Giuliani breaks his silence: Responds to accusations from Lev Parnas

Giuliani breaks his silence: Responds to accusations from Lev Parnas

100 thoughts on “Giuliani breaks his silence: Responds to accusations from Lev Parnas

  1. Laura is showing Rudy no respect that’s how low Rudy has fallen can’t get no respect from the worst humanity has to offer.

  2. Lev Panas is an American hero. Finally, a man who stood against Trump. Even you people can Trump's game- to turn America into a dictatorship and to hand it over to Russia.

  3. This is the second interview on Fox, the other one, Fox and Friends, that I've seen where they just kept on interrupting him in the middle of his point and response. Most of the time, Rudy is not having it! He apparently has found out a lot and knows the truth about the Democrats corruption in the Ukraine and the farce the Democrats are doing on this sham impeachment. He has a lot to say and knows there are few limited minutes to say it on one of this shows.Laura/talking head interrupts……Rudy just bulldozes on. LOL

  4. Parnas has all the buried bodies on Trump and Rudy and Parnas has proof proving that Trump's bribery scam against Ukraine was real and none of these Republicans want the truth to come out. Republicans are covering up Trumps SCAM!!! TRUMP GOT BUSTED!!! IMPEACHMENT IS A MUST!!!!

  5. Laura inbredgraham is exactly as described ,The end product of an unnatural liaison in family .That is the only logical explanation of the poor ,racist,bigoted end result.

  6. Giuliani is going to be the next to be indicted. Giuliani stated on another FOX interview, when asked if he went to Ukraine on his own, Giuliani stated " Do you think I'm stupid, I followed orders" Then Giuliani pulled out his cell phone, and said " I have it all right here, I followed the orders of the President", Giuliani made deals with known criminals, to try and make money for himself, and he has "material evidence" of bribery, conspiracy and at least 2 felonies, from his own statements.  IF, the President of the USA told Giuliani to go to Ukraine, to do ANYTHING ! that is a felony violation of the law, Giuliani is NOT! a government employee, he can't do ANYTHING! in a foreign country for the US President or the USA, he is a private attorney. Giuliani is one of the WORST! people around the President, he can't keep his mouth shut!, he runs to the spotlight, as he always has, and he LOVES! to brag about how important he is, ALL! fatal character flaws

  7. "thanks to your former… whatever he is, Mr. Parnas."
    That was great, Laura! How about "co-conspirator"? Or maybe, "partner in crime"? Couldn't think of anything else to call him, huh? Neither could I.

  8. It's not about the Biden's it's about a sitting president who thinks he can do what ever he his best interest…frank n.y.

  9. This is the weakest excuse ever. Fox news veiwers have got to be the dumbest people on the planet to think that anything he has said is true. I so hope this idiot finds his way into the impeachment hearings.

  10. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  11. Yah and the hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars that costs the America tax payers for tRump to go to Marilargo which seems weekly. Is it 1.5-3 million a visit.

  12. You're an effing Liar and of course you'd say you will testify!! Because you already knew the corrupt Senate wouldn't allow witnesses. F U

  13. Laura is trying to corral an answer – step on it there is always a double standard because both sides are corrupted.

  14. If you trust Rudy Giuliani over _anyone_, you don't know enough about Rudy Giuliani. Well, it would be a close call in a lie-off competition between Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…

  15. Please let Rudy testify! Please! Please! He interviewed shokin under oath? Which court was this exactly? The Giuliani court?

  16. Trump told zelensky to coordinate with Giuliani and Barr about Ukraine. Independently of one another? Please let Rudy testify. I would rent it on pay-per-view. Put him under oath under penalty of purgery and let him go. He'd be in jail within the first 10 minutes.

  17. This is 5 days before the tapes are released with proof of the Dinner Rudy is saying was saying was a lie.

    Before Devin Nunes ADMITS Lev Parnas wasn’t lying!

    There’s recordings Rudy and they all prove that YOU are the liar Rudy you fuckinh moron

  18. If Obama was involved in corruption during his presidency why wasn't Rudy a big whistle blower back then and not complicit with it all?

  19. Obama is not president now you should have went after him then now means nothing they love to divert to Obama to protect their wrong doing. Every president has probably done something in their own interest. So if you get caught you have to deal with it.

