History of Star Fox (Part 1) – Gaming Historian

History of Star Fox (Part 1) – Gaming Historian

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  1. What…? Is that polygon seen at section 5:38 really supposed to be a fighter spaceship with pilots inside it?

  2. this is why i kicked myself for getting sega instead of the snes. I'm lucky enough to have them both now. great series and great job telling it how it was

  3. Oh yeah what a great game this is. I played the hell out of it on my small TV in my room when I was a kid. LOVED the music. I'd finish the game time after time and just sat there and listen to the ending score and watching the graphics.

  4. Yeah, about those competition carts. Wonderful promotion for the game. 1st prize in it was a bomber jacket, along with some other goodies, 2nd prize was a Star Fox T-shirt, and 3rd prize and beyond was some stickers or something.

    I still have my T-shirt to this very day.

  5. personally I love starfox but I want a game where u can control the characters in mission like starfox assault, instead of just fox in arwings

  6. As with Battletoads, none of the Starfox games that came after were as good as the first one. The challenge was what I loved and when they watered them down it wasn't the same for me.

  7. The SNES was not capable of quickly performing trigonometric operations and FP arithmetic. Hence, SuperFX, a glorified DSP.

  8. Starfox is one very overhyped game that was only a big success because of Nintendos great fanbase and the cute character design. And because there were no better flight games on the SNES. I remember the gameplay as being pretty slow and with the gamepad rather difficult to control. aiming, shooting and dodging enemy fighters, all with one d-pad and the shoulder buttons was a pain in the ass, since the snes lacked analogue controls.
    So when I played Stafox for the first time at a friends house I was not impressed, also the game was running pretty slow, it seemed clearly too much for a system like the SNES, even with the SuperFX chip. I don't know about the US version but the european version seemed to be running at a quite low framerate. Also the 3d world was strongly limited and linear, although the polygon graphics made it feel a little more advanced – one had to follow the exact same flight path over and over again. homecomputers of the time had better 3d games to offer with real open world gameplay.

  9. It should be noted, that music is one of strongest StarFox features, its was so epic badass, so it still receiving remixes even now…

  10. “Make a game that’s fun” – that’s why Nintendo is still here and everyone else from that era is either gone or on their last legs.

  11. so now that the super Nintendo emulator exists and it has the unrelated star fox 2 is on the emulator you can experience what stuff that game is i dont know if Nintendo decided to change a few small thing's or not cuz guess what! i don't have the emulator maybe that will be the next thing to put on my Christmas list when i will be 9 years old but seriously star fox the first game is very hard in my opinion cuz im a kid and that means im not that good at playing game's from the 1900's and 1800's unlike people who grew up with games like star fox. Super Mario world. and many more

  12. It is truly sad Miyamoto has held back this whole series for a great many years. He made sure StarFox 2 was canned and even stole technology from it in making Super Mario 64. While in more modern times he believes StarFox cannot work without a gimmick. So he forces into terrible mechanics with motion controls or other forms like with the WiiU version. Hell he insisted it run at 30fps both on the WiiU controller and screen. Thus hampering the graphics of a series that has always been known for it. Miyamoto has been hurting this series for decades and it is in the terrible position it is currently due to him.

    He is a prime example of Nintendo culture always giving those there a very long time too much leeway. This often costs them greatly as it has with the Metroid series and a very sexist man named Sakamoto.

  13. Damn, the puppets they used for the official art are the best ones I've ever seen, their Quality is stunning

  14. Can you do a history on Konami? Story of Castlevania and Contra as well? I'm not sure if you have one already, but I'm still watching your videos and love the history you have shared. Brings back memories

  15. I wouldn't call it "one of the most belooved franchises" because most of the games are mediocre, with the exception of starfox 64 and adventures.

  16. I always liked the first game best. I really didn't like what they did with the ship design for the later games. They went from looking like a space fighter to looking like a toy..

  17. I was actually a regional champion in the central FL area when the competition came out. Got a nice jacket out of it.. wish I would have picked up that cartridge. :-/

  18. Am I the only one who hated this game on release? I was not impressed at all. It was, for me, one of the ugliest games on the SNES.

  19. I used to have this game and have beaten the shit out of it 1000 times but haven't even thought of it in years. This game was really awesome. The characters were lovable and fun and the actual gameplay was fun.

  20. Poor little SNES. Don’t feel bad buddy. I fucking sucked at Linear Algebra too.

  21. It’s a shame what happened to Argonaut and their magnum opus Star Fox 2.

    As much as I’m a big fan of Miyamoto and his contributions to both Nintendo and gaming in general, he can honestly be kind of a dick to work with at times judging by the horror stories of Argonaut and Rockstar Games to name but a few.

  22. quite possibly my favorite soundtrack tune ever, ever since the game came out, ive never got it out my head. the second game is great too

  23. The snes catridges and the super fx chip are pretty interesting to me from a technical standpoint.
    It seems weird that actual calculation was done on the cartridge, compare this to a CD that does nothing but store data that is then transfered into a computers ram, where all the calculation happens.

  24. What do you mean, “one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises?” Sadly, no one gives a shit about the games. They only know Star Fox characters in SSB

  25. Star Fox is like Weezer: People might like some stuff after the originals to a degree, but the first stuff have always been seen as the best.

    Funnily enough, both started in the 90's. Lol.

  26. Great video Norm,also on a side note,there are 2 secret levels in StarFox,The Black Hole and the Out of this dimension,both of them are interesting, especially the Out of this dimension.

  27. I was just playing this game and I didn't like it because I had to sit there and tap the blaster button the entire time I was playing the game

  28. I remember extensively digging for Star Fox 2 stuff years ago and came across your videos. I'm still happy it finally came out and it being the finished version

  29. The first time I played Star Fox as a kid, I remember getting scared when I got to the end of the first Corneria stage and had to face off against its boss. When that warning beep sounded followed by "incoming enemy" and the boss' health bar appeared on screen, I nearly dropped the controller in fear watching the Attack Carrier come up from behind, looming over Fox's Arwing as it turned around to prepare for battle. Then I picked the controller up, started firing at it pretty much nonstop and I kicked its ass!

  30. I'm surprised and sad you didn't mention that star fox basically came out on the commodore 64 in the 1980's at some point (1987?). I had a version on the commodore 64 that we got at a garage sale in the mid 1990's.. and.. it looks.. just like start fox.. when in the cockpit view, except there is no fancy background worlds or colors.. you are flying in space, all black with stars and meteors.. (cooler idea in my opinion).. triangle planes very similar.. I still have the cartridge somewhere. I wonder if they paid anyone or got sued? It's similar enough I wonder.. I honestly thought the makers of star fox just made a newer better version !!! Apparently nintendo just stole the idea?

    commodore 64 version from 1987?

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