GE’ Appliances Most Advanced Wall Oven

GE’ Appliances Most Advanced Wall Oven

Mmm… Muffins. That sounds good. You can do this. You have GE’s most advanced wall oven to date. Pull up the app, tap tap, the oven is set. Notification lights stopped flashing, ready when you are. Now, GE’s true European convection with direct air will take it from here. With GE, you don’t have to be perfect to get picture perfect results.

7 thoughts on “GE’ Appliances Most Advanced Wall Oven

  1. Arif Mohammad, this is a fun video and about a great product! I agree, proud to be part of it! Sheree with GE

  2. Marcia, I agree. The features and the new GE appearance have been designed for today's families and the uniqueness of any kitchen decor. Thanks for your interest in our products! Alison with GE

  3. Thanks for the kudos, Noe! With Brillion-enabled technology, you truly can be in two places at one time! Jill with GE

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