Graham: Trump will bring Irianian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues

Graham: Trump will bring Irianian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues

46 thoughts on “Graham: Trump will bring Irianian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues

  1. T Rump making America great again he is what we would call in OZ a knob polisher or sausage squeezer – a lying murderer – is this bloke Billy Graham in drag? US reasonable what a croc of cockadoodledo

  2. America provoking Iran and for no reason but to try and do their New American century agenda! But as what happened in the Indo China peninsula … America lost! In this region they will loose again.

  3. "We're not the bad guys".
    Well, you guys are somewhere you shouldn't be.
    Invading other countries and then play the "we're just defending ourselves-card" when they retaliate.

  4. ‘’He was planning to attack’’ (he didn’t even exited the plane) guess we have e new Jesus who can see the future.

  5. USA can level Iran or any country in that region to the ground if they want to. But what happend after the war is the real problem. It will end up like Iraq or Afghanistan where instability is high making it a breeding ground of terrorism. What would you feel if you are the weeker country and some stronger country invaded you and do their will agaist you. No nation on earth remained in power as history has proven.

  6. Colin karpernick embodies the American dream. You can be useless, ridiculous, unintelligent and provide no service to your community or country but still be a millionaire off of branding and tweeting. God bless America.

  7. Do you know why biracial adults like Kaepernick choose to identify with their black lineage and not their white? Because there's no benefit of being white, no privilege.

  8. Great plan forward. Put it out there and lets get a dialog going with them. I worked with those people and gotta say they are fantastic folks.

  9. Iraq has their own gov't and sovereignty ,and its not for Lindsay Graham to speak for Iraqi and Iranian people…US troops in Iraq is a threat to Iran , and not Iran as threat to America…Pompeo is all arrogance of US superiority , and all out for war with Iran…Trump suddenly became a marionette of the deep state, as threatened with treason impeachmen for supposedly not protecting the US Embassy and personnels in Iraq …planned attach on US embassy definitely did not came from Iran.. then source came in that Israel did the plan of taking out Soleimani.

  10. Hey all super imperial leader… about we send Don jr ,Eric and build some trust……stop selling our troops…..youre a shitty president….and NEVER a cowboy…..youre just an IDIOT

  11. How to resolve the progressive AOC… drop her off in the middle of Iran, so she can do her fact-finding while attending Qasem Soleimani funeral.

  12. Basically CIA just made Trump hand over Iraq to Iran. Now they got majority in Parliament and voted out troops must go. If they won't it's gonna be a lot of American corpses cummin back, Lol.

  13. Didn’t the US provide arms to Iraq when they invaded Iran? Didn’t that war result in one million deaths? Proud American here but I don’t trust our military industrial complex or any Islamic Theocracy.

  14. We only have one president and its not Lindsay Graham. He is a John McCain knockoff. If Trump says no regime change, which is why we support Trump, so no thanks to regime change Lindsay Graham.

  15. Iran: "We have China and Russia. US has no one!"

    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
    South Korea
    Commonwealth of Nations
    ↘ "are we a joke to you?"

  16. Trump STOPPED a war from happening not from STARTING; Trump did NOT send waves of soldiers with orders from OLD GENERALS; he blew up AN old general with a flying machine and NOT with ANY US soldiers!

  17. As far as we concern Lindsey Graham has no personality, he and Trump endangering American people to stay in power.

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