Honest Trailers – Saw

Honest Trailers – Saw

From a production company that sounds like
they make porn comes a film with the same production value
as a porn. In the low budget hit that transformed the
horror genre into straight up torture porn. Saw. See Saw, a great idea for a student short
film that somehow got stretched into 6 feature length sequels, two videogames, and one super fun rollercoaster! When two strangers wake up in your typical
Taco Bell bathroom the only way out is to patiently use the various
saws, slabs, and guns to weaken their chains until they’ re
able to break free. But instead of the obvious, prepare for 100
minutes of reminiscing, “I don’t remember how I got here.” playing catch, and dramatically reaching for stuff. “My family needs me!” Almost…have another…idea… Nope! Tremble before the Jigsaw killer, a psychopath who combines the traps
of Wile E. Coyote with the terrifying puppetry of Jeff Dunham. “Hello, Amanda. I want to play a game.” Come, saw, and conquer the first in a long
line of cheaply made gornos, featuring the claustrophobia of being trapped in a room because there wasn’t the budget for more
locations, the panic of the fast-paced editing because there wasn’t the budget for better
effects, and the cringe-factor of watching the movie’ s
screenwriter try to act “You could be the one who put me in this room!” “The same thing happened to me, see!” “Lawrence, calm down! There must be a way
out of this!” because there wasn’t the budget for professional
actors. So settle in for the one that started it all, full of cool, well thought out traps that the sequels turn into complete parodies
of themselves. “You must press both buttons at once in the
box before you. However, in doing so, you will give a sacrifice of your own. Two can
live, four will die –” Ugh, what the f*** is this guy talking about? And horrific violence happening off-screen that the sequels turn into the star of
the franchise. Who watches this stuff?! Go to starring, go to starring! Starring… Kristen Bell Robin Hood: Man in Chain Dental Plan (Lisa Needs Braces) Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 Rush Hour This Guy The Bad Guy From Lost I Think She’s On Parenthood? Filth and Cher Saw 1: You’ve Saw Them All Hey, at least it’s not a found footage movie!

100 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – Saw

  1. The first time I saw it I was at a family member's house, they had a copy of it in their movie draw. There was no case, just had Saw written on it, I didn't know anything about it and threw it on. I've never made that gamble since lol.

  2. Strap on your measuring tape, grab a 2×4, lay down the lumber and let the saw dust fly. When a diagnosis goes wrong. One man will seek out people, seek out traps, seek puzzles pieces and seek revenge. RUN & SEEK- NR17

  3. Amazing how you consider this has some merit but acid-attack Showgirls from the opening second — guess all that sexy-time stuff was a bit traumatic for the team, huh? I mean, far too many characters survived for your taste..

  4. I was already in tears when you opened with "from a production company that sounds like they make porn" – classic.

  5. Mate, you surely deserve a subscribe for "Cher". I can't get that f*cking smile off my face. Cheers! 😀

  6. The horror genre hit rock bottom the moment the saw movies came out. Then it sank even lower with paranormal activity. Now well it's pretty much dead in the water.

  7. If you’ve never been on Saw the ride in Thorpe Park UK, you’ve missed out. Personally lucky enough to live within an hour of the park but trust me its worth it

  8. The first time I saw this Honest Trailer, I knew next to nothing about Saw and I missed the part where he said that all of those gory parts were in the sequels, so I thought that all of this happened in one movie. Now, that would've been an epic movie. I was also severely traumatized even though I hid in the comments for most of that part, but scrolled up just in time to see the angel trap. I was a teenager at the time.

  9. I hate these movies so much for this violence. That's what happened right from the get-go because a majority of the people hated it and the other liked it (for whatever reason), and nothing has ever changed.

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