Gutfeld on voters dreading the 2020 election

Gutfeld on voters dreading the 2020 election

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on voters dreading the 2020 election

  1. Lol.. The Media has proven that the election can be messed with.. because they right by themselves made Trump President.. lol, the devil.? the DEMS debates have been awful.

  2. In Canada the election process lasts about 3 months.

    It puzzles us that America wastes so much much time, energy, and money on elections.

    We have better things to do and have little tolerance for hysterics.

  3. Juanita……not mr. Trump
    President Trump.
    Who will be elected a second term in office of what postion? Juanita …..its Presidential Trump.
    Gone Juan……now Juanita.

  4. Dont Trust anything from the left. Its implied it's all Lies. Rachel Madcow has to report to her nearest psychward weekly it was a part of her release when she Assaulted 2 policemen n a Psychiatrist n 2 staff at MNSBC she also has to be tested to make sure shes taking 3 different psych medications, a constant handler following her around up to her home n pu in the AM in part of her release. MNSBC was going to replace her n she had a meltdown n got violent MSNBC to save face n embarrassment let her stay. Those Liberals huh. Just really follow n listen to her theres major glitches in her mind set n Logic it's scary.

  5. What's to dread? You get in your car, drop your antifa brat off at daycare, head to the polls, take your brain into the booth, VOTE FOR TRUMP and then go home. What's difficult about that?

  6. Maybe its because of all the illegal votes for Hillary that were found from the last election that has everyone skeptical that it will be a ligament election.

  7. Nobody strong enough to beat Mr. Donald Trump…NOBODY…Hillary, according to the polls, had won the election 18 months before election day…THE POLLS dont mean anything…😁😎

  8. No. Juan on the show is good. This is the perfect show to share with your liberal friends. So they can see how stupid they sound.

  9. Young lady if the Dems win,it will be war,if Trump does win( don’t see it happening),the economy is tanking at the worst time for him,states he won last election he’s lost already even though all the Dems nominees are ALL nuts.

  10. Even the media doesn’t understand not even fox.. what’s gonna happen in 2020 and prior to nov 2020.. if people think the left is unhinged now just wait. I don’t have a doubt trump will win.. just for a minute consider how radical the left is going to get.. I think people are gonna die over this.. I seriously do. It is going to be far worse then 2016

  11. I think before anyone is able to vote, their license should be checked for identification. ICE should be onside for election day!

  12. Guys, we have to keep high alert until the end, we never know what the Demtards will do at the last second to throw us off, lets not fail the same way they did.
    I asure you they'll go elbow deep into their asses and pull something out of desperation.

  13. I actually like Juan's input. He often makes great comments, and I applaud Fox for having his liberal side of the story. At this point in time the "mass media" as a whole, including Fox, is trying to gin-up a big competition (like a Rocky movie) in the race for the presidency. There is no competition and there are no serious opponents.

  14. These media morons may still live in the 80's but there masters at the DNC….they see Seth Rich in their nightmares.
    Juan is a human paper cut.

  15. I dread 2020 if the dems win they will see it as their chance to inflict revenge on republicans for the indignanty of electing Trump.
    They will see it as their green light to go hog wild. On the plus side Trump hasn't even got started yet. Once people start looking at his record instead of listening to the talking heads on tv I think he'll do quite well.

  16. Delightful – they (DNC) tell us we will all cry in our beer if we go thru a rerun of Obama. Neither will happen. Bet.

  17. I'm not dreading 2020 at all.. im gonna skip all the way to the voting booth to cast my vote to re-elect President Trump. 🙂

  18. This comment section is insane. It's just an echo chamber trying to console themselves that Trump will probably have a hard time winning re-election. What will you all do if he loses? Complain and scream at the media just like you accuse Democrats of doing. The hypocrisy here is palpable.

  19. I'm very much looking forward to the 2020 election so we can finally get rid of Trump and so prosecutors will finally be allowed to indict him for his many crimes.

  20. I Refuse to watch the Five when Juan or Donna is on and so should every concerned Republican! Fox needs to know that we mean it when their ratings fall!

  21. It's all about racism. I wonder what the other seven continents are doing. None of you ever owned any slaves. Let's move passed that and turn off news.

  22. Haha a cnn poll has trump way down in the polls.They said the same thing 2 weeks before the election and how'd that work out for you morons.Trumps gonna win in 2020 and KAGA from you motherfucking traitors at cnn and msnbc who are trying to ruin it.

  23. No dread here! Trump is likely to repeat 1984. The only ones dreading it are the Mondale supporters. They have 20 of them. Dropping like flies.

  24. God these people with on the left are disgustingly crazy with Trump derangement syndrome. It's honestly scary I cant fully support my president because I feel I'd be attacked.

  25. I dislike Trumps daily demeanor… I am terrified by what Biden, Bernie & Warren tell me they want to do. Can't afford to vote Libertarian next year.

  26. Is Fox News not part of the media? Why do they always whine about the media as if they themselves are some podcast on Soundcloud?

  27. It's really weird when media personalities (in this case Gutfield) talk about "the media" as though he/she are not part of it…

  28. I certainly hope you’re a man of your word Juan…when President Trump wins 2020, I’ll be very disappointed if you don’t keep your promise…
    Of course, Juan will claim it was a rigged system & refuse to recognize Trump as President, again…

  29. Juan williams.for God's sake shut you stupid mouth and stop making a fool and laughing stock of your self.a grown man pretending to be an out right moron.have some self respect and stop this crap.

  30. Yeah Juan can go. People know the dems will fight a dirty election. They have the press, google, facebook and others on their side to cheat.

  31. Read volume 2 of the Mueller report for yourself. Read volume 1 of the Mueller report as an AMERICAN. Do not trust Fox propaganda.

  32. I just watched u live and while ur making jokes people are in a crisis in TX. I would never wish bad thoughts to anyone, but have a heart, if u call urself a human.. I dont see it

  33. Let's hope Juan does move out of the country I'm tired of his lack of logical thinking. He is an embarrassing spokesman for the party the left.The Socialists that hate America and everyone who loves this country.

  34. We gonna come in and kick y'alls white supremacists out of Washington! And any idiot who has basic underatanding of law and government knows the muller report wasn't empty. But that's Trump supporters for ya: Facts??? Where? What's that mean??? 😂😂😂

  35. Message from Canada Juan, we dont want you. Go to Mexico who you pander for and not a largely homogenized white Canada. We see the lefts hypocrisy at every turn and to old Juan your divisive rhetoric is not welcome!!

  36. i went to bed in 2016 because i dreaded hrc…got up the next morning and asked my husband, how bad was it?? i was amazed that we won… i;ll stay awake in 2020

  37. Again. Was enjoying the show until Juan opened his mouth. How many people does it take to ruin a good show? Just Juan!🤨

  38. Actually I don't think Trump has to do anything as far as being nasty to whoever the democrats put forth. All he has to do is sit back and repeat what platform they are running on. Who in the heck is going to support what these democrats are running on?

  39. I often don't agree with Jaun but I like him on the show. Its nice to have both sides of the argument.
    When watching ledtist news they often treat the opposite side terrible and want to cut off, attack or make them look dumb.

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