Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired

Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired

100 thoughts on “Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired

  1. STOP saying "the Ukraine".

    There is NO such country.

    It is ONLY Ukraine.

    There is no "the Canada". "The Germany". "The Spain". "The Brazil". "The China".

    Ukraine. Ukraine. Ukraine. Ukraine. Ukraine.

  2. Give these parasites term limits! When their term is up don't continue to pay them for life,..put them back out with everyone else. If you were a liar and a cheat, then you become a punching bag!! Good way to ensure these officials stay honest!

  3. They’ve been fooling the American people for so long and now trump is exposing them, so now they’ll do anything to get rid of him, I was expecting for Omar to be activated during the address and running with a bomb attached to her.

  4. Why is it that people don't believe Graham, we are tired of politicians just jacking there jaws do something graham, now your on the scrutiny list.

  5. Someone PLEASE prosecute Pelosi, Schiff and ALL the co-conspirators. This is a coup attempt like we have never seen in this country! I am far from a radical, but this is wrong and someone needs to pay, so it does not happen going forward. Please do not let this go away and disappear. This would not be allowed in any other country! What are our lawmakers afraid of? A deranged woman and her buddy from California? Please!!!

  6. Trump gets re-elected? If he does, we will make sure he will regret it. We Trump haters will get NASTIER! I will love to see USA cities under riots!

  7. We'll see , want we ? The Democrats do every thing for politics. They are and have always been hate filled people!

  8. I really like Graham but he has been in the senate for along time and this is the first time he has founded out that Hussein Obama and Biden were corrupt? So much for oversight! Nothing will happen folks!!!!!

  9. What are you democrats going to do when trump gets acquitted cry more tears really cant just stop and work together for the American people act like children very unprofessional

  10. hate to point the ol obama accusatory preachy finger at L. Graham but he is one of those "good ol boys".
    Poster child for term limits and why we must declare "lobbying" as bribery that it is.

  11. It seems to me we are in for one heck of a fight, but only time and right thinking on our part will overcome the Dems self imposed will against our president.

  12. Nancy..Ugly is FOREVER!
    Your plastic surgery and clown makeup will not cover up your evil and corrupted self..Hope you ask God for forgiveness because you will be meeting a fiery end 😈

  13. The reason this impeachment is a sham is mainly…President Trump didnt need to do ANYTHING to improve his chances to win because he has ALWAYS been the only clear choice for President and the democrats know that and thats why they are trying to get rid of him any way possible. They know they dont stand a chance running against him. They were talking of impeaching him since before he even got in office. It does not take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see this clearly.

  14. Nancy..your little rip up sturt was perfect…it told the Americans who you really are: disrespectful, no class and incompetent
    B…..Trump 2020

  15. Schiff's testimony under oath would have no more validity than when he's fabricating his infamous lies and parodies. He lies. That's what he does. He must be one of the most desperate of all the democrats now scrambling to protect themselves from having to pay for their careers of corruption. I now believe they are afraid of what their partners in corruption will do them when they lose their ability to continue manipulating law, public perspective and legal attention to benefit the hidden forces they've secretly partnered with. Their desperation seems to indicate a source of danger to them, greater than anything US law is likely to require.

  16. I don't understand, can someone please explain to me, how come Trump is always under the microscope and none of the democrats ever get questioned. What is it that I am not understanding?

  17. Why would we want Trump back in the white house he separated the the world so y'all letting him do what he want the world is in trouble this is a guy that don't believe in global warming😣😢

  18. Hey Graham, I will be voting against GOP candidates in 2020. You have gone off the deep end. Always considered myself a moderate, but you want to be so partisan, then you will not get my vote. Let the pieces fall where they may. I am only one guy, but the hell with the GOP.

  19. Congratulations on the biggest drone attack on the Constitution in history. Trump supporters, keep cheering idiotically while Trump looks down on you.

  20. Looks like you didn't get all republicans to vote not guilty. trump made a different type of history today congrats👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😅

  21. Its time to investigaate how Pelosi became so wealthy and hillary also! Its time to hold the democrats accountable for all the attacks they made on Trump.

  22. The last two impeached Presidents were impeached in their 2nd term. So, I do not agree with Graham. Trump will be impeached again and again if 50 seats are not taken back in the house.

  23. I'm not American, but I do have to say I like Fox News a lot better than CNN. They do tend to lean to the conservative view, but seeing that even a good source as TheNationalInterest is spouting Liberal-tinted drivel now and then (what a shame!) it's good to hear these voices of reason once in a while.

  24. So AOC will primary Chuck Schumer and become a that supposed to be a good thing for Republicans??????????

  25. You better hope that you and your crew are re elected after shitting on the constitution and covering up for a criminal . No witnesses no evidence . Seems like the democrats did such a great job the senate COULDN’T let anyone testify or submits evidence. America isn’t stupid . That’s why the state of the union numbers were so low. No one listens to trump but his base.

  26. Lindsay, Nancy will,still be speaker and the senate will be turned over. Lindsay you should be ashamed of yourself for going after Joe Biden. You yourself have said he is the a good man with tears in your eyes . How do you change like that .,what does trump have on you.

  27. When is the next installment of the Trump Derangement Show Starting ? It's been nearly a day since the last episode ended .

  28. Thank You Maria!!! You lit a fire under his butt, it so needed to be done. Enough dragging out the process. Like a band-aid, it just needs to be ripped-off and check what's under neath. You really are a hero fighter for America! I have been watching your show for factual news for years. Thank you patriot for simple truth. The good, the bad, and the ugly; now we can go about fixing it. May God's light shine upon you and you stay blessed.

  29. Graham is wrong!
    It will only end when they finally start arresting all the criminals in D.C.
    If they do not have consequences for their actions, It Will Never End!
    All the Dems are corrupt, Fbi, Cia, Nsa etc are corrupt too.
    When are the Real Criminals going to be held accountable?
    Being Fired or resigning while still being paid by the American Tax Payers, is NOT Being held accountable!!!


  31. COMMUNISM reigns in America thanks to Communist Dictator Kim Jong Trump and his GOP Communist party. Only spreading communistic propaganda tactics on their supporters to keep them loyal to Kim Jong Trump at all cost. North Korea and China would be so proud to have you all. Do what they they do, PUNISH, ATTACK, SILENCE, and use Retribution for all those Americans, ex Trump administration officials and patriots who dare speak out about Kim Jong Trump's corrupted administration regime!

  32. Look at every country that George Soros has meddled in. Hillary said, "We need more people like him." People need to look at the bigger picture. It is global tyranny and treason against the United States. What is agenda 21? Some conspiracies are real.

  33. Honestly I am so tired of Fox's support of the traitor Trump and the completely slanted coverage of the news that I am boycotting every "product" Fox sells. I will not watch any of their channels or anything created by Fox. I have always watched the Simpsons but know I will not even watch that. They program based on political beliefs so I have the right to block them for the same reason.

  34. I love how you people listen to Lindsey Graham now but did not believe him when he said Trump was a kook and unfit for office,

  35. How'd that 'impeachment' work out for ya Tlaib?? LMFAO at you [CORRUPT TRAITORS] Patriots taking OUR COUNTRY back. OUR TURN! TRUMP 2Q2Q EASILY

  36. I see a person that crapped on many others with his constant condescension…many bankrupsies with his and others money.failed marriages and a current one where his own wife shirks at his touch ..
    I see false bravado…I see vanity. I see many others not believing him…meaning congress and impeachment…I see him taking ownership of others successes…I do believe my eyes and ears, and I see suck ups like graham who flips his morals for whatever helps him politically and many other similar people. tRump just sucks

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