Gentle Manners | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night | Season 2, Episode 3

Gentle Manners | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night | Season 2, Episode 3

– Hello, good evening and welcome to our Vampire: The Masquerade Chronicle, L.A. By Night. Tonight, we bring you
season two, episode three, Gentle Manners. Let’s meet our vampires. – Hi, everybody. I’m Alex Ward, playing Jasper. – Hi, I’m Erika Ishii and
I’m playing Annabelle. – B. Dave Walters, despite some rumors you might have heard to the contrary, still the undisputed Baron of the Valley. – Our favorite Toreador Nelli G is not with us this evening, because our friend and
colleague Cynthia Murray had an unavoidable travel conflict. We wish her a safe journey and ask her to hurry back to us, so that we can continue
Nelli’s side of the story. Our special guest, Josephine McAdam, will join us at a dramatically
appropriate moment. We’d like to thank some
people for their support. First, the master of
craftspeople at Dog Might, for our beautiful clan dice boxes which hide away you’re hungry
dice safe from prying eyes. And our fantastic custom
storyteller screen. Thank you Dog Might. We’d also like to thank the vamily who show us so much love and support and ask you to please use
the hashtag #labynight whenever you talk about us online. To recap last week’s intense episode we’re going to take a look at an excerpt from Ramona’s sketchbook. – My beloved Coterie, what a night, right? Here’s Victor, undisputed
Baron of the Valley, trying to employ his favorite
tactic for the masquerade by hiding in plain sight live streaming himself from the
middle of a police incident. It all went so bad so fast. Annabelle threw a truck
to escape by herself. (metal crunches) Damn girl. (car alarm beeping) Then, Nelli. Last time we saw her,
she was fighting alone, fighting some creature made of shadow. Maybe a Lasombra. I hate those guys. But it gets crazier. Jasper getting blasted in the face by some witch fire. Good thing he’s already ugly, right? Finally there’s Jasper decapitating the Camarilla’s new sheriff. Like knife through the neck, slice. Head to the ground. (head thudding)
Poof! Ashes. No idea where it goes from here. They’d better be ready for anything. And now let’s tell a vampire story. (mysterious music) The night before last, thousands
of mortals at the grove were terrified by what
the press is calling The Grove Incident. The police are saying that
it was a criminal arrest that went bad. Police officers were wounded and unidentified suspects escaped. You know better. Since that night, the Coterie
has been using Club Maharaja Temple of Boom headquarters
in East Hollywood as a temporary haven. According to Campbell,
your head of security, yesterday was bad. Hundreds of mortals, Temple of Boom fans were gathered outside the club hoping for a glimpse of
Victor Temple, of Nelli G, and Baby B, a mysterious newcomer to the Temple of Boom’s media enterprise. Tonight things seem to be calming down, only a few dozen mortals are
still hanging around outside, hoping for a glimpse of fame. Whether or not there are any
journalists out there still, you’re not sure. Most of the respectable journalists are now attempting to reach
you through your company. In fact, a lot of people are trying to reach Victor and Annabelle. Baby B is out there now. It didn’t take long for some
of your old college friends, colleagues and associates, to
see you on that live stream. You received so many texts and calls from concerned friends and associates that you’ve probably turned
the ringer off on your phone. Juan himself has texted
you at least 25 times (snickering)
in the last 24 hours. And Victor, this has brought you constant and very inconvenient attention. Your mortal staff, your media celebrities and personalities are under scrutiny. Press have even gone
to some of their homes, to ask for comments,
trying to get close to you. You can’t leave the club
easily without attention. In fact, you’ve just returned from a
very inconvenient appointment with the police. – Well, I just got back
from my police interview. I think they’re kind of
trying to bury this too because they don’t want it to seem like there was some
major terrorist incident at The Grove or anything like that and I deeply suspect our
friends in the ivory tower are doing what they can to
sweep things under the rug too. – Good.
– So we’re probably all right. Cause again we’ve got
video that we were there and the police asked us
to leave and we left. And then on the way down the stairs heard gunfire, ran for
our lives, here we are. – Okay then. – Yeah, they didn’t really have any leads on that weird hooded person. Although they did ask me
for the contact information for Baby B and I said that they should direct all of their questions
to my very expensive attorney that I guess without
Ebe, I was owed a solid. So I have some very high priced
legal help with this too. – And Nelli? – She’s good. I heard from her. She’s checking on some leads. But I think she’s all right. – Leads on what? – All of this. You know, she said, give her three days and today’s day two. So if she’s not back by tomorrow, maybe we go looking for her but for now we’re trying to give her
some room to do her thing. – Okay. – Are you… – Yeah.
– Okay? – You know, fire takes a while to heal. – So let’s take care of
some housekeeping here. Jasper, you’ve been burned severely. You’ve taken several aggravated wounds (chuckles) from blood sorcery fire, you have managed to heal one but you still have two
aggravated wounds to heal. – I do indeed. – So your appearance is still a bit crisp. – Yeah. – Annabelle, you have taken significant superficial damage as well. It’s been two nights, so let’s make two Rouse
checks for healing. – Good.
– Good to go? – Mark off or I should
say give yourself back two levels of damage. – No. Can I try and repair one more point of aggravated
because it’s a new night? – You know that that will cost you three Rouse checks.
– Three Rouse checks, yes. – We’re gonna need to get
enough of hungry here. – That’s one success, two successes. – Third time’s the charm. – Bestial failure. – Bestial failure. – Two skulls.
– Two skulls. – So, (chuckling) fortunately, since it’s
not a regular dice pool and only the Rouse check, you do not heal the aggravated wound. You remain at the current level of damage. – Okay. – The same blackened skin,
same suppurated flesh, same crispy edges and
you gain a hunger dot. As the beast, yawns, craving, craving. – I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that witch fire, different
than regular fire. – Fire bad. – Yeah.
– Fire. – Jasper. – Yeah. – Yeah, but you look dope though. Like you could lean into this like you kind of got this like Phantom of the Opera thing happening. It’s… – I appreciate that. While we’re here, that went really badly. – Yeah, may I start with
a hearty what the fuck? – I thought it went great. (laughs) I mean considering. – I mean. – How could it possibly
have gone worse, Victor? Let me give you a little tip from Morgan Underground
and a protest group, you don’t put your face out there, okay. ‘Cause I cannot show myself
around campus anymore. My phone is blowing up, I mean you know mostly
what I did before this. I cannot afford to be
noticed by the police by authorities like, you put your face out there, you get arrested, you
get doxxed, or worse. – We didn’t get arrested
because our faces are out there, this place didn’t get firebombed, because our faces are out there, it was the perfect cover. – Well, I’m glad this
place didn’t get firebombed because it’s the only place we have left ’cause we cannot leave. – We’ll be able to go soon. We’re just laying low temporarily. The only reason we didn’t go
back to the valley tonight is I’m still not sure. We need to make sure that everything is smooth
with our guests first but you know, I think you should lean into the Baby B thing, it’s a compliment, you’re now a model at least I didn’t say
you were like a singer. Although if you want a singing contract, I can put you on the label if you, can you lace a track? – I hate this and I hate
everything about this. – (groans) You’re such a Brujah, come on. – I’m glad there was no lasting damage. – Hopefully. – That remains to be seen. And I know this is extremely
rich coming from me but that was reckless. That was like, ’cause
he didn’t ask any of us what we would think of your plan. Like you put me out there
for all the world to see now that, the internet just
doesn’t go away, Victor. – Exactly. So we use it, we lean into it. – You can’t control the internet, Victor! – We’ve been doing alright so far. – Listen, if people see us
together like every kindred that didn’t know that I was
around before, now they know. – Yeah. – And there are other people that you might not want
to make the connection, right? – Oh, so you understand now that keeping people that
we care about separate from all of this is an important thing. Cool, cool, cool, cool. Uh, I put extra people on
everyone that we care about, because there is something that you do need to know, all jokes aside, my method of maintaining
the masquerade aside. The person you guys
killed was very important to the Camarilla. There will be a significant response. You did what you had to do. – Yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb. I killed that person. That thing. I did, not her. No one knows. She barely did any damage to him. – You know them as well as I do. And I don’t think they’re
going to be that nuanced. – I just mean for our story,
for what we tell people. If we tell people. I killed her, him, it, whatever it was. It’s been a long couple of days. – That’s very sweet of you,
very noble, and very stupid. You are not in any condition– – How, the entire time you’ve known me, when have I done something
that wasn’t stupid? – You know, actually this
reminds me of something. For the most part the
firefight happened, you know, we did what we did and we got out of there but there were those two
officers, mortals, again. – Yeah, I’m aware. – Are you okay with this? – That was different. – Than what? – Than the other two kids. – At the house.
– What? – The Sour Sugar House. – Other two kids? – Yeah, those kids, Victor. – I remember. – She didn’t. – In terms of your vampirism, the stain on your humanity from the murder of the students has been removed since you succeeded in your
unmarked humanity roll. – The thing is, I didn’t mean to take out those two kids and that was something
I had to deal with and it wasn’t good. And it wasn’t what I wanted but we’re monsters and that’s what happens. This on the other hand was different because they weren’t innocents, they weren’t, not hurting anybody. They were actively trying to harm people that I, for better or for
worse, agreed to protect. So those policemen, however
much I didn’t want to kill them, it’s different. – As long as you’re good, I’m good. – I don’t.
– I can’t. Killing those other kids was an accident and it’s hard for me to kind of, it’s all because I know
you and I know in this case you saved my life, you did. Thank you but I mean I feel like you’re playing, you’re playing so fast
and loose with everything and it’s like you almost don’t care what happens to you. (sighing) – See. The way, at least before you showed up, the way we worked was a lot different. We had the face who dealt with everybody. We had her who did whatever
she did charm people, got what she wanted and generally told me I was disgusting. And then I dealt with the things that the face or the
charm didn’t deal with. Our current situation has put more of a light on what I do, and it’s unpleasant. And also there weren’t as many
police shooting at me before, or fire, or witches, or a lot of things before. This is a little new to me too. But you’re not wrong. – Just be more careful, okay? Since we’ve met, you’ve almost
died two, maybe three times? – Maybe three times. But I didn’t. – You didn’t. – I didn’t. – And I appreciate everything you’ve done. – I would like to stop being a riot shield. – We’re not asking you to do that. In fact, I think I deal
with that a little better than you do.
– Yeah. But–
– So maybe don’t. – Don’t put me in
situations where I get shot. – To my credit, the
situations keep coming to us. Like, I did Griffith Park, those dudes are waiting for us here. Those dudes are waiting for us like. – Okay.
