Gingrich reveals the one way Bernie Sanders can fight Joe Biden

Gingrich reveals the one way Bernie Sanders can fight Joe Biden

100 thoughts on “Gingrich reveals the one way Bernie Sanders can fight Joe Biden


  2. Desperation breeds bad decisions and increases risk of unexpected outcomes, political and criminal. Chuck and Maxine are walking a very tight line, one misstep may cause disaster.

  3. Schumer has hit Rock Bottom. And he need# A new Brain but instead this will Land him in jail. For sure ha ha

  4. It seems like a world wide thing that there isn't any one much to vote for. A quantum leap may be the answer.

  5. Bernie is such a weenie and a pushover, only ones screwing him is the DNC but he yells at the President.

  6. I see Bernie supported mainly by young university educated people, not the “lower” classes (the “working people”).

  7. Here in the U.K. Covid-19 testing is free and workers, unable to work can claim $500:00 per month minimum. Not much, but better than nothing. I have visited America, and seen people who were obviously ill working in restaurants and shops etc. My hosts told me that they are paid on an hourly basis, rely on tips and do not qualify for unemployment benefit, and are forced to continue working. This is a perfect way to spread infection. It is to be hoped the American government has a plan, otherwise this virus will spread like wildfire. I understand that in America people have to pay for their medical tests. I have scoured the internet but cannot find the cost of testing. And how will people who live hand to mouth be able to take weeks off work to quarantine themselves? This will be an enormous test for the American government.


  9. If a regular citizen did this in Virginia at the 2nd amendment rally about Governor Northram they would have been arrested. Why do you talk about it and not follow through and have him arrested. Americans are sick and tired of the double standard for the rich and powerful.

  10. Why don't you report on the exit polling showing that Bernie had a significant lead at the Texas primary and others. All you have to do is go check the Texas Tribune to understand. Why don't you call out the Democrat establishment? Do it, they deserve it.

  11. Please for the love of God get the fact that the exit polling does not match the primary voting. There are multiple states where this happened where Bernie should have won. The exit polling is showing that he truly should have one. Please get this out there

  12. Bernie is not left-wing crazy. He he is promoting social programs, not socialism.
    But y'all are part of the problem too cuz you won't even report that. What's the matter would it hurt your pocket book?

    A healthy America is a stronger America because right now you are only as protected as that poor person next to you who has no Insurance or simply cannot afford the deductible to go get tested. Or they can't take a day off work and they're serving you food.

    Welcome to the virus and it's partly your fault.

  13. Bernie is not a socialist. He promotes social democracy. And he doesn't want to take your guns, Biden will and does.

  14. So, the DNC ends up with either an insane Commie or “the other Biden”… This is getting more amusing by the day!
    As for Schumer, the Senate should move to expel him. A common citizens threatens a judge in a court of law and he'll be hit with a bunch of charges, contempt for court the least of them, but this demagogue (Schumer) gets away with publicly threatening a couple of Supreme Court justices and nothing happens to him?…

  15. I'm a Bernie Fan and finding Fox opinion to be much more honest about the Democrat game than any major news outlet at the moment. Weird weird times.

  16. So pathetic!! Listening to the screams of support I estimate there may have been all of 20 people their and maybe 8-10 reacted!!! The dems have nothing-NOTHING!!! MAGA!!!

  17. So if Biden apologizes does that mean a nut job would back off of harming someone now? The names will just evaporate or the Band-Aid will be put on and the Looney Tunes psycho won't injure the judges?
    It's so weird how we are talked to like we're idiots


  19. Democrats are waging war on babies! The left loves to hurt helpless people? If they really cared about Joe Biden they would not want him to have a mental breakdown because he is just too old to take the stress of all this polititical dirt! They have no compassion.

  20. We should "ALL" become Communists/socialists/democrats AND TAKE from the "OVERPAID" Wealthy GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE UNION Employees (deep state)! And GIVE Their wealth to the Illegal Aliens! Then let's see how long "THEY " want our country to be Democrat Communist Socialists.

