Gutfeld on Bernie’s comments about China

Gutfeld on Bernie’s comments about China

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  1. Wait a minute. There are only 300 million people in a lower middle class making around the equivalent 1$16 to 30,000 a year. There are a billion poor people!! Don't let them fool you. There are a billion poor people in China. There is NO HUGE middle class!!

  2. if you want to know what it is like to live/work in China for a normal person, watch American Factory! Which, ironically, was done by a film company produced by the Obama's!

  3. Fox news distorting the facts and ignoring the issues facing most Americans and the world. Corporate news has no regard for human life, profits before people. Fox news, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  4. Sad Juan trying to defend the indefensible ! I really feel sorry for him, I think he is a smart guy but common sense & logic are not part of him

  5. I’m sure Bernie wouldn’t have a problem with population reduction in our country as a way to make it his vision of Utopia. Isn’t it funny that an atheist like him can’t even be honest enough to admit that he has a God complex even though he would claim that the real God doesn’t exist even though it’s obvious by the complexity of this world and even in a schmuck like Bernie that the Lord does exist.

  6. China stole our money
    Let see what they can do on the own
    Let's see how long they last
    Time for each country take care of their self
    Maybe we should all mind our on business
    We can't run our own country clean out your own house
    Bernie needs to get his own house in order

  7. I think Juan’s just playing devils advocate at this point because there’s no way he hasn’t been red pilled yet hanging out with these guys all the time.

  8. Remember in socialist Russia all of the rich people had whatever they wanted and all the poor people had nothing?
    Remember how Bernie has a Ferrari, because capitalism, but preaches socialism? Same difference

  9. As opposed to US who simply incarcerates their poor and… wait, has their star-spangled capitalism erased poverty from their realm yet? No? No kidding?

  10. Guttfield is funny. Perino is a bit of a phony. She acts all righteous and then goes on the View to promote her book. That demonstrates a lack of integrity IMHO. Juan should work at McDonalds. He has no business on TV. He is a lacking common sense.

  11. I like how this show has a diversity of opinions and thought, unlike other networks. To understand where another person is coming from, listen to their opinions, even if you don't agree with them.

  12. I know this is wrong, but I couldn't help but be distracted by Dana stroking her cup with her thumb next to Gutfeld. Wow . . . . OK . . . I'm sorry, but just . . . wow


  14. Sure, go to China, get accused of a crime, then oh wow now you are an organ donor! Such a happy life under a socialist system where we don't have to waste time with basic human rights!

  15. If they thought they would come out of it with to much loss, China would attack us one way or another. Right now it's taking over hollywood.

  16. It is interesting to have Juan here. Not everything he says is bs and it is important to hear what motivates leftists.
    I'm a die hard conservative but I also believe we have to be careful with how we treat our planet and mankind through sensible economic system. Free market is good for normal people but it becomes a problem with big companies. They are the main cause for health/pollution/monopoly problems and the harm mankind as well as nature. Too big, they become our masters rather than our servants.
    See what is going on with Silicon Valley Big Tech.

    As for China, don't reduce it to Communism as it was wrong to reduce Russia to the Soviets. China is a very ancient civilization and it has achieved many great things throughout history. Communism doesn't explain everything that happens in China. The Chinese are very disciplined, clean, organized, hard working, smart and descent. Their regime is not tough because of communism but because this is how they have always worked even during the imperial era. As Asians, they are not under the influence of Roman judiciary culture, Greek philosophy and Christian values which are the corner stones of Western civilization that has generated democracy, the common law, the habeas corpus and the universal human rights declaration.
    And don't forget Hong Kong is a part of China once colonized by the Brits just like Kuwait is a part of Iraq which has been artificially separated from it by Westerners in the early 20th century (cf Sykes and Picot) it was wrong to see as a peaceful country attacked by Iraqi vilains and therefore send US troops to fight for its freedom to the cost of their lives.
    In other words, America should care for itself and keep being a great nation by its own rather than minding others business. Let America stop sending factories to China and let America stop producing stuff in China to sell them to Americans who lost their jobs because capitalist companies prefer to have communist Chinese work for lower wages. Feeding communist China and then complaining about it is irrelevant to me. And mocking China because it is ruled by communism while refusing to acknowledge its many successes is a big mistake. Don't go undermining such a major nation if you don't want it to keep growing and maybe be unstoppable. Even America may learn lessons from such an adversary.

  17. In communist China they control how many babies a family can have so far is one. So tomato sanders wants family control but not only in American but also 3rd world country and we will pay for it. I think sanders really need a brain surgery. Please someone get me a surgeon! Any one?


  19. China’s so called Reform and Opening is a scam to cultivate and then harvest private and foreign capital to feed state-owned enterprises. Private entrepreneurs are chives awaiting harvest. The trap is closing and anyone who has not offshored his or her assets should do that immediately.

  20. China help thier poor by stealing our money on tariffs after we rebuilt thier entire country after they started war with us that made no sence they should of been ours for ever they started the war we finished and won it we should own china whoever's made that deal was a complete idiot and should be strikin from the books of history

  21. The scariest thing to hear is.( I am from the government and I am here to help you.)

    Remember this when the people we elect decide how our lives are to be lived.
    When we lose All our freedoms. Once we lose freedom we will never get them back.

    Be a true American and always know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights..

  22. Yes. China has taken measures to relieve poverty. With the prediction of imminent famine, China mandated couples to only one child. And since the culture values boys more than girls, many parents disposed of their baby girls in hopes of raising a son instead. That inevitably resulted in a shortage of brides. Not all solutions are humane or wise. Some are worse than the problem itself.

  23. There’s five or six nations that owns big debt to China and never can be payed ,Pakistan ,Sri Lanka ,Maldives and Motonegro are four and demonRats support China over the US people that is evil ,maybe they got shares in the empty cities ,Trump Pence 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  24. china haha yeah by just killing people or changing numbers. lol bernie is a communist. send him to the chinese shatshow and let him get thrown into a reeducation camp. see if loves that crap country after that

  25. Why do they still have the DemonRat Fucktard???? Juan Is as Stupid as Using a Rotary Phone On The Space Station… IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The only reason why China has becoming reach. That's because American's jobs were shipped over there. China was getting rich USA was getting poorer. The party is over

  27. I own a wrecking yard and I have seen profits plummet over the last 20 years because of Chinese cheap knock-off Imports!
    Keep the tariffs coming Trump you got my vote!

  28. Keep discussing China's anti-poverty movement negatively. The numbers tell the fact that more and more Americans are falling below the poverty line while China has lifted more than 800 millions people out of poverty. Who cares about communist or capitalist? A government cannot address its own poverty issue is not a good government.

  29. China's numbers are inflated and recent because they're only just now catching up with the modern world, after years and years of wallowing in Maoism.

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