Heartache On the Celestine Sea (Part 1) | Dimension 20 Live

Heartache On the Celestine Sea (Part 1) | Dimension 20 Live

– Hello and welcome back to
Dimension 20 Live presents Fantasy High: Sophomore Year. I’m your humble Dungeon
Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan, with me as always are our intrepid heroes. Say hi, intrepid heroes! – [Everyone] Hi, intrepid heroes! – Oh gosh, it’s so
lovely to have you back! This is Dropout’s weekly game of D&D. We’re here, continuing
the story of the Bad Kids, a group of adventurers from the
Aguefort Adventuring Academy in the town of Elmville, a kind of modern, 1980s-esque teen group that goes out into the world of Spyre, beyond the borders of
Solace on wild adventures. For their Spring Break, and 60 percent of their sophomore year grade, the Bad Kids have been sent out to retrieve the Crown
of the Nightmare King. They find themselves outside the Hotel, sorry, inside a fancy restaurant
in Bastion City called The Swan’s Little Parade. And as they are here in
The Swan’s Little Parade, they’ve just dealt with the recovery of their captured friends, Riz and Fig, who they got back from
the clutch of some demons. You guys stole a guestbook, you guys got your friends back, you made out with the chief
of police, disguised– – By the way, did I get a name? – [Brennan] Can you give me
a quick intelligence check to see if you spotted his name? – Anyone want to give me a help action? – [Murph] Sure. – Yes, yes! (die rolls) (laughter) Did you say intelligence? – Intelligence, yes. – [Emily] 15! – Police Commissioner Runce Buggins. (laughter) – [Emily] Wow. – [Siobhan] That’s so hot. – [Emily] Commissioner Buggins. – [Ally] You always know how to pick ’em. – You certainly do. However, we’re not there now, we’re actually over at
The Swan’s Little Parade. And The Swan’s Little Parade
is an extremely fancy, well-to-do dining establishment, the wait staff dance out
with various foie gras and lovely little caviars. And we see that, here at the dining table, you know, Gilear is recovering from his, I would say near death experience, but it’s actually just
a full death experience. (laughter) – Coming back to life. – And coming back to life. We also discovered that Ragh Barkrock is terrified and sees
something in the photograph. Tracker has offered to
do some kind of magic to hopefully help him and prevent whatever weird situation would occur here. And we also just received a text message, Gorgug, on his phone, from Zelda Donovan, his girlfriend, asking if he left Elmville
without saying goodbye. – (sighs) I’m in the doghouse. (laughter) – You know, Gorgug, do you know what I think will
get you out of the doghouse? – What? – If we write her a really good song. – (sighs) I don’t, I, I probably should. – [Ally] Don’t talk to her
until you finish the song. – Yeah. – Yeah, don’t text her back– – Write a little song and make it perfect. – [Zac] Shouldn’t I just– – [Emily] Turn off your read receipts. – [Zac] Reach out? – No. – [Zac] Read receipts are off. No, no, no, no. – What is he, a dealer? (laughter) – I think Gorgug, I like that idea, is just going to call Zelda. – [Brennan] Just at the table? – Yeah. (laughter) – [Lou] Good, this is the
way we should do things. – I don’t want to ask everyone to move, it’s a booth, right? – [Brennan] No you’re,
there’s no booths here. It’s lovely little banquet tables, there’s– (laughter) – [Zac] Can everyone
be quiet for a second? – You see as you do that, the maitre d just appears next to you as the phone starts ringing and says, (French accent) monsieur, if
you can destroy your phone? – [Zac] Destroy it? – Can I cast suggestion on him? (laughs) To allow this to happen? (laughs) – What does, what does Fig say? – [Murph] If we get killed by the staff of The Swan’s Little Parade– – If we have to fight– – [Emily] I suggest, okay, so, phones are allowed now. (laughs) – [Brennan] He looks at you, you have never felt a spell of yours more powerfully rebuffed before. (Emily laughs) He says, (French accent) excuse me, please. Also do not cast a spell on me. The phone, you cannot
make a call at the table– – [Lou] Monsieur, I’m sorry. These people are commoners, poor folk, who’ve just recently come into wealth. They’re not accustomed to our– – [Emily] I’m actually super loaded. – You’re super loaded now, all right? But you haven’t been super loaded for as long as some of us have. – (French accent) It is all right, we would like to brush the gentleman just to make sure everything is all right. – [Lou] Brush him, just– – (French accent) Just brush him. – [Lou] But of course. They’re going to brush you. – About five waiters come over with small, white feather dusters and just kind of– – Is this a rich thing? – This is a thing, yes, this is very much a rich thing. – [Zac] Am I, do I,
(Brennan mimics brush swipes) I haven’t heard anything
about looking dirty. Do I look dirtier than–
(Brennan mimics brush swipes) – [Brennan] (French accent)
You made a phone call in the restaurant, so we
just want to brush you to be sure. – To make sure, for fingerprints? – [Brennan] (French accent) Exactly. (Brennan mimics brush swipes)
– For fingerprints? – [Brennan] (French accent) No, I mean, I did not hear what you said, what? – For fingerprints? – [Brennan] (French accent) No. (mimics brush swipes) – [Siobhan] Just step outside. – [Zac] Should I go outside, is that okay? – [Siobhan] Do you have a phone area? – (French accent) Oui, we have an area. It is downtown, it is but a– – [Zac] Different place? – (French accent) Five minute drive, and just to make sure. – Okay. I will leave. – [Ally] My parents always made a big deal of stressing that we
were upper middle class, and I feel like that was a lie, for a long time. (Emily laughs) – We’d eat hot dogs with cheese in ’em when it was my birthday. – [Siobhan] Yeah, no, no,
you were working class. – That’s pretty far, that’s– – I’ve never seen a
brush like that before. Now, that’s all I want to buy. – [Emily] No! – Can you brush yourself? – You don’t buy it, you
just have to inherit it. That’s… – (French accent) I’m so sorry, you mentioned that you have never seen one of these brushes before? – [Ally] No, what I– – (French accent) If it’s all right, we would just like to brush– – [Zac] Run, they’re going to brush you! (laughter) – I love it! – Embrace the brushing! – I love it, this is– – This is one of the
best things about money. – At this point, my curiosity is piqued. Please brush me. (laughter) – (French accent) You
are asking to be brushed? – [Siobhan] Please brush my friend. (Lou laughs) – (sighs) (French accent)
I’m afraid we are going to need to hose you down. – (laughs) Oh my God! – [Brennan] (French accent)
Nothing that has happened, we don’t do it in the restaurant you’re going to have to come in back of the kitchen– – Oh my gosh, it’s like in prison! – [Emily] You know what? After everything that
happened, I do feel dirty. So yeah, let’s go do this. – You see that Gilear looks and says, I was a diplomat for the
elven people for some time. This is a level of wealth that– – [Siobhan] Is that true? – Hey yeah, Gilear, I’ve always wanted to
know more about your past. – Yeah, I mentioned it before. Yes, I was, I worked, remember when I was applying for the guidance counselor position that ended up going to– – [Ally] You were gonna
