Gowdy believes House Dems want to punt impeachment to the Senate

Gowdy believes House Dems want to punt impeachment to the Senate

100 thoughts on “Gowdy believes House Dems want to punt impeachment to the Senate

  1. the feminist dems want Biden out of the race so that they can have a woman run –this whole thing is feminist rage against Hillary losing. but she lost fair & square.

  2. Fox News smh. Ruining conservatism a little more each day. Trump could probably shoot Trey in the face in the middle of Congress and not lose any of his supporters

  3. Amazing how once you start to investigate the democrats, they cry for impeachment and more investigation into trump! Seems to me like they’re getting scared the American people are finally going to see what snakes they all are.

  4. you can look at Shifty here and you can clearly see he's a liar you can see it in his face you can see it in his eyes you can hear it in his conversation she is a complete compulsive liar I can read right through him he is a puppet he enjoys the chaos in the corrupt system he's involved in he is the type that should be sitting in jail he should never be leading anyone in anything

  5. Road map this guys on a roundabout and doesn't know which ways he is going ,this guy couldn't lie straight in bed,he should be writing stories for Disney!what a low life human being he is!

  6. Now the Dems are pushing a Treasonous Witch Hunt and ALL Of America HAS TO OPEN THEIR EYES!! SCHIFF IS GETTING IN DEEP DOO DOO.

  7. This whole impeachment thing has tRump and the republicans rattled, think they are worried about where this will lead and how much more corruption will be revealed as more information is discovered. They have enough information already for an impeachment vote and they are just getting started.

  8. Presidents have always used the office for personal political gain. They fly Air force 1, complete with secret service support to campaign for re-election…

  9. "The Whistleblower" isn't one person. Adam Schiff is the ringleader. Next he'll say that Greta Thunberg will testify against Trump in front of his subcommittee because "How DARE you attack a child".

  10. The Democrats are doing so much damage to the respect foriegn governments may have had for the presidency. Imagine how much more could have been done to strengthen America. At this point no foreign leaders will want to work with Trump and they will wait to see if he may be impeached or voted out in 2020. We already know Democrats like John Kerry are working with foreign leaders against the U.S. It's time to stop the destructive Democrats.

  11. Finally!!!! The voice of reason. Tray Gowdy will base his information on the facts , he always does . Love it hate it that’s where we are

  12. What happened to our leaders passing litigation to help with the problems of the American people? Looks like President Trump is doing everything on his own. Way to go Mr Pres.

  13. CrazyAdam needs to be in an asylum. He is seriously Mentally ill! Or he needs to be arrested& tried for Treason. Adam Schiff is the Whistle Blower

  14. This whole political scene is just nasty, dirty and corrupt. It has become a detriment to quality of life in this country. We elect them and they do nothing but fight each other. A 3 day stay in a local hospital still can cost upwards of 20000$. I'm actually nervous about being in a traffic jam while being on a bridge. Hell, it's so old it may collapse. I could go on and on but I won't. My gut feeling is of being betrayed.

  15. So all you want to know is how many times have you scheisters been caught doing wrong and by who. What documents and such you need to twist and hide to protect your den of snakes. So keep trying to muddy the water to (you think) keep Americans in the dark on the truth.
    Americans know what your up to!

  16. The Demon-rats will slander anyone and anything that assists Mr. Trump from defending himself and they are trying to make him an unpopular and a useless leader. Its going to blow up in their faces. And they did it to themselves and will look good on them.

  17. Adam Shift is either smoking something or he have shift into crazy mold being that those eyes are full of plots and lies. they often gets larger the bigger the lies are. take notice… I kid you not.

  18. Heh, okay, the interesting changes in the Whistleblower law to allow this kind of complaint to be accepted. So, the Only Hearsay Evidence "complaint" person has all this protection. Now, that person still has to testify if they have knowledge and every single person that leaked to the whistleblower can face the federal charges.

