Has Iran become more aggressive during the Trump administration?

Has Iran become more aggressive during the Trump administration?

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  1. quite the timing to steal public focus from Impeachment. The poor Joes commenting below bashing Chris Wallace, just don't get the fact that the resources(comes from your pocket in terms of tax) spent on all these ongoing wars is costing your quality of lives, livelihood, healthcare and costing US soldiers life. Just go check the stock price of military equipment manufacturer for last 5 days and see who's making bank out of this crisis.

  2. Wallace needs to be FIRED from Fox and go to CNN where he belongs! He makes "Never Trumpers" look like "Trump Lovers" — except for his hateful ways! Why does 
    FOX even allow him to have Videos on here??? Two thumbs down! TRUMP 2020

  3. There are plenty Iranian officials that can be accused of association with Iraqi groups that planted roadside bombs that killed American troops, and most Iranians don't even know who they are. But why take them out when instead you can assassinating a guy best known in Iran for fighting Saddam and ISIS. Great choice, Mike.

  4. Mr. Pompeo. Regarding your video that you said it was wrong to lie, cheat and steal but then bragged as director of the Cia that you not only lied, cheated and stole. You actually had training courses on it for programing your brain to be a Pro. at lying, cheating and stealing. Could you please produce evidence you took courses or got de-programmed that anyone should believe anything coming out of your mouth to not be a trained, manipulative lie to get what you really want ?

  5. Yes. Because the Iranians read the western press and know they can use our sad leftists with Trump Derangement Syndrome to get away with stuff they normally wouldn't.

  6. Chris, yours is to inform the people while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to protect American interests and its people.

  7. protecting american people by invading and supporting one regime to the other on other continents. Yeah right !!!

  8. the CIA and Mossad have tried several times to create the same accident they created in Chernobyl with the Iranian nuclear power plants (specifically the natan nuclear power plant) by placing the computer virus called "STUXnet" in the operating system that regulates the cooling centrifuges

  9. You know there’s no strategy Pompeu, you have lied & lied & nobody trusts you. We went from maybe it’s possible they may attack us to knowing Iran is going to attack us thanks Trump & Pompeu! I can hardly listen to him!

  10. Now this guy was in charge of attacking Benghazi, you know Hillary Benghazi. The 52 Americans prisoners that were murdered !!?. Obama's 1.7 billion dollars.

  11. Iran is buying time to get those nukes up and running, if we are to strike, then, take down all their nuke facilities, tell them evacuate the facility's then blow them to smithereens !!

  12. Lol these fools are crazy let's just blow each other up an call it a day I'm sick of hearing these folk talk matter fact even seeing them…God get rid of these demons

  13. Iraq dare not stand at the side of America. We can not blame Iraq.
    History showed that America always abandoned the people from countries who fought the enemies with US , after the work done ‼️🇺🇸👺🇺🇸 . US SHOULD NOT QUIT EVEN AFTER WAR.‼️

  14. Iran killed ZERO Americans; it sounds like they are actually trying to deescalate without losing face. Wallace is a batty boy and Fox News sucks almost as much as CNN.

  15. Considering the world knows how the democrats disrespect our POTUS I wouldn’t be surprised if socialist country’s thought that weakened us as a strong Country but that couldn’t be farthest from the truth,We are the strongest because Our President is doing his job as Commander and Chief with or without support from the Democrats!

  16. Secret service protect him . Don't let trump out in the open . Remember command and control . The pope has his pope Mobil .

  17. Fire Chris Wallace, he is a deep state shill, opposing our president, with every well crafted undermining devisive question he asks.

    (1) Mike Pompeo in final against (2) Hillary Clinton !!!
    (1) "You should ask Mr. Suleimani" Vs (2) "We came, we saw, he died"

  19. Iran could not beat Iraq in a war, even though they had years to try. We will walk over Iran faster than we did Iraq

  20. Why would Iran have anything to say what goes on in Iraq, I would recommend they mind there business and maybe the second in command should stay out of Iraq as well

  21. this is bullshiff…….pompeo is lying just like the bush admin lied to us…..folks, we have been swindled AGAIN….the iranian citizens DO NOT WANT the U.S. to assist in the overthrow of their government, they can handle EVERYTHING themselves…. THEY WOULD DO IT THEMSELVES….they are smart people! this is another declaration of war that was in the plan for over 40 years!