be a guidance counselor? – [Emily] I was trying
to get him hooked up with the guidance counselor job. But then, in a twist of fate, possibly it shows you
how life knows better, you became the– (laughs) – [Ally] You were the Lunch Lad? – And then the Vice Principal! – Who did you think– – [Murph] Where were you? – I thought you looked familiar, that’s why I was so glad
you were our intern. – [Zac] You just, you thought
you didn’t know him at all– – [Murph] This does not
represent how any of us– – I really thought, that’s crazy. You know, I want to get
to know you more, man. – We have spent an amount of time, I’m
in truly tremendous– – [Emily] Gilear– – [Murph] Riz takes a lap
around the building. (laughs) – Can I palm some money to someone to brush down Gilear? – [Murph] What is everyone doing? – I’m outside. – You’re outside. Gorgug, you are outside by yourself. (laughter) You, as you go outside, you basically, you know, the phone starts ringing. As it does, rings once. Twice. Three times. – [Zac] I hope she picks up. – [Brennan] Fourth time– – And then she picks up? – [Brennan] Hi, this is Zelda Donovan. Thanks so much for giving me a call. – [Lou] Ooh! – This is a message. – [Brennan] All you have to do is leave your name and number, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks so much. Beep! – (laughs) Hey, Zelda! It’s me, Gorgug. I was just calling because I freakin’ messed up. And there’s a lot going on, Fig and Riz got kind
of taken or something, and we had to leave town real fast, but that’s not really a good excuse and, but yeah, I’m gone. We’re in, we’re out of town, in what’s it called– – [Brennan] Bastion City. – We’re in Bastion City. Call me back when you can or I’ll try later. I’m really sorry. Bye. Goodbye. I hope you have a good day, goodbye. (laughter) – [Brennan] Nailed it, dude. – [Ally] It’s definitely night time. – Fuck, good night! – Oh, does Gorgug immediately come back in, or no? – (sighs) What’s around here? (laughs) – [Brennan] Sort of an empty street, you notice fancy little restaurants, it’s a very upscale kind of neighborhood. There’s a few little restaurants around, but you know, ’cause it also seems sort of like fancy, sort of town houses and things like that in Bastion City. – Maybe Gorgug just goes
a little bit on a walk, just to clear his head, to see if he, it feels like, I think he thinks
he wants to call her again, but that seems crazy as well. So he’s just like, just walking. – You go on a little
walk around the corner. (Zac laughs) – [Lou] It’s too real. (laughter) I feel like I’ve been in this position. (laughter) – [Ally] Are you crying? – [Lou] A little bit! Stop! – Cool. – I think if, I think if I see Gorgug walk away just ’cause people
have been captured recently, I might sneak out and just kind of watch
him from a distance. – I was going to say that I would like to maybe send, leave a note at the police station, so I might have also been crawling about. – Okay. You go take a look at the police station. – [Emily] Oh, but I don’t want to, I’m just saying I might be
sneaking out while Gorgug– – While Gorgug is there. Cool. Each of, go ahead and give
me a stealth roll real quick. (die rolls) – [Zac] 19. – Okay. I’m gonna need a perception
from Riz and Fig. – [Murph] Yikes. – [Emily] Oh, I see. – Is there a roll to order more foie gras? (die rolls) – [Brennan] For you, Mr. Seacaster, there are no rolls to
order more foie gras. – 10, I can’t see ’em. – Seven. – Seven. I’m gonna roll back
here as well real quick. (die rolls) Okay. Gorgug, you head off on your own. So you guys finish eating here. As the meal’s sort of wrapping up, you see Sandralynn looks
around a little while. You leave to go to the police station? – Actually I’ll probably
wait ’til we go to bed. – Okay, cool. So as you guys are hanging out here, you know, right after Gorgug
kind of goes for a walk, Sandralynn looks up and says, all right, well, we’ll have whatever Tracker’s going to do tonight, but what’s the plan after that, gang? – [Emily] Jailbreak, right? – Yeah. Well, not necessarily a jailbreak. We should talk to her. – [Siobhan] Why do, why is it we think that she specifically will have information? – [Emily] I think– – We know that this thing’s in Falinel, and that we know that the Shadow Cat was an agent of Falinel. Why does that mean Aelwen? I don’t see how Aelwen is in any way connected to any of this. – [Murph] I think your
family might be involved. – Well, I would rather talk
to my parents than to– – [Murph] Do you know where they are? – No! – [Lou] I feel like the Ball’s making a great point right here. – Well, I’m saying no jailbreak. I’m saying we speak to her. – [Siobhan] Why don’t we
look in this hotel book– – Okay. – [Siobhan] And see what’s going on there. – Great, give me a, anyone that wants to check that out, give me an investigation check. – [Siobhan] Can I have Boggy give me an– – Yes, absolutely! – [Murph] Does anyone want to help me? I have good investigation. – [Ally] Yeah, yeah, I’ll help you. – [Murph] Okay, sweet, thank you. – Hell yeah, I got a 25. – [Brennan] 25. – I got a 27. – [Brennan] Hell yeah. – I thought I was going to contribute. I thought I would help. – [Siobhan] You helped us
really effectively while– – [Lou] Thank you, everyone. – [Emily] Hit me with the contribute! – Fabian, I’m gonna say
that an 18 has to do– – [Lou] Oh hell yes! – I’m gonna say an 18 has
to do with the fact that, as you’re going along, you guys are moseying in the sort of registry
that you guys have stolen from the Hotel Cavalier, you have to go months and
months and months back. You see your father’s signature. – [Lou] Oh! My papa stayed here. – [Brennan] Not only do you see that, as you guys go and look back, Bill Seacaster’s signature is here in the hotel book several times. – Wow! Look at that, my papa. – It’s not good, Fabian. – What, I mean, (stammers) what do you mean? I mean, it’s not bad. – [Ally] Where did he stay? – A den of criminals, and Mr. Seacaster. (laughter) Have we ever said Mr. Seacaster? – I don’t think, that feels like, that really felt new and weird. – Professor Seacaster was a criminal. – Yeah. – Mr. Seacaster was a criminal. Are there, is there any
name in conjunction with, are we seeing it in
tandem with another name? – As you look for that,
that specific question, literally that specific question, there is a name that appears in the room prior to his stay for every one of his stays. – [Siobhan] Dang. – And that name is Garthy O’Brien. Garthy is spelled G-A-R-T-H-Y. – [Ally] That’s real. – Garthy O’Brien. – [Emily] Can I Google Garthy O’Brien? – Do I have any knowledge of this person, familiar-wise? – [Brennan] Roll a charisma, like, roll a, yeah. Roll flat charisma with advantage. (die rolls) – It’s gonna be 15. – Garthy O’Brien will not probably be findable on a Solesian search engine, because Garthy O’Brien is not Solesian. You know that he lives
out on the wide, open sea. This is another pirate. – [Emily] Oh. – [Siobhan] But we’re
in a sea port, right? – [Brennan] You are. – [Emily] Cathilda, have
you met Garthy O’Brien? Do you know– – [Brennan] She looks and says, oh, hold on one second. (die rolls) (Irish accent) Oh right. Well, Miss Fig, why Garthy O’Brien, I know them quite well.
– [Emily] It’s Mrs. – [Brennan] (Irish accent) What’s that? – [Siobhan] Them!