  19. Rudy ILLEGALLY met with….That is the part people don't get. He is a PRIVATE attorney. All of the comments below bout the corrupt democrats, etc just demonstrate that people who watch crap like this and BELIEVE it do NOT understand Constitutional law and are falling for Trump's lies. NO ONE has the "right" to face a "whistleblower". That is why the complaints are anonymous-LAW. Bottom of the barrel reporting, I watch all news to get all sides.

  20. When you read these comments it is very clear that they have been written by the same person, same sentence structure and Grammer,

    Is their anything about MAGA nation that's real?

  21. I think the House Dems are missing their foreign bribes that they are not getting with President Trump in office… Just saying.

  22. a big sucking void of nothing, again. what was expected for giving Biden's son over $1billion to play with from China???? ignore the obvious

  23. The Dems are the party of slavery and are using sellouts to divide African Americans, Latinos and other ethnic groups to confuse and lie to our communities. Resist those be who promote slavery and separatism. Vote the out.

  24. Pencil neck Adam Schiff needs sharpen & must be arrest Adam Schiff for all liars!! Must change the new rule of law to punish garbage shifted Schiff for all the liar… Especially trying to hurt to impeach President for no reason!!  This is a traitors must punish traitors Adam Schiff & drain all the swamp out Gov!!

  25. "They wanna know…." I'd like to know if the bulging eyes of Adam Schiff are a sign of illness. I wish him no harm, but he does not seem well. Yeah, anyone in his job has a lot of stress; he should definitely be checked, sooner rather than later. There's something affecting the nervous system. Something is not right with Mr. Schiff.


    unfortunatley they cant quite remember the dates or times, the information has been passed on to CNN and NBC by some friends of the MOLESTED BOYS and that said they vaugley rember a person that looked like Shiff seen in thier school !!!!!!

  27. When are the American people going to get tired of the terrible waste of money the democrats are using to fund these bizarre complaints against our President. Why don’t they handle regular business of keeping our country running.

  28. That is the only choice they had . senate votes by midnight and its over for the fourth time. NOTHING NOTTA NOTHING IN 4 years have they done.

  29. Hey Trey BARR DOING a coverup like he did on the. Iran CONTRA FIASCO IN 1993. GOT THIS FROM HUTCHMAN SHOW. Nancy Pelosi wants the presidents job. If Trump and Pence are impeached NANCY WAITING IN THE WINGS. PLEASE TELL DT. THANKYOU. FIGHT THEM NOW ESPECIALLY NANCY. CAN YOU FIRE HER? LOL

  30. Volker was acting on orders from Trump.  Giuliani is a personal lawyer and, as such, can not speak on the behalf of the DoS.  This is a fact.

  31. America open your Eyes to the GOP corruption . They can't read or comprehend the Mueller report let alone a phone Transcript.

  32. BArr needs to get going on all the backlog of investigations of the Democrats. What! Are all the Dems Cinderellas and the Republicans Dastardly do Wrongs.?

  33. Joe Biden learn the game pay to play from Hillary Clinton. Why did Obama let Hillary Clinton sell 20% of the US uranium to Russia? Why was the Clinton foundation paid a 145 million dollars for 20% of the US uranium paid by Russia? Why would China invest 1.5 billion dollars into Joe Biden Son ?

  34. Funny how they helped lie about Hillary Clinton and got it pushed under the table when we all know she should have been in prison already.

  35. If you show a Trump supporter an apple and ask if it's an apple? They'll accuse you of being corrupt because clearly, it's orange.

  36. Is Gowdy that stupid or does he think Republican voters are? There are two parts to impeach a president. One, the Impeachment (indictment) is in the House, while the trial is in the Senate. There’s no punting in politics; that’s in football. Trump has said he’s asked foreign governments to investigate the Bidens, which is illegal. The transcript of Ukraine call proves all elements of a High Crime. Our FF would have tossed him out already.

  37. I can image what other country think about America…instead to investigate allegations against corrupted Biden Dems want to impeach Trump…where this country goes? What you can inspect if something happened to you if even President attacked for nothing

  38. If by chance you see this Mr President, we love you out here! I want to apologize for the way you have been treated so unfairly. Please don't give up.


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