Giuliani rips ‘corrupt’ media, defends Trump’s calls for Biden probe

Giuliani rips ‘corrupt’ media, defends Trump’s calls for Biden probe

97 thoughts on “Giuliani rips ‘corrupt’ media, defends Trump’s calls for Biden probe

  1. Rudy Giuliani was paid $500,000 to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden was paid $50,000 per month on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm. Rudy’s associates who paid him are now in jail and Rudy is under heavy investigation for taking bribes and trying to interfere with a presidential election. Rudy Giuliani is the most despicable human being on this planet.

  2. U see Nancy Pelosi u got fox news calling u basically stupid because she is making the American people think u don't know what u r doing call for a vote on impeachment and get on with this and Trish fox news what do you tell your son who you just had on television not to long ago your news station is so unscripted until its unreal (.) Is going to bring ya'll down to the ground he really is y'all spill out these lies for popularity and money but one day u r not only going to answer to your God but what about your children I can't believe that ya'll would sink that liw until u uphold corruption

  3. “Allegation after allegation”

    Pathetic. He’s supposedly a lawyer. A whole bunch of allegations over many years is just a whole bunch of allegations.
    If they were real, there should be something more than allegations.

  4. Each Sunday it’s proclaimed, “This is our weekly look at the stories behind the stories, on how the media really works, how news gets made”…

    I don’t expect to ever be invited to appear on anyone of the Sunday morning chat show, who among their staff have clean hands, that does not dye their hair.

    On CNN’s Reliable Sources and Fox News Media Buzz, as far as I can tell have never done an in depth story on the proliferation of hair dying among journalists and politicians that regularly appear on their networks, that would be too much like, “biting the hand that feeds them”, is not going to happen, ever.

  5. God please look over our proud patriotic president. This president has exposed things that the main stream media has egnored. Shameful. Stay safe Mr. President and the people who believe in you.

  6. Politics Monday, a weekly segment on the PBS Newshour with Amy Walter and Tamara Keith, just because they are women it does not mean that they have to appear hair dyed and greasy lipped, its way pass time for serious female television journalists to appear more like humans instead of someone’s very narrow vision of what all women on television must look like…

  7. it is very obvious when a president's political opponent's being exposed is hinged on hundred of millions of dollars, you can bet your arse thy are going to dig up some dirt, true or not. No doubt the media is corrupt but it doesn't change the obvious which is that our president involved a foreign power to meddle in our domestic affairs AND attack our own FBI. There were so many other ways a person of honesty and integrity could have exposed our problems but they use it for their own gains.

  8. Fox is clearly selling out to the deep state and is corrupt. These people in the media need to be hold accountable. We know mistake are made but the media is deliberately miss leading the public and there for are not protect under the constitution.

  9. Why do they let this guy control the platform. He just let's him over talk even over a break🤦‍♂️…Whose conducting the interview?Why does it seem like the Interviewer is being interviewed 🤨?

  10. Fox News Howard Kurtz, host of Media Buzz, voiced irritation at Stephen Colbert, that used a segment of his program with the appearance of Rudy Giuliani being shushed, all three of these black dye head entertainers must learn to be more tolerant of each other, especially when poking fun on television…

  11. Thiis guy needs to shut up when his guest speaks and not distrupt Rudies train of thought. I have to go, out of the conversation in mid stream. Disneys new Fox aquisition, showing up the new management style. Rudy got the information through to the public. He understands what they are doing and talks over the top of this interviewer. Like many other Trump supporters are now doing.

  12. Howie looks sick when he's called out as being one of the press corps who is covering up Biden corruption. He changes direction constantly to deflect, Rudi refuses to be sidetracked. These puppets are freaking out..great to watch.

  13. Even PBS is into pushing impeachment claiming you should believe only one side and not accepting comments. This is a tax paid media.

  14. Biden became a candidate after Giuliani started investigating him? Hmmmmmmm. Even Obama didnt want him to run. This host is toast.