– [Emily] Mrs. Fig. – (Irish accent) Them, yes! I know them quite well. Garthy’s a, well, they’re a, how do I put this? A pirate. And they run the Gold Gardens, which are a series of houses
of fortune and pleasure in Leviathan. – [Lou] Oh! (laughs) – [Emily] Okay, I will go
to a casino over a jail. – [Siobhan] I don’t think it’s a casino, I think it’s a whorehouse. – Well, I mean, anytime
you have sex with a, you know, it could be a gamble, right? – [Ally] And you always win the bet! – You might lose your heart. (laughter) – [Siobhan] How much
experience do you have– – Is this your Netflix special? (laughs) – What happened to you on tour? – [Ally] We can’t say anything anymore! – What happened to me was, I let some walls down, okay? – No, you, no, all right. – [Ally] Leviathan, is that what you said? – Oh yes. Leviathan. It’s like, me and papa
used to go there sometimes, it’s this incredible pirate fortress that sails the seas, and it’s like a bunch of ships that smash together. It’s honestly the coolest
place in the whole world. – Huh. – And I’m total, I could totally get us in, because, you know, my dad
is like a big shot there. Or was a big shot before he, I killed him. – [Emily] Okay. – It’s honestly so cool, though. And I would totally love to go. – Like dinner theater? – No, no, no, no. No, it’s like a, we’re talking like a city sized place made up of ships that have all kind of
broken wreckages of ships that have all been kind of put together, and you know, they’ve kind of built a city on top of this floating mass. And it’s kind of like a
pirate haven or like– – [Zac] Sounds like Spring Break. I’m not here, but– (laughter) – [Emily] It sounds like Spring Break. – [Siobhan] It sounds like Spring Break. – I don’t know what that
is a reference to, but yes. – It sounds like the trash
island off the coast of Texas. – Don’t know any of
those specifics, but yes. (Emily laughs) – [Siobhan] What did we
find in this hotel book? – In this hotel, well,
that’s what you guys found, is this clue about the fact, the months that you see there line up for the several months at the end of your freshman year. – [Siobhan] Ah, okay. – When you guys were largely in jail and a little bit before that. This was during the time when you know that Bill Seacaster was
supplying palimpsests to KVX Bank. – [Siobhan] Interesting. – [Ally] Do you think
maybe this is how they got all the rubies that are in that bag that you have? – [Emily] Maybe. – It’s interesting, why would– – Is this guy, Garthy O’Brien, anywhere else in the hotel book, or only in relation to Bill Seacaster? – Only in the room that Bill
Seacaster was staying in, directly before he was– – [Siobhan] So Garthy would
stay after Bill Seacaster. – It seems that they
wouldn’t be able to meet with Bill Seacaster, you know, it’s strange that one of
them couldn’t just check in, they couldn’t meet. Why did– – [Emily] They might have overlapped. Check out, check in. – [Siobhan] You’re leaving
something in the room, and then– – Right, but why can’t Garthy O’Brien just talk to Bill Seacaster? – [Emily] Because that
would implicate them. – [Siobhan] Criminal activity. – It’s like a drop, the Ball. You know, it’s like Garthy goes in– – But they’re both– – Leaves a thing– – Everyone knew they were both pirates. – No because Bill Seacaster, once you become a citizen of Solace, they forgive all of your– – [Murph] Right. – Former crimes. So he’s, he was living pretending that he was done and reformed. – Right. Also, not to accuse everyone’s parents of crimes today, but Bill Seacaster’s in hell, right? – Oh, big time. – And we just fought a bunch of devils. – [Siobhan] Oh. – [Brennan] Demons, says Sandralynn. – They were demons. – [Siobhan] Oh yeah, demons
are different from devils. – Okay, they were demons, not devils– – Can I see the ruby that you’re, that you got? – [Emily] Yeah, I take
it out and it’s just, my other dad. – [Ally] And this looks crazy, right? – Yes, the ruby is almost jet black with this roiling kind
of storm cloud within it. You can see sort of
billowing of smoke with– – [Ally] Do we think it’s cursed? – [Brennan] I mean, you, eyeing it you would say almost definitely. – ‘Cause I have Remove Curse that I could try to cast on that. – [Emily] Yes! Anything. – Okay, yeah, I– – [Brennan] Give me a religion check as you look at it. – Okay, cool. – [Emily] You do that
with advantage, right– – Yeah.
– [Emily] Already, okay. (dice rolls) (laughter) – Kay kay, that’s pretty good. Let’s see. Oh yeah, 19. – As you look at the curse on the thing, and you begin to cast the
beginnings of Remove Curse on it, you see that there is a powerful
contingency effect in this. – [Ally] Ah. – [Emily] Meaning if
something’s cast on it? – [Murph] Like a– – Meaning that the effect
is not hard to get rid of, but there’s an effect behind the effect you can’t get to while
the first effect is there, and if anything happens
to the first effect, the second effect– – [Ally] Triggers. – Triggers, and you think quite possibly destroys or annihilates whatever is within the gem. – [Ally] Okay, hey, actually, that’s too, I can’t
actually remove that curse. That’s a powerful– – [Brennan] Well you could, you couldn’t do it without– – Dying. – [Brennan] Without, no, you’d be fine. Gorthalax, something would happen to. – Yeah. I can’t. – [Emily] No? – No. – Is Gorthalax a devil or a demon? – [Brennan] Sandralynn says, a devil. – [Murph] Okay. – [Emily] Dang. Waffle? All right, girl. – Gilear says, I’m going
to go to the bathroom. – [Siobhan] But wait, hang on, Gilear! When were you in the, can you tell us about your work in the diplomatic corps? – Well, again, I was a counselor, so I was not a full
diplomat, you understand? But I provided counsel
to the diplomatic corps about the inner workings
of different cultures and how best to respond and the customs and formalities of other
nations beyond Falinel. I possessed an insight
into the minds and hearts of other people that eludes high elves at certain times. – Yes, we can be a little cold. – Yes. And, there was something I
suppose to the empathy that I was able to wield
on behalf of other people. Yeah, sort of a foggy
memory at this point. You know, I helped, I helped out. – [Siobhan] What? – You know. – [Emily] Why did you stop?
– [Ally] What do you mean? – Hm? – [Emily] Why did you stop? – He looks at the ruby in your hand, and he looks over at
Sandralynn and he’s like, I don’t know, you know,
sometimes you hit a sort of inertia, right? It’s like sometimes you just, you know, the wagon’s stopped and the rest of the
road is kind of uphill. It’s not that much uphill, but no one’s, no one’s pushing. Anyway, I’m– – [Siobhan] Can I cast Detect
Thoughts on Gilear? (laughter) – [Brennan] Sure, if you want to cast Detect Thoughts on Gilear, go for it! You cast Detect Thoughts on him. (die rolls) He certainly fails. – Great. Yeah. – Cool. You see that his surface
thoughts brim over with memories of himself, you know, a little happier,
a little bit more confident. Looking a little bit younger. And you see him tendering his resignation in the diplomatic corps to move and start a life with Sandralynn. She had a promising career as a ranger. He had met her while she was adventuring as an Aguefort adventurer, Sandralynn went to Aguefort. Met her, fell in love, and kind of gave up his
life to go be with her in Solace. – That’s sweet, except it’s weird that he was
a grown man with a job who followed a high
schooler back to Solace. – No, sorry. She was not a high school
student when she came, she was a full, she went to Aguefort. – She wasn’t like on
her junior year abroad– – No, no, she was a
full-fledged adventurer. This is back in her days when she had her nose pierced, and was like a much, you know, she was sort of like a punk, and he was this sort of young guy working in the diplomatic corps, and he fell for her, and moved to Solace, and you see his sort of
lost direction in his life. D&D, how’s it going, gang? – [Siobhan] Brutal. – Do you think Gilear, that there’s any reason that these demons would want to hurt you? Did you have any run-ins
with any demons before? – Think Riz would have
established last time that they, they couldn’t imagine that I was behaving so
erratically in that combat, and wasn’t casting a spell of some kind. – [Ally] Mm-hmm. – So they went for me first. – [Ally] Chosen? – [Murph] I think that they
just want to kill people. – [Ally] You’re the chosen one? – [Siobhan] He’s absolutely
not the chosen one. – All right. I am going to go like I said I was. He heads off. Dinner concludes, you
guys exit the restaurant. Sandralynn, after a few
minutes, also sort of leaves and says, I don’t know where Gorgug is. I’m gonna go check out for him real quick. She flies off. The rest of you go to the van. You see Tracker speaks up and says, could we take the van maybe somewhere a little bit more secluded,
if that makes sense? – [Ally] Okay babe! (laughs) – Cut it out. Also, it would be helpful if we could go get some, if we could get
extra blankets and stuff. – [Ally] (laughs) Okay babe! (Emily laughs) – I’m sorry, just, are we, you’re talking about sleeping in the van? – Oh my God! – [Brennan] What’s wrong
with sleeping in a van? – I’ve always wanted to sleep in a van. This is actually very exciting for me. – [Lou] Okay. – Let’s do it. Hey, I’m in a band, I sleep
in a van all the time. – [Brennan] Hey, I hear you. This is gonna be nice, hopefully. – [Ally] How’s Ragh doing? – Ragh looks messed up. He’s being very quiet, but sort of sullen. Gorgug, you’re several blocks away, and you hear a, (mimics wings flapping) of this gryphon landing behind you. Oh, an enormous gryphon. You see that as you hold up your arm, Baxter starts to go for your arm, and Sandralynn goes, no, no, no! No, no! (laughter) Pulls it up. She says, don’t do that,
he’ll try to do it. His depth perception on entry is not as good as it could be. – I just always thought
it’d be cool to catch a falcon on your arm. – He is the size of an, bigger than a Clydesdale. He’s an enormous, enormous beast. – I thought maybe he
could flap while he was hanging on my arm. (Emily laughs) – [Brennan] Gorgug, what’s up, buddy? (laughter) You kind of peaced out in
the middle of dinner, there. Is everything okay? – Everything’s fine, I just, I kind of screwed up things
with Zelda a little bit. I forgot to tell her we were leaving with all the crazy stuff happening, and I feel (sighs) a little sad about that. – I’m sorry, bud. That’s, that’s really hard. Well, you’re a sweet, sweet boy. And I’m sure, even if her feelings are
a little bit hurt that, you know, she’ll, I’m sure you guys can work it out, okay? – [Zac] Okay. I appreciate that. – Yeah! – I was just kind of wandering around. I was fully lost, thanks for finding me. – I’m glad I could find you. Well, let’s head back together. You guys swing back and you pick up, Tracker picks up
some blankets somewhere. You guys stop by a little,
you know, convenience store. You head out in the van. Was there any business that
people wanted to do before, you needed to go to the
police station, right? – I just wanted to leave a note. – [Brennan] Cool.