  21. War on women? Democrats have decided women cannot have their own sports without faux women/men stealing them.

  22. Funny how it takes a conservative like Gingrich to say what Bernie should have done from the beginning and that is for Bernie to take Biden on as competitor not to take it easy on him.. I can't even recall Bernie criticizing any of Biden's platforms publicly come to think of it other than general mild criticisms tempered with reminders that Joe is a friend of mine.

  23. It’s NOT Sanders nor Biden that is really important but whoever each picks for their Vice President!!! Eventually, Sanders & Biden will be outed & their Vice President will take control! It’s the plan of these corrupt Democrats!! Just wait, watch, hear & see!

  24. The app, made by SHADOW, is “fixed” so it’s time for Breadline Bernie to once agin play his part in the Deep State, Do-Nothing Democrat Machine, and slowly fade into history. 🔥 KAG 2020: God bless America and President Trump! 🇺🇸

  25. Btw, Sander' healthcare plan is the best thing than could happen to the U.S. because if Bernie is cutting tax subsidies for the fossil industry or generally at places where its not needed, one could expand medicare. This is important for several reasons.
    -People will be less often sick as they can afford medical treatment; thus, miss out less days at their office and remain more productive, which ensures higher economic growth. As there will be higher economic growth, the goverment can take in more taxes from e.g. increased speding of consumers and use that revenue to fund the medicare completely without having to raise taxes.
    -The health care industry is an imperfect market and leads to the exclusion of unattractive customer groups. This leads to less employment because people will not be able to work or work to their full potential as they will be suffering and fighting their disease, from not being able to afford health care. While the economy benefits from full employment because "resources produce the goods that satisfy the wants and needs that lessens the scarcity problem. If the resources are not employed, then they are not producing and satsifaction is not achieved ." (Source: As result, people are worse off and living standards fall; and scarcity is more of a problem. (Source:

  26. Newt was wrong about one part: Schumer doesn't care about issues. He cares about having enough morons voting for him to keep him in office and out of prison.

  27. $500million divided by 8 delegates equals $25million per delegate……..Republican math, No wonder Congress is so f*cked up. And you want these people to do the national budget.

  28. I’m a pro choice conservative. I’m giving anyone a chance to take shots at me. I hate political correctness. I hate feminism. Hate Hillary! How bad can I be? Oh- and I’m a comedian. I don’t glorify female body parts or bash men. And I’m a capitalist. And both atheist and Anglican because I love the music they have at Christmas.

  29. This law wasn’t to stop abortions anyway, it was just to make abortion doctors have admitting privilege at a nearby hospital. What idiot wouldn’t agree with that?

  30. It's always funny to hear a Crook in government talk about the powerless adhering and bending the knee to the rule of law.


  32. Where is Warren? Warren was never a progressive, just pretending. Now she won't stand up for what she said she believes in. Crying over nothing. Holding out for a position in Biden's fantasy administration. Good luck, Biden would be unlikely to beat Trump so no job for you. Bernie was the only hope but the DNC would rather have Trump again and the progressive pretenders on stage at the debates have also all shown their colours. I am not from the US but it saddens me to see that once again the citizens will have no one who cares about them again. Especially when democrat and republican citizens mostly want all the same things. Good job, healthcare, social security, a chance to raise a family and send their kids to collage. No, not so different after all, too bad your media and bought off politicians have been so successful dividing you from your neighbours. The real enemy you all share is laughing at you. I'm truly heart broken for the American people. Hoping on a miracle but I won't hold my breath.

  33. Is no one gonna mention the actual violence to the pro choice side? Like abortion doctors being targeted and murdered?

  34. Take a clue from Chris Mathews, retirement time for all who can't literate as a journalist. Newt GengRitch hope you don't have COVID 19 🙏🕊

  35. A lot of Americans don’t follow politics and so they vote for a popular name and ex VP. **AOC please advocate NOW that Bernie needs to invest in a “Eco-Bernie Friendly-Super-Pac” to win.** Now is the time to target market smartly to “Counteract the Biden Ex VP Image Association With Obama”.

  36. So pro life but no pro healthcare. You have to have the kid but once he/she's born they dont if you cant afford healthcare to keep the child healthy. Your on your own. They only care about the optics and couldn't care less about the child. If they really were pro life they should also be for universal healthcare.

