Gingrich: By Super Tuesday you’ll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is

Gingrich: By Super Tuesday you’ll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is

100 thoughts on “Gingrich: By Super Tuesday you’ll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is

  1. I think the Democrats are just using Bloomberg for his money and to try and make all billionaires especially Trump look bad .
    Billionaires aren't all bad.

  2. It will be a travesty if stone does any time, never mind 7 to 9. RIDICULES AND THE ULTIMATE PROOF OF A TWO TIER SYSTEM.I think its a ploy to create civil unrest, so martial law can be proclaimed, be aware ppl

  3. Fox news is fake news. I really Think we should pass a law saying if u put out unproven conspiracy theorys . And blantly lie you can NOT call yourself news. It should be illegal.

  4. Im watching this and now im thinking he means bloomberg is going to release the opposition research he had done on Bernie. Their campaign claims it is very damaging and could disqualify Sanders from the race, of course they haven’t hinted at what it actually is. As a Sanders supporter that worries me, but if it actually is something horrible and not just hacky spin and mud slinging. My guess is its recorded audio of things his supporters have said, like the project veritas recording. If so thats just ridiculous, the delusional opinions of a few edgy young leftists isn’t damaging. It however would be damaging if project veritas had bloomberg money, as its just propaganda at that point. Just like msm covering Trump supporters. I dont hate trump supporters, i have ideological differences with a lot of them. Most its just disagreeing on policy, but its not all policies. We need to stop letting billionaires manipulate us and our family members with propaganda campaigns. Can we agree, we should get money out of politics and make regulation(which we had prior to the 1980s) that “news” had to be unbias and factual. Opinion news, propaganda, money in politics…these are the enemy of the people. Most of us would actually agree on most social programs, taxes, firearm regulation if the propaganda and money/corruption (from both sides) was handled. America 2020!

  5. Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in history. And if he's re-elected this great economic growth 2.3% . will not last. He plans on cutting the debt on the backs of the middle class he plans on cuttinGS Medicare and Medicare by 2ctrill. The same he gave to the top .Just watch . He's overturning our justice system and set up an Autocracy.

  6. Disgusting all the money spent on campaigns (power) that could be used to help people & animals in need. These politicians, celebrities & billionaires are soulless.

  7. The FBI might as well stop prosecuting criminals and put all organized crime cases on hold
    until this scumbag President is gone.
    Make America Normal Again in 2020

  8. Free Stone who is just a political prisoner and deport the other political prisoner Assange back to Australia……………Just do it Borris!

  9. Fun fact Donald Trump paid for THREE ABORTIONS. Wanted to abort Tiffany too, but mom wouldn't go along. And Newt is a serial adulterer who habitually hooks up with his new squeeze before divorcing.
    Such good sound Christian character lol

  10. Bloomberg is a piece of $hit. He's anti-American, anti-second ammendment and a tyrant. He's incapable of a factual and honest debate about guns and has the audacity to entertain a conversation about crypto-currency. I hope he looses the election and a ton of money in the process.

  11. Great another billionaire and oligarch like Trump these Democratic primaries are rigged against Bernie Sanders Iowa was just the beginning with their Shadow app and don't be surprised the upcoming Nevada caucus gets rigged in either Pete buttigieg Mayor Bloomberg's favor Pete buttigieg former campaign advisor is now working with the Nevada caucus as their new voter protection administrator and that's not a conflict of interest !!!

  12. XDDD Bloomberg is pouring millions to be second in the polls, the softest form of support you can ask for. Super Tuesday is will show how big a threat Sanders is. It should also narrow the field down to 3 or 4

  13. Trump and his fake economy Fox CNN MSNBC they're all the same you want proof lookup Bureau of Labor Statistics then look for labor force participation rate you should see a chart that proves there are less people working today then our last financial crisis in 08 – 09 and actually since 1999 there are less people working today and if you look around your shopping malls you'll be seeing a lot more empty stores along with a lot more homeless people living on the streets but according to Trump and you Republicans his economy is booming what a joke !!!!

  14. Mike Bloomberg is not git to be a president. It's a big difference between mayor and a president furthermore he said something when he was the mayor of New York that no one in New York forget hes a traitor he go Republican independent then Democrat hes not what new Yorkers from the city will choose mike you forgot you should donate your money to the poor and needy in New York City
    You made the big apple get deteriorated. Stop giving your money to become president you won't make it

  15. Obama dont come out of your nest you didnt do nothing for the American people you coming out will killed the Democrat nominee zip it and stay out nobody want you campaign for it will be more disaster for the Democrats

  16. Why doesn't Newt Gingrich himself point outthat he himself is also a member of the CFR just like Mike Bloomberg is and just like Amy Klobuchar Tulsi Gabbard are?