(laughter) I’m gonna roll a luck check
in front of the board. You guys want a high number. (die rolls) It’s an 11. Cool. It’s cool, you walk
into the police station. – I think I, I think I just leave a note. I think I pretend to be (laughs) a citizen, but I disguise myself as
just a really nice woman. – [Brennan] The same woman, or– – A very old woman. – [Brennan] A very old woman. (laughter) – So when you said just a very nice woman, you meant a very old woman? – (laughs) You’re going to end his career. – (laughs) I found this
on the front porch. (laughter) – Front porch– – The porch of a police club? – And they give them a little note. And the note is just, to Commissioner Buggins. And it just says, sorry I boarded away so abruptly. Here’s my new number. (laughs) And then I– – [Ally] Wow. – You see that the attendant looks at it and says, you found this note on
your porch, or our porch? (laughter)
– [Emily] Yours. – Ours. – [Emily] Yours. Anyways. – Detective Decker left a written note changing her phone number on the steps of the police precinct? Well, if her number’s changed– – [Emily] Get into,
I’ve gotta walk my dog. – No, we’re in this now! Hang on a second! I’m interested. – [Emily] Uh-huh! – Hold on! Okay. So her number’s different, but she only wanted to
tell the commissioner. – [Ally] Are we watching this? – Nope. Fig is just gone off
on her own to do this. – Yeah, it does seem strange. Yeah, maybe then whoever did it probably was having a hard day. Anyways, my dog is tied up outside. – Okay! – [Emily] Yeah.
– Well. If you, all right. Did you see anyone leave
this at your house? – No, it was at your house, and also, I’m not gonna– – They left this at my house? – [Emily] (laughs) Your police house. – The police house?
– [Emily] Yeah! – You mean the precinct? – [Emily] Yes. – [Brennan] Okay. – A very old woman– – [Brennan] I got it, well, we should take your information down. What’s your name and address? – Hilda! – [Brennan] Hilda, great,
got a last name, Hilda? – [Emily] Hilda. – Hilda Hilda? – [Lou] (laughs) Oh man! – Great, what’s your address, Ms. Hilda? (Lou laughs) – 22 Hilda. – [Brennan] 22 Hilda? (Lou laughs) Okay, is that boulevard or street? We got two in Bastion City. – It’s both. – [Brennan] You have two houses, your name’s Hilda Hilda, and you live at 22 Hilda Street and 22 Hilda Boulevard? Which address was the note left on? – [Siobhan] Oh no! – [Emily] Yours, the police house! – Okay, the police house, I forgot. Thank you so much, great. Well, Ms. Hilda, we’ll be in touch if anything else comes up, okay? – [Emily] I use Prestidigitation to make a loud dog barking sound outside. – [Brennan] Oh, sounds like a dog– (Ally mimics barking) Fiddin’ to get moving. – [Lou] One loud bark. – Thank you so much for passing by. (laughter) In the middle of the night. Hey, that dog goes on a long walk. We’re pretty far from 22 Hilda Street. And we’re across town
from 22 Hilda Boulevard, so that’s pretty wild! – [Emily] He’s the size of a Clydesdale. – Oh, that’s a big dog, for sure! Well, this all checks out, I’m gonna update Detective
Decker’s information right now in our police database. Thank you so much, I appreciate it. – Okay, I think that was a personal note, that’s only for one person to read. – Oh, she left a personal
note for one person on the steps of the police precinct? (laughter) Ah, you know what? That sounds like Detective Decker to me. Well, this all checks out, and thank you so much
for being so helpful. – Okay, I’m gonna leave, and then come back in
as Detective– (laughs) – [Murph] What? – [Ally] No! (laughs) (laughter) Wait, where are we? We’re nowhere near, in the van, waiting for her? – I’m gonna quick turn
into Detective Decker, and then run by the window. (laughter) – Run by the window? Okay, hold on. (laughter) Hold on! Hold on. Okay. You see, you see that the older sort of like, receptionist police officer sees you run by and goes, Detective Decker! And vaults over the desk and begins to sprint down
the street after you. Detective Decker! – I keep running– – [Brennan] Detective Decker, wait! Wait, Detective Decker! – I get on my skateboard! (laughs) – [Brennan] Hold on one second. – [Lou] What! – Okay. – [Brennan] Cool, you
get on your skateboard. – I botched this, I have
to cross out Runce Buggins as one of my love interests. – [Lou] Botched this! – Well, miraculous, incredible. (laughs) – [Murph] You just never know
what angle you’re coming from. (laughter)
– Yeah, totally! Run by the window! – I thought, I thought it would be like– – [Murph] Just establish that
she’s in town or something? – [Lou] She’s dropping notes. – [Emily] Yes! – There it is. I get it! I see the vision. – [Siobhan] You’re gonna
get this woman fired– – [Ally] Oh my God. – You’re ruining lives. – Look, I crossed out Runce Buggins, okay? – [Ally] You know, you
could have done it as her and said, can you make sure– – I don’t know how crossing
it out is any better. (laughter) – I crossed it out, okay. – You head out, about, you’re all the way back to the van where everybody else is. As you’re on your way, you get a little blip on your cell phone, saying Decker, this is Runce. Is this your new number? You’re texting me on your old number saying it’s not your new number, but the front desk just said
you dropped this note off. Is this some kind of prank? – I throw my phone into the river. (laughter) – No! – You throw your phone in the river! As you throw your phone in the river, about a minute later, you begin to hear police choppers. (mimics helicopters) And you see spotlights on the river where your phone is located. (laughter) You look back in the distance and you see cruisers pull up, and you see that Chief Buggins comes out, says, looks and sees someone say, phone’s at the bottom of the river. And you see him drop to his knees and go, (screaming) No! – He did love me. (laughter) Roll the skateboard away. Skateboard away. – A horrifying short film. (laughter) – [Lou] What’s up, Fig? We bought blankets! – Cool! I think I’m actually
gonna go to bed right now. (laughter) I take Gorthalax and I cuddle him in fetal position and go to sleep. – I think, well, I just think on that, this is such a scary curse on this gem. I do think we should, and myself included, always
saying I’m Teddy Geiger, keep our lies to a minimum. – [Emily] Oh, I completely forgot! – Right, ’cause you were saying that they’re being used against us. – I don’t know if it was
just one attack on me to be creepy, or if– – [Siobhan] Yeah, we should– – Baron was that– – ‘Cause I am wondering, we definitely can’t have a character named Teddy Geiger come after me, ’cause we’ll get sued, but you know. (laughs) – [Siobhan] We’ll get sued? – What, nothing. – [Siobhan] Is that a real thing? – [Ally] That’s a real person. – But as someone who operates
in shadows and deceit, I can’t exactly turn my back on lies. – [Ally] Interesting. – I feel like it’s more like when, choosing more carefully
when we lie and how we lie. Just maybe not being so casual– – [Siobhan] Maybe making
up people is a problem? Whatever, maybe– – [Brennan] I’m sure my– – Shenanigans you got up while we were– – I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t
have come up with a lie frivolously for next to no reason. Fig, what aim of the quest were you advancing with your deception? – I don’t know, Gilear. What aim were you advancing? – [Brennan] Hm? – [Ally] Honestly– – I’ve only ever tried my best to help and failed incredibly, so I have– (Ally laughs) I’m not going to sit
here and defend myself, it’s the last thing– – [Ally] I’m wondering, do you think, do these, this bag of gems, does it look like those people will be coming after it, or that there’s a way to track them? – [Brennan] Hard to say. – Why don’t we make sure we take shifts. Just in case people have crazy nightmares. – Tracker looks at you guys and says– – [Emily] Oh yeah. – Well, if everybody
wants to back away from the van a little bit, I’m gonna try something that hopefully will maybe– – [Ally] Babe! – What! I’m not even doing
anything flirty right now! – Oh sorry, I misread all of that. Sorry, what are you doing, what? – You’ll just have to wait and find out. – [Ally] (laughs) Okay.