– And honestly more people are going to be trying
to harm us now than less. That’s–
– Yes, and that’s exactly what I mean. Your decisions to become Baron and to drag us along with you, regardless of our actual
opinions on whether or not we want to be part of your Barony, put us in danger a lot. – Yeah, calling yourself the
undisputed Baron of the Valley is super fun and all but
it’s very much in dispute. And making a live stream
like that is a challenge. Every Camarilla, Camariya? – Either. – To every person from the ivory tower here in Los Angeles and abroad. – Well. – And it’s not a challenge
that we can rise to yet, so you’re gonna have to be careful. – There’s literally four of us. – So, of course I’m aware of the vulnerability of our position. Dare I say I’m more aware
of the vulnerability of our position ’cause
I know Vannevar Thomas, I know Nines Rodriguez I’ve met Therese, I know what we’re up against. But here we are. And again, I told you anytime you guys feel like
you’re safer somewhere else, I understand, you can go. I’m not trying to force you into anything. I would like your help, I would like us to be
able to do this together. But we’re here now. And I personally was tired
of having to wait for Abrams or whoever else to make the
same old tired decisions ’cause I’ll tell you something. What Marco said was right. The Anarchs have held
California for a hundred years and what have they done with it? Nothing. They just hide in their baronies and watch the world pass them by, thinking they’re so
counterculture and tough when they’re trapped. They’re stuck. They’re not that different
from the ivory tower. And now we have a chance
to do something different. We have a chance to be different,
honestly, to be better. And I would like that for us. I would like that for
all of us, not just us, I would like that for
us ’cause we need it. – I believe in that. I believe in that. And also right now, you guys are the only
family that I’ve got. But we have to be smart about it. – Yeah. – And if you want our support, you’re gonna need to communicate with us. – Well. – Speaking of communication, well, yes, there could be
more in specific instances. I think there could also be less to people outside of our specific Coterie about say people’s domiciles. – Again. – X didn’t know anything about what I did. That’s why I liked having him around, now he knows things about what I do because you and Miss
Absent over there told him. – I had no idea who X was until
you sent him in your place. Maybe if you told me it’s important that he doesn’t know this then that would’ve been fine.
– Well I would assume that the severity and the
unpleasantness of what I did and how shocked you all were would trigger something in your minds to not spread it around town. – (scoffs) Who’s even gonna believe him. If he tries to tell it’s– – Oh no, no one will believe him. But my relationship
with X has changed now. – Maybe you weren’t as good
of friends as you thought. – Have you talked to him recently? – No, I haven’t talked to him
since you had him babysit us. – How’d he do, you said he had fun? – Shockingly competently. It was disturbing. – He said something about
being a princess now? – Maybe. Or a driver or a princess driver. You know, none of that.
– Good for him. – Yeah, but I do want to
impress upon you both. I don’t know the Camarilla’s
strength in Los Angeles. Vannevar and his group were
in charge in San Francisco, were driven out of San Francisco by an uprising of Camarilla. So I don’t know what strength
he had when he came here and we took out his sheriff
which is significant, but Vannevar alone is me plus 400 years. – Right. – And I don’t know who else is with him and they will take umbrage
with the fact that we, we killed Sheriff Marcos. – It is at this moment that you receive a text message. (groans) It reads: “Victor, my boy,
are you free for a call?” – I know we just said communication. But please, at least
if you listen to this, don’t make any noise. – Everybody’s got to have some secrets. – I reply, “Absolutely.” – 10 seconds later the phone rings. – I do not put it on speakerphone. (laughs) But I hold it to my ear. – Victor, my boy. – Yes, Firenze, hello. – How was your visit to the police? – Much smoother thanks to you. And your attorney was
incredibly competent, please give her my highest regards. – Excellent, I am pleased to hear it. And I’m pleased to hear you. – Yes, it’s been a
couple of trying nights. But I believe we’ve
maintained sufficiently. – Do you? How intriguing. Are your associates with you? – They’re near. – Excellent. Please put me on your speakerphone. I wish to address all of you. – Absolutely, and I will allow
you to introduce yourself. I don’t often speak of you. And I do put it on speakerphone. – Good evening. My name is Firenze Sevonar. You do not know me, allow me to assure you I know
exactly who each of you are. This line will remain secure
for a very short time. What has been set in motion
cannot now be stopped. It can be endured and perhaps survived. We shall see. You are very fortunate, there is a technicality in your favor. The Camarilla has many
ancient laws and customs, and it prides itself on these
traditional observances. According to one interpretation of custom, in order to take praxis, a kindred must formally declare themselves the prince of a city and inform the resident kindred through his or her herald of this fact. Be grateful that there are
some parties in this sect who have chosen to interpret
facts in this fashion at this time. So in the view of the Camarilla, there is no Prince of Los Angeles and therefore no sheriff. Let me assure you that Vannevar will waste no
time in choosing a herald and declaring his praxis. He unfortunately now knows
what you are capable of. His next enforcer will not
be some jumped up Gangrel with flashy parlor
tricks, no more neonates. You will choose someone, something that Los Angeles has
not seen in a hundred years. Mr. Heartwood are you there? – Yes.
– Heartwood? – I congratulate you. On what I am told was a masterful display of lethal violence. – Thank you. – I regret that I was not
able to see it firsthand. I do so enjoy a beautiful murder. Now some questions. Did you strike with the intent to kill? – Yes. – Why did you do it? – Because he was harming someone. – Whom? – Annabelle. – Intriguing. Exactly how deep does this
protective feeling go, Mr. Heartwood? – Well, we do work together and we’re part of the same Coterie and I have been put in a position to protect her. – I see. How did it feel to end his unlife when you knew that you had sent him to the final death? What emotion passed
through your undead heart? – Ma’am, is there a point
of this line of questioning? If you’ll excuse. – Speak. – I don’t know, I think
Jasper was probably just caught up in the moment and you know, he was bleeding out and I was… – It was a mixture of fear and excitement. – Yes. Yes, it usually is, isn’t it? Mr. Heartwood, you have a reputation as a kindred who takes care
of problems for payment, have you killed for employers before? – Yes. – Would you do so again? – Probably. – How very interesting. This line will no longer be secure. I bid you all a good evening. – As always, thank you for your help. – Good night, my boy. Until our next little chat. – I’m already looking forward to it. – The line goes dead. – Guess that takes care of that. And you know, you don’t have to, you know. I’m sure, you know, Sugarvamp
Daddy can take care of it and you don’t have to kill any more people you don’t wanna have to kill. – I know I don’t have to. (chuckles) But everyone has their place in this world of things
that no longer live. And I, albeit unfortunate
found the one that I do. – What did you want to do? – What did I want to do? – Yeah, what did you want
to do like in real life? – In real life? – Or before you took up killing. – Annabelle, I don’t, What I wanted when I was alive doesn’t really pertain to who I am now. But who I was then, versus who I want to be now are different. But who I was then versus who I am now are very similar. There’s… not everyone gets turned because they’re trying to save a life or however you got turned
or however she got turned, it seems like a whole bag of nonsense, but some people get turned because they make other people angry. And I made other people angry. And so they decided I
made them angry enough to take my life away. And I’m not talking about living or dying, they took my whole life away. So, now that I’m dead, I figured I just continue
doing what made people angry. ‘Cause what made me happy, kinda went away when I died. (knocking on door) – Sir, it’s Campbell. Your guest, Miss Eva, has arrived. Shall I show her in? – Just one second, Campbell. – Yes, sir. – Are we good here? – I’m fine. – Annabelle? – Heartwood? – Yeah, that’s my last name. – Jasper Heartwood? – Yeah.
– Yes, sir. – Yes, please show her in. – I’ll show Miss Eva in, sir. – Do you have a last name? – Not that you need to know. – I see, you get to know mine, I don’t get to know yours, that’s great. – You’re starting to
understand how we do things. Yes, absolutely. – Oh.
– Good evening, Eva. – Hi. – Hello. – Oh. – Thank you for joining us. – Thank you. – Thank you for having me. (mumbling) Thank you for safely escorting
the weird sisters, thank you. – Yes, absolutely. They’ve been seen to, they are resting comfortably, they’ve had all of their needs met. They’ve been awaiting your arrival. – Yes, I have spoken to them. – How did you get in here? How did she get in here? – I let security know to let her through. – Oh. – I simply walked in. – (laughs) That’s cool. – Why the flowers? – They were too beautiful to pass up. You deserved something for
the trouble you went through. – And the trouble did
end up being significant. – Yes, I heard. – Big flake of skin
just falls off my face. (laughing) – That’s quite disgusting. He is in fact severely injured. Part of his face is blackened and peeling, the wound does nothing to
enhance his appearance. However, you have seen
kindred wounded by fire before and you know that in time, perhaps a long time, it will heal. – I would like to gas in that
he looks super metal though. – Super metal. – I said it. – Just leave it. – Okay. – Apologies, Jasper. (dice rattling) – You didn’t light the fire, it’s fine. So who are these friends of yours? And why are they important
to the Camarilla? – The sisters. They’re Tremere and
they’re Anarchs like us. They needed protection. – Why didn’t you want any
of the other barons to know? Especially Abrams because
even though we control this block, we’re still surrounded. – You know, I thought you would
handle it more discreetly. – So did I. – Yeah, so say we all. – Right.
– Discreet was not ever a possibility. – No, but safety was of importance. – They are safe. – Physically. – What exactly happened
and did it need to happen? – Well if I’m being completely honest, our plan had worked seamlessly. We had the police distracted, we had an exit, we had a
way out and your sisters made a very mistimed commotion. Did sort of send the entire
thing literally flaming straight to hell. So I’m not here to cast blame. I know it was a hectic
situation, but do understand, we did our part. – So it was their fault? – It was the Camarilla’s fault. – And what happened to the sheriff, is it? – You see, he’s dead.
– He’s dead. – Although there’s a
certain interpretation that there was no sheriff, so maybe it was just a wayward
member of the ivory tower who was speaking out of
turn and got silenced. – I have a feeling they’re going to use that as a means of coming back. – Yes, it wasn’t originally the plan, but it just sort of happened. – Annabelle, at your feet, a rat darts out from beneath the table, creeps toward Jasper, and grabs the big disgusting crispy flake of skin in its little clawed paw, and then runs away with it along the wall. In full view. – I’ve hired some Gangrel muscle and they clean up for us too, it’s nice. – Oh okay, I see. – I do have what I think is
the most important question that none of us have asked. – Yes, is it are you magic, is there actually magic. – Apparently there’s
two important questions. – Yes, magic is real. – (laughs uncontrollably) I’m sorry. Oh my God. – I think he was quite
clear that it was real. – I know but like, have you read Harry Potter? – And we’re back on this again. – Ah, right. – Hey! – I am aware of its existence, yes. – Did you go to like a
Hogwarts or something? Are there houses? – I mean. – Yes, there are houses. – (laughs loudly) Oh my God! Tell me more. – No, absolutely not, hang on. We have more pressing things. Although, remember I told you there’s mortals that can do it too. We’ll come back to that though. The most important question. How did the Camarilla
know they were there? You said they exited the
boat, they got in the van, they were driving across Hollywood, and they were already on them. How? – That I don’t know. I wish I did. – Remember you said there
was a blood tracking something or other on Annabelle. Is it possible that they’re being tracked or surveilled somehow? – I would assume that they
would be aware of that. They know what to look out for. And they know magic. – Okay, you’re allowed
to forget about that. – Oh my God!
