Hannity: Adam Schiff was in rare form during hearings

Hannity: Adam Schiff was in rare form during hearings

100 thoughts on “Hannity: Adam Schiff was in rare form during hearings

  1. Shifty Schiff is just trying to put out that Trump is not in office to make friends and does not play by all the political games and he thinks we will care.

  2. Crap like this is going to continue until some if not all of these democrat criminal clowns are put in jail or hung for treason.

  3. Schiff is CLEARLY a pathological liar. This man, in my view, is certifiably insane and mad with power. You people on the right are too kind to this sadistic man who has NO BUSINESS being in Congress, let alone heading and sort of committee or investigation. He needs to be called on the carpet, forced to testify under oath, when he will LIE anyway, then be OUSTED from Congress entirely. WE THE PEOPLE are tired of PAYING for these insane hijinks. Those who are doing it OR are allowing it ongoing are betraying WE THE PEOPLE! This is way beyond sophomoric and unpardonable. This should never have been allowed to happen!

  4. Its absurd to say Schiff is somehow more corrupt than Trump! I mean you would have to be a total moron who cant read and only digests Fox news.

  5. Quit talking and do what must be done to save the country.the good citizens are sick of the corruption.
    GOP LEADERSHIP or the AG. must put a stop to this elegal coup attempt.

  6. Look, all this witnesses could be used to as a supplement to the actual witness but without the actual witness all of them are irrelevant and against the law to be entered on record.

    Pencil Neck has a lot to answer why he himself broke the law.

  7. Vote for President Trump to save your life. President Trump said he was to drain the swamp. Did you think they were not going to fight back. They are scratching and clawimg with every thing they have to cover their corruption. They have enlisted every aid possible. Di not give up on President Trump. He is the only one to cleam up your government for you and give America back to you, the people. Vote for President Trump.

  8. Hey Hannity, just wait………no nothing nobody knows nothing nobody talks to anybody nobody says anything……wait……..im glad these hearings because your right, nobody knows nothing

  9. Funny how he sounds just like the other liar Christie Blasi Ford! Trying to be all sweet and innocent when we all know she’s a CIA operative! I have zero evidence then why the hell are you even there! This is a serious matter and there are no material fact when this is ridiculous! Goes to show the Democrats are the party over country! They are the true dictators of our generation

  10. "…and the truth shall set you free…" unless you're Adam (steaming pile of) Schiff. This scumbag is of ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE to the American public.

  11. I swear you guys would twist yourselves into a pretzel justifying trump if he could pardon Jeffrey Dahmer, ted bundy, green River killer etc. You are Hilarious.

  12. It's time too take down all the curupt democrats this is out of hand now im sick of it already
    .trump 2020


  14. Most people here have no arguments. It's just name calling and demands for locking people up. Gee people… you know nothing about your constitution.
    And can't you see why Putin is winning and has been winning for 3 years? You are destroying the only superpower that can stand up to China and Russia.

  15. ❌More bad news for the Democrats and Adam Schiff Impeachment efforts. Independent voters across multiple states are not liking this Trump impeachment push that’s engulfed Capitol Hill. While the focus groups’ conclusion is that these crops of voters are “uninterested” about the impeachment inquiry, they’re also not too keen on the secretive nature that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chair of the House Intelligence Committee has exhibited with this maneuver. Schiff is the starting quarterback for this effort and kept the initial phases of the impeachment proceeding in the bunker. Hours of testimony from witnesses occurred behind closed doors, select portions of the transcripts were released, and Republicans on the committee were only given brief summaries that could only be read with a Democratic staffer present. This was done to control the narrative because public hearings exposed the Russian collusion narrative as a hoax. Four more years of President Trump MAGA, 🇺🇸

  16. So the dems are the bad guys but only the Republicans are going to prison? Trump is going down as soon as he leaves office.

  17. Schitthead is an atypical poncy zionist queen. NO balls, no brains, just a lie-hole that won't shut. A ZOG Pimpqueen. (It's the inbreeding).

