GIANT Spider Eats 5 Crickets at ONCE! *intense* | Goliath Birdeater Tarantula Feeding

GIANT Spider Eats 5 Crickets at ONCE! *intense* | Goliath Birdeater Tarantula Feeding

Alright guys so last weekend, I went to the
White Plains Reptile Expo. I saw a bunch of cool animals, and I came
home with two spiders! One of the spiders is a Goliath Birdeater
Tarantula! These tarantulas are huge, and they’re actually
the biggest species of tarantula in the world. Now, if you want to know what the other spider
is, you’re going to have to follow me on Instagram because I’m going to be posting a picture
of it before I made a video about it. So today we’re going to be feeding my Goliath
Birdeater. This isn’t the first time I’ve kept this species,
I’m looking at her right now, she’s got a very big enclosure because she’s a very big
spider and she’s not even full grown yet. So when I last kept this species, I would
always feed mine hornworms, and hornworms are these big blue worms that you can get
on pet stores or online. I always really liked hornworms because of
how big they get. I’ve had them grow up to 4 inches big, and
such a worm for such a big spider is perfect. Five crickets might seem excessive to some,
but this spider is huge, and it can take five crickets like nothing. Alright so here are the crickets that I’m
going to be feeding my Goliath Birdeater Tarantula, and I think five of them should match the
size of a giant hornworm. Alright so what I’m going to be doing with
these crickets is simply dropping them near the spider, the spider will find them, and
eat them! Now, since we’re talking about the spider,
that spider lives inside of here. If you look closely into the cave, you can
see the outline of the legs of the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula. Right now I’m going to drop in one cricket
to see if the spider wants to come out and eat. So, I’ll drop it in Three…, Two …, One… Oh my gosh! That was crazy! I was not expecting that at all! Alright so you you can see that the spider
has got the first cricket and now lets drop another one. Alright, I’m about to drop in the second cricket
in Three…, Two …, One… Oh! There we go! Perfect! This spider is so crazy, I can’t believe it! Alright, apparently she’s going back inside
the hide, but I’m going to go ahead and feed her another cricket. Alright, cricket number three is going in,
in Three…, Two …, One… Alri- Oh! There we go! Look at her go! She’s going crazy today! She’s got all those three crickets inside
of those huge fangs, now lets try to feed cricket number 4. This video is actually awesome, I wasn’t expecting
it to be so cool but honestly, I’m proud of this one. Alright we’ll get some kind of aerial shot
right here of the Goliath Birdeater, and lets go ahead and drop the cricket in, in Three…,
Two …, One… There we go! Simple strike for the fourth cricket! Oh! What is she doing right here! I think she’s reorganizing herself, she’s
got to find room to fit the four crickets! Oh my gosh, look how big those fangs are! That’s crazy! Woah, what’s she doing! Ok, she just seems to be moving around a little
bit, she’s using all of her legs to try to keep the crickets in her fangs, I can see
one on the floor right there, I think she’s going to go ahead and pick that one up but
she’ll do it on her own time. Alright so this video wouldn’t be complete
without the fifth and final cricket so we’re going to go ahead and see if she wants to
eat it. I’m going to go ahead and drop the cricket
in, in Five…, Four…, Three…, Two …, One… Oh! I dropped it right on top of her! I don’t think she liked that! Is she going to get it? Or is she just going to leave it? Maybe four was enough! Lets go ahead and try again. Three…, Two …, One… Oh, I dropped it right behind her! I know she feels it because it’s touching
her leg. Oh! It got away! I think she might go ahead and go inside of
her cave just to find it! Let’s try one more time. Three…, Two …, One… Oh! There we go! She got it! That was the fifth cricket! And you guys have seen my spider eat five
crickets at once! She still has two other crickets inside of
the enclosure which I’m going to go ahead and take out. Right there you just saw one cricket try to
escape but as soon as it got out, she got it again! And she’s using all of her legs at the same
time just to keep the five crickets inside of her giant fangs. What a big meal for a big spider! Next time, I’m going to show you guys how
the spider eats a giant hornworm, and yeah if you guys liked the video, don’t forget
to like, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, I’m almost at 100,000 subscribers! We recently hit 75,000 so thank you all for
that! And, If you want to see more videos like this,
don’t forget to comment and to tell me how much you liked this one. Thanks for watching, and I’ll be back with
another tarantula video soon!

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  2. Do you have isopods or springtails or something in there? I saw some sort of little bug move in the enclosure near the end, if ya don't have a cleaning crew in there ya might wanna check for mites

  3. Such a beautiful tarantula! I never even considered getting one, but I love how gorgeous they are. Maybe I should reconsider lol

  4. My bird eater was greedy like that too. Normally I would just put 15 crickets in her enclosure and she would eat them all within a 24-hour period. Her absolute favorite food was pinky mice though. Currently I only have a Chilean rose hair, but I've owned tarantulas for more than 30 years. It's great watching your channel

  5. You really should start using the scientific names.
    The one you usually call 'goliath bird eater' is Theraposa blondie. This one's a Theraposa stirmi which is called burgundy goliath if you insist on using common names.
    This is very confusing, and even though it may seem hard to learn scientific names it's a lot better in the long run.

  6. This ones a Theraposa Stirmi aka Burgundy Goliath Bird Eater the one you are talking to is the Theraposa Blondi which is the real Goliath Bird Eater

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