Gutfeld on the New Hampshire primary

Gutfeld on the New Hampshire primary

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the New Hampshire primary

  1. Look out for Amy KLOBUCHAR, She's a large Marge who's in charge from Minnesoooda. And she means business I'm telling you you betcha!! Oh don't cha know.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of Juan, but he was in a good mood today, and it was refreshing to actually relate to the guy for once. It seems when he's not lending his opinion he can be a pretty cool seeming guy.

  3. Being a pathological liar did not work for Hillary Clinton, and (go figure) it isn't working for Liz Warren – who has less personality.

  4. Actually at this point in the 2016 Democratic primary race Bernie Sanders was still very much in it . The difference was that the GOP race had a bunch of candidates that still had a chance after New Hampshire ,but the Democrats were basically down to Clinton or Sanders . Not to mention the fact that President Trump is the incumbent and in 2016 there was no incumbent .

  5. How can Demos vote for Bernie, a pro Russian Communist.
    After they raised such hell about Trump and his alleged (and false)
    connection with Russia?
    Trump + Russia = bad.
    Bernie + Russia = good.
    Demos + Reality = 0

  6. Here is the very definition of irony: the same people who swear to God that Trump was in collusion with Putin and is a Putin puppet….are the ones voting for Bernie.

  7. "it [USSR] is still communist today" she is an idiot. USSR does not exist , russia is a part of USSR and Russia is not a communist country.

  8. Warren "Hey girl, better give me your last money, so I can use it for myself and then when i get in power, I will take the money of your family and friends and distribute it to other people"

  9. Sanders promises no tuition fees a right all the North Koreans have and the Chinese and former communist countries. The Young generations do not want entertainment any longer they want suitable means for living.

  10. Whenever they cut to the table and Juan is sitting there, I stop watching or skip over because Juan is a total waste of time.

  11. The Nazis were infamous for bandwagons going down the streets!!..
    Spreading flyers or screaming at religious minorities.
    You can keep the band wagon..

  12. Giving $3 to potentially have a student loan forgiveness worth of tens of thousands is actually a good gamble. Many of my friends are reducing the amount of money they are paying to their loan, banking for a loan forgiveness from one of these socialists.

  13. I Love ❤️ your show … I have got rid of my cable it was such a rip off …But I do cringe when it’s Wauns turn ….I can’t listen to Liberals 😆😆😆😆😆😆🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦Dallas from Langley BC Canada 🇨🇦 And I ❤️ love President Trump!!!! WWG1WGA!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Greg your Looking Great Greg
    your hair looks really good.
    Sitting back there you look
    Like a young Boz Scaggs that’s a complement . You look 👀 good Greg.

  15. Let's stop pretending that Bernie is a scandinavian socialist. The guy is a hard-line Marxist who honeymooned in communist USSR and praised Castro and other communist leaders and systems.

  16. watch illegal immigration demographics, voter fraud, gerrymandering soros rigged voting machines, with all these shenanigans Trump still wins. Hillary got 3 million illegal votes and Trump still won

  17. The Democrats must now be Purged from American Politics. Yuan Williams is just a mouth piece for the Democratic Propaganda Machine and I wish that someone would wipe the Smug look of his Face.

  18. From what I have observed, gen Z kids, so kids born after 2000 are a some of the most conservative bunch I've seen in a while. In my opinion this is the last chance for socialism to try to take over America.

  19. So… this brain damaged college student donated half of her bank account to support Warren….

    This explains why college debt is a huge problem for women college graduates…. because they can’t seem to understand that you have to pay LOANS back.

  20. GG is the best. He makes learning about Leftists scum fun again!
    Poor Juan….I don’t know what to say…poor Juan…that’s all I can say.
    Poor Juan.

  21. I'm a broke student with a load of "student loan debt" with a 4 year degree in "multiple gender studies and the effects of the lesser amazon swallow on vegan economics 1982-1983"……. Get in because I will never pay off my loan with a useless degree that will see me flipping burgers or cleaning your multiple mansions…

  22. The Democrats in the House of Representatives claimed election tampering over Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden in the hoax impeachment, but this requires proof. Where is Biden, the one who is losing his way as a former vice president at the New Hampshire primary, whose better days are behind him? Meaning, the Democrats claimed tampering without even choosing Biden, he is not in the campaign, nobody is choosing him, and the hoax continues.