  18. Liz Wheeler is a hot popular American Conservative News Anchor who is best known as the host of ‘ Tipping Point’ on One America News (OAN) She has an amazing bikini body. She is Hard Core Conservative.. Smart And Sexy As hell..!!

  19. The complacencies of this DEMS clan are getting more and more through and they are even more stupid and confirm that. This ambassador apparently did not understand that only the president is allowed to decide whether to stay in office or be recalled. – Actually, she herself has now only confirmed that their dismissal was completely in order and overdue. The woman is really not suitable for such a function. To put it simply, she is completely unsuitable and probably involved in this Burisma affair with Biden.

  20. Hannity's critical thinking skills are overwhelming! Must be from the BIG education he has….. What an idiot. Wake up Americans, your democracy is at stake. Watch some normal news like PBS.

  21. The House doesn't even have to hold a hearing. They are only doing this because they think they can benefit from the attention they're getting. The House could just convene, label Trump as guilty of 'high crimes and misdemeanors' and send impeachment articles to the Senate. Nothing to stop them from doing that. The real victim here is the impeachment process itself. Impeachment has always been seen as a political contrivance, even when the nation was very young. It was intended to be that way. The danger has always been that the presidency would become reduced to irrelevancy: the president would serve 'at the pleasure of the Senate'. If the Senate doesn't like the president, he's gone. Having the president (of either party) under constant threat of impeachment for whatever ginned up reason the Congress can toss together is destroying the country. The damage has already been done. Impeachment is now a mundane occurrence.

  22. Yes Jen you are the best kids going honey because they Whistle blow is close to you guys do you know who I mean the one with the evil eye that I can go to hell love you merry Christmas oh I’m happy Thanksgiving Maria from Las Vegas

  23. Sean Hannity, I wonder if you truly think Trump is a great human being. Logic would tell an ordinary person that he is not, yet you continue to spout lies to him. The only reason I can think that you'd do these things for monetary gain. There is no one who truly loves him because after all he is an abomination to humanity. You only throw yourself in with him when you say and do the things you do. God help you

  24. The swamp is drying up. It is being cleansed. Disinfectant is a bit painful when applied to an open wound, but is necessary to become healthy.

  25. CIA Analyst

    On NSC during TRUMP administration Ukraine Expert

    Kicked out of white house for leaking information

    worked directly with DNC operative alexandra chalupa

    Worked alongside Joe Biden when he was made point man for ukraine ???

  26. At some point Sonland asked DT abruptly what he wanted and Trump felt he might have a voice recorder, so he said, interestingly "no quid-pro-quo". He must have planned it for a long time because he always said "talk to Rudy, talk to Rudy" and everyone agrees that what Rudy said was that there WAS a quid-pro-quo. But in spite of all that planning, Trump is not disciplined; when the Zelensky telephone call came, he put it all out there: "there is a little favor I have to ask of you". Nobody in history has said the words "I would like to bribe you". The usual way is play the victim (our country has been through a lot, my son is sick and I am worried officer, I got distracted, I am sorry) and then ask for a small favor.

  27. WOW , You can call everybody else a congenital lier, except the one who is the actual congenital lier, and with a straight face. I'm surprised we can hear you speak with you being so far humpty trumpty's arse.

  28. Come On FOX, report what is actually happening at the inquiry, Trump is getting a flogging by all witnesses and all you publish is the odd comment by Gordon or Nunes. Trump is in deep trouble. I advise Fox watchers to actually watch the proceedings, not Fox's spin

  29. Father we pray for Justice for all the liars 🤥 🤥 May they fall into their own nets in Jesus’s name amen 🙏

  30. Everyone should watch the hearings for themselves and draw their own conclusion instead of listening to this guy. He misrepresents what was actually said during the hearing.

  31. I will say this, the Democrats have their hands full when Jim Jordan is running the show and asking questions, the man is a perpetual BullDog

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