(GoT) Jon Snow || The White Wolf

(GoT) Jon Snow || The White Wolf

I saw.. ..something take that child.. Whatever it was.. ..I dare say you’ll see it again Next time I’ see you, you’ll be all in black. It was always my color. Farewell Snow. And you, Stark. Are you a brother, of the Night’s watch.. ..or a bastard boy, who wants to play at war? All my life, I wanted to be Jon Stark.. ..but I swore a sacred vow at the Godswood. My place is here. I am the sword in the darkness, I am the watcher on the walls, I am the shield that guards the realms of men. Go on. Keep your shield up. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch. For this night.. ..and all the nights to come. It’s you and me.. that matters to me and you.. ..don’t ever betray me.. I know I love you.. ..I know you love me.. If the wildlings breach the Wall.. ..they’ll run over everything and everyone before they reach an army that can stop them. If you show too much kindness people won’t fear you, they don’t fear you they don’t follow you. With respect, your grace, the Free Folk will never follow you, no matter what you do. Who then? You? He lead the mission to avenge Lord Commander Mormont.. ..he may be young, but he’s the commander we turned to, when the night was darkest. But who does Jon Snow want to command? The Night’s Watch? Or the wildlings? The Long Night is coming.. Winter is coming. ..and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them the Free Folk can’t stop them the Night’s Watch can’t stop them and all the southern kings can’t stop them! Kill the boy, Jon Snow.. ..and let the man be born. My watch has ended. A monster has taken our home and our brother. We have to go back to Winterfell and save them both. If I do, if I fall.. Don’t bring me back. With me! Go! Go! Follow your commander! The runt of the litter.. ..that one’s yours, Snow. Snow. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. The bastard son of a traitor. Wear it like an armor, it can never be used to hurt you. I am not a Stark. What are you doing with that on? I’m going to miss you. I’m not a Stark. You are a Stark. You are to me. We never should have left Winterfell. Sword! Sword! Your uncle, Lord Commander Mormont.. ..made that man his steward. Yes, my lord. He chose Jon to be his successor because he knew he had the courage to do what was right.. ..even if it meant giving his life. You might not have my name.. I don’t care if he is a bastard. ..but you have my blood. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king, from this day, until his last day. The next time we see each other.. I never met my mother. ..we’ll talk about your mother. Lyanna! Lyanna.. Is that you? Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding.. He’s the Prince that was promised. ..he is the White Wolf. THE KING IN THE NORTH! (Chanting) Promise me, Ned.

100 thoughts on “(GoT) Jon Snow || The White Wolf

  1. Another great portrayal of a true character of GoT that should've been KING but chose his own PACK & PATH Jon snow king of the north

  2. 3:37 the song at this part is just WOW… im in tears everytime! So powerfull, thanx Zurik for all thoses great vidéo omg i can't stop crying

  3. Well I’m crying, Jon is my absolute favourite character from the show 😭❤️ what an incredible journey we’ve been through him, I cried so much when he died in S5, all of the starks are my favourite and though I love the name Snow, he’s always been a Stark to me, Robb was my other favourite the king in the north parallel broke me 😭💔 what a phenomenal video 💯

  4. If they just played this clip in the final episode it would have been the perfect ending to GOT. But they had to ruin everything and make Jon Snow an Aunty banging, Lover murdering & Dragon screaming imbecile. What a waste

  5. First viewing since series ended.

    This video is like a pilgrimage for those of us who love edits.

    May we forever return – and thank you, the best at what you do and what you do helps people so much more than the world yet realises.

  6. Well, he‘s cool and stuff but we all know there is just one great white Wolf… Gerat of Rivia☝🏻

  7. For fuck’s sake this hurts me deeply, all of this to be shipped off to the wall at the end ?! why resurrect him ? why all the fuss about being a Targaryen ? what the fu** were they thinking

  8. Well I guess his armor was broken when Sam told him the truth. Fucking Bran become king and what does this batard said why do you think I came all this way? Ya I remember pretty well he said it's time to tell him to Sam. I'd say it's time to broke his armor by telling him who he is so that Dany become jealous and he kill her at the end so that finally you Bran the fucking three Eyed Monster becomes king.

  9. Jon snow fought and survived in the battle of castle black, the massacre at Hardhome, the battle of the bastards, the mission beyond the wall, the battle of ice and fire, and the battle of kings landing

  10. "פי נמרה. שלה שיר כ"ה ".
    יוסף נראה מאושר.
    העוזר של המלך.

  11. I remember watching this video 3 years ago, thinking "wow. This is the most epic thing I have ever seen. Best show ever!!!". And now I've rewatched it and I'm crying. Crying because they RUINED season 8. They ruined Jon, they ruined Dany, they ruined the Night King, Bran, Tyrion, EVERYONE. I'm so mad. So, so mad. Fuck d&d. I'll never be able to watch GOT again.

  12. Mother of God, is to watch this video and I get excited thinking about everything that could be. And the bastards of DyD ruined the series and the character. I will never forgive writers. They have destroyed the world of GOT. Season 7 was "bad", but from 8×03 until the end is the worst written in history

  13. "אשמה אבא שללה
    יד ול 55 מדירה".
    "מי שבגד בנו אכל אותה". אלה המילים שאמרתי לדויד לאחר ההפוגה.

  14. شنو قصه هذا الحساب
    ينشر الفديو بالعربي والتعليقات كلها انكليزي 😂🤔🙄👋

  15. Lord commander of the night's watch, the king in the north, the resurrected, the white wolf, the prince that was promised. All of that amounts to the braindead sheep we got in season 8 who muttered two lines over and over again. One of the greatest journeys for a character in televison history ends in the most disappointing way possible. This video makes me so sad…. fuck D&D.

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