Hands on with Spider-Man on PS4 (PS4 Pro that is!)

Hands on with Spider-Man on PS4 (PS4 Pro that is!)

60 thoughts on “Hands on with Spider-Man on PS4 (PS4 Pro that is!)

  1. Play arkham again but turn off the "batman spider sense". Im pretty sure youll like the combat a lot more when you need to pay attention. Great video 👍 first time ive seen that Shocker battle

  2. Spiderman 2 did not use R2 and L2 you could just press R2 again to shoot a new web and hold 2 regular swinging was just R2. if you held l2 then press r2 you web zip

  3. The environment and mechanics of the game look fantastic. But the character designs… Am I the only one who has a problem with armored outfits?? Did Iron Man design the villains' armor?? Vulture, Scorpio and Rhyno are basically Iron Vulture, Iron Scorpio and Iron Rhyno.

  4. Do you think it will run well on a PS4 Slim, or is it another God of War situation in which you really want a Pro? I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition some time ago.

  5. I don't own a PS4 but I've got a good (PS4-owner) buddy who said he'll buy the game and then we'll trade consoles for a bit (I've got a Switch) 'cuz I GOTS to play Spider-Man. This game looks awesome to me – glad you dug it, Will!

  6. Can you run out of web fluid like in the old Spider-Man games? That mechanic made those games a real challenge.

  7. But how will it run on launch PS4? I fucked up and got a PS4 when it launched instead of waiting two years for a far better version.

  8. Y'know, the first time I ever played Arkham Asylum I thought to myself: "hey, this is just a deeper version of the combat in Spider-Man 2"

  9. I wish I knew what a PS4 was ???? Oh well I guess this is the only way I'll get to see photos of your west coast trip ! Don't forget to write

  10. The stealth section you did and and messed up (but not really) is called a Fisk Hideout. There are a bunch of them in the game.

  11. Hey man was excited for the game, but was still a bit in the fence about it, thanks for the video you have put me on the definetly buying side

  12. I already gave massive problems with this game like it being easy asf, having a lack of open world activities and a classic spiderman coin collect quest that sucks only to get BS but now in the form of backpacks. Might not buy the game if they show notging but free roaming and linear missions with really bad stealth mechanics that shattered dimensions (2010 game) does better lol

  13. YOU KNOW YOU CAN WRB ZIP TO YOUR OPPONENT. You just didn’t know the controls. The game is perfect

  14. Did Spidey automatically let go of the web at top of his web swinging arch or does it have to be manually released? And if you don't release it do you swing back? No one is talking about this. I know it seems like a no brainier but I need confirmation lol.

  15. God this game is going to be incredible. The passion Insomniac has put into this game is amazing. I seriously can't wait to play this!

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