Genital Plugs: How These Spiders Trap Their Lovers

Genital Plugs: How These Spiders Trap Their Lovers

Many female spiders are subjected to an insult
on their genitals in terms of something called a mating plug. The ejaculates of many males contain substances
that are specifically designed to ‘seal up’ a female’s’ genital openings once
their sperm has been deposited. The function of these mating plugs (aka chastity
belts) is to deter any future suitors from adding their sperm to the mix. The entire notion of the mating plug seems
ultra-unfair to the females that receive them; however, that’s not always the case. Although it may initially seem counterintuitive,
it’s often the females that are plugging themselves up. However, that’s not always the case. Although it may initially seem counterintuitive,
it’s often the females that are plugging themselves up. And there are actually a number of good reasons
for them to want to do this. First off, to protect themselves from unwanted
acts of sex. Giant wood spider females are solely responsible
for production of a hardened plate over their genital openings. These plates are highly effective at preventing
any kind of sexual advances – basically, males are virtually unable to insert their pedipalps
(penises) into her. Other females put their copulatory plugs to
more sinister use. Females of an orb weaving species secrete
a sticky substance from their genital ducts that functions to entrap unsuspecting males
by their penises.This gives the females ample time and opportunity to cannibalize the would-be
suitors. There are also cases where both males and
females work together to produce a mating plug – a sort of ‘happy medium’ if you
will. In another orb weaver , males deposit their
sperm along with their ‘half’ of the mating plug. If a female is happy with her male partner,
she can secrete the other half of the plug in order to create a lasting seal (think of
it as two part epoxy). If she is not happy with her male partner,
she will not add her magic glue to his plug, resulting in both the plug liquid and his
sperm trickling out of her body and out of her life. So yes, it’s true that the notion of a chastity
belt is not generally a fun one for females in the animal kingdom. But you can rest assured that some ladies
out there continue to thrive by creating mating plugs that work to their own (female) advantage. Want to see more animal videos? Then check out this playlist from our friends
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  1. Seeker continues its steady decline with more horrifically bad graphics. When are you going to start being a real science channel again?

  2. I'm really getting tired of this shoehorning of feminist propaganda. It's immature, unscientific and just unasked for.

  3. i knew thus was going to happen
    after they uploaded one vid about animal sex and saw the views they just stared pumping then out

  4. Is it "fair" after the male provides them insemination even if she is happy, she kills and eats him? Would that be sexist too. Sorry this is a silly way to apply womens empowerment to spiders. Lets keep that to humans.

  5. “Seems ultra unfair to the females” who on earth wrote this script?
    What’s next weeks script going to be? “Male humans are physically stronger, which is ultra unfair to the females”

  6. Meanwhile in frog land.
    🐸♀️: "Okay who's next?"
    🐸♂️1: "Me!"
    🐸♂️2: "No me!"
    🐸♂️3: "Hey I was next!"
    🐸♀️: "Don't worry, you'll all have a turn."

  7. That's not what a pedipalp is used for! Both males and females have them, males have the tips of the pedipalps evolved for sex but the rest of it in both genders are used as feelers/legs/ or appendages to grapple with during eating. You can't simply say a pedipalp = penis because that's not even biologically what they are designed to primarily do!

  8. There once was a spider from Montague
    That filled its vajajay with glue
    She told the male, with a grin
    If you payed to get in
    You'll pay to get out of it, to.

  9. Probably just going to avoid the next construction paper thumbnail I see, too much anthropomorphization, too little non-pandering science.

  10. Not sure who all approved the animal sex series, but it finally made me unsub. Seems like your science videos attract much more attention

  11. I bet you guys needed to write that a bunch of time. You have to make sure no one gets offended. Its to the point people get offended over science and nature now.

  12. I like how they talk about spider sex like the spiders are looking for pleasure. Like no, their brains are too small to process the concept of pleasure. There aren't any spider sluts getting upset over mating plugs.

  13. She still kills the male
    The plug isn’t an unfair thing it’s a natural thing that they make.
    Stop with the sjw
    Oh sex is unfair thing

  14. what is this damn feminist garbage in educational video about spiders wtf dnews has their balls in some feminist cucky vice,im out of here,unsubbed forever.

  15. One thing I've learnt from these series is even in the animalia world one sex is constantly oppressed while the other sex is being posed as toxic and evil tell me seeker what is next the oppression of bacteria

  16. Video about spider mating…yet Seeker incorrectly illustrates the spider mating act itself. Male spiders don't hump from behind when mating since pedipalps are the small appendages near the male's face.

    Spiders mates either by the male crawling underneath the female or the spiders are face-to-face with the male holding the female's upper body up in the air. Once in position, the males more or less "tickle" his pedipalps against the female's opening.

  17. Can you make a video man made bridge btw India and Sri Lanka 7000 years ago. It's very difficult to believe. Hopes u can make true report

  18. I feel like this was very sexist against males….also, how about showing us some dedicated mates in the animal world? Ones that stick together.

  19. What the hell so you re saying a female of a certain spider species uses a sticky substance on their pussies so that when the next mate is coming for a pop, she can eat him? While he is stuck inside her? Goddamn. NowTHAT is unfair

  20. Just fucking stop Seeker. I'm getting tired of your animal sex videos which now contain feminism. Just stop.

  21. Man. I can't wait until you get to bedbugs. They're horrifying in so many interesting ways, and their mating adaptations are merely one of them.

  22. stop making videos on this…

    literally there are around 8 other videos to do with the same thing by you.

    why not make a channel called 'seeker animal sex education' instead, jeez.

  23. That video was soooo wrong the female spider all of them try to eat the male or kill him for her eggs 🥚 or her baby’s soooo never good for males

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