GIANT Centipede vs Superworm | BUG WARS

GIANT Centipede vs Superworm | BUG WARS

alright guys my name is Tomas Pasie and
today I’m gonna be filming another bug wars video and in this video it’s gonna
be a Vietnamese centipede vs. a super worm alright so here is the super arm
that I’m gonna be feeding the super arm is about two inches big and right over
here is my vietnamese centipede and this centipede is about nine inches big
alright so I just set the camera down to get a steady shot of the feeding and I’m
gonna go ahead and pick the super where I’m up right now so I’ve got the super
room right here and there you can see its size compared to the centipede and
I’m gonna go ahead and drop it in through my sliding top of this enclosure
and we’ll go ahead and drop the super worm in in three two one oh there we go
that was awesome check that out Wow Vietnamese centipedes
literally make the best feeding videos and now you can see that the worm is
currently being eaten by the Vietnamese as the bead here’s another angle
apparently the worm just got flipped around if you look right there you can
see one of its fangs right there actually and the fangs are where the
venom comes out from here you can see it very well their venom is very very
strong and I want to say that this is my most venomous animal it’s probably the
most venomous pet I’ve ever had and I definitely don’t want to get bit by this
and in the event that I do get bit I definitely will go to the hospital even
just to get checked even I’d probably even do that for a tarantula to be
honest even though the bites aren’t serious in the comments you guys can let
me know if you would go to the hospital if you got bit by a centipede or a
tarantula I know that tarantulas tend to have we
venom so a lot of people don’t even go to the hospital and they’ll just treat
it like a bee sting but I’m not sure I could remain that calm I’d probably
freak out if a tarantula bit me alright guys so that’s all I have for you guys
today if you enjoyed the video leave a like comment your favorite part and
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future so stay tuned for them and thanks for watching

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  2. If I was bitten by a centipede I would go to the hospital because of the pane of the sting because centipedes have claws not fangs.

  3. After i saw cayote petterson got bitten by a giant centepede, i got mad respect for those creatures, and i will for certain never ever get one!

  4. No I am not dum they can be thought as fangs but are actually a type of claws. And please do not curse at me.

  5. Of course I would go seek medical attention, and nope I wouldn't keep one in my house, lol. You said you are 18=19 yrs old, so I'm guessing this is your parents house, I guess they're cool with all these exotic creatures in there. I can't say I would allow them in my house, a shed or something but not in the house, escapes happen and I would freak out.

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