– [Siobhan] Oh my God. – [Murph] Riz takes another lap. (Ally laughs) Everyone’s insane. – [Siobhan] Me and Riz are just like– – [Murph] Yeah. – Really talking about the book, but in a way that’s so intense that we can’t fuckin’ pay attention to anything else that’s happening. – [Ally] Oh you mean you and Ragh. Okay. – No, I’m gonna try to do something to — – [Emily] Protect– – Honestly, my plan is, I’m gonna, I’m gonna try to turn
the van into a Moonhaven. Normally, it wouldn’t work on something that’s like, purely mechanical,
you know what I mean? But because there’s the
celestial that’s in the van now, it felt like maybe there’s
a shot that it would work. Do you want to talk to– – [Zac] Yeah. – The van a little bit, just to see? – Moonhaven is a place where moons hang out? – No, well, good guess. A Moonhaven is a place that, well, it can comfortably
fit a lot of people, and if I burn a little
bit more spell energy, I can create a magic circle within it that should be able to repel fey or dream entities and stuff like that. – [Zac] Cool. – So I can only do it
up to about nine people, so we would, so Baxter couldn’t fit, and we’d have to have some people find a way to stay outside of the, outside of the van, but it would be a safe place to sleep, and if we did it right, I think it would stop– – [Siobhan] Well, I don’t need to sleep. – Sandralynn looks over and says, Me and Gilear don’t either. – [Siobhan] Great, so we can stay outside. – [Ally] I worry about Gilear. But okay. – [Emily] I do too. – I’ll go talk to the van, then. – Cool. You walk over and start to, so the van is parked. You guys are near a little copse of trees, you’re kind of like near a roundabout where the highways that sort of circle the larger city are, and there’s a little copse of trees and a small field, there’s
a dust little turnoff from the highway. One of those places that’s just like, a forgotten little stowaway
of a larger industrial place where nature has kind of started
to come back a little bit. And the van is parked over there, sort of rusty old van. As you approach and turn the van back on, you see gleams sort of blue a little bit. And you see, as the van glows blue, you hear the voice come over and say, oh, what’s up? Gorgug! – Hey, Van. How you doin’? – I’m doing honestly so good right now. I’ve been trying, and I
think that the systems that your folks put in place in the van keep the driving and stuff separate from the main CPU. So I don’t think I can
actually control the steering and the gas or brake or whatever. But the radio, the AC, all
of the van’s other stuff. We should be honestly good to go. – [Zac] That’s awesome. – Yeah! And if you wanted to tinker
around with the van or whatever to try to reconnect some of the stuff, I bet we could do that. – That’s awesome! I think I definitely want to do that. Long term, I might have to call my parents to get them to help me go through some of the steps of, I guess I’m okay at it. I would never say I’m kind of a master of that sort of thing. But I’ll give it a shot. Oh, but I was just coming in here. Well, I had two things. First thing, we were trying to figure out
how to do a Moonhaven in here. And we were just wanting
to run that by you and see if that was cool, and see if maybe we can do it ’cause of your celestial energy, and also, have you ever beefed it in a relationship real hard? – I tell you, dude. I sure did. Relationships are super hard. I was a planetar of the plane of Elysium. My purview was harmony, relaxation, being in tune with just the chill forces of the cosmos. And there was another planetar that I loved very deeply, and they were sort of my superior, and they had set a clarion
trumpet call for us to embark on a crusade against the forces of fiends and evil, and I just got deep in a nap, and I just didn’t show up. – [Zac] Hmm. Yeah. – [Brennan] And I was, and I was cast out from paradise. – Sure. – [Brennan] So, you know. – I feel a similar, like, I didn’t take a nap. I don’t think I took a nap. – [Brennan] Mm-hmm. – But yeah, I feel like my, my planetar’s all mad at me because if, I forgot to check back in. – [Brennan] Totally. – And I get it. But, yeah. But would the, would it be cool if we did the Moonhaven? – Yeah, absolutely. If you want to do some magic, I can help maybe elongate the duration or funnel some celestial energy into it. Honestly, look. I’m not about confrontation, and I’m not about violence, but this van should be a safe place. And I am comfortable if demons or spirits try to come in here and
be harsh in the van, to be like, dude, with only love, that’s not this space, you know? – Cool. You know what? I’ll give it a shot. Let me tinker around in here. Can I try to– – [Brennan] Yeah! – To tinker– – [Brennan] Give me just
a flat intelligence check. We’ll say that there is
some modest improvement on a 15, and on a 20 or higher, you can attach the celestial
to the driving column. – Okay. (die rolls) – You have a minus one to intelligence. – That’s a nine. – [Brennan] Nine? – Maybe you want some help with this– – Cool. You guys see Gorgug kind of
banging around under the hood. – [Emily] Some other time I
can give you some inspiration. (Ally laughs) – Lovely. So you see, Gorgug, you sort of don’t fix it in time. And the van says, dude, honestly, I think that’s an A for effort, my man, but let’s give this a shot another time. Maybe we’ll keep an eye out
for some tools or a garage, ’cause I bet this would be easier to do if we had the full rack of gear, you know? – I don’t have any, I’m
just sort of grabbing pipes with my hands, so, it might be a good idea. – [Brennan] Hey man, at
least you got hands, dude. – Right. (laughs) We’re gonna find you some hands. – Oh what! Look out! Here comes a van with hands! (laughter) Oh man! – Terrified, instead of wheels– (laughter) – [Lou] Four hands, just– – [Siobhan] No thank you. – [Lou] Crawling– – [Zac] I guess I come back to the group. – Cool. You see Tracker says, cool, I’m gonna give something a shot. She steps forward, kneels down. – [Ally] Babe! I’m sorry, that was a bad joke. – She kneels down, the clouds part overhead, and the crescent moon
shines down on Tracker. You see that as she prays, (mimics whooshing) white, spectral energy spirals around her, and a pure, ghostly white wolf moves out of her, you can see her projecting her own soul out of her body. The wolf grabs the pile
of blankets in its mouth, picks them up, and the sort of trails of sparkling energy with almost, it’s like, not liquid, it’s like a smoke, but it does flow down
out of the wolf’s mouth. – [Zac] Put that down. (Brennan mimics growling) Put it down! – The wolf bounds off towards the van. (laughter) And you see that the wolf jumps with the
blankets into the van and begins to throw the
blankets over the seats and up on to the sides of things, and there’s some cushions
that it throws around, and you see that the
wolf, this spirit wolf starts digging in the van, and you see that it’s creating an extradimensional
space, like a wolf burrow inside of the van, so that there’s a place to
squeeze through blankets and pop down into a little bed area, it’s basically this nest of blankets and different, almost like a spectral
extradimensional pillow fort crammed into the back seats of this van. – [Ally] Sick. – And you see that runes surround the van in a magic circle, and the van glows with
this light of the moon, this bright, celestial energy. The wolf returns. (mimics whooshing) Slowly
leaps over the field and (gasps) back into Tracker’s chest, and she stands up and says, all right, should be good to go, if we want to go talk in
there, itshould be safe. – That was so cool! – Was that your soul? – [Brennan] Yeah. – Wow! Babe. Day after day, I just get more and
more impressed. (laughs) – [Brennan] Stop! – I just, I wrote you this note while we were at dinner. – You see she goes,
while we were at dinner? She opens it, what does the note say? – [Ally] Fuck me. (laughter) – You guys. She writes something in it real quick, and you see it’s just the word, when. (Ally laughs) You see– – I just, I can’t! – [Brennan] Cool! – All right, shall we talk in the van? – Yeah– – You guys walk into the van, it looks like a combination of sort of a Leomund’s Tiny Hut spell, and a Magic Circle spell have
been cast here in the van. – [Emily] Can I smoke in here? – Yeah, that should be totally fine. You see that– – [Siobhan] Actually, I’d
prefer you didn’t smoke. – [Murph] I would prefer if you didn’t. – Can I Prestidigitation so it looks like nothing’s coming out of my– – Poor Gorgug’s just next to
you, just. (lightly coughs) – You see, so Sandralynn says, just lifting that unburning
clove to your mouth over and over again while we all smell and can feel smoke? – Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but it’s making me cough.
