Graham says Trump can run on a record that Democrats can’t refute

Graham says Trump can run on a record that Democrats can’t refute

100 thoughts on “Graham says Trump can run on a record that Democrats can’t refute

  1. The economy would be great whether trump was president or not. All presidents like to take credit for the econonmy, like their the ones creating new products and innovations for growth.

  2. Finally, the current editor of Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, told us a few days ago that the American justice system had added a new document to the file of Julian Assange. This piece specifies that non-American citizens cannot benefit from the first amendment to the American Constitution, which protects freedom of expression and freedom of the press!

    FREE JULIAN!!!!!!! SIGN THE PETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. No Vindmen is a Bad Actor… He was a real Anti Trump Whistleblower. You are never exempt from answering Questions because you Wear a US Military Uniform. Decorated or not You can't Lie about Anything. You belong to The People!

  4. Graham is absolutely correct – no one has ever lied as many times as trump has. And then there are all of you cowardly Republicans that set records for being bestie boot-lickers.

  5. Lindsey needs to keep his focus on investigating the investigators…Republicans deserve some justice now..we do not want to wait for Durham…get with it! I agree with Chuck Dalton below.

  6. SO sick of this finger in the wind Graham, as soon as things look bad for Trump, Graham is always one of the first too turn his back on the President.

  7. Trump will win in 2020 but he will need to win the house to be totally successful and to be the best second term president ever!

  8. After the impeachment, LG was interviewed by one
    of the Hox anchor.
    The anchor told him after 3 years plus of coup d'etat,
    false accusation, what is he going to do about the evil Dems ???
    LG nodded his head to ensure actions will take place.
    BS – as we all can see, Team – Repubs will not do anything,
    just allow the evil Dems to continue their coup d'etat.

  9. Amazing. This man does not have the ability to tell right from wrong. Well, buckle up America. Thanks to spineless Republicans, we're in for one hell of a ride.

  10. The President is so great am expecting him to admit Everything about the impeachment in a few months.. Lol. He already admitted Everything about Guiliani..

  11. I'm so happy that I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm so happy that I'm not participating in this election cycle and all future elections. I can definitely sleep very well at night. Nothing keeps me up at night. I have No Worries. The Political System is a corruptive system and both Parties are meant to divide the country rather than unite the country. To them Bi Partisanship is a dirty word. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are deceptive to the American People. And voting is a big waste of time!!!! They definitely made my decision to not participate in this election cycle and all future elections so much easier. So I'm thankful towards both parties for being egotistical assholes. Without them my decision wouldn't be complete. God Bless my Freewill. Thank God and Goodness for my Freewill.
    ✌👽✌ ✌🤖✌ ✌🌝✌ ✌🙂✌

  12. It's so refreshing to hear that "some" of our elected officials REALLY do understand what's going on with the interior political coup!

  13. Well ,, Graham is correct about not being able to refute ,, all of the crimes ,, lies and vindictiveness of trump ,, he has manged to tear the states to pieces ,, no refuting that Mr Graham ,,,, trump sounds like dictator up there in that rally ,, thank god there is only 10 months left in his pathetic presidency ,,

  14. Actually, to me, a person in uniform should very much be held to a much higher standard than anyone and our politicians should be holding them accountable and to a much higher standard than you or I are held to.. why? Because the FBI, CIA, NSA, these government organizations with tons of capital and lifelong positions sometimes have a lot of power and access to government officials and to secrets that can influence policy and election races.. We don’t let a President serve more than 8 years because the longer one is in power the stronger they become and the easier it is to use and abuse that power.. look at Obama and Hillary’s abuse of power and he was only in for 8 years.. Congress needs term limits to imo, but at least they are part of a body and not a single power position.. so the individual has more power than a Congressman, and while Congressmen tend to be Washington insiders, Presidents a lot of the time are Governors or military personnel, or Private citizens, so they are not as in trenched as Congressmen are..

  15. I can’t come to understand how people could dislike a president that boosted our economy and dropped the unemployment rate record low.

  16. Can someone let the President know that the Canadian Government is harboring terrorists…they have masks so I assume they are terrorists there is a pic of one on CBC News….our railways and streets are blocked off and they are holding everyone hostage from recieving goods and services! And our government is doing nothing! The families and children are gonna run out of food if this keeps up any longer!