  23. If these candidates cant run an election campaign without a tight budget restriction and an equal playing field then how can any of them be trusted with the National budget? Elections are not won they are bought!

  24. Bernie is NOT the issue! Lets say he does win through and then take the presidency – how long will he live? can he survive 4 or even 8 years? So when all is said and done i fear the possible take over of someone younger and more militantly communist, that is set in office via the vice presidents job IF Bernie was to be successful and then pop his clogs its his running mate you really want to scrutinise!

  25. Bernie or Trump are the only two I am voting for. I am done with identity politics. I don’t care what you LOOK like, I care what you THINK like!

  26. The last Republican to get well over 20% of the African American vote was Nixon in 1972. Trump could get more than this

  27. The amount of people in these comments that don't understand that Sanders is at war with the DNC is staggering. The DNC isn't leftist, it is staffed by centrists and corporate goons. It was bought by Clinton in '16 and bought by Bloomberg in '20, and will be bought by some other rich centrist in '24.

  28. I bet you e/warren is lying about this $6 story. Just like all the other lies she has told. But of course CNN does not pin her down on this outrages story

  29. In 160 short years, the democrat party managed to found their own country, elect their own president, and wage a war on American soil, to not even being able to manage a box full of votes.

  30. Trump is a moron who doesn't know anything. He tilts at windmills and thinks the Chiefs are from Kansas. He defends dictators and dismisses our allies. If you want to live under a dictatorship, thengo ahead and vote for grump.

  31. Marx: Socialism's only goal is communism…BS is conducting scientific socialism…process by which he convince people that someone else has prevented you from Prospering.

  32. Why didn't Warren give some money to that student since she didn't pay for her college tuition since she didn't pay for hers because she is an American Indian. What a FRAUD!

  33. Lots of republicans feared Trump last time, but after four years he has done as promised and that is why he will win again.. Especially with his growth among minorities. If it keeps going up he will win a land slide.

  34. The Democrat's best plan is to accept the loss, use the opportunity to get rid of anyone who is a liability, and plan for the 2024 election. That would include working with Trump for the next four years and racking up some accomplishments so that the next Republican can't call them do nothing Democrats. But between now and then they need to really clean house. Get rid of the radical socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders and the crooked old guard like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff. They need fresh candidates who are more centrist and who can look like the adults in the room. And this ridiculous hatred for the president is only backfiring. The only good message they can have is to acknowledge Trump's accomplishments and to outline how they can take things to the next level. But I don't see them doing that, and things will only get worse for them.

  35. A lot of people call CNN " clinton news network " well I call it " Communist news network "
    and to disrespect her I didn't capitalize her name, I'm evil I know >:3
    Also I really want a Trump 2020 flag to put in my yard, I'ma start saving now 😀

  36. Greg isn't right — Warren taking photos is good. It shows she relates. Those people will post that picture on social media. That's good publicity. It's just too little, too late for Pocahontas, but it's not a bad strategy at all.

  37. you know your party's in trouble when the 2 best candidates you have for nomination are a billionaire who doesnt know what side of the fence he's on and doesnt even have a message and a socialist who doesnt even have an actual plan to account for the deficit-crippling programs he wants to implement

  38. Why aren't any of the dems candidates getting Oscar Awards?? Best performance for a rich white female fleecing a poor one. Bernie could definitely get Best performance for his role as a crazy old man! The entire democrat political machine could get best "acting like you have any ideas whatsoever". I think every dem who doesn't beat Trump, which will be basically all of them, should at least get an honorary Oscar. Who's with me?!

  39. Latino Victory Fund in Nevada is backing Biden…lolololol…while being funded by George Soros and his Illuminati buddies…lololol. Someone please please please tell me how Soros is still walking around free???

  40. Trump Haters, Juan Williams, Neil Cavuto, and Jessica Tarlov should follow and join their comrade Shepard Smith who left Fox for MSNBC…."Birds of the Same Feathers should Flocked Together."

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