Giuliani slams Biden’s new push for networks to stop booking him

Giuliani slams Biden’s new push for networks to stop booking him

100 thoughts on “Giuliani slams Biden’s new push for networks to stop booking him

  1. What a difference 6 weeks makes:
    Giuliani has now hired a law firm to defend his shadow foreign policy behavior over the last 10 months with the two criminal Russians. Very sad to witness the steep fall from sanity & grace of 'America's Mayor'.

  2. Giuliani is protecting himself right now… but working to build cases rock solid. When the Pres is re-elected, and gets the House back (vote people, vote!) then…heads will fall!


  4. why did the towers both come down the same way?what are the chances…..ummm……zero….=inside job…..question stands..who could do that and cover it all up..a cave man?

  5. And about a month later, the true is coming out from honorable people like ambassador Taylor. The concerning take away from the majority of the comments is that people are eager to listen to the conspiracy theories of this con person. That is worrisome! Maria in her role is just pretending she has some resistance to make it look legit. How they manipulate info. So sad.

  6. Trump is a true genius, by not opposing this FAKE "impeachment"
    he is allowing the American people to see what justice will be like
    if they allow the Democrats take power. If someone dislikes you they can
    make a complaint and their name will be hidden from you. The Chairman of the "
    committee can bar you from bringing witnesses in your defence, he can stop your lawyers from asking questions of your accuser and hold prosecution meetings in secret. Your accuser can also make 500,000+$ for opening a "Go fund me" account.
    Now there is something to look forward to should they win your vote.

  7. I can't stand Maria talking over her guest and constantly interrupting him so much I would never ever want to go on her show. Shut her up and let her guest talk.

  8. Biden to Burisma. "Give my son a stipend and we'll look the other way and even protect you from investigation." You reckon?

  9. We need to make a three day national holiday when the crooks get prison…two days to celebrate and one to rest. Give everyone a break from ridiculous wasteful government spending for the last three years of investigating the President. The salary of crooks and the assets seized should be given to each household of citizens, $1K per family, and the rest to care for veterans. Justice Day in the middle.

  10. Why is it okay for Congress to straight out LIE to the American people, BUT if anyone lies to Congress they go to jail? It should go BOTH ways!!

  11. When the Dems brought up Ukraine and corruption I just thought it was unbelievably dumb. Hillary hired them and they delivered. Biden is involved with Collusion and Bribery. Amazing that the Dems would bring up Ukraine…

  12. Russian newspaper was written aboutt jo biden coruption exact and Tacheles media say howmuch money exactly he get from ukraina china

  13. Dangerous Personalities) that you should watch for: 

    He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
    Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or brilliance.
    Demands blind, unquestioned obedience.
    Requires excessive admiration from followers and outsiders.
    Has a sense of entitlement  These all appear to be characteristics of the President. THINK ABOUT IT

    An “Us vs. Them” attitude prevails. Outsiders are viewed as dangerous or enemies. This turns members’ focus outward, reducing the chances they will spot problems within the cult. In addition, viewing others as enemies is used to justify extreme actions because of the “dangers” outsiders pose.

  15. Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's son, & Romney's son; do you see the Pattern of Corruption here?

    Corrupt news should be illegal.

    Obama Spied; TRUMP Thrives! MAGA FREE

  16. Maria is shouting out of frustration as to WHY nothing is happening from the Senate and the justice dept. in spite of all this stuff coming out about the Corruption coming about the Obama gang of thieves.

  17. I really appreciate that Giuliani is very intelligent and passionately supportive of our President but I wish he would stop interrupting when being interviewed because it's very hard to follow the conversation that way.

  18. Biden could care less about rudy, he a fart in the wind, and probly on his way to prison for influence peddling in an election He keeps going on websites printing documents that have been debunked. He is certifiable. B.S. artist.

  19. AG Bar spoke at the Federalist Society National Lawyers convention where he laid everything out that was going on. The story was carried by Fox Business. Watching the story could answer a lot of Maria's questions.

  20. Now she sounds like Chris Wallace, panicked, desperate, Maria sounds like she has high anxiety. Is she responding to the Disney effect, turning FOX into a MSM station.

  21. The media covered it up, I saw all the things he tried to do, nobody wanted to put it on the media because they want to remove the president!! All the people involved she get arrested!!

  22. I can't believe the ignorance. Biden is video out of his own mouth his corruption, his collusion, his ONLY involvement in bribery. Trump on the other hand with video said he is going to uncover corruption domestic and foreign. Is this women stupid or something, like a liberal thinker.

  23. The impeach trail is a diversion and a scam to steal our tax money joe Biden and others are crooks and dishorner our fallen heroes that gave their lives for the country.

  24. STOP giving this scum bag air time, The Dems are js looking for attention. They want us to think they have power and mean anything to this country.

  25. Theres a few things here that the deranged are too stupid to comprehend.
    Since trump wasnt going to play “political ball” that allows the swamp to stay wealthy while not solving any problems, they have this self preservation triggered. They want him gone before the american public realize that common sense can/will fix most of our problems. Unfortunately many of us are too stupid to understand this and support the deep state. way to go

  26. we have som much information against corruption, and corrupted politicians, that is good, what is no good, is that there is nobody using this information, to bring these this corruption to its knees. the news about it is excellent, but it ain't so good if there is no action against it. it is as if everything into this matter is a theater. just like the impeachment.

  27. We want to see them prosecuted already put there treasonous traitors politicians in jail already for heaven sake American's demand justice for these rich corrupt politicians

  28. What a shame that most who interview have these HUGE EGO'S they're so insecure that by letting the guest speak, THEY look weak…so foolish, listen and the guest speak!!!

  29. Wow Even Smart True Americans Middle Class know that these Dirty Democrats are Covering up for Biden and Hunter Cause we all know Obama had his hands in it ..Money Greed Corrupt is what these Democrat s are ..They don't like President Trump because He is Cleaning out there Corruption ..Fox News has 2 Democrats Running Fox Management And so if These Fox News Maria and them want too keep there Jobs they have too Be pushy and interrupt ..Soro tells Obama what too do ..Soro Runs the Democrats and the Antifa News And all ..These Democrats live off the True Americans and other Countries too Get Rich ..Maria I think you are Drinking too much Coffee your too loud And too Excited of Something My God take A Breath ,calm down ..

  30. I know for a fact that most of the American citizens working for $10 An hour have known that eventually that christians like Rudy Giuliani were going to be attacked an undermined by people within the Democratic Party due to those who were funding the party from the New York bankers union that have always hated Christians like GIULIANI an Trump. When Adam Schiff showed up we all said here we go again with another BIG time crucifixion and that was 10 years ago !!!!

  31. So sad the American government seems like a laughing stock around the world who supposed to be world leaders. The democrats are a evil bunch of idiots. Outside america

  32. Biden has been given special award by Honourable President Obama at the end of his Presidency. Was there any change in his credentials after that.

  33. Rudy Giuliani is a blatant liar when he says , Joe Biden is guilty of corruption . When in fact he's the
    guilty one. He knows
    that his involvement in
    Ukraine was unscrupulous and corrupt . He's being
    investigated as I speak
    and will be held accountable for his actions . Doubt it , and on that day and in that
    moment you'll know it
    true .

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