Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Unboxing

Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Unboxing

Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Review what’s up folks Andrew with my watch
addictions calm we have another unboxing of the new Kickstarter watch that I’ve
received in today we’re gonna take a look at the neon automatic from infant
watches now personally I have never had anything from Hamtun watches before and
even more importantly I have never had anything with the movement that this
watch actually uses it’s a it’s a new movement that personally I’ve never seen
before and so it’s new to me I know it’s been around a little while but it’s got
some pretty good specs in it and I want to see if it’s something that I should
be looking for in the future anyway guys if you haven’t seen my
videos before down there in the right-hand corner of the screen is that
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smash that like button for me too but that’s not why we’re here guys let’s
tear into this neon automatic from Hinton watches so this watch actually
Hanten watches I should say it’s actually located over in the UK in
Southampton and this watch is their newest creation which is called the neon
automatic now their claim to fame on this one is that it is Swiss powered so
so it’s powered being utilizes and Swiss movement there’s the box that it comes
in hampton watches pretty decent looking box
open here as i fight with it more box now incidentally this is actually a
pretty heavy-duty cardboard box with styrofoam which kind of disappointed in
their styling on this box a lot of watch boxes will have you know like preformed
styrofoam in them and such but this is literally just an empty box with a
rectangular piece of styrofoam but hey it is what it is so hamton
sticker we have their Instagram hashtag Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Review that they want you to use and then their
warranty card she can see says seven nine 2008 the presentation on this watch
isn’t all that great so far I’m not not digging the first opinion or first
impressions I should say on how this box came out but let’s see if I can actually
get that guy open pretty sharp looking thing Hampton neon automatic let me get
some of this plastic and packaging off of it and we’ll come in with a little
bit closer view and talk a little bit about this watch so as we zoom in and
take a closer look at this neon automatic from Hinton watches you can
see I chose the neon blue model this model is actually called the neon sky
because that blue in those indices and those hands right there now you’ll
notice that black bezel that’s around the outside that is actually a ceramic
bezel then we’ve got our typical diverse stylings to this watch now the case
thickness on this watch is what originally caught my eye because I’m
starting to become increasingly a fan of thin watches in this case is actually
only 13 millimeters thick so this is going to be a very nice low-profile dive
watch dive styled watch I should say Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Review that I think it’s gonna fit in my
collection now the diameter on this guy is actually 42 millimeters so it’s a
good size for me especially with that low-profile 13 millimeter case thickness
the bracelet width on this guy is 22 millimeters so 22 millimeters at the
Lugg incidentally if it matters the luck to lug with length on this
watch is actually 50 1.5 millimeters if we look at the bracelet again on this
guy feels like solid links very well constructed bracelet from what I’m
feeling and then we’d go over to this class we have the hampton logo on there
one thing I noticed about this class that I’m not a huge fan of is it does
look like there’s some staining in that stainless steel you can see right there
around there applied logo my guess is it’s going to be from the solder or
whatever they use to glue whatever it may be used to a fix that logo but you
can see the staining that’s on that stainless steel they’re kind of drip
down now this is a push-button locking clasp and from what I can see this guy
also does have a ratcheting divers extension in the clasp
now there’s another watch that I had that it had a ratcheting divers
extension to that I thought was really interesting one thing I will point out
is this class does seem a little wobbly with that divers extension I mean
there’s there’s a whole lot of play and then it just doesn’t it doesn’t feel
like it’s engineered perfectly one other thing I will point out about this clasp
sharp-looking clasp but I can tell one thing I’m not going to be a huge fan of
on it is if you look at how that clasp lays with that bracelet it’s a very tall
clasp it doesn’t taper down at all so my normal wearing I’m likely gonna catch
that a lot of things the head to the desk or whatever it may be so eventually
that might get annoying for me personally from a everyday use
standpoint if we flip this guy over Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Review though this is really what caught my
attention with this neon automatic and it’s actually the movement see if I can
get a good view of the here for you the movement that was used
in this watch is actually from Swiss technology products it’s modeled the STP
1-11 model now from what I’ve read this model is often compared to the ETA 2824
movement a lot of similarities I think that I think the base design of this
movement would might have even been based off of an ETA type architecture
but from what I’ve read this Swiss technology products STP 1.11 and you can
kind of see it there is almost a I don’t want to say upgraded but they have a
little bit different standards than the base model of the ETA 24 28 24 yeah and
you can see it’s definitely a highly-decorated movement with that per
Lodge right there on the case of that movement the one thing that’s a little
bit different about that Swiss technology projects STP 1-11 is versus
the ETA 2824 is this is actually a twenty six drill movement and this has a
forty four hour power reserve compared to I believe it’s like 36 hour power
reserve on the base eta 28 24 the ETA 28 24 does Tao a little bit better accuracy
I think it’s at like plus or minus 12 seconds a day this STP 1-11 is is
touting plus or minus 15 seconds a day so I’ll be interesting to get this guy
on an app and see exactly how that does the other thing that this movement does
offer is hand wind very similar to the ETA 2824 along with hacking ability
right there by pulling the crown out to the second position so if we jump over
to their Kickstarter campaign real quick you can see this this was the start of
campaign I was a backer that’s how I ended up with this watch
estimated delivery was August 2018 we I want to say as a couple of weeks off
considering I just got it so I was like second week in September that I actually
received this watch so not horribly delayed not horribly delayed at all we
just scroll down here real quick you can see a couple of the different color
combinations that this watch did come in a couple of the organizations that have
done reviews on this watch prior to its release there’s all black with that I
was actually thinking this one right here this color combination the PVD
coating on the kasem bracelet as well as that black and white color combination I
was thinking about going with this one but I have a lot of black watches right
now and I don’t have any blue like the color that I selected so I did not but
the interesting thing about this watch is that loom on this one is full face
loon so nighttime visibility would be would
be great you can see here’s a little bit telling a little bit about that Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Review
STP 1-11 movement really interested to see how that reacts over time and then
just a little bit more about the Kickstarter campaign now I would say as
far as campaigns go I wouldn’t say they were overly overly communicating but I
think they did communicate enough to maintain people’s comfort levels I
didn’t have any concerns about this campaign for for whatever reason I don’t
know if it was just in God instinct or what it was but I didn’t have any
concerns with it and again you can see my pledge I paid about three hundred and
fifty dollars in u.s. for this neon automatic and that was through the super
early bird so that was the neon automatic from Canton watches that I
just received in from their successful Kickstarter campaign overall I would
probably rate this campaign on my scale is seven seven and a half something like
that I am really really digging this watch the watch itself I really really
like I’m intrigued and really think that’s a cool movement that STP 1-11
that is in it so be interesting to see how that lasts over time overall I like
to watch the campaign didn’t have any concerns with how the campaign was run
so I was happy with that just a couple of things that I dislike about it I
wasn’t a fan of the presentation and how the watch was presented just from that
box construction and just the fact that the watch was just thrown in the box I
didn’t think that was a good representation of what this watch could
be the other thing I’m not a huge fan of is that class that’s on it think I’m
gonna have a little issues with that class just catching on things also again
not not a huge fan of that staining on the stainless steel in that clasp itself
and then lastly that ratcheting divers extension just there’s just a little bit
too much play in it so overall class just not a huge fan of
that class but the watch in general really really really digging this watch
I like the design I like the construction the fit and finish on this
watch just overall I think is pretty good I don’t have any concerns and I
overall I’m happy with it and I’m glad it’s watch that I have in my collection
anyway guys I’m gonna get out of here if you want to see this watch on my wrist
don’t forget you can follow us on Instagram / watch addiction dot us thank
you guys and have a great week Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Review