  37. Of course in reality Reagan and BUsh W41 and W43 were all for abortion and the permissive society they and the all the women in their family embraced the idea. Some say its an exaggeration to say that Ivanka is the rreal President but I cant see her or her stepmother really allowing anti abortion jusges to much scope to interfere with middle class freeom or even that of working women. The availability of abortion has of course ended the power of the ordinary man and the tyrannical dad to dictate the life of wome. Its called the liberal modrn world and inevitably rural hicks often lose it when they find out that they no longer have power in America

  38. The exit polls show that Bernie won most states but the results released by the DNC were flipped to Biden with over 8% inconsistency!! This is what we're up against. Oh, and the Democrats aren't Democrats. They are Republicans. Bernie is the ONLY actual Democrat in the race.

  39. I'm not Vote Blue No Matter Who. Sanders can stump for Biden all he wants, if that's what it comes down to; I do WHAT I WANT—NO, I WILL NOT vote for Biden, PERIOD!

  40. No you idiots what is dangerous is you guys even giving idea TO a fanatic to do harm to a senater. The constant fear mongering by fox is way more dangerous than anything

  41. One huge problem for Bernie (whom I support & am voting for) that the media seems to not understand:
    About half the states in the USA have CLOSED PRIMARIES. (Michigan, for instance.) That means,. if you're not registered as a Democrat, you CANNOT vote in the primary! (Not even if you're a registered independent.) Bernie has the overwhelming support of young people, but young people are much less likely to be registered than older voters. This give Corporate-Joe Biden a HUGE advantage in getting delegates, even though Bernie might have a much better chance of winning the election.

  42. @10:30 Come on Newt. You're talking about people being weak presidential candidates. But your own presidential run was horrible. You were so weak & insignificant that you endorsed Romney, and HE lost.😂😂😂

  43. Chief Justice Roberts didn't speak in defense of RBG et al. when Trump attacked them verbally. That attack could just as easily incite someone to attack them physically. Somehow the shoe is never on the other foot.

  44. Biden 2020. He is sweeping the primaries with little money or a ground game. Trump will have a hard time beating that revolution. Women are coming to make a diverse in this election. African American women pulled democrats over the threshold n 2018 and now suburban women will help in 2020. If the old white men can’t see through trump, women certainly can. Trump should be worried.

  45. How to get rid of the working class. Get the 1% to buy it off. Call on the Bilderbergers and Bohemian Grovers.

  46. I am sure the Dems are looking to censured Gingrich for advise.
    Has Trump's attacks on the judiciary escaped FOX News attention?…get real FOX viewers this is not news this is propaganda.

  47. Schumer is simply a LIAR. He needs to be held accountable for his words. Needs to be removed from his post, at very least.

  48. If it is not clear to AMERICANS then let me make it clear. The Elections are fixed and rigged. The controllers of the world put in the office who they want and you have no real choices. There is no way Biden who has Alzheimers won all these states. It is not possible.

  49. "We cannot get reelected, we cannot win this reelection. Excuse me, we can only reelect Donald Trump." – Joe Biden

  50. I respect Sanders more than Biden, but I still disagree with his politics. There's no doubt of what Sanders believes in, but Biden is a snake in the grass, and as some of his own supporters have discovered, they can never know when he will suddenly strike out and bite them. Biden cares about Biden, and that's all there is to him.

  51. Abortion access is not a Catholic value. I'm Catholic and I know that. The democrats are not suggesting killing a baby after it's born, so stop spinning that PLEASE. A democratic governor says it and now the whole democratic party is supporting it? Come on………..
    I do believe that everyone (male and female) has the right to do whatever they want to do to their own bodies without government interference. No one says the government has to pay for it, but the government and the religions need to mind their own businesses.

  52. If Democrats continue down this path, America's moral compass will be lost forever. It amazes me, the garbage that some of these politicians expect citizens to believe. Schumer and Biden are just the tip of the iceberg. Come on! ; you really expect us to believe you???!

  53. There should be a cap on every delegate who runs for president, congress or mayor and every loophole closed.

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