Gas Cooktop – Top 5 Best Models of 2019

Gas Cooktop – Top 5 Best Models of 2019

Looking for the best gas cooktop? Here are our top 5 picks to consider in 2019. Hi this is John with Designer Appliances,
New Jersey & New York’s premier interactive appliance showroom where you can get a great
deal and a hands on experience with our top appliance picks. So let’s get started. First up is on our list is the Thermador SGSXP365TS. Thermador is known for their distinctive star-shaped
burner design, but that’s not all this striking cooktop has to offer. The five-point design of the burners is made
to reduce cold spots and maximize coverage when cooking for total flame distribution,
and it truly is an impressive difference. But Thermador’s cooktop also features an ExtraLow
feature that provides an incredibly precise and delicate simmering capability, cycling
on and off at regular intervals to maintain the perfect temperature without getting too
hot. The large metal knobs feature a blue illumination
that adjusts to tell you whether the burner is set to regular or ExtraLow setting, and
the overall design features chiseled cooktop edges for a distinctive all-around profile. The center-mounted burner features 18,000
BTU of power, with continuous grates across the surface for easy movement of pots and
pans. You’ll also find automatic re-ignition, a
push-to-turn knob system, and single-point ignition that only ignites the burner being
used at a given time for added safety. Next for a technology focused option, consider
the Samsung NA36N7755TS. Samsung may be relatively new to the kitchen
appliance market compared to some of its competitors, but it has already staked its claim near the
mountaintop when it comes to incredible designs that are rich with modern features. This Samsung gas cooktop features 5 burners,
one of which is a high-powered output burner for fast boiling and high sear temperatures. It rates extremely highly for reliability
and overall satisfaction from actual consumers, and both its high-heat and low-heat capabilities
are impressive. It also offers continuous grate design, which
means that there are no breaks in the grating across the top of the cooktop surface. Why does this matter? It allows you to smoothly slide cookware on
and off the surface without it getting caught on any ridges. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Samsung product
without WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect and control your cooktop with your
smartphone of choice. If you liked the Thermador option, but are
looking for a more affordable version, check out this cooktop from their sibling company
the Bosch BenchmarkNGMP656UC. Bosch is a name that’s long been associated
with high-end designs and quality appliances. They’ve earned that reputation with years
of quality and a dedication to producing visually beautiful and all-around dependable appliances
that get the job done with grace and style. The Bosch Benchmark series is no exception. This impressive model features 5 sealed and
double-stacked burners which ensures easy cleaning and powerful heating capacity. The heavy-duty metal knobs are large and visually
impressive, making adjusting your temperature easy. The cast iron grate is built to last, and
it’s all housed in a visually pleasing and minimalist package that will be right at home
in just about any style of decor. Bosch consistently rates highly for reliability
and overall build quality, and the Benchmark series fits right in line with that storied
lineage of quality. If you’re willing to spring for a premium
gas cooktop, the Bosch Benchmark series is among the absolute best money can buy. Looking for high-end performance perfect for
the serious home-chef, consider the BlueStar RBCT365BSSV2NG With a top burner power rating of 22,000 BTU,
this BlueStar gas cooktop is a champion when it comes to overall heating power. But it’s not just a muscular cooking machine—it’s
also capable of handling extremely low simmers and a wide range of cooking tasks with its
130° minimum temperature. It also boasts commercial-grade stainless
steel construction plus heavy-duty knobs for easy and dependable control. Available in both 30″ and 36″ sizes, this
Bluestar cooktop also features continuous grates plus a one year factory warranty. Is safety a concern? Bluestar has included an automatic electronic
ignition and re-ignition system so if the fire burning goes out, the cooktop will automatically
detect and reignite it. Overall, Bluestar is known for reliable and
fully-featured appliances, and this cooktop is no different. Looking for a visually distinctive design? Consider the Wolf CG365PS. Wolf is another respected brand in the world
of gas cooktops and other appliances, and this cooktop is the culmination of years of
innovation in gas-powered cooking. The 5 dual-stacked burners are perfect for
handling a wide range of tasks, from the powerful 18,000 BTU max capacity down to minor simmers
perfect for melting chocolate without burning it. Meanwhile, the easy-clean burner pan is designed
without seams to make cleaning as straightforward as possible without the dreaded grease build-up
in cracks and crevices. Wolf appliances are known for their intense
product quality testing, resulting in extremely high reliability ratings. Those are our top picks for 2019 and we look
forward to helping you select the best appliances for your home when you visit one of our showroom
locations in New Jersey. Thanks for watching, please subscribe to our
channel where we provide helpful tips and advice that will make you an educated appliance

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