– It’s interesting, yeah. I’ll tell you the story of
Tremere some other time though. – Okay. – Yeah. – Well, I mean, what now? Do they stay with us,
where are they going? – If you could, that would be helpful. – Well, you did offer them
a place in your barony. – I have reached an understanding with Violet, Hester and Kyoko, yes, about the terms by which
they might be allowed to peacefully dwell in the valley, yes, this is true and you and I also have arrived at our arrangement. – Yes, well, I do owe you. What can I do for you? – You know the– – I can do much for you. – Like magic. – You know, I’m the first
to call Brujah cliche. And at the risk of sounding like an old quote from a Godfather movie. There will come a time that
I will call in that favor but that time is not yet. I will make sure that when I have to make use of your services,
it will be something that only you can help me with. But I’m open to suggestions
if you might know a way of which you might be a particular use ’cause I actually do not
know your full capability ’cause, and I hate to say this publicly, I don’t know a lot of Tremere, so this is kind of new to me. – I’m getting to know them rather quickly. – And he hates everybody. And yet… – Yeah, he seems to really
like you guys a lot. – Yeah. – We’re likable. – I mean, I wouldn’t say I like our guests, they did light me on fire. So we’re kind of in a
neutral zone right now. – That’s fair. – So do you have like a wand, do you have to say the spells out loud? Is everything Latin, do, did you major in something? – Annabelle, when. There’s a reason you don’t
know about this stuff. It’s because it’s something
that only they can do. – Oh. – And it’s something
they keep very secret. – Right. – You know how we talked about each of the clans having powers. – Uhuh. – You have your abilities,
I have my abilities. – Uhuh. They’re one of, at least to my knowledge now, granted, I’m not very old, are the only ones who do what they do. To my knowledge. – You know, I guess this
is probably a good time to ask though, I heard about Prague, I heard about things recently. The Tremere are going
through a bit of a shake up and is that why we need to keep their presence in Los Angeles a secret? Because it may not at all be Baron Abrams that they’re hiding from. It may be more of your own kind. – Yes, well, there are
various houses, as you know. I am part of House Corno. – What’s House Corno? Is that like the smart ones,
or the brave ones, or the– – It’s not– – Do you believe in free will, Annabelle? – I do, yes, very much so. – Are you against oppression? – That sounds a lot like me, yeah. – That’s House Corno. – Oh wow, I’m gonna be
sorted into House Corno. – I’m sure you would fit right in. – What were you fighting against? – House Tremere is not as open to free will. They’re there to oppress those under them. It’s a patriarchy which
we don’t want a part of. We have been able to grow
and strengthen ourselves since that Inquisition, in Vienna. Our chantry was destroyed
but this allowed many inroads for House Corno, so. – Tell me if I’m correct about this ’cause I am a very novice
student of the occult. My understanding of what happened was just like there’s the Camarilla with their structure and
old way of doing things and the Anarchs that rejected it, the Tremere were almost a
Camarilla within the Camarilla with their own structure
which Corno rebelled against. – That’s correct. They punish fiercely, which is why they need your protection. If they found us, well, death would be a welcome sight. – Which is why you live
alone up at the observatory. – Clever. – So you see… I’m sorry. – Obfuscate. – You know, as far as I interpret the map, Griffith Park, at least
the observatory portion of Griffith Park, is still very much on the side of the valley, which means you also– – Have our protection. – As a welcomed friend.
– Thank you, Annabelle. – I mean, fuck the patriarchy, right? – I mean, yeah. – Yes, absolutely. – So, yeah, I mean, I feel like our barony, our domain, I mean, we’re in some
ways just getting started and we could use all of the friends we can but we have a lot to offer too. – Spunk. – Yeah. – You know, I realize
that you’ve had an eye on our young friend, quite frankly, since before we have. And I completely agree with
everything you just said. I just remind you, again,
be careful with promises. They carry a significant amount of weight. So choose your words carefully,
even as I agree with them. – Right, but you do agree. – Oh, I agree that you
are welcome in the valley. And, as one of our members of our domain, are absolutely under our protection, yes. – Yeah, I don’t really know
about the proper parlance for vampire favors or politics, but just from one person
to another, I guess. Yeah, I guess we should
all stick together. – So your intention is to
keep the Camarilla out. – Believe it or not, if there were a way for us to peacefully
coexist, I’d be all for it. I just don’t see it in the cards. But my hope is when I
can speak with Vannevar, perhaps we can find a
solution like gentlemen. I actually don’t want to see
any more kindred blood spilled. I just think that’s probably
going to be out of my hands. – If the Camarilla come
here, they will destroy me. – Not if you’re under my protection. Although you were going to say
something about the Tremere. Got a little choked up, maybe you’re allergic to the rose. – I don’t often deal with flowers.
– Oh. – No, what I was going to
say was that, as you can see, there’s really no exception
among kindred of finding ways not to like each other. And we tend to, being
gifted with eternal life or unlife or whatever you wanna call it, spend a lot of it finding
reasons to hate each other. – I mean, that’s true of humans too. It’s just on a shorter time scale, right? – Yeah. – And there is the not
insignificant aspect of the beast, which compels us all. Marcos did something to me. – Yeah, I was gonna bring that up. – I don’t know what it was. I was… The hunger, he made it happen. – It looked familiar. – How? – It sounds like blood magic, it’s certainly something we can do. That would suggest either he was Tremere. – He was not, he didn’t look like Tremere. – He didn’t fight like Tremere. – Or someone taught him. I’d be interested to know who. – Yeah, seeing as the people who, at least from my knowledge,
who teach out of clan tend to be aligned with you. – It’s true. – Do you think there’s like
a magic teacher in the city? – I don’t know who that could be. – House Corno over the other
houses is much more open to teaching those with an
aptitude some of our magic. The other houses, it’s very rare, that’s why this is so surprising. – It is the source of your power. If it were spread too widely, then Tremere becomes less significant, so I understand keeping the
old rites to yourselves. – As an example, Nelli, she’s a Toreador. All of those things she
does, those powers she uses, the spider climb, all of those things, are not things that Toreadors do. – How’d she learn them? – I don’t know. – Neither do I. – It seemed rude to ask. – But she’s strictly
speaking not supposed to know how to do all of those
wonderful things she does. And speaking of her, you know her better than any of us. Something seem off to you? – Where is she? – I’d prefer to talk
about that in private, but she’s dealing with the
fallout of our trip to the grove. Which I guess brings us
all back around full circle as to what has brought you over here on this fine night. – True. – Because in the time that I’ve known you, brief though it may be, I’ve not known you to depart from the halcyon hills of the Griffith Park Observatory to come down here. – I’ve never had much reason to. You did me a great favor. I wanted to check on the sisters. They seem safe, thanks to you, and I wanted to see what I could offer you or rather let you know
what I could offer you. – That would be wonderful. – Wards of many kinds. Wards against vampires,
lupine, you name it. – As Victor said at the moment I think we’re not in need of any specific magics. – She did just say wards against kindred. That means things that keep kindred out. – Mm hm, mm hm. – Seems at this point in
time that’s very important. If I had to put my two cents in. – Jasper, intelligence plus occult please, include your hunger dice of course. – Thank you. – How long do these things take? Like, say we’re like,
oh, we’re in trouble. You know, how much lead time do you need? – It depends on the ward. – Six successes. – Six successes. In the research that you have been doing, you are familiar with those
wards, at least by name. And you know that there
are wards on objects, there are also barriers
that make it difficult for those entities to cross. They aren’t foolproof, but
they’re very, very helpful. The Cainite ward. The kindred ward, however, is extraordinarily powerful magic. Not easy to come by. – No. – It would be a significant favor. – Yeah, I would say that– – We should Kindred proof club? – That our dear Eva here has, she is severely under playing the value of what she is offering. A Cainite ward is very, very powerful. – Well, in the interest of… Actually, let me take one step back. When I interact with Miranda, I interact with her not as an individual, but as the person that
speaks for the Ministry. Do you speak for Tremere in the valley or do you only speak for yourself. – I only speak for myself. Free will and all. – Free will and all. – Soon we will have a new
location in the valley and I believe I would prefer to leave these protective measures for wherever our new home is going to be in our new domain. So while this club is
definitely important to me and I wish no harm to come to it, I would rather not death
star proof the club. – That’s in Hollywood. – Yes, and leave the
new domain vulnerable. – And Nelli, has she dealt with her spirit problem? – Her haunting. – What can you tell us about
Nelli’s spirit problem, because she’s not very
forthcoming about it. Like I didn’t know anything. Did you know anything about, like that she was seeing ghosts? – No.
– Like now, did you know anything
about her seeing ghosts? – I do, I know who the ghost is. – You know who the– – Yeah – Why didn’t you tell us if
you knew who the ghost was? – It never really came up. – That seems like the type of thing that you wouldn’t like
mention that, you know, sorry. – Well. – Annabelle who’s the ghost
that is haunting Nelli? – Okay, so she kind of
went all haunted on us, you know me and X one time and
I did some research into it and Petronella Feliz was
supposed to be the rightful owner of Griffith Park and all
of the Griffith lands. Like her family, the Feliz
family, they owned all of it, like thousands, tens
of thousands of acres. But then her father fell ill and she in some of these stories was blind and so she was
and she was young girl and completely taken advantage of by– – Her uncle. – Well, in the stories I read, it was a neighbor, Don Antonio, and he supposedly strong-armed her father into signing away all of the land to him. He sold it to the Griffiths
and she got nothing. – Right. – Yeah, but if that’s
true, why is he so angry? Why is his ghost here? He should have gone on to wherever you go. – Because maybe she supposedly put a curse on the land and said that anybody, anybody who owned it
would come to misfortune. And while it was in private hands, dairy farms failed and any
sorts of amusement parks failed, like everything failed
until it was donated and became Griffith Park. And supposedly there’s an adobe hut there. Now it’s it’s the the Crystal
Springs ranger station that used to be her home. And it’s still there. – Crystal Springs. – And like, this is all, I went on a real Wikipedia deep dive here, like just going from one page to the other and there’s all these
like supernatural sites and occult sites but there’s
not, I didn’t think it would. – That’s very– – I mean I guess if there’s
magic and there’s vampires and werewolves, then maybe there’s ghosts. – I mean, there is absolutely
ghosts, we saw them. – Yeah, ghosts are a thing, yeah. – And curses? – They’re not–
– You can do many things. – That’s very interesting, Annabelle, that you would say that about the curses. – I mean, this is you know, there’s, they don’t know where she’s buried but supposedly she died in that house. This is like The Ring or something where we gotta go find
the body in the well. – Maybe. – Seems it would be worth visiting. – I don’t mean to– – Spirits can be warded against too. – Nelli should be back tomorrow night. Clearly this is her family affair. I would rather talk with
her before we do anything. – Do let her know. – I don’t mean to be rude. I would hate to ask a lady her age. But have you been in Griffith
Park since that happened? – How long ago was that? – 1860s, 1850s, something like that. – Definitely not. – You look fantastic. – Thank you.
– I think this is the, yes, definitely. But–
– Good save. (knocking) – Sir, it’s Campbell. – Yeah, Campbell. – Miss Kyoko would like
to join you for a minute. – Is that alright?
– That alright? Can I let her in? – Of course, she’s her own–
– Does she have any fire? – Hang on, just a second, sir. (mumbling) – No, sir, no fire. – Then And we’re fine. – Yes, please, let her in. – Certainly. – Campbell opens the door,
he looks very fatigued, he doesn’t look like he’s had a good night’s sleep in say two nights. But he is still the
model of professionalism. He opens the door, and Kyoko, who you will recall is
one of the three Tremere that you rescued from the grove, one of the weird sisters’ Coterie, she appears to be a
young petite Asian girl with a black motocross, leather
jacket and motorcycle boots. She enters, waves. Hey, hey, Eva, how you doing? She approaches you and
bends down for a hug. – I give her a hug. – Hey, look, I’m sorry. I haven’t changed clothes in
like, what’s it been nights. And somebody doesn’t have
a washer dryer here, so. – I mean, if you just want clothes, just tell Campbell what you want. We can get anything, we
have a fashion designer who lives here like… – Where? – I mean she’s not like here here, but just tell Campbell
literally anything you want. We’ll get that taken care of. – Hey sorry to bust up your confab just, well, I was bored. Hey, how’s it going? How are you, oh! – Hi, Kyoko.
