Giuliani responds to Graham’s Senate testimony invitation

Giuliani responds to Graham’s Senate testimony invitation

100 thoughts on “Giuliani responds to Graham’s Senate testimony invitation

  1. It’s nice to see that this war is on the and so it should stay there.
    We all have been lied to now for too long if we just stop listening to the layers and look at our neighbours and realize that we are all the same so we really don’t need to hate each other.
    Let them do there own war and this time we get to watch instead of being the ones who fight and die.

  2. Are we going to get to hear from your guest? Please shut up and let us listen to what your guests have to say. It's a shame you have to ramble on when an intelligent person is trying to shed some light and give his valuable opinions

  3. Millions of tax payers money pouring into lawyers pockets for absolute shite ,, what's the matter with you yanks , why arn't you marching in your millions to support the best president you have had in the last 20 years !! This is the legal establishment filling their pockets with tax payers money , to cover up mass corruption within the American congress

  4. Boy Adam schiff's expression kind of looks like the guy who just left the diving board and realize there's no water in the pool

  5. Guliani is Trump personal Attorney, NOT a Government official. Guliani is a Citizen, make him testify before Congress. PUT HIM where, Comey, and the rest of Trumps co-horts are.

  6. I do hope Giuliani advises Trump to NOT even think about legitimizing such a sham by "giving testimony under oath." What? Our president as supreme magistrate, must always STAND on the spirit of our laws and its equity principles. If the President were to comply with any of this despicable sham, he would just legitimize a sham and subvert the higher law that all are subject to!!! That disturbs me very much.

  7. I sincerely have great admiration and respect for these three individuals on this interview. What they have to say is fundamentally important to the order and good government of USA.

  8. Question: After all this CORRUPT is discovered and settled. Can SCHITTF and PUTOSI brought up for ANY CHARGES for this MOCKERY??????

  9. November 2020 elections will resolve America 's political problem when the Democrat Party is ABORTED. Obama and Hillary destroyed it, the people will abort the rest of it.

  10. These guys are truth seekers with big balls . Call out the liars and tell it how it is . God bless truth seekers and USA . Support from Scotland

  11. Everytime I hear Rudy speak, he sounds like he is suffering from dementia..his memory is terrible, and it gets him in trouble all the time..he is a huge liability!!

  12. Schiff has his own Constitution, the one in which Trump is guilty until proven innocent. Schiff should be in prison while he waits to be hanged. cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting

  13. Michael Atkinson is an idiot. George Soros is very connected to Fiona Hill.
    Somebody lock schiff up. He’s a moron. Tyranny is all democrats have……tyranny!
    Schiff needs to be put on the witness stand. He lied about phone call i watched and listened to him!

  14. Kinda weird, I wasn’t really a supporter. The way people speak about his dedication. I don’t think anyone has been that dedicated since Reagan. Say what you want, I think Reagan cared a lot.

  15. ICIG-Atkinson Changed WhistleBlower-Rules in Sept-2019 from 1st-Hand-Info ndd to 2nd-Hand-OK…& BackDated to Aug-2019 just to Align Pres-Trump w/ WhistleBlower-Timeline!! Senator Lindsey Graham & Senate-Judiciary nd to Subpoena ICIG & ask DNI-Maguire to Also-Attend as Fact-Checker!!

  16. rudy is a national treasure if these corrupt democrats think for a minute they can ad him to the hillary list of accidental murders they are sadly mistaken someone needs to save america this i think is our one chance if we can prove one person like biden the whole house of cards will fall because i believe this stuff happens on both sides of the isle and we will set term limits once its proven its just to much power and all the time in the world to do it the clintons and any long standing person in office should be investigated these congressman and senators are no different than any other person who works for our system of serving the people except for some strang reason they all become stinking rich as they grow older its the billionaire boys club they have their kids run and it becomes a legacy of crime its time to stop this crap all the deep state is are career politicians calling audibles from the senate and congress and maybe the fbi and cia look how fast comey walked he laughed at the thought of prison and he was right set term limits and the people must vote out corupt officials thats the only way

  17. I believe President Trump set shifty up when he said he wanted to block Amb.Sondland's testimony. Shifty wanted him all the more. Turns out he wound up supporting the President in the end. "What do you want?"" I want nothing,I want nothing,no Quid Pro Quo. "
    End of witch hunt.

  18. These democras n C N N are liars nsick heads n controlled by Lucifers demons they have hatred towards Donald Trump the best President ever God Almighty Bless him n his family from.South Africa πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

  19. Corey Booker is an absolute joke. Tough guy, Spartacus, Stupid, Moron, Idiot and he won't be in office much longer since American people don't want this.

  20. This idiot calling some else dishonest. He better look in the.mirror if wants to see some who's dishonest and a disgrace.

  21. Rudy! We are behind you buddy! Grab some pussies and let someone look at that rash. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  22. Addendum: Rudy, buddy. Don't listen to them. There is nothing wrong with slobber, phlegm, smegma, or even stuff that no one can immediately identify. Just don't actually touch people. You are from New York. Never take responsibility for a puddle.

  23. You may or may not know this intentionally or not? But you are now informing the American people of a wrongdoing and they're going by your words and if your words don't pan out the very people that you believe that are supporting you probably won't be supporting you if your words don't pan out just like the gold rush in California in the Dust Bowl

  24. Honey you can't keep having people as your guests they're not going to be speaking the truth Giuliani knows better than that the president hasn't been found guilty of any hydrogen accounts or any misdemeanors

  25. I have known people that they call morons only because people don't know the person that have been segregated because of their financial ability to blaze a trail in this world. This is ludicrous I am not about to continue to look at this and listen to this I'm only looking at it because you're beautiful I'm listening to it because I want to get educated come on now? Get real come on you can do it I know you got it in you.

  26. Failure to produce this Witness into my game, and failing to produce a smile on your face while in my present is a direct affront to my leadership Majestic nature, it reminds me of the school days I had to run home away from the people and the fellow students that were trying to beat me up so I could tell Mommy, she would scold me for soiling myself

  27. Rudy took down the Mob in NY & was a great Mayor, the Demonrats F___ked with the wrong Prosecutor. He will run circles around Bug-Eyed Liar Adam Schiff and the rest of the America Hating Demonrats. The party of Hate, Lies & Criminals.

  28. These two are having such a good time.
    It's almost like they know that this whole impeachment crap is about to blow up in the faces of Schiff and the rest of the Democrats.

  29. I think this lady is a plant from CNN. She sure likes to talk over the people who know. What's up good back to the Jr. High news letter your incompetence brings down fox news

  30. Get Ready True Americans ..Pop Corn Ready ..Democrats are going Down for all there Corruption .Booker should Look at his Crimes in Public Bathrooms Raping Men .. Media News Made Sure The World Knew About it ..And of Course our True Americans Tax Money ,,Bails these Corrupt Democrats out of Trouble ..From Jail And All ..

  31. 7:40 "If it weren't for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all." 🀭🀣 LOLOLOL!!!!!!

  32. The Intel Com & Judiciary Com Inquiry is UNConstitutional, so why participate in unLawful activity for a partisan political ILLEGALITIES/ COUP against a dully elected US President !

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