Hannity: 2020 Democrats calling for a hostile government take over

Hannity: 2020 Democrats calling for a hostile government take over

100 thoughts on “Hannity: 2020 Democrats calling for a hostile government take over

  1. The insane Democraps they must have got together and said how can we sink the USA. Trillions in foolishness these candidates are the worst. Peace Potus Trump elect anyway KAG

  2. It shows the clowns clowning through lol
    Is anything being done by the government for the people, you know like, taxes, roads, schools, education, health??
    But I have to ask Americans do you vote these lowlife rats with no morals to run your country, to do what needs doing, to do right by the people?
    Do you think you will be better under socialism getting all the free stuff they offer for your vote, like Venuswala, China, North Korea,
    Do you believe these lowlife CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE?
    I have never heard any of talk about the people except telling them they are getting everything for free,
    If free stuff means loss of freedom????????????????????????????

  3. When democratic presidential candidates go to racism that means they have no faith that they will be selected so they go back to the threats that if not selected the your racist

  4. The reason they keep bringing up and saying racism is because they dont want to talk about or explain their stance on actual issues, what their plan to fix issues are. They are all backed by banks and corporate entities, and apparently have problems with middle and lower income families/citizens.

  5. You should always be suspect of anyone willing to do anything to assume power. These people are the best reason not to give up our right to bear arms.

  6. Anybody who thinks that it's up to the individual to battle climate change and the destruction of the ecosystem should get outside of your echo chamber and realize we need to clean up after these corporate hailed as the "life blood" of our economy.

  7. This stuff was going on for years but it came to the surface when Trump was elected ….. It's like lancing a boil, it hurts but ultimately it's a good thing…. the pus and Corruption has to be removed.

  8. If climate change is so bad why don't they go talk to China who is more than half of the whole world's global warming problem.

  9. I enjoy most of the Fox lineup…Hannity comes on at 9 pm and I turn it off and go elsewhere…he is rude to guests and ovettalks everyone on every show….repulsive host on many levels.

  10. Hannity: "Have you ever got a job from a poor person?"
    He wheels out this bromide to show how stupid his audience is, because they just nod like a warehouse full of bobblehead dolls during an earthquake.
    It is the nodding, regular listeners who are the stupid ones, because they don't really pay attention to what he says.
    Multi-millionaire Hannity wheels it out to argue for us in the middle class to carry some of his tax burden.
    The implication is poor people do not hire anyone, and his glassy-eyed audience cheers.
    That is because they are too stupid to remember what he has told them about being "too poor to have a pair of nickels to rub together" in his college drop-out days.
    There he was, poor as can be, yet he gave several people jobs working for him painting houses.
    Yeah, that's right.
    When Hannity was poor, he gave people jobs.
    He contradicts his own stupid bromide knowing his stupid audience is too stupid to notice

  11. Quoting BORAT "I couldn't understand what this old man was saying" is she serious? Everybody knows that if you make the cost higher for corporations, those corporations pass it down to the people. That how it has always been!!

  12. When the Demonrat poster boy Beto O'rouke AKA "Mr. Potato Head" speaks his Gun BS? nobody is listening?Make my day Beto?

  13. The NRA caused columbine? Liberal logic is funny!! How the hell does that work?? Dems are like two headed snakes…neither head will tell you the truth.

  14. There is no systemic racism going on- give me one real example???

    Honestly I can’t stand hearing any of them talk! They care about the stupidest crap and will never fix anything that needs to be done. Trump 2020 and after that I’ll never vote for a dem again- don’t care if Jesus is running 😉

  15. Medicare for all lets see. I pay around 100.00 per month for my own HCI. Now that's just for me. Not only do i have to pay for myself but I got to pay for the lazy ducks that don't want to work.

  16. Democrats are Demons they can't understand their own laws or to control their own selfs. Them are they kids make stories they themselves can't understand!!!

  17. I pray that good people will wake up and realize we are going to have to get rid of certain criminal elements, say like antifa, dispose of them, dispose of gun grabbers, dispose of socialist in government.. Act like them I guess, it is not like we can stand there and discus a subject when they start throwing cheat shots at our faces, time to hit back…. Their way but we need to not spar anymore when that happens and just finish them fast. Like one pop and done.

  18. I don’t think we really have to worry about the Dems winning and making America a socialist country…. they may win, but they won’t actually keep their ‘socialist ‘ promise, as NO politician ever keeps their promise or actually does anything. THEY JUST WANT THE VOTES! Nothing will change and all the dems will be like, ‘HEYYYYYYYY! YOU PROMISED!!’ Duhhhhhh

  19. The only way to deflect from the actual news is for DEMS to keep dropping propaganda against the President, because as it stands they are in a lot of trouble with their laughable 2020 candidates pushing for socialism like it has worked ever anytime anywhere! and their efforts to impeach the POTUS only serving to shed the light of Justice on them and the LOOMING DECLASS coming like a train screaming down the tracks with the DEMS in center of the tracks! Trump Train..chooo.chooo

  20. Anytime any Gov in History has sought to disarm it's citizens, oppression and genocide always followed without exception! They need to control the world's population in order to control the masses, they are doing it thru abortions (like Bernie Sanders said), starvation of third world countries, wars, plosion laced vaccines , open borders allowing terror and diseases to prevail against the people and for drugs to flow through our country killing hundreds of thousands of people! They cannot prevail with an armed citizenry, that's why they have to disarm us! DEMS are the enemy of the people, fully corrupted and evil!

  21. They keep this charade about guns going and there'll be less people saying "come and take them" and more saying "we're coming to remove YOU from office".