– Oh. Oh! – Can you do anything about this? – I don’t believe they can
do anything about this. – If we could, we would. – Sorry. – It’s fine, Kyoko. – Looks a little better. – It is a little better. – She crosses the room
to stand next to you and bends down and
peers very, very closely and unflinchingly at the wounds. Yeah, yeah, it’s gonna take a while. – You know, Kyoko, I wasn’t aware you Tremere did things like that. – Can I tell him? – Yes, I think you can. – Well, I’m really on to something. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, oh well, I mean you saw. I mean.
– I did. – I can’t do a lot yet, just that but– – Right. – I mean I started out with like a candle flame and then– – Well, that was more than a candle flame. – Yeah, I got a little carried away. – It was impressive, I will say. – Thanks, yeah, I think so too. – Yeah. – But it’s something I’m researching, I’m under the impression
that it was more common until our recent problems and the knowledge isn’t, it’s not really out there anymore. – Making fire? – Yeah. – It’s a little more than making fire. – Yeah, didn’t he tell you? This is how he got, I mean, I did that. – Yeah, I know, but like I didn’t– – I’m so sorry.
– I thought like fire spells were cut. I mean, that’s the first thing you like– – Is this the first thing
you learned in what? – No, no, no, the first thing
you learn is all about blood. – Biting.
– Take makes sense. – Yeah, it’s always about blood. – You know.
– Hogwarts. – I have a question for both of you. – Stop, so we like casting
some stuff or what’s going on? – No, you’re absolutely not in, no, not in this–
– Yeah! – Please don’t. – We’ll have questions
for you later, Kyoko. – Yeah, come on, we’re just, and we really appreciate
the accommodations, I mean it’s very kind of you to put us up. – They will be able to
assist in any wards. – Oh yeah, I can do a
ward, I could totally keep ghouls out of here. – No I need, I definitely
need ghouls inside, yeah. – I can put a ward on like a thing like your jacket or your phone or whatever and if a ghoul tries to touch it, boom. – Oh. – That’s good to know ’cause
this is always nearby. I do have a question for you both actually.
– You’re going to– Don’t waste a ward on your phone. – She’s– – His phone is very– – First of all, that is very important, that is very important. – Yeah, but you’re gonna need to upgrade in like a year or something. – I mean, I’ve already got the V 12 model. It’s like I got it out of
Korea, that’s not important. I do have a question for the two of you. A little while back we ran
across some thin bloods that were doing some blood alchemy. They were making drugs. You guys know anything about that? That they were–
– Seen it in San Diego. – It was weird, they had, it looked almost like an old timey still and there was a corpse and
they were boiling things and something was like dripping out. – Can I? Should I tell him? – Yes. – Kyoko, before you say anything,
just as a point of order, when you ask someone else in company of people who don’t know if you can tell them something that generally means you know something. – Oh I know. – I know, just, you’re putting Eva on the spot. – Also–
– Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Apparently you do in fact,
speak for Tremere, by the way. – No, the answer is always yes. – She doesn’t speak for me. – Because Kyoko is her own.
– It’s polite. – Continue, Kyoko.
– It’s very polite, please. – Well, we’ve seen it in San Diego a lot. There are a lot of thin bloods down there. I’m not sure why, but more than a few and they can do exactly
what you’re talking about. They call it blood
alchemy, though, not magic. And it’s a little bit of magic but it’s also kind of like chemistry. And it’s kind of like this really twisted high school science experiment fair thing. They use blood and all
kinds of weird ingredients, like I saw one thin
blood, she distilled this, I don’t know, concoctions liquid, and she used lighter fluid. And she took a Brillo
pad and crushed it up into little metal shavings
and oh, and blood, a lot of blood and some of her own vitae and flower petals, like daisy petals and cooked it down in
like a pressure cooker. And then she drank it and then she could fly. – What? – Kind of like, more like hover. – The one I saw, he held his hand out and was able to like move
things with his mind. He pulled the gun right
out of my hand like– – Telekinesis.
– Yeah, I was gonna say like, – Those are pretty ordinary ingredients. – It’s, no, it’s a thing they can do. But how is it that these humans, these, they’re not even kindred. They’re like ghouls plus. How are they doing things
that you all cannot do? – We don’t know. – Human ingenuity. – We don’t really know. – Who said we couldn’t. – Yeah, who said we couldn’t? – Yeah.
– Yeah, right. Yeah, no, but you can’t though, so. (laughing) – I mean, I haven’t tried. – So where are they
learning all of this stuff? – Yeah, that’s not something
you just sort of like try, you’re like daisy petals and Brillo pads, I’ll be able to fly, that’s cool. – We’re not really sure
about that either but we know we know that… there are formula, there are, I guess you’d call them recipes, we’ve seen some of them and I guess it’s a lot of trial
and error experimentation, I’m not sure but you know, I saw like she had a notepad which
is like a legal pad and she had these
instructions written on it that she was keeping track of. – In San Diego? – Yeah. – We didn’t see one of those at the house.
– No. – I bet they had one. – Well, the whole thing
burned down though. – Holy shit. – What? – Did Carver ever ask you
about the thin bloods? – You know Carver? (laughing) – Yes, Kyoko. – Intimately. – Wow, small world. – Do you know Carver?
– You know Carver. – Yeah, I mean not really well. He was in, he was in San
Diego a few months ago and he was asking about the thin bloods, wanted to meet some. – Did you introduce him? – Not me. The one I told you about,
she’s kind of my friend. – I mean did she flee San Diego too? And believe me, we need to come back to why everybody’s fleeing San Diego. But for now– – I don’t really know
what happened to her. Maybe she’s still there, I don’t know. We didn’t, it’s not safe to, I mean. God, I really miss
Facebook, but it’s not safe. – I mean, I can get you on Facebook. You just need a secure phone? – It’s fine.
– It’s not safe. – You’re better without it. – It depends on what you post. – No, no, it’s not safe. – I mean, safe’s overrated. – That’s how they find you,
you know, the government. – Don’t ask him for… – Yeah.
– He doesn’t do things, never mind. – Do you still read
news from Facebook too? – I make news on Facebook. – Oh. – Hey, do you know that there’s
like rats in your basement? Like a lot of them? – Yeah, they clean the place up for us. – How interesting.
– Okay. – I mean, you can throw
fireballs, so that shouldn’t seem like an oddly incredulous
thing for you to hear. – You want me to burn the rats? – I absolutely do not, I’m just saying you do magical things, so we’re
just full phantasian here. The next thing you might
see a mop mock walking by. Even I don’t know what’s gonna happen. – Kyoko, you don’t know
who taught the thin bloods? – No. But. – But? – I’m pretty sure they’re
teaching each other. I’m pretty sure these
recipes, they’re circulating. – If you still have
contact with your friend, and they’re trying to get
out of San Diego also, let them know they can
come to the valley too. I actually have an
interest in reaching out to some of the thin
bloods ’cause I’ve seen what happens when they have no direction. – Are you sure, nobody likes these guys. – You know but maybe
we’re wrong about that. – Why is everybody so
freaked out with some, ’cause of some prophecy? – They’re a sign of the
apocalypse, that’s why. – That’s the, I mean, really? – Look, I’m not an overly–
– You don’t like them because there is like a prophecy and they’re a sign of the apocalypse? – I am not an overly religious person, but just imagine, just hypothetically– – That is exactly what a
religious person would say. – No, hear me out. Imagine if just hypothetically,
somebody was like, hey, when the sky turns green,
it’s the end of the world and you’re like, that’s not a thing, that’s not gonna happen, and then you go bopping
outside and the sky is green. We’ve always heard there would come a time when the blood was too thin for
them to create new vampires, when we could not keep
procreating and that was the end and they’re here doing the things that were written in the book, so– – I can’t even begin to tell
how many logical fallacies were in what you just said right now. – I didn’t say it was logical,
I said it was prophesied. – This is what they call– (mumbling) – That, yeah, the end. – Yeah, I don’t believe it. – I mean I used to not. – Either way, they’re people-ish. – Are you okay? – Yeah, it itches. – Oh, I’m sorry. – It’s fine. – But yes, I would like
to reach out to them. I would like to try and be better because I’ve been just
as guilty as looking down on them as half breed abominations. But… – And might I point out
that it’s not always good when groups of oppressed
people, thin bloods, have to go through that repeatedly. I don’t think it would bode well for any of us not to hear them out. I worry who may have
influence over them now, where they’re learning this. And if there are many of them, and they’re using vast amounts of blood, I’d be interested in where and
how they were acquiring it. – What were you going to say about Carver? – Yeah, what were you
gonna say about Carver? – I mean he was asking
about the thin bloods. He had so much of an interest in them, he knows them, he’s
interested in blood magic. – He knows a lot of
people, a lot of kindred. – He seemed pretty cool. I mean, scary, but cool. – We didn’t see a recipe book. – Do you think? – Yeah, I do. – I mean he is very fast but I mean, I wasn’t myself at the
moment, so I don’t know. He could’ve done anything
in front of me and I was– – Yeah, you’re not yourself
when you’re hungry. – Again, you really are starting
to understand what we are. – So you think Carver
took the recipe book? – Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past him. – Interesting. – But that’s not a thing that a Brujah, especially one of his age,
could do anything with. – Well, we’re really not sure. – If it’s a recipe. – I don’t know. I kind of want to try it. – I mean if your abilities can be taught, maybe theirs can too. – You can try whatever you like. I’d be interested in seeing
these recipes myself. – You know, my concern
with the thin bloods is we went to that house looking for answers and a great deal of violence was done that maybe could have been avoided if someone had reached them earlier. I mean by the time we got there, they were poisoning
children and killing mortals in our domain. – Poisoning children?
Yes. – That doesn’t sound like… – It was happening. And they met the final
death because of it. – Wow.
– But if that could be avoided in the future–
– I said yeah, we said to stop what they’re doing. And they said that nobody accepted them, that they didn’t have a home anywhere. – Yeah, nobody likes ’em. – Well, I would like to try. – Well, I mean, there were how many? How many were there? How many did you meet? – Two, one, two? – About four, right? – I mean, there’s bound to be more here. – Well, we should reach out to them. We should make it known. Everybody deserves a home. – I agree. – My friend in San Diego, she used to visit some here in L.A. – Well, if you can put the word out that again, if they’re willing to be contributing
members of our community, there is a place for them in the valley. – What’s that mean? – Just like the same
terms that I offered you. Haven, feeding. In return, when the time
comes, if we need you, you’ll do your part. – My friend said that the Camarilla usually kills those guys or uses them. – Again–
– We wouldn’t do that. – We wouldn’t, they would, they absolutely would. You saw what they did. – I know but I’m saying we wouldn’t. – We wouldn’t. – They wouldn’t have to be afraid. – Jasper, what do you think? – I think saying we
wouldn’t is a bit naive, seeing as we keep doing things we don’t mean to do or don’t want to do. But that being said… – I mean, you helped us out. – We did.
– Oh, it was awesome, Eva, you should’ve seen it, it was
so cool, the way it went down. It was like something out of
a action movie, super cool. – I’m sure it was. – Yeah, you should see this guy fight. And she like threw a truck. – Oh. – You did? – Yeah.