23 thoughts on “Hamtun Neon Automatic Swiss Powered Watches: Kickstarter Watch Unboxing

  1. Hi Andrew, nice watch….but, that clasp is unacceptable, they can't all be like that, surely?…. I'd send it back and ask for an undamaged one.

  2. My wife would suffocate me while I was sleeping if I bought all these sub standard cheaper watches. I mean she is not thrilled when I spend over a grand but at least she feels like I’m not buying junk. Not saying you can’t get a good watch in the lower price range but perception and keeping the wife happy is a tricky thing. Anyways been saving for a year for a Spring Drive.

  3. 7 out of 10 was very a generous appraisal lol.
    the good things – nice bracelet , choice of bold blue markings help lift the dial , ceramic bezel , smooth second hand sweep.
    then it goes down hill
    poor finishing on the clasp , bland overall design , not much refinement or detail with the casing.
    But sending a $350 watch out to a customer in bubble wrap ? lol they need to get their shit together with their approach to retail packaging & presentation.
    And without a rotating & numbered bezel i dont think i would call it a diver style watch to be honest
    they need to do much more to make their product stand out…..

  4. Thanks, you nailed this watch. Some good and some bad, like every watch. I have the Borealis Cascais with the same STP movement and the same clasp. Excellent movement, not so good bulky poorly engineered clasp.

  5. This is why I'm soured now on Kickstarter watches. Ridiculous wait times, mediocre packaging, and not a lot of original styling. The stuff on there just isn't moving me like it once did. 7 out of 10 I think is generous. I'd give it a 5. But that's me. As always, a well done video.

  6. Hamtun have a new watch releasing soon that they've started teasing pics of. Looks pretty interesting. I think they are trying to be different so props for that.

  7. The clasp is thicker than the watch case! yeah not a fan of how they applied that logo on there.. Seems like poor attention to detail. Such is Kickstarter. Has a cool look to it. Not sure about the movement. Sounds interesting though. Thank you again for the video sir! Keep up the good work.

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