (CONT’D)
“That’s what’s at stake here. Not choice… responsibility.” NARRATOR
As well as all these other moments… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
that you’ve already seen before… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Like this… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
A lot of this… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
And more of this. PETER PARKER
“Call an ambulance!” NARRATOR
Swing along, with the smartest teenager in Manhattan… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Who uses the myspace of search engines…. NARRATOR (CONT’D)
And does a terrible job of hiding his secret identity. NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Seriously nobody thought that was odd? NARRATOR (CONT’D)
The Not Really That Amazing Spider NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Merr, at least Kirsten Dunst wasn’t in it. NARRATOR (CONT’D)
Don’t miss our future Honest Trailers, subscribe now… NARRATOR (CONT’D)
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100 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – The Amazing Spider-Man

  1. Try a trailer for Second hand Lions. That would be interesting to see. Plus, you'll get others interested as well.

  2. This movie was was a piece of crap.The moment I saw the star I said I'm not even gonna even watch the it.

  3. So the old Honest Trailers narrator didn't actually have command of a deep voice, so it sounds like he's burp-talking whenever he really tries to add umph to it.

  4. Every time I hear this voice I think of a person that took to many drugs and has a raspy voice and a dying coughing person

  5. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and admit Webb’s movies are better than ramy’s. I said it cuz I’m a hipster and cuz it’s true.

  6. Dear ScreenJunkies, if you guys want to pretend someone is from a telenovela at least hire a Hispanic girl..

    Just sucked for me..

    I have my ears bleeding.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙉

  7. Did some version of Uncle Ben narrate this? That said, this was the first Spider-Man movie I watched and I loved it.

  8. I would trade the bitchy MJ from movies for MJ from the video game Marvel's Spider-Man anytime…that much how they fucked her up. It's only natural that people actually like Gwen more than her. Both are amazing characters and I absolutely love them both as characters but they fucked up MJ big time before.

  9. Not gonna lie, I like the new honest trailer guys voice. Homie doesn’t sound like a chain smoker trying to talk

  10. Worst superhero movie I have ever watched
    Didn’t watch 2
    And I will never watch it
    Ever in my life

  11. …who is conveniently connected to the most important people in Peter's life."

    Yeah, well, that's kind of a recurring theme in the Spider-Man universe. Peter's biggest challenge comes from his two personas clashing all the time.

  12. I never liked the Amazing Spider Man films. It just lacked something. It just didn't feel right. I love the original trilogy but the MCU films are great. I really enjoy them. There are flaws here and there but I really enjoy those films with Tom Holland's Spiderman

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