100 thoughts on “HHS Secretary Azar leading coronavirus task force to address US response to outbreak

  1. Our President puts together a task force to undertake this virus. What are the DUMBO RATS doing? Impeach him, gee don't it figure, yikes!

  2. its predicted 1 million will be infected by March

    And the Chinese govt are intentionally sending infected people to every country on earth

    I was always told chinese immigration was a global virus and now it has been activated

  3. WHO is not a very Good Organisation (Very Corrupt) What they will do is Increase The Problems from my point of view,,,,not to Sure about The way they will solve it. ITS A MAN MADE VIRUS COMING OUT OF A LAB..MEN ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE. The Worst thing is the bad Health of the People, Weak Immune System…This is the big thing.. THANKS TO OUR WOLRD FOOD ORGANISATION GMO CRAP. THE WORLD SYSTEM IS A FAILLURE, THE OWL CORRUPT SYSTEM HAVE TO CHANGE.

  4. From Johns Hopkins

    gisanddata DOT maps DOT arcgis DOT com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

    You're welcome!

  5. What happens if it jumps, back into the animal kingdom… Ah forgot , it was hatched in a laboratory. Wild Bat ? Was Bela Lugosi seen also.

  6. People that do not have the virus are not protected by wearing masks. Yet healthcare/medical providers are all suited up while treating patients. Does anyone see a problem here?

  7. Why is lackland afb in texas taking in ppl from overseas flights to wait,out a 2 week incubation. Keep it in los angeles or new York.

  8. They’re fudging the numbers. Hundreds of thousands are sick and thousands are dead. There’s a hydrocodone difference between what the CDC/government is reporting and what the Chinese people are getting out.
    You’re dang right America is at risk.

  9. China used 生化武器 biochemical weapon for flu and coronavirus? Wuhan coronavirus has 3 forms according to China news. USA should investigate this "flu" and "coronavirus" in USA. China is building biochemical warfare weapon to fight against the world. China should realize they have violated the biochemical warfare agreement of the United Nations, Biological Weapons Convention – UNODA.

    China will be a common enemy of the United Nations if they found out this coronavirus is a biochemical warfare weapon not a natural cause of disease.

  10. You need to update your numbers
    Confirmed 7 infected in America and nearly double infected worldwide. That's going by the deception being reported. Some leaked information from medical staff in China says over a million infected and more than a hundred thousand dead.

  11. As soon as a government grant is issued for a vaccine the c virus will disappear like Ebola. Follow the money. This fake epidemic also helps implode china's economy which is just what the central banks need to cover for their fiat based economy

  12. The corns virus is man made virus created buy the government together us on pharmaceutical anther way of doc the hospital and the big one fda

  13. Wells its 15,000 now and probably much more than that … President Trump we need him to do something crazy to prevent it from spreading here!

  14. I hope you didn’t spend as much time typing your response as you did thinking about it. My opinion is MY OPINION. YOUR OPINION IS YOURS. YOU DONT HAVE TO AGREE!

  15. By the time the Bureaucrats get done debating our response as a nation and as a world… we may all have wished WE had been proactive and instituted our own improvement and personal implementation of better hygienic behaviors.

  16. Why would fox alert us on something not important over hear ? Is the knife thousands of miles long even if it was a American there is worse news hear in America

  17. The President and his team? You mean the installed traitor Trump and his regime. This dude hasn't done anything right since he stepped inside the WH. Trump will go hide on an undisclosed island with his buddies Rudy and Epstein.


  19. It could effect our country unless we prepare, Trump has America first! Thank god he’s our President!his team is behind him 100%!

  20. some girl in my wifes office said Lysol label say's it kill's the corona virus, why is no one talking about that, Pine tar based so fungus and crap dont like it.

  21. "At this time it does not pose a threat to everyday Americans" – Bull sh_t. Close our borders in America. No one in or out. Arrest all that are involved in creating this virus. Idiots running this efforts.

  22. Go to buy all the food rice long lasting stuff canned a jar you're now vegetables enough to last 60 days and don't buy anything from China. Look at origin of all medication and food.

  23. Idiots – I see possibly infected people getting off the plane greeted by people wearing hazard suits and then others who work for the airline with no protection who will go about their day infecting other co workers and others at the airport. Idiots

  24. According to Dr. John Campbell there has been 305 deaths, moment of infection (incubation period) before any signs occur that you have the virus; you are spreading the virus and even when you feel better you are spreading the virus. This is a major health issue and America needs to do more. National Emergency!!!!!

  25. Tracing people who have been in contact??? Sounds nice in theory, it's too late to shut borders with China like Putin did, first President who took action, not just talked, agressivelr and swiftly.

  26. If vaccine needs animal test and so on, my water does not have any chemical substances on it. It directly strenghtens the cytoplasm and overcome the virus that are attacking the cytoplasm.

  27. Don't you feel it's more profitable than a vaccine manufacturing? This is Genocide! World leaders including Mr. Xi are killing the Chinese and spreading the virus around the world for profit end-game.