(multiple coughs) – [Lou] Small rim– – [Brennan] You see– – [Ally] All the pillows
are smelling like smoke! – We could, we’re going to be
sleeping in here all the time? – [Siobhan] Not the place to smoke. (laughter) – A magic wolf just made this for us, and you’re smoking in it? – [Brennan] So you guys
all squeeze into the van, the Hangman is outside going, under no circumstances will I enter. – [Lou] No, but well, of
course you won’t, all right? Honestly, Hangman, you have
the most important job, right? You get to keep watch. And if anything comes anywhere near us, I want you to ram the van
as hard as you possibly can. – Sire! If a drifter or some young teen
walking from a gas station holding on to a little
portable plastic canister– – [Lou] All right– – Dares to walk by, I will destroy this van. – [Lou] Hangman– – I will sunder it– – [Lou] Hangman– – Bolt from nut! – [Lou] You can use your judgment– – I will send this van straight to the bottom of the night pit! – No, I mean, it’s more like teens are cool, and drifters
I guess are sometimes cool. We’re talking more like demons, like, you know, the big ape men and the vulture guys. Like red dudes on fire. Normal just kind of
people having a hard time, they can stroll by. But if you see those other guys, you smash this van asunder– – I will destroy the van! – [Siobhan] Hangman, did you
just eat a bunch of bees? (laughter) – I’m feeling pretty lonely. (laughter) – [Lou] My van, my vehicle’s
allowed to eat, all right? If he wants to chew, he’s more than welcome to. He consumes gasoline or souls, or whatever he runs on. However he damn pleases. – You leave the Hangman outside. You see that Baxter the griffin does that lanky kind of cat lying down on the roof of the van and just kind of goes
to sleep on top of it. – Can I give Ragh the Teddy
Bear of Helpfulness to hold? – He takes the Teddy Bear of Helpfulness, he’s got his little
magical spoon from Adaine. He looks at you and says, okay. This is honestly messed up, and I’m really sorry that
I didn’t tell the truth. And it’s messed up. I’m sorry. – [Emily] That’s fine. Some of us made, we all
made mistakes today. Let’s just chalk it up to a bad day. – (sighs) I see that lady in the photo. I see the lady in the photo. And he looks over at Tracker and says, nothing can get to me right
now or hear me, right? You see she says, hear you? Are you worried about saying something? And he’s like, yeah. – Okay, why don’t I, why don’t you think it, and I’m gonna cast a spell on it, on you, and I’m gonna, oh, actually, I can just message you. I’ll message you, and then
you can message me back. – [Ally] And then you can message it– – And then I can message
it to everybody else. – I also have Message. – Yeah. – Cool. Ragh imparts to you– – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – That on the night of the Prompocalypse– – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – He saw this person. – [Siobhan] Where? – Being relayed to Adaine and
then to the rest of the group, Ragh mentally says, without
having to physically say, so, after the fight, I was pretty amped. You know, it was a lot of emotions, like, I had my old toxic thing with Dane, and I kind of, after
a lot of talking to Jawbone, I had kind of relapsed into
a lot of self-loathing stuff, and then you guys were so awesome, and Gorgug, you know, we had a moment
that meant a lot to me, and then we fought Kalvaxus, and afterwards, I was just kind of pumped, and I was, I ran into the school. And I went and I saw there was this conversation, and I was going, ’cause
a lot of the teachers had been trapped in the crystals and had come out again. And I saw Jace, the sorcery teacher– – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – Talking to this woman that I didn’t recognize. She was an elven woman, she was wearing sort of like black, dark
robes, it looked like, they were very light. She was blonde, she had glasses. – [Siobhan] She looked like this? – [Brennan] She looked like you? – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – I mean, yeah. Yeah, she looked like,
yeah, she looked like you. But older. She didn’t look like– – [Siobhan] Right. – You know, elves never look that old, but she looked like, you
know, not a high schooler. Jace and them were talking, and they were talking to somebody else who I couldn’t see, I just
assumed somebody was invisible. Later, Jace and Porter came and talked to me. And Porter– – I don’t relay that Porter
was involved in this. – I’m eavesdropping via Message. (laughter) – He’s like, Porter was still somewhat
injured after the fight with Kalvaxus, and Porter, I didn’t feel
that injured, honestly, but they did some healing on me. Not Jace, Porter did some
barbarian healing stuff with me. And after that, I was like walking home, and I saw this cat woman, this tabaxi. And she came up, and told me all this stuff about my mom, and she said if I ever
talked to anyone about it, she would kill my mom. – Oh my goodness! What about? Do you feel comfortable telling us about your mom? – My mom fuckin’ slaps. She’s hardcore as hell. She’s a half-orc like me, which means that my dad, wherever he is, was probably a half-orc too, or he could have been a human or orc and I just like, you know, but– – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – Her name’s Lydia. She was an adventurer, and she was a barbarian like me. And they were out on this
mission in the Red Wastes, and there were these soul gems, honestly, kind of a lot like the one in the van, and there was– – [Emily] Like this one? – She, you see that Ragh
looks at it, and nods, and you see he says, but this one was fractured, and the thing in it was leaking out and was going to escape, and she basically took it, and plunged it deep into her heart so that it couldn’t escape. – [Siobhan] Your mom did? – Yeah. – [Zac] What does that do? – Well, she didn’t die. She’s just like sick, really. She’s really sick, and she’s been really
sick for a long time. There’s, you know, there’s, they’re figuring out
stuff that they could do to try to remove it, but she has turned down a
lot of the experimental stuff because none of the
people have ever been able to guarantee 100 percent that the threat wouldn’t come back, and she’s just basically like, I knew what I was doing when I did this. – [Emily] What did she say she was doing? – Saving the world. She was a fuckin’ hero. – That’s really cool, man. Do you know if she knew who specifically was trying to escape from that? – It was some devil, I think. I’m not sure which one, but– – [Murph] Was it a devil or a demon? – She always said devil, but I don’t know that I’m