– That was badass. – Yeah, I threw a truck. – Super badass and I don’t
see where she is but, they’ve got a friend who can, she can do some of our stuff. – I heard. – Yeah. She’s pretty badass, dude. – Very capable group,
good friends to have. – Yeah I think you chose well for us. – Can’t argue with results. – All of that being said, he is trying to do something different. So if that– – Oh, the Camarilla won’t like that. – Yeah. – But if that difference
also happens to include a safe place for thin bloods. – It doesn’t matter to me. – I don’t know, kind of
the, misfit toys, isn’t it? – Yeah, that’s exactly what it’s like. – Then again, I don’t live there so. – Well. – Would you open your doors to, some of these thin bloods seem to be using very violent practices. – Oh, the again, I mean
a case for case basis, they’re still, the masquerade
must be maintained. Like we can’t be having
crazy chaos in the streets. – And also doing that will
piss off a lot of kindred. – Well, my concern is, imagine what would’ve
happened to her without us. Imagine if she’d been
loose for three months, not knowing her powers, not
knowing how things are done, not knowing anything. – Truly not that hard to imagine. – Exactly, and if we can make not that, we should. – I mean, basically, it’d be a domain where they could be judged
on a case by case basis and not on the basis of the
fact that they’re thin bloods, some like bogeyman from a prophecy, – More like tiny gremlins from a prophecy. – Yeah, no, they’re like
ghouls plus like, I mean, but apparently they have
like feelings and stuff. So I’m trying to be better. – Wow.
– Trying to be better. – Wow, you for real?
– I’m trying. It’s weird to me, but I’m trying. – And it’s like, dude, just
like I get they’re trying. But it’s just really awkward. – I know. (groans) – I’m trying. – I wonder, there’s no
chance that that other house could be reaching out to
those thin bloods, is there? – Them? – What other house? – Oh wow, that would suck. – Yes it would. – Is there like a Slytherin
house that’s like… – No, no, no, but there
are some pretty bad ones. – I mean, House Gortrix, ugh. – Horrible. – What do they want with them? – What would… – That’s not the one. – That’s not the one we’re
talking about though. – There’s so many Slytherins. – I mean, don’t get me wrong, Slytherins aren’t inherently bad, it’s just, you know, they’re
painted very poorly– – Then never mind, these ones are inherently bad.
– Which book is your favorite? – Oh, I think I like the third one a lot. Yeah, just it has a
special place in my heart, it’s got time travel in it. – Super cool. – You know, this is all fascinating, but I do want to make sure, is there anything else
that I need to know? Because I could spend the rest
of the night asking questions but if I don’t know the right questions– – Let’s do that! – Maybe, later, maybe after this part, then you can. ‘Cause again, I get magic
is real is kind of like the impetus of a whole lot of stories but we’re gonna put that
over here for just a second. ‘Cause I haven’t even asked about the dude in the energy case
under Griffith Park yet. Like we haven’t even gotten to that, that’s how much we need to cover. – What?
– Oh my God. – Oh, you know about that? – So your dude, he can like
give me some new clothes ’cause come on, three nights. – Whatever you want. – Okay, alright. Eva, do you need me for
anything, is it cool? – Of course.
– I’m gonna, I’m gonna talk to your
dude and maybe get some– – All three of you, whatever you need. Again, I can get you back on Facebook if you just want that. I mean like, again, we have
these like triple security, like it’s fine. – Telling you dude, it’s not safe. – That’s a serious security risk. – Again, I don’t know what’s up with this puritanical turn with you but it’s just ’cause
you’re like, oh my God, people know who I am. Yeah, okay, it’s fine. That is our shield, that is how we survive.
– Hey look, that’s your shield, Victor. – I’m telling you, I think I was gonna say America’s ready to see this, they’re not, but America is ready to
see this movie though. There’s a way, there’s an angle, we can package this, we can do– – I’m out of here.
– Yeah. – Bye.
– Take care of yourself. – She excuses herself and
Campbell escorts her out. So, this seems like a
very good place to pause for a short break in our story. We will return shortly
while we’re on break, we have something new and
very cool and fun for you. We’ll see you again soon. Hello, welcome back to our Vampire: The Masquerade
Chronicle, L.A. By Night, season two, episode three, Gentle Manners. We’d like to thank ace
photographer, Josh Thomas, for those wonderful
photographs of our vampires that you saw during the
break and the sketch book art that you saw in our recap was
by the amazing Megan Jessup, thank you very much, Megan. Victor, is it safe to say
that the door to the sanctum is watched at all times by
a member of Campbell’s staff or maybe by Campbell himself. – Heavily, and actually Campbell roves because if anybody’s
watching, I don’t want them to be able to detect
a perpetual weak spot. But yes, we have extra security, especially over these
last couple of nights. – Yes, yes, understood, thank you. So Kyoko has excused herself, no longer wishing to be part
of the Facebook discussion, leaving the four of you alone once more. – You still have not told us why you didn’t want Abrams to know. – It wasn’t that I
didn’t want him to know, I just thought he wouldn’t be as focused on getting it done is you would. Believe it or not, I believe
that you have more compassion than Abrams. – Yeah, he can be a real dick. – He’s a Toreador. – At least you get things done. – One way or another, yes. – And you’re surrounded by lovely people. – Again, cannot argue with results but I guess my, now that Kyoko’s gone, is there anything else I need to know before I meet with my fellow barons that might influence
their desire to find them? ‘Cause again, I still don’t know how the Camarilla found them
or why they cared so much. So is there something more than them being three wayward Tremere sisters, which may in and of
itself be its own answer, especially if someone from Tremere knows that they are members
of Corno’s brood, group, what do you refer– – House.
House, thank you, Jasper. – But, be that as it
may, I can’t cover them if I don’t know what I’m covering? – I think the question is more important to look at. Perhaps the barontries could have had any implication in the weird sisters’ travel not
going as smoothly as planned. I had asked her to grant them safe passage and since I trust you all more than her. – You think she had
something to do with it? She’s X’s boss, Santa Monica. – Yes and I’ve heard some
very disturbing rumors, unsubstantiated rumors,
but disturbing rumors that she has been more receptive to the Camarilla presence in our city than the rest of us and she is actively expanding her
business into Camarilla cities, so I’ve heard.
– She is. Difficult. – You know her? – No, only by reputation. She’s, I don’t know. She is what she is, she’s just, I wouldn’t want to deal with her. – No, her sister Jeanette though, Anarch through and through,
Jeanette’s one of us. – Therese, I mean again,
you know, far be it for me to question anyone from making aggressive business decisions but, never say this in front
of any other Ventrue And if you tell Fiona,
I will fiercely deny it but there are actually some things more important than money. – (chuckles) Look at you, you’re so soft. – See, again, don’t let
the sweater vest fool you, this was just for the police interview. I was trying to look non-threatening. – Yeah, you’ve worn that vest before. – You have a couple of vests. – You know, the last time I wore this vest was the thing the night
things got all Gangrelly, so I’m actually hoping this
will go a little smoother, yeah, but, be that as it may,
my fashion choices aside, which for the record worked. – So.
– Therese. – Therese’s reliability is in question. – I don’t know. It’s just the only one who
was, the only other one besides you all that was involved in this. – And I hate to say this
in an insensitive way, but Therese is a Malkavian like X and sometimes they make decisions based on things the rest of us wouldn’t make decisions based off of. Is Therese X’s sire, have we asked? I know she’s his Baron. Is he blood to her? – Victor, your cell phone buzzes, it is Campbell, he’s chosen
to text you instead of knock. The text says, “Mr. Lamb
here, from Miss Miranda.” – I’m like, I reply to him. I was like I leave it to your discretion if you show him in or
simply deliver the message. – Everything alright? – We have a visitor. – A few moments later, the door opens. Campbell shows in the individual whom three of you know as Mr. Lamb. Eva, you’ve not seen
this individual before, but he is without a doubt one of the largest people
you have ever seen. If one were to take a dump
truck and stand it on its end, and give it a human face
and squeeze it into a suit until it was nearly
bursting at the buttons, you would have a fairly accurate
description of Mr. Lamb. He fills the doorway to a
point where he simply blocks all the light coming through, and he must duck his head under
the lintel to step through. – I know how rough that is,
Mr. Lamb, it’s good to see you. Last time we saw you, things were becoming tumultuous, glad to see you intact. – Mr Temple, Miss Annabelle, Mr. Jasper. – Hello. – Eva, this is Eva. – Miss Eva. – Mr. Lamb. – A pleasure. – I am Mr. Lamb. – To what do we owe
this pleasure, in fact? – Miss Miranda asked me to hand deliver her response to your message. – Ah yes. – She decided it was the safest method. – Again, you all, you’re low tech. I mean, okay, fine. – She sounds intelligent. – She sounds old. – My mistress is both
wise and intelligent. – And beautiful, don’t forget beautiful. – That is without question. – That was… (mumbling) – Miranda is from the Ministry. – No, I’ve heard of her,
we’ve just never met. – It’s an experience. – Yeah, I forgot, we did sort of flee the flaming wreckage of her establishment. – Oh yes, Le Chat Noir. – As you know, the club
is destroyed but we, my mistress that is, hopes to rebuild. – But again, please express,
I have expressed to Miranda, but please doubly convey if
there’s anything I can do to help with that, please let me know. – I am instructed to await
your response to her message. – One other question, Lamb, we left you with a couple of guests in the basement. – Yes. – Would you happen to know if those guests remained in the basement? – I am not permitted to
speak of these matters. – Fair enough, again, I’m a fan loyalty, so I’m not gonna, again, like what’s up with like the wax seal and parchment? I mean, we’re not supposed
to be Camarilla, Lamb. – It’s very theatrical. (sighs) – Well, you know what, I
guess I’ll read it out loud. Full disclosure. – You don’t trust me? – We are what we are, Eva. But full disclosure, one of
the very first relationships we formed in the valley, was with the Ministry, they
are attempting to rebrand. They also are trying
to change and in light of the events two nights ago, I reached out to Miranda to let her know because I didn’t know to what
extent and with what ferocity the Camarilla would react and
I wanted her to be prepared. This is apparently her response. My dearest baron, it was
with the greatest joy that I received your recent communique. How marvelous to hear from you and to know that you and your associates
are all still quite safe despite the recent unpleasantness. The waking world can be so tedious with these inconveniences and so in congruence with
its need for privacy. So of course I know and
understand completely that you did not intend for your actions to have any negative
repercussions for myself or for any of your associates, obviously, but I fear that is exactly
what has transpired. – What did they say about good intentions? – You all were there for
the same thing I saw, so I don’t know how else we
were supposed to play it. As you know, it was my intention to create a new Le Chat
Noir on your barony replacing the establishment that burned that unfortunate night
when you accidentally led unwelcome guests straight to my home. Indeed, already selected the location and was preparing to
invite you to discuss this in the context of our arrangement. However, all permits and
permissions from our renovations to the property are suddenly
canceled by the city without explanation and are
pending review indefinitely, very quick work for any city, especially on a weekend, is it not? It’s the Camarilla, man,
that’s how they work. They don’t attack you right on. They freeze bank accounts,
they block permits, it’s some stupid. Perhaps you can be of some
small assistance in this matter, my courier will provide
you with a phone number where you may leave a voice message but it is not equipped for text messaging, He will also provide you with the location of a place where you may arrange to leave a written word reply if you prefer to take your time. I await your response
