Giant Rainforest Mantis Vs Spiny Leaf Insect | MONSTER BUG WARS

I when a giant rainforest mantis confronts a spiny leaf insect it’s a monster battle it’s one of the rainforests most bizarre citizens a creature so strange it could be from another world in the bug world spiny leaf insects are giants growing up to five inches long they’re not only big they are ugly spawning leaf insect wants to avoid a fight its first defense is the fact that it looks like a leaf if a predator does get past the camouflage and detect a spiny leaf insect it’ll then rely on its behavior to try to scare off a predator by making itself look big and mean and horrible like some sort of alien predator from another planet nature often saves scariness for the vegetarians you see they need to deter their predators rather than fight them although it looks like some kind of battle bot the creature isn’t naturally aggressive it’s heavy armor and razor spikes are for defense an almost impenetrable shield and if a predator does try to take a bite it’ll get a mouthful of those spikes the spiny leaf insect also keeps a secret weapon if threatened the spawn a leaf insect will resort to chemical warfare it has glands that’ll squirt out this colorless but extremely stinky liquid that will deter most predators a stinking ugly spiky giant should be left alone but in the rainforest there’s one creature who’s not so easily deterred it’s an evolutionary success story the giant rainforest mantis a strong armed assassin and stealthy ninja rolled into one mantids need to eat all the time so they’re very hungry they’re looking for prey all the time they’re on duty all day long turns out that they’re one of the top rainforest predators it’s the t-rex of the bud world with a powerful stance and lethal forearms sparks and lightning fast rattling books and for making escapes the strike can happen anywhere from 30 to 50 thousandths of a second so this is like one twentieth of a blink of an eye mantis engage in aggressive mimicry and what this means is they camouflage themselves so their prey doesn’t see them matching in with the vegetation in this case our giant rainforest Mantid is a nice green it blends in prey items that are walking by they just don’t see the Mantid until it’s simply too late this hapless grasshopper never stood a chance there’s one more thing about the giant rainforest mantis it eats its victims alive they’re pretty good at orienting their bites toward the head of whatever they’ve captured and essentially once you’ve taken the head off of anything is stop struggling much more rapidly the best defense against the Mantis is to avoid it at all costs but that’s not always easy this spiny leaf insect is out looking for a leafy meal unaware its venturing into giant rainforest mantas territory the spiny leaf insect is a browser it’s a vegetarian think of it basically as the cow of the insect world this spends most of the day hanging out in the tree chewing on the leaves moaning its own business the leaf insect has attracted the attention of the Mantis and when these two giants of the rainforest come face-to-face neither backs down the Mantis is the natural aggressor it’s sizing up the monster before it no predator wants to be injured by its prey if it’s going to attack it needs to make a trade-off basically if it attacks something is it going to successfully kill it and not get injured itself next two giants collides beneath a lush rainforest canopy told Giants of the bug world are about to go head-to-head in order to avoid a fight the spotty leaf insect will actually use its bizarre appearance to try to look like this threatening horrible alien monster no predator wants to be injured by its prey so in this case you’ve got a really big rainforest Mantid but at the same time the spiny leaf insect is really quite a large insect the giant rainforest mantis has weighed the options it’s only a matter of choosing the moment to strike we but with faith in its heavy armor the spiny leaf insect pushes gamely forward the Mantis is powerful jaws start slicing through its victim the heavy armor is holding the spiny leaf insect deploys its chemical weaponry in a fight spiny leaf insect is going to rely on its armor to hold out long enough for it to get away but it’s not very fast it will however keep spraying the chemicals but unless a predator gets a perfect shot and gets deterred by that it’s only a matter of time until its dinner the spiny leaf insect has to break free soon before it’s devoured breaching the armor the more the Mantis eats the less its victim can fight it’s a race through the first course mantas mouthparts work overtime as cutlery mandibles slice and dice while Feliz orchid egg another life ends in the rainforest what the Mantis can’t eat others will the giant mantis is happy to share now it’s full and there’s a mess to clean up

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