  17. Democrats gambled and lost. They followed Hillary Clinton's foot steps, looking expensively for political fault in Trump. Now the party is no longer relevant. It is a dysfunctional Joker.

  18. Excellent points by Graham. Agree, adversaries could well try and sabotage Trump's election chances, so be on your guard. Nonetheless, Trump will have to revisit his MidEast deal and continue to build consensus around a peace roadmap

  19. We can refute it because we know the truth. Unfortunately, right now your talking to your low information constituents. Go on a real news channel and try to have the same discussion. Pete, Bernie, Gabby aren’t afraid of Fox News you feckless coward.

  20. This man speaks powerfully. He’s one perfect reason not setting term limits is a good idea, while Nancy, on the other hand, is not. The loony left has let power get to their heads. The devil likes to whisper evil ideas to people like Old Nance. Bless her heart. She needs to calm down.

  21. If I don't see some real justice soon, I may not vote for Trump, what does it matter if the whole gd government is corrupt!

  22. Everybody raise your hand if you believe ONE PERSON will serve jail time for election fraud. ……….everybody else quit laughin.


  24. Imagine that. Mitt romney is on soros top 20 list of most donated to by george!!! George paid him off to vote against Trump. Vote em out

  25. Was Jesus a capitalist? I bet that question caused your pea size brain to explode. If he was and could feed that many people with the fish and bread and have leftovers don't you think he would of opened a restaurant? He was and always will be the greatest physician but why did he not charge for healing? If you haven't figured he was not a capitalist by those examples alone then it must be your to stupid to vote! Should make it a law (Pharisee) republicans can't vote. To put a habitual liar in the whitehouse is a sin that has no forgiveness… Did Jesus teach love or whoever don't agree with me I'll ruin his or her life. Sorry to inform you mentally sick people(republicans) I'll repeat what Jesus said. Those with ears let him hear……… Seek God or burn in hell forever… You Satan worshipers continue doing like you are… Jesus had a reason to say my flock shall be few!!! So most of you that call yourselves Christians are liars.. When your swallowed up by the lake of fire don't blame God like trump will do.. Put tbe blame on the spirit that's in the flames…. Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing. Trump and his evil followers, republicans,& soothsayers…. LIARS the whole lot of you. If you do not walk in the spirit you are not a Christian… Remember judge not and you shall not be judged??? See if your smart enough to seek the truth; HE THAT WALKS IN THE SPIRIT JUDGES ALL THINGS AND HE HIMSELF SHALL NOT BE JUDGED… HYPOCRITES !!!!!!!!

  26. Esau wants Trump to take um back to 1957 which is NEVER gonna happen as The Most High Yah is so busy taking um off this planet in so many different ways it's wonderful to watch. Don't make me name um cause I can if u try to refute it.

  27. Who gives a crap what the career politician says. Career politicians your time is up. TERM LIMITS as written by our forefathers. Time for warmongers like Lyndsey to go learn how to farm. Constitution or Bust!

  28. OMG. Graham says Biden is a wonderful person? Biden lies about Russia and gropes 12-year-olds. Get real, Graham. You're deep in the swamp. Stop defending the alligators! 🐊🐊🐊

  29. Every time I watch Elizabeth Warren she reminds me Rolling Stone Mike Jagger who comes to stage flipping her hands and throwing Hi-Fi. Have you watch her? She has one Black Jump suit at every venue. Only she changes her jackets. She must be stinking with her one black jump suit.

  30. Grahama Deep State/Crooked State Dept. CONSPIRACY THEORIES are constantly being debunked!! At this point they are propaganda lies. Wake up people you've been lied to on a MASSIVE scale!

  31. Still do not like Lindsey Graham-nesty. He goes with the flow. Can't turn sideways let alone turn your back to him….you'll get knifed. The elite want Trump out. They cannot control Trump. They can't blackmail him cause they got nothing and they HATE they cannot control him. They seriously never expected him to win and when he did, it messed up their plans.

  32. How much makeup did it take to remove the brown nose off his face. What a sniveling imbecile, not an ounce of respect.