super up on the difference between those two things. – [Ally] Yeah, I just
learned them myself, too. – But you, you had a, you had a nightmare when everybody else
had a nightmare, right? That was true? – [Brennan] Yeah. – But you can still see the Shadow Cat? – [Brennan] Yeah. – [Ally] Okay. – [Lou] What exactly did
the Shadow Cat tell you? – Yeah. – She told me if I ever
mentioned to anyone what I had seen about that elven woman– – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – That she would kill my mom. – [Zac] So Jace is in on
whatever, on something? – [Siobhan] Well, Jace
is a high elf, right? – [Emily] Porter is as well. – [Ally] Do you think that
person was your sister or your mom? – [Siobhan] Yeah, Porter’s made of rock. – He looks and says, I want to say– – [Siobhan] I think that
might have been my mom, yeah. – I don’t, Jace and Porter– – [Emily] Yeah, I was going to say– – He’s like, he says, Jace and Porter were super nice. I don’t know. The conversation I saw them having, the reason I walked up to them was that it didn’t look secret. I don’t know– – [Siobhan] Yeah, Jace is an open guy– – Yeah. – [Siobhan] Who seemed nice. – She could have just
been speaking to them so that she could get to the office. – [Siobhan] Yeah. – To take– – Is there a picture, do I have a picture on
my crystal of my mom? – [Brennan] Yes, you do. – Great, so I show that picture– – That’s her! – [Siobhan] Okay. – [Ally] Okay. Okay. – [Lou] Okay. – [Siobhan] Yeah, that’s for sure my mom. – And you remember that faint
teleportation that night, the residue that was at the house that would have been months gone if it had not been so recent. – [Ally] And your mom’s in Solace now? – Yeah, she lives in Elmville. – [Ally] Cool. – And it’s just me and her, and I take care of her. – [Ally] That’s cool, man. – [Lou] Does she– – [Emily] Who’s taking care of her now? – The school. They have caretakers come in to take care. – [Emily] Cool. – She was like, when I first started going to Aguefort, I was really not about
going on field missions, and she was basically like, that’s like the end of your life, you’re not going to stay
in Elmville your whole life taking care of me, and so I was like– – [Siobhan] Wow. Your mom rules. – [Ally] Yeah, your mom rules. – [Emily] She does slap, you’re right. – [Murph] Does she ever– – Ragh just starts, (mimics sobs). – [Ally] You can cry, man. That’s cool. – [Murph] Yeah, it’s fun to cry. – Hey, do you think
that you’d want to move in to Mordred Manor with us? I think that there’s a
couple extra spooky rooms. – Yeah, the living room
isn’t taken anymore. – (laughs) You see he looks and says, Yeah, I mean, is the rent good there? We were actually really, we have a second mortgage
on the house, so– – [Ally] You’ve gotta move in, man. You gotta move in with us. – [Siobhan] Yeah. – You got to. – [Brennan] He’s fully crying. (Ally laughs) – School’s about nighttime
partners for teens, but other than that, no rent. – I was such a dick to you guys! You guys are so nice to me, these days– – [Ally] Yeah, dude. You’re the best, man. – [Siobhan] Yeah, you do
have to be nice to Zane. – Tight, yeah! I’ll be chill. Yeah. Zane was honestly very mean to me when, before he died. – [Siobhan] Right, yeah. – Is it wrong to speak ill of the dead? – I feel like, no, I feel like– – [Lou] No, it’s totally cool. Honestly, so chill. – Issued that made you aggro in a way that was toxic to everyone,
including yourselves. – [Brennan] Buh, fuckin’ hurt
people, hurt people, dude! – [Ally] That’s true, man. – Ragh, did, did your, does your mom ever lose control? Like, besides just regular barbarian rage, like from the– – [Brennan] Well, she hasn’t– – Gem that’s inside her? – She’s medically been in
a prolonged state of rage for years. – [Siobhan] Oh wow. – [Emily] And– – [Siobhan] She has to stay raging or– – [Emily] Putting her
in that to protect her? – Yeah, she’s, it’s medically necessary. But she’s, it’s not, it’s like, it’s not like
when you rage in combat. It’s just like she’s, ’cause part of rage is
you quicken your pulse, your muscles grow, she’s just like, she’s very sweet. She’s honestly, you
couldn’t tell she’s raging. She’s, really, she lost a lot of weight, she’s lost a lot of muscle mass. She’s sort of like, she can’t walk. You know. – [Murph] Can she sleep? – She doesn’t, she doesn’t, really. She’ll go out for a few
minutes here or there, but she, it’s not like us where you’re walking around for the whole day, and you get tired and go to sleep for a
lot of hours a night. – I wonder if she can’t sleep. Because if she sleeps– – [Emily] Then she’ll be taken control of. – Perhaps. Hmm. – [Emily] Okay. – Yeah, sorry to unload
all that stuff on you guys. – [Ally] No, it’s really
helpful and brave. – [Emily] Yeah. – [Lou] It’s good stuff. – [Siobhan] Yeah, better out than in. – Okay, so we know your
parents are involved. Should we go to Aelwen or should we try to find your parents? – We can probably stop at, try to find out what’s
up with Garthy O’Brien, maybe on the way to Aelwen, ’cause it’s all in the sea, right? – Leviathan is definitely in the sea. – I mean, definitely if
we went down to the port, we could try to hear, we
could try to ask some people about Garthy O’Brien. – Hey Fig. – Yeah. – Can you call Dr. Asha? – Yes. – And see if they know anything? – I did the same move that I
did tonight, but it worked. I don’t have my phone. – [Lou] But you have Dr.
Asha’s number memorized, right? I’m assuming you– – It’s a tattoo. (laughter) – [Brennan] Sandralynn goes, ah, oh. Sweetheart. Who is Dr. Asha? – [Ally] He’s just a 40 year old doctor. – [Emily] I love middle aged men. (laughter) Who work honest, middle class jobs. – Sweetie, a doctor is
not a middle class job. – [Emily] He works in the emergency room, it’s different, he’s not
a specialized doctor. – (sighs) Okay. Does he know that he’s dating a minor? – We’re not dating. And there’s nothing minor (laughter) going on between us. – My daughter is a rich rock star, and I have, I feel that
I’ve lost complete control. As a mother, I feel I’ve
lost complete control. You see that Gilear goes, up top. (laughter) And Sandralynn says, I’m not
gonna up top that, Gilear. – [Lou] I will, pop!