with all the eagerness that I can muster. Yours eternally, M. I appreciate that, Lamb. – You read very fast, sir. – Well, time is money. Please let her know I will
send a written response but I tell you now just
not to leave her waiting. I will do everything I can
to resolve this for her. – I think she will appreciate that. – Yes, and text messages
that’s quaint as it like. Oh, like flip like pow, like a… – Some don’t like talking
about kindred affairs via such hackable devices. – We’ve got security and what happened if he dropped this envelope? – That would not happen, sir. – You know what– – Mr. Lamb would not let that happen. – I meant it more on
theoretical global level but be that as it may, yes, I will reply in more detail shortly but I will assist Miranda
to the best of my ability. – I will convey your response. – Yes, thank you, and again
glad to see you’re alright. Do you need anything before
you go, let the club, you talk to Campbell. – You are very kind to
offer, sir, but I am well. – Excellent, well, was
there anything else then? Because we have to… – I shall excuse myself. – Always a pleasure, Mr. Lamb. – Baron Temple, Miss Eva,
Miss Annabelle, Mr. Jasper. – Goodbye, Mr. Lamb. – Say hi for me. – I shall do this. – He crosses to the door and, again, it’s a little bit like watching one of those extensible, you know, cranes trying to slip under an overpass without wrecking the
concrete as it goes under. Eventually though, he does make it outside and negotiates his way. – You know, that’s saying something ’cause I got wide doors
in this place on purpose. So then that’s a big
guy, I appreciate that. I don’t run into many guys bigger than me. – That’s impressive, to say the least. – That’s terrifying. Because, you know, when we faced up against Blaine and his gang, like we could deal with some meathead that came swinging at us
and were shooting at us but how do you fight against something that’s an unseen force
that owns everything? – Precisely my point in
wanting us to be more careful. And that is your area of expertise how to deal with those things,
I don’t deal with those. – We can’t shoot at a foreclosed mortgage or you know dirty police force. – Well, I guess while
we’re sharing things, the Camarilla also have
these people that are called Justicars that are
particularly powerful kindred, think of them like nuclear
weapons, basically, that they can call in, so yeah, it’s hard to fight them directly, it’s hard to fight them indirectly. It is very difficult and
to tell you the truth, I say this in front of you right now, we can’t out muscle them
at all, at all, at all, but what we can do is outmaneuver them. They are very old and they are very stalled in their thinking. They have a very 17th
century approach to the world and the fact that we do
not is our advantage. It is, quite frankly, our only advantage. – That’s a wonderful point,
they’re stuck in their ways. I mean, I said it before
and I’ll say it again, the tide of history
always marches forward. Progress is always gonna
win out over the old ways. – I agree. – Except there is a nonzero chance the progress is the thin bloods, not us. – It’s possible. – Then we work to make a
better world for all of us. – That is my hope and I have reached out through what channels that I can because I’m still willing
to talk to Vannevar, I am, he’s declared his domain in Beverly Hills, that’s not my problem. If Abrams and Therese want
to let him carve off a chunk of their domain and set up
his little tower, fine by me. Keep that shit on the
other side of the hill, as far as I’m concerned. (laughs) So. But again, I think as we look back over the history of the Camarilla, knowing their limits, and
respecting their own boundaries has not been their strong suit. And quite frankly, it’s not the
Anarch’s strong suit either. The fact that Abrams and Therese and Nines existed peacefully for as
long as they did is anomalous, but and yet. – That’s why I do what I do
because he does what he does. He does that stuff, so that’s why we work together. That’s why even though Nelli and I don’t get along necessarily, she does things that I don’t
do and that he doesn’t do, and so we find ways to work together. That’s why we formed this Coterie. That’s what part of life as a dead thing. It’s finding other dead things
that do things you don’t do. And then you make a big dead thing party. – Well, I think that is far
more dramatic than necessary. We’ve covered each other multiple times, you’ve seen us cover each
other multiple times. That is at the risk of
another 80s movie cliche, which I deeply resent, the five fingers that make the fist, we’re capable of things together
that we cannot do alone. – That’s fair, I just feel
like you shouldn’t have to rely on one person to do
the soul sucking killing. – I mean we do our fair share
of soul sucking killing. I mean not you, I mean Nelli,
she’s usually my right hand. – Thank you. – Eva, it is at this point
that you notice another rat. It might be the same
one who entered earlier, might be a different
one, it’s hard to tell. It is near your feet and
it is looking up at you with its little dark rodenty
eyes with great curiosity as though absorbing every detail. – Question, can I scribe
the soul of a rat? – That’s an interesting
point, you can try. Is that what you’d like to do it? – I’d like to try. – I will roll for you, I
will include your hunger. – Thank you. – Let’s see where this goes. X right a rat’s ear, so I
think this is a default– (dice shaking) – That is a respectable
number of successes. So, you stare back at the
rat, you open your eyes wide, you allow your senses to
cross the veil of normal sight and into that preternatural space where things unseen to ordinary
eyes become clear to you. – Are you talking with the rat? Is this like Parseltongue but for rats? – The rat is no ordinary rat. The rat has consumed kindred
vitae, it is a ghoul. You know, of course, that when a vampire gives its vitae to mortal,
they become a servant. They are imbued with a portion, of the vampire’s power. They are stronger, sometimes faster, certainly no longer normal. This rat is one such creature. You do not, however, understand the colors in its aura well enough to discern its emotional state. It’s not like reading the emotions of a mortal or another vampire. It’s confused and faint. And the colors make no
sense to you at all. So you’re not sure exactly
what it’s feeling at this time, nor does it possess any
particular resonance in its blood. You suspect that if one were to taste it, it would taste like a rat. But you’re absolutely
certain that it’s a ghoul. This rat belongs to some other vampire. – Okay, and I know that to be normal of, do I know that to be normal of certain? – I don’t think you do. – Great. – Ah, whatcha doing? – Why are there rats here again? – We have a Gangrel associate who keeps an eye on some things for us. – That’s the rat pack.
– And they all employ rats. Which you’ve seen them
talk to rats like, I mean, like, that’s the thing you’ve observed. I mean come on. – Yeah. – Is it still at my feet? – It’s still there,
although it’s no longer paying attention to you, the rat is now picking up flower petals that have dropped from the flowers that you have brought as
gifts for the Coterie, collecting the little petals into its paw. – This is a ghoul. – Yeah, ghoul rat. – And you,
– Mm hm. – know that?
– Yeah. – Whose is it? – It seems like it would
be improper to say. If they wish to meet, I’m sure you’ll have ample opportunities, but the rats are good. – Well they’ve sent their rat
to collect my flower petals. – I do text Ramona and– – What is the text message? – I’m like, I just reply, are you seeing this question mark? – Her reply is, “Nice sweater vest.” – I reply again, are we keeping you a secret? ‘Cause you sent the rat, upside down smiley face. (laughs) – Your phone rings, Ramona’s
number comes up on the display. – I put her on speakerphone and I’m like, you’re on speaker phone, oh rat master. – Hey, how’s it going? – No, I’m not seeing anything, Victor, just pulling your leg on that, I just asked about the sweater vest. – You know, it’s 50/50,
it was that or a suit, so. – Hold on! You’re not seeing anything?
– Jasper. – Hi, Ramona, you’re not seeing anything? – Yeah, ’cause there’s rats here. – Yeah, there’s rats everywhere. – Right, okay, good, good,
good, good, good, good. – That’s what we were making sure of. – Yeah because we would, things were gonna take
a very different turn. – You can’t like see through
their eyes or something, right? Right? – Well, as a matter of fact. – I mean, I assumed, you could
because why send them places? – Oh my God! – I mean I felt that was implied, like why else send the rats? – I thought they just
like talked to them, like. – Which is much more– – I was about to say, that’s
somehow more acceptable? – I think, like still,
actually seeing though. – You guys gotta step up her education. – Just, you know.
– I just assumed she was smarter. – I just, yeah, that one I felt again.
– How is, okay, I was supposed to guess that somebody can see through a rat’s eyes? – And talking to them
seemed like, you know what, we’ll come back to the
intricacies of that. – Okay, there’s a difference between like getting a text about something and like actually seeing
video footage of it. – No, you’re on your
own on this one but uh– – Hey look, Victor, sorry
to break up your lessons, look campus, reporters,
people asking questions, looking around for Baby B. – Did you see the Baby B video? – Yeah! – How great is the Baby B video? – That was awesome and
I know you look great! – Right? – More of that. – Yeah. – She’ll be famous. – Yeah. – I showed it to the pack, they loved it. – Video? – We do have a guest here, again, Ramona of House Tremere, or
sorry, Eva of House Tremere. If you would like to introduce yourself, I leave up to you that. – Nah, that’s okay, you probably should have mentioned that before, yeah. – Well, word is you’re
the one that I think– – He does these things, you know. – Anyway.
– Can I see the name on the phone? – What name comes up when
Ramona’s number rings? – Mickey. – Mickey. – Look, I’ll let you get
back to your meeting. Just wanted you to know,
people are asking questions. – Yeah.
– Of course. – I have a request for you. We sort of shut down
the thin blood business. If you see somebody
start it back up again, would you let us know? – You bet. – Cool, cool, cool, cool,
you’re doing an excellent job. – I know. Yeah, hey, you want an
album contract, DJ-ing, there’s still time. – You serious? – Yeah, 100%, we’ll talk about it later. – What’s my stage name? – I hang up. (laughing) Yeah, so we have a head of security that keeps an eye on things. – And also, yes, a video. – I guess, literally keeps
an eye on things then. – Yeah. – Again, how did I, I’m with you on that.
– A video of what? – I thought it was common knowledge that people will see through rats’ eyes. – There was a video, a live stream video. – Yeah, it’s kind of incredible. It’s kind of incredible. – Victor has a habit of
liking to hide in plain sight. – Please don’t ever film me. – You know, Eva, I could… – Don’t toy with me. – If you wanna learn to not be seen. – I’ll think about it. – I don’t understand why
anybody would wanna not be seen. But that’s neither here nor there. – Annabelle, I think
you’re doing very well. – Thank you, Eva, I appreciate it. – You remember when I
said there were those that had you know the
powers we talked about and there was one that
had to do with animals? – I thought that hers
was talking to animals. – No, there’s all different
things you can do with that. – I mean she becomes an
animal, you’ve seen it happen. – Yeah, I know, but I didn’t think that she could like see through
their eyes or something. – I mean, let’s put it to you this way, you remember what I do, right? I’m just not seen. – Yeah. – I don’t, it’s not really invisible, it’s more of people just don’t look at me. – Huh. – But now the way mine works and why I’m marginally safer on Victor, I don’t show up on cameras, when I do it. Now others, like me, who, lucky for them, have a different type of ability, which, they get to wear whatever face they want. – Can you learn to do that? – Not now, not that I know of. My power works differently. Everyone’s works slightly differently. And Ramona’s works the way hers does. So someone with the power
over animals like Ramona has, could have very different
powers than Ramona does, but it’s still the same kind of thing, just different, subtle. – So if there’s ever a rat
when I’m having private time, then like. – How did you not know that?
– Why would you have private time in front of a rat? – Because, like, she’s
keeping an eye on things! Okay, you know what, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, no further questions. – Put the rat outside. – What have you done?