  22. and BETO, you have no chance in making the race so you too just take the idea of being president out of you head . and go and fix your town first ,cause the way the town you govern over looks like squat and in serious need of restoration so if you can not even take care of your own town what in the name of God made you think that you would ever become president so Mr BETO , why don't you kindly say your good buys and go back to your town and see if you can repair it cause as for now you have being VETO…..

  23. Ah yes, so if you're not far-right then you're a "radical extremist", got it. How does anyone watch this without feeling manipulated and bullshitted?
    "And not once did they talk about the economy and the revival under Trump. Shocking." – Yeah, how dare these politicians get together and NOT praise the opposing party and their wannabe-dictator? 1. When do republican debates ever spend time praising the opposing side? So this is a very hypocritical complaint already. 2. That's not what the debates are for. They're talking about problems in the country and how they would fix them. That's the whole point. Which makes this hypocritical AND dumb… And this only covers the first 60 seconds of Hannity opening his mouth. Jesus Christ.

    But sure, let's take a moment and praise the economy and low unemployment rate that Trump just takes credit for, even though it happened under Obama, and is now slowing down.

  24. Says it's going to take away are AR-15s and AK-47s. Haha like to see you try. I know for a fact the police force isn't going to try to. They love their guns just as much I do.

  25. The Democrats lost already. I'll give ya one reason. Beto calling for your guns. You just told the truth of your intentions you've been hiding for years.

    We've had the first black president 8 years ago. Tired of hearing about racism. You cant use that card anymore.

  26. Mr Trump. These Commuists are going to drive the USA into the ground. Those that have taken a OATH to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS and are doimg otherwise need to be immediately be ARRESTED, tried for TREASON. then hung the next day Otherwise the USA is done, the Republic dies, MILLIONS of Americans are likely to die. Civil War is bound to occur, invasion is possible followed by WWWIII.
    Good news ? More parking spaces ? Beyond that USA ceases to exist.

  27. Welcoming foreign interference in our elections since 2016!
    Yes, friends, that is the state of conservatism today – encouraging foreign countries to interfere with our elections.
    It looks kinda cute on their resume, along with the crime waves brought about by Nixon, Reagan, Bush43 and now Putin's Choice.
    Perhaps they commit all that crime because they want to distract people from the fact they are The Recession Party, delivering longer, more frequent recessions than Democrats do while increasing the deficit and national debt at record rates!

  28. I think that these people (Democrats) are mentally ill. Who in their right mind would advocate for a time and time-again proven failed government model when they along with their families and friends would be bound by those actions? They are detached from reality, with tunnel-vision, and delusions of grandeur – or they are just overwhelmed with greed for power. Probably a lot of both.

  29. Forget about having more than half of your income taken to cover free healthcare, violation of 2nd amendment rights, and the destruction of our counrty; think we need to investigate the makers of Polydent for manufacturing a faulty product.

  30. Ocasio Cortez Should run for President of the U.S in the Future, Her ideas, great and she is very intelligent and professional.

  31. It would be easier to give every American a million dollars than to pay for the ignorant green deal..Stop crazy geen deals.

  32. The Pres Trump investigation into Biden, has gotten into this old fart head, cant even remember words how is he going to lead America. T rest are just as looney, demented DemocRats.🐭🐭🐭🐭

  33. The most true facts true story now making headlines on you tube sean Hannity its time Americans new the truth about the lieing cheateing career politicians of the Democrats senators all have committed treasonous acts against an incoming president Trump and CNN's CEOs and directors have plotted to go all out to commit a serious fraud of a treasonous acts against the future president Trump and when he became president Trump they still ate going all out to try and take president Trump down on afake Russian dossier fake collusion mark all the real president's men mark mr real Brexit mark

  34. Get ready for mass execution and imprisonment and remember when Stalin got in power he killed all the idiots that helped him overthrow his government so if the democrats think they are safe 😂😉yeah they will be the first ones the government turns on because they turned once well ……

  35. The American people realize how stupid the democrats candidates are none of them are qualified to be president of their kids PTA!!! Watch them in action aren't they someone you do not want in our government!!! I cant see how such fools get so much ^TV time> Why is biden there he is a confirmed criminal. Grumpy we are sorry about your heart problem but do not want you or your ideas running our country.

  36. hannitys solution to fix problems label it
    Oh wait fix what its still there but with a bow tie label
    What a complicit racist
    What lack of empathy for those who suffered in the beginning of this country that is on hannity

  37. That is fake all of this fake crap hannity is spewing out is the reason republicans are the biggest socialist party they waste tax dollars and create poverty

    They caused the race war in the early 80s hannity caused OJ to become a stereotype
    We need to see hannity isn’t bringing Americans up but spitting at others with different beliefs
    How American is it if we wash our beliefs by cheap words that create terror and hysteria


  40. Yet the democratic party was the one who fought for slavery and Lincoln (conservative) fought against it smh liberals are evil tyrants

  41. I’m sorry you can take your Medicare for All and shove it.

    If the Federal Government can’t even manage the Veterans Administration, you really think they can manage this?

    As a Disabled Veteran at 100%, I know what it’s like. Imagine you are complaining that you have severe neck pain. Ok…now take that over 20 years worth before they finally did a MRI on my neck. Three weeks later I’m in surgery.

    You know what my Neurosurgeon said? Once she was in, they didn’t realize that it was that bad. A simple surgery that was supposed to be a 1” scar and only 2 hours turned into a 6+ inch scar and 4 hours. And they didn’t even fix all the problems.

    Yup…sign me up for Socialism. And no, I am serious about the VA and my surgery.

    Now this system really is only designed for about 400k Disabled Veterana. Imagine the Fed Gov trying to run a system like the VA for All and try to cover over 320 million people.

    Down right scary.

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