  17. The foreman of the Roger Stone jury was an avowed Trump hater who wanted to bring his administration down. The judge was an Obama appointee, who is the go to judge for the Deep State. She let Hillary off. There is ZERO chance Stone got a free trial.

  18. Think Gabby would have a better chance she makes better sense then any of them she doesn't have the bought and paid for tainted mentality level. Or excuse making qualities…..

  19. Bernie is a whack job who is proposing political change that even our government can't print enough money to pay for. Bloomberg is a Wall Street gazillionaire who made his fortune making more Wall Street gazillionaires. So what is he going to do for the American people, make us mere millionaires.?

  20. Thank God Donald J Trump has put US debt at record levels! I m glad that he lies to us on a daily basis he's on our side – President Trump for life!

  21. Hilary! Of course. Wait. What about Obama? Don’t forget to point a finger at him. And Newt, you sound like Trump: same voice, intonations. But listen to yourself on Biden. Pure brilliance. No BS.

  22. Mini Mike has billions tied up in China, and who knows where else. He would be impartial in their regard. That’s scary!

  23. With the debate in the rear-view mirror I think we can laugh at Midget Mike for blowing $400M !

    1000% correct about all the Hillart Clinton crimes and FBI corruption and crimes

  24. Where did Bloomburgs millions come from? Check and see if its not being greased by his China industry. Talk about foreign interference!!! His election is being paid by China! I want to see more information on that come out on that fact. He is soft on China and China is willing to fund him by laundering millions through his companies. This has been the plan all along!!!

  25. Jina Jina Jina!!! Americans better wise up. Especially the Democrats. Do they want to win at all cost. Maybe we should just give ourselves up to the British Empire again. It would be a better alternative to China and they would have socialized medicine to boot!

  26. What happened to all the Q BS , we were expecting all the guilty people to be indicted . But all we’ve had is roger stone being given 9 years for nothing and McCabe walking for treason …. trump is on his own it seems

  27. My 78 yo aunt said she would vote for Bernie. People still dependant on MSM are being up a rosy path to Venezuela's style socialism.

  28. When are we going to get an average Joe President instead of these rich bastards who are pumped by the media on either side?

  29. I think Bloomberg is too involved with Red China. They make him a LOT of money and they may well be funding his presidential hopes. He is a first class jerk and has to exposed and defeated.

  30. That whole dang debate was a circus! The whole bunch was rude, there was no order, to many commentators, no one talk about what they would do for the country…and the females, my gosh can you say Hurt Female Card? They got so emotional I thought a few times they were going to cry. On what day do the candidates get on the stage and they finally end the clown act because that surely wasn't the debate? It was a ruckus of clowns!

  31. Kinda wild how the most far-left extremist, militant position you can take on health care is that people should have it!! That's why Bernie gets my vote! Pure and simple his politics is for ALL the people.. not the wealthy socialism at the top!!

  32. If you read the books, columns and other outlets, Diana West, explains why the left relentlessly attacks our President.

  33. Newt, since you called me I have watched former Governor Jesse Ventura prove what the government of Democrats are planning for legitimate Americans that are protected by the military rather than the drug addicts and pushers from Mexico and corrupt governors in "Sancturary Cities" watch those films where Jesse observes the millions of caskets that hold twenty (20) bodies and the military vehicles brought in on a train and hiden from our viewing for future use when the Democrats bring in the "Jade Helms Agenda 21 and use the millions of ammunition they purchased for killing innocent Americans that refuse to leave their homes and go to the "FEMA camps" on the East coast where all of the resisters will be in holding camps.

  34. Gingrich just wishes he had the ability to spend money and get more things done. Alas, he does not. Bloomberg is a remarkable and amazing thinker.

  35. Everyone can see that there is a 2 justice system . Common people go to jail ( for a long time if a person supports trump )
    Democrats get a get out of jail free card .

  36. Bernie Sanders is a communist! Surprise it won’t take him long after getting in office, to turn this country into a communist country cause that’s what he loves. Trump and keep America free!

  37. Let’s see Newt has been married three times and cheated on his first wife with his second wife. He cheated on his second wife with his third wife. If I were his third wife I would keep an eye on this creepy man.

  38. Why are republicans full of conspiracy theories? You think everybody is against you. Let’s make a list, you think the FBI, CIA, Media, EPA, Military Veterans, people coming for your guns, people after your religious freedom and numerous government agencies. Perhaps you should stop listening to Trump who is mentally ill, stop listening to Rush Limbaugh who is an out of touch Archie Bunker type. Grow up read a science book or two your ignorance is scary.

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