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(upbeat,spooky music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That Youtub3 Family! – Today we’re going to play
“Ghost in the Graveyard” with your mystery packages
that you sent to us. How this is going to work is
we’re going to have one ghost. The ghost is going to hide three packages and then they’ll hide themselves. Now the players are going to
try to either find the package or be the first person to find the ghost. If they find the ghost they call out “ghost in the graveyard!” And they’re safe. The other players then
must run back to base, which is the front door,
without getting tagged by the ghost, or else they become a ghost. So you could have multiple ghosts. But, if the players
happen to find a package, we’re going to count that as safe as well. So there’s a chance that all
the players could be safe without even finding the ghost. Then the next round we’ll go two packages, and then one package until we run out. – Okay – Okay so our first ghost is David. (ghost imitations) – Alright, I’ve got the three packages. I’m gonna go hide them. – [Katie] Are you ready? – Yup. – [Katie] Well let’s go find that ghost. Okay so Jordan, Jake
and Ty are going to be the ghost hunters while
I am the camera person. – This is pretty intense cause
all of the lights are low and there’s just these fun
different colored lights so it makes it even more intense. Where’s the ghost? (bright, suspenseful music) (groaning sound) – Ghost in the graveyard! (frazzled music) (nervous laughter) – [Katie] Did you get anybody? – I guess I didn’t get anybody. – Aw man.
– They got back in time. Did you guys find any packages? – So I was safe because I
called “ghost in the graveyard” and the boys both touched the door. – [Katie] Okay, go hide
and we’ll do it again. – Alright – [Katie] Round two. – We need a game plan,
everybody come here. – Game time. Go!
– No, I say we go slow. Then we could find packages. – Ooh yeah!
– Let’s find packages guys. (bright, suspenseful music) – (screams) Ghost in the graveyard! (maniacal laughter) – Not gonna slip past me this time. – I’m safe, wow that was intense. Got my heart beat up. (yelling) – Where’d he come from? – I was behind the couch. (bright, suspenseful music) – You can’t be over there. This is the boundary, right there. (nervous yelling) Gotcha. – [Katie] Okay, Jake got tagged that means there’s two ghosts. Two! Two! – Alright, so I was planning
on going slow that round but I found dad pretty quickly and so that round was
actually pretty short. I was safe because I called
“ghost in the graveyard” and Ty managed to hide behind the couch? – Yeah, I hid behind the couch. I was in the kitchen and I
hurried and ran behind the couch, and he walked right past
me and I ran to the door. – Aw, so Ty was safe and
Jake got cornered downstairs so now he’s a ghost, he’s
inside the house as well, so Ty, it’s just you and me now. We need to come up with a good game plan. What are we gonna do?
– Yeah, okay. You get out, and I just
get the front door, okay? That’s a good game plan. (laughter) – Uh
– How about… – [Katie] Have you guys
found any packages? – No. – Oh we could find a package, both of us. – We need to just find a
package Ty, just don’t find dad. – Don’t find him. Just close your eyes and look for a package. – Yeah, just feel around for packages. Let’s just find the packages
first that way we can be safe. Cause we haven’t found any packages, and I think we need to go find one. – [Katie] Okay, time to go. – Come on Logan. Logan,
Logan (clapping) you ready? Logan’s excited to play this game as well. Logan.
– I’m scared! (bright, suspenseful music) – There’s nothing. When I see dad, I’m gonna call “ghost
in the graveyard” first. Oh no, I feel like we’re getting cornered. Where’s the package? – [Ty] How big are they again? – Oh no, I gotta go back up. (nervous squeals) I can’t find a ghost or a package. (bright, suspenseful music) I am so confused. – I am so scared. I am so scared. – Headed back down. – [Ty] No! – Yes. Where are they? Where are they, huh? They’re not over there. What? (screams) “Ghost in the graveyard!
Ghost in the graveyard!” (suspenseful music) – [Ty] I’m on the wall – How did you get to the wall so fast? – Because I was up here trying
to look for the packages. – Have you guys found a package yet? – [All] No! – Oh my goodness.
– You said they’re out in the open? – They’re so easy. There’s one five feet from Jacob. – Aw, come on! – [Jordan] Are you kidding me, there’s a package right there? – Now we have to move it. – Well, I was safe cause I
called “ghost in the graveyard”. I went downstairs to look for a package, and I found Jacob inside a box so I called “ghost in the graveyard”. Dad darted out from the closet, Jake came from out underneath the box. They raced upstairs only
to find Ty at the door, cause he was sneaky and stayed upstairs. – Trying to find the thing. – So I say we switch rounds. – [Jake] Yeah – I think the ghosts
won on this one because nobody could find the packages. – What?
– No! – [David] And the ghost,
it got you a ghost. – No. – I saw we switch around,
you guys move the packages and somebody else is a ghost. – The two winners are the ghost. – Not me, I’m not a winner.
– I’m not a winner. (bright, suspenseful music) – [David] Alright so Mom is the ghost, she’s hiding the packages. Where do you think she’s
gonna hide herself? – No idea, upstairs in
the kitchen is my guess. – [David] Okay, where
do you think a package is gonna be hidden? – Same places as before. – [David] Where we hid them? – Yeah
– I doubt it. Alright, where do you think the packages are gonna be hidden Ty? – I have no clue. – You have no clue? (laughs) Alright I think one of
the packages is gonna be in the front room, probably
underneath the chair or the couch. – [Ty] Good idea. – That’s where I’m gonna think one is. – Good idea. – Then I’m gonna think another
one is going to be down in the hallway and it’s
gonna be out in the open, and I think Mom is gonna
be somewhere around, to when we go try to get that package, she’s gonna circle back
behind us and get us, that’s what I think is gonna happen. Okay, Mom says she’s ready, let’s go. (suspenseful music) – [Ty] “Ghost in the graveyard!” – [David] Uh oh. (laughter and squeals) She’s got it covered. (squeals) Oh no! Jake got caught. (clapping) – Yeah, my plan worked. – [David] Nice. Okay, any packages found? – [All] Nope. – [Dad] You guys do know that if somebody calls
“ghost in the graveyard” you can go run and still
find a package and be safe. – I don’t know where the packages are! – [David] So if you’re
running from the ghost you can still run. Okay so Jake, you’re a ghost.