– The rat seems to have taken the hint and (clears throat). – It cleared its throat? (laughing) – The rat vanishes into a
dark corner and is not seen. – It’s a random thing to– – It did take the flower petals, however. – What else? Actually, you know, I do have a question. There is someone under the
ground and Griffith Park with magical stuff. – Doesn’t surprise me. – You don’t know about like, I mean, but you didn’t know about that. Wait, hang on. You know what, I don’t care. There’s like a Nosferatu dude with like a big scar and
he’s wearing like 80s clothes and there was like,
reddish, magically stuff that she was able to walk
through, I didn’t try ’cause I didn’t want
to, you know, die again. But we didn’t like touch him or stuff because I figured somebody
put him to sleep for a reason. But that’s not ringing any bells that there’s like a
magically suspended dude basically right underneath
the observatory. – Victor. You remember the whole not
sharing people’s secrets? That whole conversation
I just had with you. – We literally just had this discussion. – We can table it, fine. – But while we’re here,
you haven’t heard anything? – No, I knew there was something special, magical about Griffith Park. That’s why I like staying there. – Well, it seems like
it’s haunted too, I guess. – And the Lupine, how do you, the wards, I guess that’s why
the Lupines haven’t eaten you. – Maybe I’m not that tasty. – I’ve found they’re
not too picky but okay, I will allow you to have your secrets. Great, cool, cool, cool. – Eva, now that apparently I don’t get to have anything to myself. – You said you didn’t
know, you did, I asked. – I know what I said. – You don’t have to share if
you don’t want to, Jasper. – There’s a place under Griffith. It’s where I live. There’s a labyrinth down there. – Really? – And they stumbled their
way into it one night and had a rather unpleasant evening. – We were trying to rescue him. – From absolutely nothing. I was not in any sort of danger. – We didn’t know that. – Anyway, that’s what he’s referring to. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. And for the future, I guess it isn’t a problem anymore. You’ve told everybody all of
my secrets that you knew, so. – It’s true, everyone knows. – I didn’t say you live down there. I said there was a dude in
suspended animation down there, and the one does not imply the other. – But now she knows that there’s a place underneath Griffith. – I would assume a person of your power and caliber almost certainly would
have detected it already. – There’s a lot going on at Griffith Park. – You’d also be surprised
about how often people just don’t notice things
when no one talks about them. – A lot of talking lately. – But I’d be curious to see it though, it sounds like it houses
some interesting… – Oh yes, very interesting secrets. A labyrinth sounds quite magical. – I bet Jasper could probably show you. – Maybe in exchange for something that Jasper would like to know from you. – I already owe Eva some things. – We make a habit of
owing each other favors. It would seem. – It would. We can talk about that later. – Victor, again, your phone
buzzes, another text message. This one from Abrams’ number. The text message reads, “On my way.” – I reply, “At the club.” – His reply is, “I know.” – I text Campbell that we have an honored guest coming, show him in. Apparently Abrams is on the way here. – Point of order. Last night I, not last
night, the night before was not a good night for me. And I was a little maybe– – On fire? – Yes, but after that I was a
little loopy, you would say. And I happened to mention something about why this might be happening. – Mm-hmm. – Let’s not mention that again. – Mm-hmm. – Not in front of company. – Not in front of company
who may have specifically… – Mm-hmm. – Alright, we understand each other. – Is there any reason why you should not be around when
Baron Abrams arrives? You’re welcome to be here. But is there any reason that
you would not like to be here? – No, I’d be curious to see what he asks of you and how you respond. – Already ready for showtime. – Yeah, well, again, less is more. Please, please, please, please
don’t volunteer, please. – And just because I’m going
to have to spell it out in case because apparently I have
to spell things out now. Don’t say anything about Tara. – Of course. – You know, sorry, I
spent the last few months having every single thing I cared about blasted to the world, so I guess I’m just slightly less sensitive
about that sort of thing now. I don’t know, sorry. (mumbling) – Tara. – Womp womp. – Yeah. Yeah, Tara, the one from San Diego. – They didn’t tell, why is
everyone leaving San Diego? ‘Cause we’ve met a few
people leaving San Diego. – I’d assume because the
Camarilla are arriving. – That’s probably a good assumption. – I guess but I mean it’s, you know, San Diego’s like been there a minute, I don’t understand why but okay. I mean, I’d heard they had a
baron that was collaborating. Like, that’s the word on the waves, so. – I’m not often on the waves. – I feel like we’ve plied
you with questions all night. You know. I still didn’t get some answers
about magic related things. But I– – You can ask anytime. – Okay, well, I feel like, I mean, what do you want? What are you hoping for? What do you want in a home here? What are you trying to do? Like you have all of
this great magic and… – I just want to keep surviving as I am with this great magic and freedom. I do not want to return to the Camarilla. – What happened there? – Being told when and what you can feed on and being controlled at all times. You make one wrong move, who
knows what’ll happen to you. – Enslavement? – Maybe if you’re lucky. I don’t understand why anyone keeps it up. – I don’t know either but
we’re trying to make it better. And I don’t know all the history of this Camarilla, Camar-i-ya,
Camarilla versus Anarchs but I think we’re on the side of whoever allows for free will. – To a certain extent. – To a certain extent. But I feel like this was implied before but just before Abrams arrives. Welcome to the valley. – Thank you. – I feel like I should make a note. (chuckles) – So. Your phone buzzes, and Campbell
lets you know he’s here. – Please show him in. – Yes, sir. – Actually, I stand to
greet him when he comes in. Baron Abrams. – Campbell opens the
door, Abrams walks in, looks at you all. Eva. – You remember Eva. – Oh, we’ve met. Great to see you again,
you look wonderful. – And you as well. – Bet you expect me to yell at you. – No.
– Well, you were wrong! That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Walk me through it. The Camarilla launched an
encroachment on your domain, which we stopped for you. That’s more or less what happened. – Grove, not in my domain. Fairfax is neutral ground,
has been for a while. Everybody was happy to leave it that way. – We do have video footage of– – Oh yeah, I know. I’ve seen it, Baby B. – Here’s the thing, Baron. We were tasked with
assisting some refugees. – Refugees? – Yes, that were trying to make their way safely through Los Angeles
and they were held up by the Camarilla at the grove. We went and got them out of there. There was a sheriff, although
there is an interpretation of things that there actually
is no Camarilla sheriff right now, that attempted to interfere, met the final death, we all
escaped, masquerade maintained. It’s fine. I mean, it’s not at all fine in the sense that Vannevar Thomas is probably
not going to see it as fine but to the extent to which
it is your problem, fine. – If fine exists at the
bright center of the galaxy, you’re on the planet
that’s farthest from it. – We are on the planet
that’s farthest from it. Because here’s what I
would like to ask, sir. If Vannevar–
– You better make this good. – If Vannevar Thomas
feels like he can send his hitters around with impunity, why don’t we hit back? Why don’t we call Nines,
why don’t we call Therese? Why don’t we force him to talk? Or (slaps hand) this is what we’ve been
preparing for, it’s here. Why don’t we handle this? We can handle it diplomatically
or not diplomatically. But why don’t we handle it? We don’t have to– – Shut up.
– Wait. – Miss Eva, you wanted to say something. – Just out of character, is there a way to discreetly use truth of blood? (all chuckling) – Say one more time what
it is you want to you? – Truth of blood. – Really?
– Towards Abrams, yes. – Unfortunately, it is very visible. – Okay. – It requires the blood
to be held in a container and your hand to be placed in it. It would be instantly obvious
that you were doing magic. Now, the nature of the
magic might not be apparent to anyone who isn’t familiar with it, who were schooled in the occult or possessed of blood sorcery, but it would be impossible to
conceal what you are doing. – And am I aware of Baron
Abrams knowledge of the occult? – Well, you’ve done some
blood sorcery for him from time to time as part
of your arrangements. You can’t be sure he doesn’t know. It would be a risk. – Okay, I’ll hold off. – Sir, if I may. – You may. – We’ll get back to you and fine. – We have video footage
of this upstart sheriff ordering open fire by civilians on one of our own. – Let’s get to the important thing. Who are the refugees? Jasper, who are the refugees? – The refugees are three kindred, fleeing whatever chaos is in San Diego. – Yeah, place is a mess. – That’s all. – Hmph. So, you went to get them out of trouble. – Yeah, they were trying to
come to our fledgling barony. – Are you stocking up? – Apparently just looking
for a safe place to be. – We can’t hold the
valley with four people. – So they were coming here,
or there more accurately, got stopped on the way
and asked us to help them. Unfortunately it went very,
very south as you can see. And I pull back my hood to
show the side of my face. It’s all black and charred. – That looks like it hurts. – It does, sir. – How’d you do that? – Fire, sir. – No kidding. What did he have a blowtorch? – Just a unfortunate accident involving something that caught on fire. – Fine. Jasper. Where are the refugees now? – The refugees now? Sir, I have been at home since that night. – Yeah. – Tying to recuperate. I only just came back here tonight and I honestly do not know
where the refugees are. – We’re going to have
to try to deceive him. – Okay. – Let’s make it, are you
trying to be earnest, charming, persuasive. – I’m trying to just be matter of fact and deliver information. – Let’s make it with some persuasion. – Jasperly. (all laughing) – Nice, go back in the tray. – Not my role. – Two successes. – Two successes, okay. Almost the highest I could have rolled. – I see. 1944, Neil and Garcia led us and we eliminated the last prince who tried to call praxis here. It was a blood bath, and a lot more kindred
died than lived through it. And the reason we don’t go sailing off into the night guns blazing, fists flying, is because nobody wants
that to happen again. Now then, we will fight them, we will throw their jackbooted
thugs out of the city. But we will have a plan and a strategy and you don’t get to decide
either of those by yourself. Am I clear? – That’s why I called you, Baron. – To be accurate, sir. The sheriff that perished, we didn’t have much of a choice. – Self defense. – They came guns blazing at us. – At us and unfortunately
Miss Annabelle here was in danger. And, since we are here to teach
her and protect her… – You decided that executing the sheriff would be the best lesson. – Well, it was more of
a reaction than a plan. But in the moment it seemed
like the most direct path in ending the danger. – Two important points
of clarification, Baron– – Are they both fine? – There is no video of Marcos. I was quite sure not to film him, or his vehicle, or his retinue. The video that’s on the
internet is all that exists. Second, I gave him every opportunity to leave and reach a diplomatic solution. And he was quite intent on violence, and violence is what befell him. – So first of all, you’re wrong. Every police cruiser in
the city has dash cam. That’s all gone now. Second, I don’t doubt he provoked you. I don’t doubt that he endangered civilians but your response was disproportionate. – I’m aware. – And you have precipitated
the conflict a little early. So, Eva. – Yes? – The fact that you’re
here, tells me that you find these kindred to be… – Good company. – Yeah. Very pretty. That cuts sides with me. You and I you know, business is business, but I know you’re not stupid. I know you’re good judge of character. Vannevar has claimed the city center
as his personal domain, Beverly Hills, Beverly
Grove, Bel Air, Bel Whatever. He’s gonna declare praxis very soon. Maybe within a matter of nights. He’ll choose a herald,
a harpy, a mouthpiece. And that herald will be tasked
with informing the barons there’s a prince and that’s the moment when we have to respond. – I would like to speak with Vannevar. – Would you? – Surely. – You let me know how
that works out for you. – How do you propose we respond? – Victor is right about one thing, the barons do have to meet quickly. We have to have a plan. We have to be sure of each other. I’ll set it up. You’ll be invited, you’re
gonna get what you wanted. – I don’t think this is
what any of us wanted. But it’s here. – I don’t think you’re gonna like it as much as you thought you would. – Baron, there’s a concern that all of our colleagues may not be dealing honestly with us. – How long you been a kindred anyway? – No, I expect everyone
to be self-serving, greedy and backstabbing. But just in the sense of self-interest, it doesn’t behoove us to betray each other and the truth is, these refugees were set upon very
quickly by the Camarilla. And there was a very short
list of people that knew they were even passing through. – How do you know that? – Because it’s my job to know things. – You keep going down
this line of questioning, you’re gonna force me to ask
exactly who the refugees are and where they are, so if you really want me
to ask those questions, by all means, keep talking about it. What I don’t know, I can’t talk about. – I would not wanna create any more complications for you, sir. – Here’s a complication for you, Eva. Vannevar’s got himself a Tremere. – Who?