– [Ally] I whisper to Fig– – A ha! – [Ally] We’re gonna
get them back together on this trip. – [Emily] I want, I want Gilear to join Jawbone and my mom. – That’s a great plan. – I would love that. – He, you know, I think
he’s not good one on one, but I think joining a
party, he can really– – I think he’s not good one on one. – [Emily] Yeah. – But I think– – [Zac] Is he good with any number? – A great compliment. – We’re in a small van. – [Ally] Whenever a
relationship isn’t working, add a third. That’s what I learned from
this binder that I found. – Should I add a third? – [Ally] (laughs) Yeah! – Cool, is there business
before you guys all go to bed that night? – [Emily] I just want to
apologize to Gorthalax. As privately as I can. – [Brennan] You apologize to Gorthalax. You cannot hear a response. But you feel– – You know, apology isn’t
about getting an it’s okay. It’s about saying it
’cause they deserve it. – [Brennan] You feel
your warlock spell slot restored in your body. – (whispers) Thank you! (soft laughter) (normally speaking) I think
he’s okay, he’s in there, everyone, he’s in there! – [Ally] Is there any
risk of that accidentally falling on your chest
while you’re sleeping and it sinking in and consuming you, or not to be, you know. – Yeah, I would maybe– – Too blunt, Ragh, I’m sorry. But did she have to cast a spell and shove it into her chest? – She was, her, the rest of
her adventuring party bit it, and they had done the spell work already to break a lot of the curses on the gem, so she was just kind of the last step. – I think also, not to be, you know, too much
of a disservice to myself, but I think that half orc barbarian is gonna have a lot
more oomph to the thrust than a bard. – [Ally] Okay, cool. Good to know. – I think I couldn’t even if I tried. – [Lou] Good. – You see that the– – [Emily] Inspiration. – So you cuddle up with the gem. You see that Sandralynn looks over at you, Adaine, and says, well, Madam Oracle, you want
to take the first watch? – I would love to take second watch so that I can get my long rest in and then I will have spell slots. – You see that she says, oh, if you need to be doing rest, you, we need you at your– – [Siobhan] But I only
need four hours of trance. – Well, unfortunately sweetie, there’s 11 of us and only
nine can fit in the van. So that’s as– – Well, but I can trance outside the van, ’cause I don’t need protection. From–
– [Brennan] Okay! – ‘Cause I– – [Brennan] Sure! You’ll be outside the van, maybe in that case, I’ll
get one more pair of eyes, no, you know what? That’s fine. I’ll, you know, ’cause I
can let someone else ride– (Emily coughs) Sleep in the van. – [Emily] I’m sorry.
– That’s fine. I’ll keep watch. – [Siobhan] Thanks. – So snuggling up, you see that, there really are, you know when the crease
in between the back and the seat of a car seat, there are blankets in that, and if you push through, there are literally little
rooms made of folded blanket that are very warm and swaddling, there’s snacks in them
and stuff like that. – [Ally] Cute. – Tracker and you cuddle up in one, Riz, you’re in there as well. Fabian, you find a little spot in there. Gorgug, is there anything you do as you’re, yeah, right, you see Ragh, Cathilda,
find a little space as well. – I think Gorgug just kind of sleeps on, across the front two seats. Like uncomfortably. – [Brennan] Cool. – Just like, just like, in case I have to, you know, it’s like, he’s like, likes his stuff too much. – [Brennan] Mm-hmm. – The handbrake is sticking
right into your ribs. – [Brennan] Give me a perception check. (die rolls) – Nine. – The van’s gonna give
you advantage on that one. (die rolls) – [Zac] 19. – You see the van is talking to you, and going, dude, sorry to interrupt, I know you’re trying to catch some Z’s. But check it out. I just found a setting in here that waterproofs the van. And we can, there’s, you see the van pops out a little gnomish
single engine propeller, like a little water propeller on the back. – [Zac] What? So the van’s a boat? – Dude! Amphibious mode unlocked, bro! – I think we just found your last name. – [Brennan] What’s my last name? – Boat. (laughter) – [Emily] Van Boat! (laughs) – Toot toot, Van Boat on deck! On deck? – [Zac] On deck, man! (laughs) – [Brennan] Dude, check it! And you look down. Your phone is open to the text from Zelda, and for a flash, a little ellipsis comes
up underneath the text. – [Ally] No! – [Brennan] And then it goes away. – Oh man! Okay. I just put my– – [Brennan] You hear a
rumbling outside the window and you hear (mimics rumbling) coward! – Bike! Stop! – Master! We’ve got to get, look, I hate this van, but– – [Lou] I know. – If we’re going to get
girls onto or into vehicles– – [Zac] You saw that? – Mm, I was listening in. (laughter) – [Lou] My bike is very jealous, I was honestly going to say we shouldn’t mention the fact that the van has an
amphibious mode to him. He will be jealous. – [Brennan] You see that the van says, says, hey, man. It’s up to you, you know? In matters of the heart,
the best thing you can do is just move with kindness and try to be true to yourself. – Thanks, Van Boat. – (claps) You got it. You see the last little scene in here is, Fig, you’re holding your gem there, and you see, you’re in the very back seat. And sort of moving along through the van, I don’t begin to understand
the extradimensional spaces created by the
blankets in this van. (sighs) – [Emily] Hi! – [Brennan] Darling daughter. – Yeah. – [Brennan] How are you feeling now? – (sighs) I feel like I had one of the worst days I’ve had in a while. – [Brennan] Hmm. – And I still feel like I’m the reason that we’re all here, and I know I’m the reason
that Gorthalax is here, and I’m the reason that you died, and I’m the reason that Riz almost died. (sighs) And I’m also the reason that some innocent officer’s
probably gonna get fired. – [Brennan] What? – We’ll just ignore the last one. (soft laughter) I just can’t believe that someone, I, I can’t believe that once I was like, okay, I’m gonna try to connect with people more because I need to have a healthy
relationship with someone instead of (sighs) tricking all these middle aged men, and as soon as I do, I get
absolutely taken for a ride. And you, someone used my body. And there’s nothing I could
do to have stopped it. – Figueroth, there are dark forces at work in this world. But even when there’s not, control is often an illusion. I can never stop anything from happening. And I think most people come to terms with that, and I think only because
you and your friends are so exceptional do you feel such a pain around failure. Failure is an anomaly for
heroes of your status, but it is still an inevitability. There will be times when
you are not strong enough. And I don’t wish for you to add further injury to yourself. – But I just feel like everyone else resisted, and I was the weak one. I just feel like I let everyone down. Yeah, failure’s inevitable, but I feel a lot more comfortable if we all failed together and it wasn’t just me who failed. – Darling, I love you very much. You succumbed to power of Nightmare, you were possessed for a short time. Your biological father, a powerful prince of the nine hells failed once again to
not get stuck in a rock. – [Emily] Okay, you don’t
need to cast aspersions on him just, this is not– – And I, and I failed to not get
absolutely rocked in the dome by a gorilla demon. (laughter) – [Emily] Gilear. – Failure is a part of life. – Gilear, listen to me. (whispers) You have a part to play yet. – [Brennan] What? – (whispers) You have a– – I know, tour manager, it’s on my lanyard. – This is why you’re the chosen one. ‘Cause you’re so innocent, and so– – All right, you’re, okay. Well, here’s the thing. I care about you, your mother and I do talk and we are worried. The middle aged men, the tours. (laughter) It just feels like a lot of lashing out. And I wish, I don’t know. – If I’m being honest, I think what happened tonight with Commissioner Buggins– – [Brennan] Sorry, what? (laughter) – Oh. Nevermind. – I mean, I can’t just
breeze over that one. – [Emily] Fine, I think that, I think that, (sighs) I think that my imagination latched on to a fleeting moment I had with a police chief at
a really respectable police station. And I think that I wanted to think about that instead of thinking about the fact that I got you killed and my
dad trapped in a gem. So I might have leaned
into the middle aged thing a little more than I should have. – [Brennan] Okay. – Look, I’m on it, okay? I want to also have a healthy relationship with someone someday. – And I know that you will. All right. I’m going to (sighs) head off to one of
these little blanket pockets because there’s one that does have some transportable yogurt. (laughter) You know, yogurt on the go. – [Emily] I know, I have a– – [Brennan] You don’t need a spoon, it’s just a tube. – I know, because it’s on the rider. – [Brennan] Ah! – For you. – (laughs) Very good, my daughter. All right, and you see he toddles off. (laughs) That’s it for this
chapter of Dimension 20. But wait! What hearkens on the wind? (mimics bird call) Speak to me, bird. More full episodes of Dropout.tv’s own Dimension 20 available with a free trial
that you can sign up for today? Hopefully our viewers are brave enough to answer the call. (mimics bird call) There he goes.

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