  20. I do find it interesting that when Laura infers from Giuliani statements that Parnas was never directed by the President thru Giuliani to put pressure on Ukraine government officials to investigate possible corruption by the Bidens that his first response is No! No!

  21. Brooooooo he just snitched on his self 😂😂😂😂 he’s admitting guilt and doesn’t realize it 😂😂 article 1 of the impeachment is abuse of power he’s his personal attorney and he just admitted to investing the Biden’s 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ are you serious Rudy 😂😂😂😂

  22. Obama, Hillary,Joe Biden or Hunter Biden is running this country,no one cares. Rudy is making a fool of himself,even the woman interviewing him knows he's lying 😁😁😅

  23. Parnas is a rat but he's not lying, Rudy is speechless because he knows his friend sold him and the president out😂😅

  24. The left is a bunch of lying scum!
    Destroying our country. They hate Trump more than they love their own country!
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  25. he waffled his way around the first question.

    Donald's goofy attorney ducks another question.

    the argument that their passports show they werent in Vienna or other is bogus,
    because they are likely to have dual nationality and will avoid using their US passports for any nefarious rendezvous.
    Instead to use their ukrainian passports!

    if you have dual nationality you can pick and choose which passport to travel on,
    and you get under the radar of the other passport.

    eg you only need a visa on one, and eg you could leave Ukraine on your ukrainian passport,
    and on arriving in the US show your US passport, and there will be no record on your passports.

    Epstein had a second passport that he used to get under the radar for his sexual skulduggery with underagers.

    lawyers are very slippery, they know how to carefully select their words to seem to say something without saying it.

    eg he says "they dont investigate the democrats doing XYZ", well that isnt the same as saying "the democrats doing XYZ",

    eg I could say "they dont investigate whether the republican senators keep hedgehogs under their beds", which is certainly true,
    but that doesnt mean republican senators keep hedgehogs under their beds. Similarly Mitch McConnel doesnt have a pet scorpion which wears glasses even though the FBI dont investigate whether he has a pet scorpion which wears glasses.

    Nasa dont investigate whether Donald Duck has a kitten farm on the hidden face of the moon.
    This doesnt mean Donald has a kitten farm on the hidden face of the moon.

    Trump is misconduct personified.

  26. IM hoping that Even Fox new viewers KNOW that RUdy is guilty as sin and up to his head in this Ukraine scandal. Lev was his buddy and we all know Lev has the goods. I hope Rudy goes to jail as he should. Again Trump hiring the best people…SMFh

  27. fox pretends Russia hacked dnc&elections^ will they next back CIA claim of Russia hacking burisma?..let's DOJ blame trump&mysterious russia/Ukraine connections not fbi&dnc

  28. Oh a stupid lie is real video footage released of Trump and Parnas at a dinner meeting talking together about removing the ambassador to Ukraine. But Trump doesn't know Lev? Riiiiiiiight…..

  29. Trump keeps lying like usual pretending he doesn’t know Parnas meanwhile everyday Parnas releases new photos new footage and evidence that connects him to trump. Rudy is his sons god father for crying out loud…but somehow they barely know each other? This is too much lying and covering up! These people are covering up criminal deeds.

  30. Where is your Ukraine/Biden report Colludiani?? We've been waiting for weeks now. President Pinnocchio said we would have it in a couple days. Its been 3 weeks.

  31. Parnas has videos, maybe the videos are fake?🤣🤣🤣🤣The only thing left is to say, SO WHAT?? Trump can do anything he likes. America is so divided. Thanks to the Don.

  32. Because of cnn and Fox News blunt bias for X factor I can’t take either serious all other media I have lost confidence from New York Times la times those big rig news agencies our media it has lost its way. I believe the media became what it is today with certain foundations that earned them the trust of the people that trust id what they abuse with their actions. In their origins is where reporter standards such as fact checking being subjective and always with the truth arose. Now fast forward to our time the American public have been deprived of the right to know the truth nothing but the truth. The media outlets like abc news hiding stories from the public along with cnn and fox trying to play policy makers on national televisions acting like they can sway the people they are the puppeteers we the puppets when it’s the people who put you where you are. it’s sad to see what our media have become part of the problem.

  33. Why will these stupid journalists not shut the hell up and let him TELL THE TRUTH!!! I used to like Laura but she is only puppet like all the other media.

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