– He’s been here before. Strauss. Still wearing the red suit too. I don’t think it looks
good on him, but whatever. – Kind of shaved head. – Yeah, bald. – Who’s Strauss? – It’s not shaved, he’s bald. – Right. – He was here a while ago,
made a lot of trouble for us. – You know X, the
Malkavian that occasionally makes his way over here? – Yeah, funny guy. – He saw something like
that and he saw him holding a skull over the entire city. – And a pomegranate. – Pomegranate? – Yeah, it’s a Malkavian thing but he saw that person significantly. – Well, I’m no expert but sounds bad. – That mean anything to you,
a pomegranate from a Tremere? – Eva, let’s see, let me roll some occult knowledge for you. – Can I also make an occult thing to see if I know anything
about pomegranates? – Intelligence and occult. – Pomegranates are symbols
of life and fertility. The last time I thought too
hard about it, it went poorly. So I just. Leave it to the experts. – That would be five successes. – So you can confirm what
Annabelle has just said, that pomegranates are allusions
in classical mythology to life and fertility
and sometimes rebirth. Eva, however, has
slightly deeper knowledge. And she knows that
pomegranate also features in several classical myths
about the underworld. – Persephone and Hades. The six seeds. – I’m a fan of the classics, but what does it have to do
with Tremere in Los Angeles? – Well, I mean, come on, I like X as much as the next person
but it’s crazy, who knows. – He’s seen things that proved to be– – Did he say it three times? – He left soon after. – You think there’s something
to this, this skull and fruit? – I don’t think directly,
I don’t think the man will ever be standing on top of a building holding a skull and a pomegranate but it might stand for something. – I’ve seen you cast
spells and it didn’t look quite so different from holding
a skull and pomegranate, so this one might actually
be literal, I don’t know. Either way he’s a problem. I trust X enough to know that. – Put a pin in it. Marcos, the sheriff, or maybe sheriff, or would be sheriff, or whatever, what did he tell you,
what did he talk about? – I prefer to speak to you about
that with the other barons. – I prefer you tell me now. – Alright, he said, you
all have wasted California and you had a hundred
years to make a difference and have done nothing with it. That’s what he said and that’s
why the Camarilla was back, to actually make use of Los Angeles. – Annabelle, what do you think about that? – I think he’s right. – Thought you might think that. – But the power grabs, the
backstabbing, the machinations, it leaves, all of the Anarchs
wide open for the Camarilla, and if the succubus club was
any indication of what they do, and what they can do, and the
disregard they have for life, I think that we’re going to actually need to get our shit together and work together in order to drive them back. – You’re probably right about that. This is an old, old argument,
a lot older than me, older than any of the barons in the city. Maybe McNeil was there,
nobody’s really sure. I mean, no one’s seen him in a long time. It goes back to the 15th
century, or so I hear. A place called Thorns. There was a meeting, a conclave, a convention not like in Vegas, kindred, Cainites, vampires,
from all over Europe, met in this little village in England, a place called Thorns, still there. And they met because the Inquisition, the first Inquisition, I mean, the Church, scouring the continent, wiping us out. Sure, they were looking for witches, and devil worshipers and warlocks, and who knows what else,
but they also found us. So the way I hear it anyway,
is that at this convention, the vampire attendees were split. Some of them said, we
got to go into hiding. There is no other way, we’re
going to get wiped out. We have to be absolutely
secret, go underground. Pretend to be human. And that was the masquerade. First tradition, some call it. And the faction that decided
that was the way to go, became the Camarilla or the Camar-iya. It’s an Italian word means
small room, private meeting. And there was also a
faction that said, no way. We’re monsters and we
should act like monsters. We should rule humanity,
they should serve us. We should unleash our
monstrous and bestial nature. That was the Sabbat and we
don’t talk about them a lot. But the Anarchs were there too. In fact, the whole thing was precipitated by the first Anarch revolt, where we got fed up with our elders, got tired of being used as cannon fodder. The elders would create
(mumbling) and kinda fling them at the enemy, let them
burn while they escaped. Not exactly an ideal arrangement. At that time, however, the Anarchs, they just couldn’t see eye
to eye with the Sabbat, and they thought the masquerade
was a pretty good idea. The rest of the rules, maybe not so much. So the Anarch movement and
the Camarilla actually allied, it became one, one faction, one sect. I guess you could call
us the loyal opposition. And it stayed that way for over 500 years. Until Prague. Now this I do know about. Some of us are really ancient,
I mean, ridiculously old. 500 years is nothing to them. And the Ventrue had a guy that old. His name was Hardestadt, asshole. But powerful. And the Brujah, at the
convention of Prague, murdered him, blew him away. – So they say. – So they say. And the murderer, kindred from your clan, a warrior and a philosopher named Belle. He led the Brujah out of the Alliance and decided that the Anarchs
were the only place for you. No more Brujah in the Camarilla. The Camarilla, in response,
dissolved the agreement. 500 years, poof, up in smoke. So, not a lot of love lost right now for your clan in the Camarilla. They blame you for this. Now, I personally think
a lot of it is bullshit. Camarilla can’t be trusted, and they lie. But most kindred do, from
time to time, at least. Kind of our nature. So now it’s a war. Here in L.A, when we had our little revolt, it was kind of in that same spirit. And now we have a war again. – Does it have to be? – Depends on what you mean. What do you think, Jasper,
you have an opinion. – I think that they think we’re weak and we have
no ground to stand on. So to them there’s gonna be a war because they’re not gonna lose anything. They’re gonna come in here
and they’re gonna wipe us out and push us out of our territory. And they’re gonna get back what we have. – I think they’ll give us a choice first, bend the knee or fight.
– Probably. But that bending the knee, we don’t just get to
walk around after that. – Nope. – So is there a difference? – Not to me. – Me neither. – Eva, I don’t think you’d like to go back to the way things were. – Definitely not. – So yeah, it has to be a war. – But the times aren’t so different. It was the first Inquisition that caused us all to
find a way to coexist. The second Inquisition is upon us. I mean, shouldn’t we at least try. – Except they did it. The Camarilla did it, they’re
the ones who caused it. This is what I heard. Camarilla took advantage
of violent incidents to tip off government about the Sabbat. Said “Hey, we’ll get those guys.” And when that inevitably went south, they needed somebody to blame. And so they looked around and
who do you think they blamed? – All kindred. – Well, specifically, the Anarchs, specifically young Anarchs,
with your face to book thing. They said, hey it’s your fault. You’re on the media thing, you did this, you brought it down on us. And they kinda outlawed
that kind of communication. It’s not that you can’t use the internet. It’s that you can’t talk about
our stuff on the internet. – I heard about this, but
I didn’t think it was true, like the shreknet, the
Nosferatu, like is that true too, that they were hacked
that they lost all of… – I don’t know, is it? – Could be. – Yeah, could be. – No. – I don’t know it’s what I heard, I wouldn’t put it past ’em. – Technology’s only been
around for the exact same amount of time it’s been
around for the mortals. Doesn’t mean there
couldn’t be a human being who learns to hack better than us. – So you’re not wrong, Victor, we have very similar circumstances now, we have a second Inquisition, one that’s a lot better
armed and informed. – So even the appearance
of the second Inquisition, even amongst all that, the Camarilla and the Anarchs find their existence is irreconcilable. – I don’t know if that’s true. You got to remember a
couple of things, Annabelle. One, we’re immortal, we don’t die. Irreconcilable differences tonight might be reconciled in a decade or two. When you live a while, things seem different in perspective. I know that’s hard to understand, I know that you can’t really conceive yet what it’s like to see
generations pass away before you. Comparatively I’m not that old. But even now, my perspective is different. And what happens in a given
night or even a given year? You know, I can afford to
take the long view, so. – So why can’t there be a
second Convention of Thorns? – That’s a good question. – We all just want freedom. – The Camarilla doesn’t. – We want survival, I can’t
think of a more common cause to rally around than survival. – Yeah, but you see, the thing is, is a bunch of us don’t
believe this is happening. And a lot of us just want an
excuse to kill each other. – I have to try and talk
to Vannevar, I have to. He may not listen, he may not want to. – He may kill you. – He may try, but I have to. – He can’t afford to talk to you. I mean, you can try,
but ain’t gonna happen. – He reached out once he sent Chaz. – Yeah. – You remember Chaz? – Oh I know Mr. Price. – I would sooner see a
stained glass window shattered than see Vannevar destroyed. And if it has to be that way, so be it. But we don’t have to start at violence. We can end at violence but we don’t have to start at violence. – Should’ve thought of that
a couple of nights ago. Look, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m saying it’s the excuse they need. – No, you’re correct, it is. – You should be wary if
he has a Tremere with him. – We’ll be wary. – We should be wary of a lot. But he can only have so many resources because he was driven
out of San Francisco. If he had that much at his disposal, he would have held his city
like he had for 90 years. – I think the only reason
you’re all still here tonight, is because that’s true and so
we haven’t got a lot of time. We’ll call a meeting of the
barons, we’ll have a talk. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, reach out on your own to anybody you want to talk to. It’s fine by me, it’s gonna take a few nights to set this up, this ain’t gonna happen tomorrow. In the meantime, no more live feeds. no more Instabook, not
for a few nights anyway. – I can give you a few nights. – I understand that’s
gonna hurt your business. But you can go a few nights laying low. – A few nights for the good
of the barons, so be it. – See, you can make a good
decision when you try. So Eva. – Yes, Baron? – When it comes down to it, can we count on your help? – I’d rather die than go
back to the Camarilla. – Me too. – Annabelle, I think
what you’re gonna find, and I hate to say this,
isn’t just about oppression. I mean, that’s certainly part of it. It’s a fundamental difference on how we get to be. I’m gonna say goodnight now. I’ll talk to you all the later. – Always a pleasure, Baron. – And this is where we will
end our story for tonight. But before we go, it’s time to be reminded again. In the world of vampires, secrets
have a way of getting out. – Please, please, I can’t do this anymore. They needed me and you
made me abandon them. They’re my friends. I should have been there, I
should have protected her, them. And now the Camarilla
is gonna come for them. They need me, I just don’t
wanna lie to them anymore. Please, Baron. – Stop your sniveling and do your job. I pulled you out to protect you because I couldn’t risk
losing you in what’s coming. – But I would have been working for you, I would have been learning
or earning more trust. You know, I do whatever you ask me to do. I’ve been good. It just hurts. I’ve never been a part
of something like this. – You are part of
something, you answer to me. Did you forget our arrangement? Did you forget your loyalty? – No, no, no, I know what I am. And I know who you are and
I know what you can do. I’ll be good, just forget I said anything. – Very well, what do you have for me? – Nelli is still being
haunted by the ghost. I think it’s connected to
Griffith Park in some way. Maybe the Feliz curse or
fleas or flea based perfume. – Quiet, I know all about that. What do you have that I can use? – Jasper’s gonna teach me to moonwalk. – I see. And where does Victor stand
on Fiona, Miranda, Abrams? – I don’t know. – Not good enough. Not good enough, my dear X, you know, I could have sent someone
smarter, someone more capable. But you were so eager to prove yourself. Have I made a mistake? – No, no, I can do this, please don’t take them away from me. – Set up a meeting. – For you, with them, like in person? – Set up a meeting and then I’ll figure
out what to do with you. – Please don’t hurt her. (footsteps fading) Please don’t hurt her. (funky music)

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