  33. You cannot be involved in a political opinions wearing a us military uniform, unless you urself are running for it.

  34. When in power, if you do the right things, you don't need to beg anyone to vote you back. Dems seem to be begging for votes now, and its so obvious.

  35. I conclude that Lindsey Graham is a camouflaged hole. It sucks that this Right-leaning Leftist is the best that our President has to "defend" him and the rule of law.

  36. JENINE “BAD BREATH” PARROT was charged

    driving 119 miles per hour in upstate New York.


     SHE WAS





  37. Yes sir we see our country moving forward. God Bless you. Keep moving us forward. I am so sorry that Ms. Pelosi can not want to move our country (USA). We can't let more time for America to go bye. Listen to Ms. Candance Owens she is speak truth. Balancing it with a soft heart. God Bless you and our Country.

  38. Graham is a coward that is all talk and No action. If he can't put up (Launch investigations in the Senate) then he needs to shut up, and stop saying things that he isn't man enough to back up.

  39. I'm just an ordinary guy out here making a living in flyover country. This economy is sure as hell working for me. I'm making more money than I ever have and I have more money in my 401k than I've ever had in my lifetime all due to Trump's economic policies. No economy is going to work for every single person, but I think Trump's economy has helped more than any other president's economy and the Democrats absolutely refuse to acknowledge it, because Trump.

  40. Graham is lying just like the rest. He talking about Trump being impeached in 78 days but Clinton was impeached in like 71 days. Graham talking about the money spent on Mueller and it being a waste of funds because Trump was cleared… THAT'S A LIE. Trump was NOT cleared by the Muller Report in fact Mueller made sure to clarify that if that was the result he would have said so in the report. Attorney General Barr tried to lie about the meaning of the results saying it cleared Trump and that (Barr's position on the matter) is the same reason Trump didn't get charged with the obvious misconduct in the report. They tries to tell us a sitting President CAN'T BE CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL OFFENSE (Another lie) Clinton pled guilty to criminal charges. You can't plead guilty to something you weren't charged with. Furthermore Commendable Officer Vindman was treated like trash for speaking the truth as was witnessed by himself. The truth the Republicans in office wanted to hide just to keep face. They denied all parties that actually had the firsthand knowledge from speaking as witnesses. Where in the world does a legitimate hearing interested in the "TRUTH" deny all parties with firsthand knowledge of what really happened?? How can they lie with a straight face knowing its a lie??? Because they don't care and nor do they have respect for the country. The look like fools. But the Dems didn't handle it with any real intelligence. They knew the moves before it went down and still crossed the web. That's why new blood needs to be put in the position to lead. These people are too comfortable and have no fear of repercussions from breaking oath or public trust. It's embarrassing as a nonpartisan American. How can I be proud of this crap?? 2 military veterans as parents grew up on a military base and this disgusts me. Not to mention didregard Trump showed to military and federal workers when he held their livelihood hostage to get money to build a wall. Cartels use Tunnels, Submarines and aircraft. Reports show the majority of drugs come through legal points of entry. Like right through tge front door. I could go on forever the Republican party needs to be brought up in front of an ethics committee. Each and every single person in congress needs to have their Bar nembership and license reviewed for ethics violations. GRAHAM IS A LIAR

  41. Lindsay lollipop Graham what a creep ! Lindsay hates Trump much as Mitt Rommel does folks ! South Carolina vote this two face snake in the grass out of his Senate sit !!!!! Lindsay is part of the swamp ! Don't fall for his charm lady's !

  42. Dems accused Trump of their evil deeds. The more they accuse him, the more they expose themselves! It's so awesome to see these corrupt politicians trap themselves! God bless Trump. He's the best President that the American people have ever had!

  43. the democratic party of our grandparents died in the late 60's what is the now is a zombie so rauten the libs are falling off .

  44. Their all in this craziness together, Dems and Republican's want one world order, someone had to start it and it's Trump.

  45. Hey Lindsey remember this? “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party, he doesn’t represent the values that our men and women in uniform are fighting for.”

    The same senator also said: “I’m not going to get into the mind of Donald Trump, because I don’t think there’s a whole lot of space there…. I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.” – Lindsey Hypocrite Two Face Graham.

    How do you look at yourself in the mirror Lindsey? You have zero integrity, values or morals.

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