  28. Trump and Bloomberg spat is so funny, Trump is a pathological liar, obese with fake hair and tan. I didn't know Mike Bloomberg has a sharp tongue, bring it on! When Mike takes the battle front facing Trump, the other Dems must promote medicare and attack the economic downside of Trumpeconomics and start the Impeachment Inquiry 2.0 with fresh witnesses on the list of subpoenas, this time, drag the scenes until the Republicans are exhausted.

  29. Trump's only remark is mini-mike, he can't come up with a more deadly blow, ha ha ha ha! Very funny, Trump might have met his NEMESIS. I think Trump is hurt by calling him obese.

  30. Keep up the good work!
    This thing is always a gamble either way. CCP officials cannot be voted out. Our leaders can. Our Citizens will be pissed off if there is a governmental over AND under reaction.

  31. How terrified you must be thank God you are managing to find a way of coping
    I read a article that said cbd oil helps with lung conditions maybe research that a bit to see if it could help your lungs

  32. it has been reported that the Aids cocktail is effective.
    My Brother died of AIDs and he said that there was a point when it could have been in quarantine. IT IS SO RIGHT TO QUARANTINE PEOPLE . If you feel sick stay home. IN THE NEXT MONTHS STAY AWAY FROM CROUDS AND PUBLIC AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

  33. China totally mismanaged this!!! They ANNOUNCED they would quarantine the area long before they did it so people left. INFECTED Chinese people are bragging on Facebook that they got out before the quarantine. Unless we stop all travel into our country this will come in. He is wrong… you cannot trace people an infected person has been in contact with because they spread it before they have symptoms. They are trying to prevent panic but honestly, this looks like a pandemic folks. It will change every part of life.

  34. How can u say you dont know the contagious of this virus, it transmits even from eye to eye and by someone coughing in a close room will probably contaminate everybody. And there is no cure for this and out of all the previous deadly virus this one is transmitted more easily.

  35. What these "experts" are just now learning was public knowledge 6 days ago. They had a chance to stop the virus from entering but instead just let it walk right in through every major airport. All they had to do was take note of the containment and quarantine protocols China had enacted and follow suit.

  36. I saw a video from China, from a nurse working in a hospital and she said that we should not trust the government and that there were over 100 thousand infected with coronavirus from Wuhan. don't trust your government, they lie about everything.

  37. CHINESE GOVERNMENT IS BEHIND THIS VIRUS. HONG KONG movements proliferation to other provinces in CHINA.
    HOW TO STOP AND IN THE SAME TIME KILLING ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS and to arrest all people who as per chinese government are a danger to the stability of the communist government? A virus. And why not mine the economy of USA or EUROPE.
    CHINA is closing the country and is going back to MAO DOCTRINE.
    REVOLUTION is only weeks to start in CHINA. And this will affect the world economies.TRUMP know and is the reason why is forging a strong economy without China market. Also will be the collaps of HITECH Companies many will die. STOCK MARKETS will lose but USA will be enough strong. USA CANADA AUSTRALIA GREAT BRITAIN will survive. RUSSIA with bad economy based on oil, only WAR is the solution. Agression of the EUROPE by RUSSIA is almost eminent.
    THE SPACE FORCE in reality is preparing to leave the EARTH in case of a nuclear war. Only few.

  38. What China needs to do about the coronavirus, is for one thing, to publicly ask for Christians all over the world to pray for their [China] people and country [China].

    2 4 20 RDW

  39. Does anyone actually trust the same people that create these viruses to save us from them??? Wake up folks..trump is an "actor" puppet..nothing more…gates is a physcopathic monster…

  40. How many of us will be dead before they acknowledge 2019-nCoV is threat to the American public? "Severity profile" is euphemism for FATALITY RATE.

  41. Sounds to me like they are 'studying' the problem, and leaving any actual action until later, when of course it will be far too late.

    The moment I learned that this new virus had both an R0 of 4, and was contagious while the carrier was asymptomatic, I knew this was a global pandemic. There is no containing such a virus. The head in the sand complacency of the world's putative 'experts' (to whom this was 'not' apparently obvious) is almost as frightening as the virus itself. Is any country outside of China endeavoring to acquire 'massive' additional oxygen facility? Is the production of such equipment being rapidly scaled? Has anyone bothered to ramp up production of Remdesivir and Chloroquine? Is anyone making plans to rapidly and massively increase the number of hospital beds in makeshift facilities? Is the development and testing of vaccine and treatment being fast tracked, or is it just bureaucratic business as usual? Are we surging our production of masks, gloves and gowns? We are staring a pandemic in the face that has every likelihood of killing tens of millions, if not hundreds, and nary a soul is talking about it other than as a footnote in the evening news, as if it is some distant problem other people are facing. The world outside of China has mere weeks to prepare for their own country having the same level of outbreak as Wuhan, and as far as I can tell, absolutely no preparations are being made, anywhere.

  42. what is with all the worrying?…Mike Pence has put together a powerful task force which includes Falwell jr, Robert Jeffress, Franklin graham and Paula white to solve the corona problem.. they are going to go to China to find the Witch causing this plague…and then burn her..but you have to burn her properly…otherwise the plague will continue. Also, they will protect themselves from contracting the virus by stuffing posies in their pockets….

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