  22. No idiot, it may expose method or means. Don't ask, stop polling for a position it's ok to take a stand on something. Chris you are aggressive in a potentially toxic way.

  23. With Trump as President nobody can mess with USA. Iran should be very careful with their actions or will be rename I Ran or I Was. Great interview Mr. Pompeo!!!

  24. Warmongers Unite…clearly. Always interesting when trolls respond to this type of post you have to remember they have never been in combat. If you feel like this cretin is correct, go sign up and show us how this is done.

  25. Recently they ( Iranians)have became more aggressive and noisy thanks to the former and weak president Barack Obama; but we do have bad news for them( Iranians) under President Trump watch that game is over.

  26. saw the title i knew it had to be liberal hack mike wallace. More aggressive? LOL How about they were getting their way with obummer and getting billions trump put an end to that of course they are going to be more aggressive you idiots. Leave it to liberal wallace . Fox is going down and down. Only shows like tucker, hannity, laura i, judge j , lou dobbs, varney, the other brit, watters and gutfeld. Other than that , there is a sprinkle of others that are decent otherwise its establishment , anti trump fox. With all the liberals liberal rupert murdoch brought in to run the show after Roger A was gone, its obvious they are pushing the middle. They see news msm going down the tubes and when trump is out in 2024 , what are they going to do? Other media will take over for many of them will be in jail.

  27. Well it was pretty darn obvious to me that impeachment has made our country vulnerable. He thinks these other leaders don't see that? Is that what he really thinks. I doubt it.

  28. Dems correct w/ impeachment but won't send articles to the Senate. Why? It's bc they want a fair trial that will EXPOSE Trump illegal COORDINATION with the Russians.

  29. Sadly, Obama, (the kenian muslem), favored Irani Gov. giving them many millons of dollars before he finished his 2nd.term. BAD, BAD!

  30. Openly aggressive? There's an argument to be made. But I'd rather they throw a tantrum and be openly aggressive, then have us turn a blind eye while they "peacefully" use their terror cells to spread across the middle east and blow up civilians and soldiers alike.

  31. The Iranians are acting in proportion to Trump's Aggression. Break a deal, threaten them, sanction them, assassinate their general. WFT would you do? All you IDIOTS who believe even a fraction of what the deep state still believe in claims of Iraqi WMDs, success in Afghanistan? YOU ARE BEING LIED TO AGAIN. SHAME ON YOU.

  32. PUNKpeo is a traitor of the most vile kind. trumPUTIN Is going to jail for his treasonous behavior.
    The pair are SCUM OF THE EARTH

  33. Much improved Mr.Pompeo, no direct eye contact with the audience has helped you keep your smirk under control but it makes you seem even more unreliable. However, you must keep in mind that your authoritative assertions can no longer be protected by corporate media. Other sources are no longer suppressed and now people can talk to one another.

  34. Trump and Pompeo are confusing the public about why they killed the Iranian general. They need to sit down and get their lies straight.
    The American people aren't sure which lie to go with.

  35. We're not going anywhere will be here 100 more yrs might affect we can live here actually we like it here more so let's party's Iran if up for it .

  36. olha aqui senhor pompeo o senhor nunca me viu nem mais gordo e nem mas magro pra tirar concrusão au meu respeito dizendo que eu sou agressivo . o senhor me viu agressivo . conhece a minha face viu o meu rosto . trump este vem me agredindo a anos . e a cara dele eu vejo todos os dias . para tu o senhor pompeo como para todos caluniadores eu deixo um processo

  37. "The blood of 600" is taken from a pentagon report over a decade old without any substance to it what so ever….. It is a lie… I prefer Fox over other US networks but when it comes to war this channel becomes CNN.

  38. Chris Wallace speaks the TRUTH, and some people loves to support Trump the liar. They cannot handle THE TRUTH. Good job, Chris Wallace.

  39. "We lied, we cheated, we steal stole". Just like Clinton, Mike Pompeo is just another criminal.  Supposedly the US Govt is protecting freedom by invading the whole world LOL.  The US Govt is walking the exact same paths that the Roman Empire walked.

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