Ty and Jordan you’re outside. – Wait, just me and Jordan again. – [David] Yup. – Look, we’re gonna stick
together and find the packages. – Let’s go. (bright, suspenseful music) – [Both] “Ghost in the graveyard!” (squeals) – We both called it, okay? – [David] I missed it, what happened? – [Katie] We set up a
trap. I was hiding there and Jake was around the corner. – [Jordan] We both called that. – [David] Jake was around the corner? – Nope, I heard little Ty first. – Wait, no Ty and I both
said “ghost in the graveyard” and then I ran for the
door and Jake got me. – I said it first. – [Katie] I think Ty’s
the only left on this. – [David] Oh, Jordan’s now a ghost. Okay, did you find a package? – No. – [David] Okay, let’s head back out. Alright, so because Ty
is the only one left, he can’t call “ghost in
the graveyard” and be safe. So the rule is going to
be, he can only be safe if either gets to the door
before he gets caught or if he finds a package. He can’t call “ghost in the
graveyard” and be safe this time because it’s just him.
– [Ty] Dad you’re on my team. – I’m the camera guy, I’m not gonna… – [Ty] Uh uh, I am. – Okay, they just texted
and said they’re ready. Are you ready Ty? – [Ty] No, no. – Let’s go. Okay go. (squawking) (bright, suspenseful music) – [David] Alright, Ty’s
looking around all the corners. Not seeing anybody. You need to be looking for packages, dude. – I know, I’m looking for both. (bright, suspenseful music) – [David] Get down there.
Go get them, get them Logan. (bright, suspenseful music) – I am scared. I checked this area. (whispers) (bright, suspenseful music) – Gotcha. – [David] Ah! Oh, that might be an
instant-replay, what do you think? (slow motion voices)
– Gotcha – [David] Ah! (laughter) Oh that might be an
instant-replay, what do you think? – Uh, that was so close.
– Did he get it in time? – Yeah, he got it. – [Dad] You’re lucky Ty. – I saw it, and like
that is so convincing. – [David] Oh here comes Mom and Jake. – [Jordan] Ty got a package. – [David] Ty won! Should
we open the package? – Yeah – [David] Okay
– Let’s open the package. – Alright guys, so this first
package, Ty did not find but we’re still gonna open it. It’s from Ellie in Georgia, and Ellie sent a super
cute penguin for Katie. Mom, here you go. Ready? Catch it. – Awesome, thank you. – A really cute little dog toy for Logan. – [David] Oh that looks like Logan – Logan, come here. What is this?
– Oh look it, a puppy. – What is that?
– It’s a puppy. – He’s like, “thank you”. – [David] He’s gone. – We have a froggy emoji,
as well as the…oh wait. Froggy emoji for Jake,
cool eyes emoji for Ty. Here you go.
– Oh yeah – That’s super cool. Aw, this is for Audrey,
sparkly hand sanitizer. We’ll give this to her
when we see her next. And we also have some
hand sanitizer for me. And, David, 20 bucks, aw yeah. Plus some candy. Thank you so much Ellie for your package. – [David] Give me that cash. Yes. Thank you! – I forgot, one more thing. Ellie also drew us these amazing
pictures. Take a look, yes. They look so good. – This next package is
from Sarah in South Dakota. She sent us some… – Ooh, I like the emoji – An emoji
– It’s an emoji. Look at that, how cool. – This dog looking thing. – Another stuffed toy.
– Nice. – That’s cool. – Some slime for Jordie – [Jordan] Aw, thank you – Logan, not you. – A rock. – [Jordan] No, Logan. – Look how pretty this rock
is. It’s like a pink quartz. – [David] That’s cool. – That’s way pretty… Logan
– Logan’s like “I want it” He wants everything. – Some toys. – Nice, that’s pretty. – And another stuffed animal, and a note. – It’s like a little keychain Pickmi Pop. – [David] Nice, thank you. – It’s cute. – It’s a cute little fox.
– Thank you. – That’s awesome, thank you Sarah. Okay so this last package
comes from Mikaylee in Utah. She’s 13 years old. That’s so awesome. And there is some slime for
Jordan, which looks pretty cool. I love the unicorn bottle. – [Dad] Nice. – There is, oh for Jordan,
I think you’re gonna like. They gave some crystals,
it’s like a crystal-y rock. – Cool.
– Check it out. I’m not sure if that’s quartz or not. You guys got some too.
This is for Jake and Ty, fidget spinners…
– Fidget spinners – and there’s a quartz rock in there too. Audrey, there’s a bracelet
and another crystal, little rock. That’s so cool. My kids love rocks because in Florida, there’s not many rocks. Oh, and then she sent a picture.
How cute. She’s super cute. Love it. Thank you so much Mikaylee. – [Both] Thank you. – Alrighty guys, that
is it for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you want to see this
video, but with traps, let us know. Comment down below “traps” and
the ghost will set traps up for the ghost hunters. – [All] Ooh! That would be a cool twist. Or if you have another
way that you want us to twist up “Ghost in the Graveyard” let us know in the comments. – If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to From Red to Gray and… – Hit the bell! – And make today and adventure! We’ll see y’all next time. – [All] Bye! (bright music)

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