  15. Awesome work.., Rudolph Giuliani just made me like to watch this report. Giuliani sir.., You own this show. ✊✊👍👍☝️☝️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  16. Lot of Reporters are so dumb like this one and don’t listen. Way to go Mr Giuliani, you’re awesome 👏 💪♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸

  17. What’s it matter if it’s political, that how killery has gotten away with her corruption, A crime is a crime, Biden is as dirty as obama, these crooks robbed America and Americans and these media useful idiots as they like to put it’ won’t even look at these crimes because they are a corrupt media, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, These flunkie Talk shows, The view, who’s view( the stinking dems view, Arrest and imprison all these swamp and sewerage creatures, They are evil these media and corrupt dem and rino repubs

  18. Wow WIND RUDY UP ONCE IN AHWILE😁 If Dems ever call upon Rudy in their Impeachment they will surely give in to him. Oh Happy Day,The Best Is Yet To Come.

  19. Just reading about the life of Giuliani and how in the 1980s he did brilliant work against organized crime. Wow, this is a case of the gamekeeper turned poacher. How long it will be before Giuliani, like Roger Stone today, will be heading to prison?


  21. This is getting crazy and very corrupt where devils are trying to ruin Trump, now they are holding unconstitutional hearings!!! Schiff needs to be removed immediately, why is he getting away with dictating a shonky hearing? The military should be in there!! It;s wrong on every level what they are doing to the greatest President ever! I'm watching from New Zealand and this is such a terrible scandal and I cannot believe they are allowed to carry on this way for 3 years!!! Something has to give!

  22. Isn't better to find out about any corruptions a presidential candidate has before he/she becomes a serious presidential candidate? Biden believed he'd be immune from 'discovery' while running for president, like Hillary was – guess what? No more 'cover ups' Uncle Joe.

  23. You know what? We the People think we are being taken for a RIDE by Trump. The Republicans are the Victims, of trump, we have dug ourselves in so deep we are drowning. Trump lies till Republicans defend him, then he admits his wrong doing, the Republicans have so much egg on their face, they can't see how Trump is manipulating them. They have fallen for the CORUPT MEDIA, The Conspiracy Theory, The Biden Theory, The Clinton Theory, till they are under water. There is a enough truth in the Theories to fool the Public, our Government, and the World. Nothing these Theories have done compaires to what Trump and Giuliani have done. It is time to heal, and take our Punishment by Impeaching Trump and sending Giuliani to Jail.

  24. Howie asks a question and then doesn't want to hear the answer 'cause it doesn't fit the media's narrative. Shame on Fox. I love that Rudy refuses to shut up.

  25. Looking back, Howie deserves a lot of credit. The questions were great and they worked Rudy up which is always good. But Howie was on the clock and Rudy was not. Fox should give them 3 hours and let them do it again.

  26. I don’t know about the journalist’s ethics but Rudy Giuliani has to be the most obnoxious interview subject on the planet. I worry that President Trump will be negatively impacted by this big mouth jerk that refuses to SHUT HIS CLAP TRAP.

  27. Ask questions but since he doesn't like the answers he keep interrupting. He probably though Giuliani wouldn't be able to recall something on the spot. Nope, he had the proof on hand.

  28. Bribery is "offering something of value in exchange for official action."
    Hence, why Rudy's client is guilty and will be impeached.

  29. Who is this clown FOX anchor that's protecting the corrupt Biden family?
    Ever think that this is exactly why creepy Joe ran for pres in the 1st place, even tho' Hussein told him not to, and that he would not endorse him?

  30. Trump is about to throw Giuliani under the bus. The trumpets like him for now watch the cat fight that is about to happen.

  31. That's to Rudy giuliani Trump's in trouble now. This is why they want to impeach Trump. He's Trump personal lawyer not attorney general. So it is investigation of Biden. Get this idiot to be replaced with someone else before Trump gets in more deep.

  32. Notice he interrupts the mayor each time the mayor speaks of evidence of Biden, democrat crimes.
    These so called 'news' people are such lying hypocrites

    Shut up, Howard as we all see you are trying to avoid any fact about the crooked democrats and Biden in particular

  33. LoL… He's holding the evidence IN his face an saying it's right here👈 And the mouth piece is stumbling over the script😖…lol..

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